On the Safari - Part 2

On the Safari
Part 2

After we got back to our room in the hotel, Sue went to take a long shower. I called the nurse to visit us, so she could
check Sue. Sue was still in the shower when hotel nurse came and I asked her to come in. She was an older nurse and
black, but I had big dilemma as to whether I should tell her what the real problem was. Then I told her that my
girlfriend had close encounter with couple black males and she just nodded to me. She started to call Sue and asked if
she could step into shower room so she could check her. It took a while until Sue let her in because she was ashamed,
but I noticed that the nurse was very professional and she got her to relax. The Nurse told me to leave for a while so she
could take care of her alone. I didn’t wanted to go, but Sue wanted me to go. So I left.

I waited outside for a long time until the Nurse finally stepped outside our room. She looked at me and asked if we
wanted to report it to local police. Sue was against it as she was too ashamed of her part in it, as she didn’t want to tell
anyone about it other than the nurse. I had to stay silent as Sue wanted so and Nurse promised that she would bring
some meds later on to ease her pains. I nodded, thanked her again and returned to our room. Sue was laying on her side
on the bed with a bath robe around her and she was trying to sl**p. I went to her and she said that she was sorry. She
continued to say that she was sorry to me, until she fell to sl**p. I was sorry too, that I left her there alone and later on I
didn’t even try to help her. I watched my 21 year old girlfriend as she slept on the bed just wearing that white bathrobe
and I remembered clearly all those terrifying images from earlier today and how it had turned me on and gave me a hard
erection watching it. She had been ****d in the middle of nowhere by four black men and it made me very horny seeing

Moments later the Nurse came back and I let her into our room. She told me that she didn’t like to use western meds on
this and she recommended traditional meds which are stronger and from fully organic sources. I could pick meds
myself, western or traditional meds. When I asked what was in those traditional meds, the nurse told me that it’s mostly
herbs and together those herbs would get Sue back on her feets in no time. Sue had woke up and she picked the
traditional meds, as the Nurse told her that those were faster than western meds. The Nurse gave the herb meds to us
and told us how to take them, how much, how often and it was pretty simple. A few little pouches and the treatment is
over. Sue thanked the Nurse for all the help she had given her. She just nodded and smiled, before leaving us again
alone in our room. Sue took first set of herbs and tried to sl**p.

The Nurse was right and she was back on here feet's fast. The bruises were gone and the herbs really worked. She was
OK within one full day and then there were no signs of the attack on her body anymore. Of course she was still feeling
ashamed about it and she tried to make it up to me. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t necessary, but she kept it in her own
mind. I had noticed her talking with the maid who from time to time cleaned our room. I could estimate her to be 18-19
years old, slim figured black girl. Just few years younger than my girlfriend and Sue was planning something, but she
didn’t tell me about it just yet. I noticed that she chatted with the maid every time when she saw her around our floor.
Sue stayed quiet about her plans to me, but promised that I would find out later on.

We had just few last days of our vacation left, so we had to plan what we could do in last days here before leaving for
home. Later on that evening I heard knocking at the door. Sue jumped up and went to the door and I was about to get up
from our bed, when Sue came back and I saw she had the same maid with her. She was dressed really nicely and she
smiled at me. Sue said that Zana (the Maid) is for her for this night and she wanted me to have some fun also. I was
shocked to hear this kind of news and maid looked little bit nervous. Sue pulled her more closely to us and she was a
really hot young woman. Sue kissed her gently and Zana answered the kiss. I watched as Sue’s slim hands moved over
her slim body and started to undress her really slowly. Zana did the same thing to Sue and I watched the hot show like I
hadn’t seen beautiful women before. Zana smiled at me and they pushed me into a sitting position on the bed, while
they played together in front of me.

I was getting hard fast as I watched Zana’s lovely dark hands expose my girlfriends perky tits and she kissed Sue’s
nipples. My girlfriend moaned gently and she pushed Zana’s dress down. She had only dark panties under that dress and
both young women were sexy as hell. Both were slim, Zana had really firm a-cup tits and Sue had b-cup. I had to pinch
myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming, but I guess I was awake. Sue kissed Zana’s dark lips and rubbed her firm
tits against her perky tits, like she wanted to make me to go crazy. Zana’s lovely hands removed my girlfriends panties
and revealed her shaved pussy. Sue knew that I love to lick shaved pussy and then Sue removed Zana’s panties. She
also was shaved and I was ready to fuck both of them. I hadn’t ever been as hard as I was at that moment and the girls
smiled at me. They had played together that really slow tender game in front of me and now they started to undress me.
Sue told me to keep my hands off of their bodies for a while and I should just enjoy the show. I could touch them later

