Shibari Fiction

I managed to shove the key into the lock of my apartment and pushed the door open with my head. You’d think working in the tech department would mean less late nights, but I’d been working until eleven or later at night for the past week. I hadn’t slept more to make up for it either, and since de-stressing through video games took a higher priority than sl**ping, I was about to crash and crash hard. After going to the bathroom and taking a hot shower to wake me up, I threw my old work clothes back on and headed for the kitchen.
“Nnnn… food. I need food.” I muttered to myself, rubbing my wet black curls and stumbling into the kitchen. “I have tomatoes, cheese, bread, peanut but—HOLY FUCK.” I flattened myself against the kitchen wall with a thump when I registered there was someone sitting in my kitchen. “Wha--”
My boyfriend glanced up from the thick book in his lap and smiled a little. “Hey there. You, little miss, are late.” I blinked groggily, trying to make sense of the man sitting casually in my kitchen. It’s not like we had plans or anything…
I am way too tired for this shit. “Dude, what the fuck are you doing here?”
He shook his head at me and rose to his feet, and I squawked as he grabbed me by my shirt and shoved me into a chair. “I made you dinner,” He said mildly, striding over to the fridge briskly. As he sorted through the fridge for Tupperware containers, he threw over his shoulder, “I knew you were going to be late, but not this late. I started at nine. Do you know what time it is?”
My head fell to the table with a thump. “Not in the slightest.” I could feel him looking at me, but I didn’t move. I felt like I was going to fall asl**p right here. “You know, I told you I was working late tonight so you wouldn’t come over and be like, hey, let’s do something! I’m not up for that right now man, sexual or otherwise.”
I blinked and moved my head back a little as he knelt down in front of me and stared at me in irritation. “Did you really think I would be so much of an ass as to make you work when you’ve been working eighteen-hour days?” I blinked again and didn’t respond. He rubbed his face and sighed. “Okay, look. I know you’re tired. I’m trying to be a good guy here. Didn’t you say sometime that men cooking and cleaning is like porn to women?”
I stared. “No, porn to me is porn. Unless you’re cooking and cleaning for someone else? Unless you’re related to them, I may have to get offended. Also, you’re still trying to get me horny, and again, no energy, man. Sorry.” He snorted and moved out of my view, and distantly I could hear him fiddling with plates and the microwave. “So what’ja make me?” I felt his hands land on my shoulders and slide down my back and I moaned.
“You need a massage too. I made you fried rice with vegetables, and you can just lay back and relax tonight, okay?” I stared up at him piteously. “What is it now?”
“You know my morals, man. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but you’re just going to treat me so good I’ll want to have sex with you anyway.” His hands left my back, and a minute later a plate of my favorite food was placed in front of me. “You’re too good to me.” I mumbled, trying to get the energy to sit up and eat. “I’m probably going to try and lay you and then fall asl**p doing it.”
“Do it and I’ll spank you back awake.” He threatened. I managed to lift my head from the table and blinked at him, fumbling for the spoon on my plate. “I mean it. Seriously, I wasn’t even planning for morning sex this time. I just wanted to make sure you had something that was better for your than a Hot Pocket for dinner, and sl**p in your bed with you, okay? Then maybe tomorrow when we’ve slept for ten hours we might go for shower sex or something, but I’m not expecting anything from you. Also, if you fall asl**p while I’m fucking you I’ll string you up by your big toes and leave you there for a few hours.”
I stuck a big spoonful of rice in my mouth and shuddered with pleasure. Damn, guy could actually make something that involved actual cooking. “Do you have some sort of thing about girls falling asl**p during sex or something?” He winced and looked away. “Whoa, seriously? Aww. Come here a second.” He shifted forward almost reluctantly and I pulled him into a firm hug. “I love your fucking. You’re an exciting fucker. Don’t let anything those nasty girls said or did bug you, okay?” I kissed him quickly before pulling away. He blinked a minute and stared as I continued to munch happily on the rice.
“You… you’re so tired you’re acting d***k.” He sputtered.
I stopped chewing and swallowed, looking up at him. “Nah, ‘m just in ‘not giving a fuck’ mode. Tha’s all. It’ll get better when I’ve slept. But, hey. Guess what helps me sl**p!”