I nodded and couple moments later I was as naked as they were. Sue pushed me on my back on that bed and both of
them started to play with my cock. I was really hard and Sue smiled at me while her hand was stroking my cock. It
wasn’t as big as those black guys had, but Sue hasn’t ever complaint that I could be too small for her. She stroked my
cock while Zana started to lick my balls. It made me tremble from a****listic lust. I wanted to fuck someone, Sue,
Zana, or even that older nurse. I could fuck any female at that point. They just teased me with their plays and I had to
wait for the proper moment, when I could have my fun with them. Sue noticed that and she moved her hand on my cock
really slowly. Then I felt how Zana’s tongue moved from my balls towards the knob of my cock. She looked really sexy
in that position and I gasped for air, while trying to keep my ”safety on”. I didn’t want to shoot my load on their hands
just yet, but the girls made that really hard for me. Both of them were teasing my cock with their tongues and I groaned
silently. Sue’s one hand moved on my chest, like telling me to stay in my place and enjoy it. Zana’s hand was moving
on the base of my cock and she started to suck my cock slowly. I gasped for air, when I felt her mouth around my cocks
knob. Sue moved up and she sat on my face. She whispered to me, that if I make her to cum with my tongue before
Zana makes me to cum, I have my prize. If I didn’t make her cum, Zana will put her clothes on and leave and Sue
would go to the shower. I really wanted to fuck both of them, so if that statement won’t give proper motivation to me,
nothing will. I started to lick Sue’s smooth pussy like never before and she was moaning softly. She was really wet and
my tongue moved on her tender pussy faster than I could ever known possible. She did enjoy it and she was rubbing her
own tits while I licked and sucked her clit. Zana didn’t let me win so easily, as she really teased me with her lips and
tongue. Her small hand stroked really nicely on my cock and I had to keep my head cool, so I could win this challenge.

Sue started to moan louder and I licked her like maniac, but Zana also did her best and I felt like my limit was closing in
faster than I wanted. I tried my best not to cum on her mouth, but I feared that I was going to lose the challenge soon.
Sue moved her pussy against my mouth and I tried to get her to cum before I did. I had no luck with that and I felt that
feeling, when my will was going to melt and I shot my load in to Zana’s mouth. I came really hard in her pretty mouth
and face. I panted heavily and my face was covered with Sue’s pussy juice. I layed there panting and knew that I had
lost the challenge.

Sue got up and she said that I came first, so I lost. I nodded and believed the fun was over after that. I was stunned as I
watched Sue kissing Zana passionately. My girlfriend licked my cum off from the maids pretty face. It was just
something really sexy, that my semi-hard cock went hard again. After Sue had cleaned Zana’s face, they started to suck
me again. Both of them were rougher on me this time and I moaned as I felt their hot mouths around my cock. Then
both of them got up and Sue placed Zana sitting on me. She helped her to sit in the right place so my cock slid into her
wet pussy easily. I watched how this five feet five inch tall, slim figured black girl with perky a-cups took my cock into
her tight pussy. She moaned softly as she started to ride me with a gentle pace. Sue sat behind and she rubbed Zana’s
clit and tits, while kissing her neck. She ensured that Zana would enjoy her stay with us and at least I enjoyed it. She felt
so hot and soft inside and she was starting to ride me faster. Sue’s fingers rubbed her clit and I felt Zana get her first
orgasm. Her pussy was getting tighter as her body trembled from the orgasm. She moaned softly and leaned against

I loved that feeling as she rode me like a bitch on heat. Her hips moved fast on my cock and it felt like she was trying
to rip my cock off with her pussy. She looked really sexy and I loved to watch how Sue’s white hands played with her
dark nipples and clit. She was panting heavily and moaned loudly, as her second orgasm was coming. Her hips moved
like never before on my cock and it felt heavenly for me. Her pussy was so hot, wet and tight, that I was going nuts
from the awesome feeling. Then her body trembled strongly over me, she cried out from the pleasure and her nipples
were really hard. Sue was rubbing her clit like a maniac and it just made her orgasm a lot stronger. She was sweating
from all the fast paced riding on my hard cock, so I turned her under me and told her that it was my turn now. She
smiled and lifted her slim legs onto my back as I started to fuck her with long and hard thrusts. She moaned loudly and
she felt hotter than I could have believed earlier in that position. She was a really good fuck. Sue stayed near us, but she
let me to do my work and just watched how our new friend, Zana, loved every moment in our bed.

Zana put her arms around my neck and whimpered something in her own language. It sounded really sexy and I was
horny as hell. I had fucked her for a long time in that position and Sue asked me to stop for a while. She wanted to join
in again and Zana was turned on her hands and knees so I could continue fucking her and Zana could lick Sue’s pussy.