“I’m actually kind of afraid to ask.”
I grinned a little. “Orgasms! Orgasms help me sl**p.”
He rolled his eyes and muttered, “Not like you need any help sl**ping, but okay…”
I scowled a little, insisting, “Look, just cooperate with me and we should both get off tonight.” He tipped his head back to look at the ceiling and tapped his chin, thinking. I hummed and went back to my rice. “Can you think of a scene that will take less than an hour and get us both off? I think that’s all that’s needed at the moment.” I stopped, spoon halfway to my mouth as something occurred to me. “Heywait—when was the last time you ate, man?”
His eyes snapped open wide at my words, and a wicked smile spread over his face. “The last time I ate?” His voice is soft, excitement building in it like pressure in a volcano, his eyes glittering as his idea developed quickly. “Oh yeah, it’s been a while… “ His voice was aroused, growly and deep, and despite my tiredness a shiver racked my frame.
“Um… uh… what are you thinking?” Since it looked like he was going to haul me off to fuck soon, I shoveled down the rest of my rice. Swallowing the rest quickly, I licked my lips and looked up at him. “I mean, I’m hoping you’re not going to ask me to do sit-ups or something… no exercise, right?”
He smirked. “You know, I should make you just because you mentioned that.” I made a face. “Would you relax? I know you’re a little… uncomfortable with this particular activity, but I think it will work fine for tonight… oh yes, just fine…” He took me by the arm and pulled me towards the bedroom, a slightly creepy mad-scientist grin lighting up his face. I wasn’t trying to resist, exactly, but I did drag my heels a little – that look on his face was making me nervous.
“Dude, I really hope you’re not planning what I think you’re planning.”
He grinned back at me as we stepped into our bedroom and I blinked. He wasn’t usually a terribly cheery person, but he was smiling like a k** at his first rock concert. “Don’t worry about it, not breaking any of your hard limits, just something I’ve been wanting to try… it may push one of your softer limits, but you’ll like it, promise!!”
Going along with it, I sat on the bed and watched in amusement as he started going through our toy box. “Oh really? Let me guess, no questions?”
When he twisted around to look at me, the glare on his face was almost a pout. “You’ll ruin the surprise!” He complained, and I grinned. “Okay, okay, one hint— I’ve been practicing my knots. In the mood for some shibari?”
I bit my lip and shuddered. Shibari—Japanese rope bondage. It was something I’d really wanted to try for a while… “Yes please, Master.” I whispered, my hand going to the front of my shirt to remove it. His responding smirk was almost demonic, and my breath got faster when he stood, a bundle of black industrial jute rope in his hands. “Master… will you remove your shirt too? Please?” I begged.
As I scrambled to remove and fold my clothing, he watched me, moving to the side of the bed. “Why do you wish that, pet?” His voice was low and so tempting and sweet, like dark chocolate turned into sound waves. I licked my lips as I slid down my underwear and threw off my bra, kneeling on the carpet in front of the bed with my legs spread and my arms behind my back. “It seems rather pointless to ask for such a thing when by the end of the night I will be as naked as you.”
“Please, Master.” I whispered. “I love to look at you, see what you’re doing and how you feel about my performance as your submissive. I love seeing the muscles move under your skin, see your freckles and birthmarks, all of it, please…” Even with my head bowed, I could see that I had gotten through to him, his feet stopping abruptly, knocking slightly into the side of the bed.
After a minute of thought, he continued his movements, shifting around so he was standing right behind me. “Very well, little one. You will get your wish, but I warn you, after you are done being tied you won’t have me in your sights for a while. Get up on the bed now, sitting in that collapsed splay-legged pose I like so much, okay? It will be easier for me to tie you that way.” Squeaking happily, I bounced up onto the bed and doing as he instructed, sitting flat on my pussy with my legs crooked to each side. “Good girl…”
Slowly, he began tying me up, starting at the bottom and going up. I squeaked cheerfully whenever he came into my view, and though I tried not to wiggle to much lest I mess up his knots, and would kiss and lick his skin whenever it came close to me. He would pat my head occasionally, but most of his focus was on the rope. Eventually, he had me completely immobilized with my arms bound behind my back and my legs tied far apart and supported by ropes twined around my shoulders. He’d bound my breasts only a little, leaving most of them and the nipples exposed. He stepped back to examine his work, grinning a bit. “Alright hun, try to move.”