To watch the young black girl licking my girlfriends pussy with Zana’s ass in the perfect position just for me to fuck, so
I rammed my cock again into her wet cunt and continued fucking her like she could be my cheapest fuck slut. Zana
moaned and panted against Sue’s pussy, while my white cock moved fast inside of her hot pussy. She was really sexy
and a hot piece of ass. Sue also seemed to enjoy been licked in that intense way. Zana’s head was buried between my
girlfriends thighs and she was moaning softly. I loved that sight in front of me, as slim Zana served us both really
nicely. Then Zana got her third orgasm and begged me to let her rest for a while. I did want to fuck her more, but Sue
joined in her pleas and she wanted to be fucked also. So I let Zana roll over to the side and Sue moved into her place.
She wanted me to fuck her slowly and pulled me over her body. She directed my hard cock straight away into her wet
pussy and I felt how hot she was. She moaned softly and put her arms around my neck, while kissing me passionately. I
answered her kiss and Sue kept me close to her. She panted with her so sexy voice and her hips moved against mine in a
new intense way.

We made love slowly and Zana laid next to us and watched. I loved to make love with my girlfriend and she really
enjoyed my cock deep inside her tight pussy. She started to pant more and more and she asked me to fuck her from
behind. I was happy to fulfil her wishes and I pulled Zana into the play. Zana layed on her back and Sue lay over her
and I started to fuck Sue from the behind. The girls kissed each other with long passionately hot kisses, while I took Sue
with a faster paced rhythm. My girlfriend panted heavily and groaned, I and Zana made her squirm with pleasure. I kept
a firm grip of her slim waist and pulled my cock out of her pussy. Before she noticed what I was planning to do, I
pushed my cock into her ass. Her back arched and she cried out with the surprise and the pain. I f***ed my cock to slide
inside her ass slowly, but she didn’t asked me to stop. Zana rubbed her clit with her hand and licked her nipples, while
my hard member went deeper into her. Sue gasped air into her lungs and pushed her hips against my cock. She allowed
me to fuck her ass for the first time since we have been together and she seemed to like it.
Her whole body was tight as violin strings, so I let her rest for a while. I just kept my cock deep inside of her and slowly
she relaxed between me and Zana. The black maid kept rubbing her clit, so later on she started to moan again from the
pleasure. She pushed herself against me again and kinda gave permission to move once more. With every thrust she
groaned deeply and her tight asshole felt awesome around my hard cock. I couldn’t believe all this to be true, but I just
enjoyed it and soon Sue moaned loudly from the pleasure. Zana rubbed her clit and sucked Sue’s nipples, while I
fucked her ass. My girlfriend moaned and groaned again with that sexy voice and I know that soon she was going to
have another orgasm. I wanted to cum deep in her ass and started to fuck her faster, so I could have my own orgasm at
the same time as she was going to have hers. A few moments later she started to tremble between us and soon she
screamed from the pleasure I was giving her. I was a few thrusts behind her and rammed my cock deep into her tight ass
for my last thrusts. I groaned like a mad man, as I shot my load deep into her tight hole and now I was fully drained by
the two women. I let Sue to roll over to the bed and I lay next to Zana. She was smiling and her hand started to stroking
my semi hard cock to hardness again. I had to turn her down, as I didn’t feel that I had enough strength left in me to
fuck her again, but I offered to give her an orgasm by licking her cunt. She smiled and nodded. I didn’t know what she
had in mind, but I figured it out fast. She turned into a 69-position and started to lick my cock, while her pussy was in
my reach. She was a really hot vixen and I started to lick her shaved black pussy. She tasted really good and I enjoyed
the feeling that she gave me with her mouth. She didn’t mind at all that I had just fucked Sue’s darker hole, she just
sucked me like she had done earlier.

I did my best by licking and fingering her tight black pussy. Sue layed there and her eyes were shut. She just rested on
our bed and let me and Zana have some fun as I rubbed and licked her clit, as well as fingering her wet pussy until she
reached her orgasm. She trembled over me and her mouth had given my cock new life, so I wanted to fuck her one last
time. I pulled her back under me and slid my cock into her tight cunt. She moaned softly and pulled me near to her. Her
slim body felt as hot and sexy as Sue’s body, so I felt that I was a very lucky guy to have such beautiful and sexy girls
in my bed at the same time. Sue watched us and smiled silently. Zana lifted her slim legs over my back again and let my
cock slide fully into her world of pleasures. She panted softly in my ear and begged for something from me in her own
language. I didn’t understand what she said, but it sounded really sexy and hot. She rubbed her lovely firm body against
mine and it did the job. I felt my last load ready to lift off and I took a last few strong thrusts, before unloading my hot
semen into her pussy. I panted heavily as I layed over her after giving my last bullets to her and she seemed to be
happy. After all that crazy sex session we three just lay for a couple of moments on the bed, before going to shower
together. Sue was happy, Zana was happy with the evening and I couldn’t be more happy with the evening.

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