I tensed my body and tried to move my legs. My ankles were bound to my thighs though and wouldn’t move. My arms didn’t even have an inch of slack, and though I could rock my pelvis a tiny bit, otherwise I was completely bound. “I.. yeah, not getting out of this one by myself…” I looked up at him, biting my lip. “Now what?”
With a cheerful hum, my lover headed back to the toy box. “Now I’m going to duct
tape your pussy open. Gag or no?” I whined in complaint as he came back with the duct tape, still smirking.
“Do I have to? Why are we taping me open again? It’s such a bitch to get off…”
I yelped as my ass was smacked, before I was pushed back to fall on the bed, arched off of my bound arms. “Yes, yes you have to. You do have a choice when it comes to the gag, though. Make the choice now or I make it for you. Also, you know what we need? A knee spreader bar. That would be perfect for this…” I gasped as I felt the tape on my pussy lips, pinning them out of the way and leaving my pussy completely unprotected.
“Ha, well, since you won’t be looking at me, no gag, I guess? I know you like it mostly for the aesthetic aspect.” He chuckled softly and I saw him toss the tape back to the toy box. “Um, so, you looked really excited earlier. Is this what you wanted to do?”
“Hm? Oh, no, not the only thing. I’m not that boring.” He snorted, hopping off the bed, and I quietly admired his back muscles as he started digging through a paper bag in the corner of the room. Waiiiit… “Look what I bought for us, girl…”
“Dude, did you seriously go shopping at Tractor Supply? I didn’t even think you knew where it was.” He gave me a grumpy look over his shoulder and pulled out what looked like a huge, think bungee cord, with black hooks on the ends. “No, man, seriously. You’re like the furthest thing from farm equipment consumers that anyone could imagine. What is that thing?”
He shook his head at my talkative state and stepped over me to hook one side of the cord to the hook we had embedded in the ceiling. “It’s a bungee cord. What’s it look like? I know you aren’t that heavy, but I wanted to get industrial strength, just in case.” He started muttering to himself as he adjusted the length. “Uh, let’s see… six inches, eight? Not ten, too long.. There!” He stepped back and grinning, reached down to lift me upright again. “Hold still, girl.” I shut my eyes tightly and whined a little as he picked me up, half afraid he would drop me, though he never had before. A minute later, the hook was slipped into a little noose on the rope near my shoulder blades, and the next thing I knew I was hanging upright, about eight inches off the bed.
He laughed at me and stepped out in front of me, smirking. “Now girl, I’m going to be testing one of your soft limits. If you do well, I’ll fuck you. If you disappoint me or call your safeword, sometime tomorrow you’ll get a thorough spanking. Understood?” I blinked warily and nodded. “Good girl. The reason I tied you so thoroughly is because I want you to have the freedom to thrust back on me, and try to take the pleasure you’ll soon be desperate for, but unable to get away.” Reaching out, he pulled down on one of the ropes bound to my chest, and when he released me, I bounced a few times, my ass brushing the bedspread. “Any questions before we begin, slut?”
“Um, yeah, one. What are we doing?”
I took in a sharp breath in as he moved to kneel in front of me, taking my chin gently in his hands and kissing me gently. I whimpered into his mouth as his tongue ended up in my mouth, tangling with mine and making me moan through our kiss. “I am going to pleasure you with my mouth and tongue, my pretty little pet.” He hummed as we parted, scratching me lightly behind my ear. “You don’t want anyone’s mouth there, not even mine… and you can’t give me a good reason. We are going to f***e you to get over this shyness. I want you to moan, to scream, to gasp, to grind against me—do whatever feels right to you. However, struggles or calling your safeword is highly discouraged. If you fall asl**p, you fall asl**p--- better to fall asl**p during this than during sex.”
I blinked, brow furrowing. “I… what, really? Um, it doesn’t sound like much fun for you…” He sighed at me and moved away, and I tried not to whine as he moved out of my sight behind me. “No, really, I mean…” I swallowed and licked my lips. “Master, please. I want to bring you pleasure. Why are you wasting time on this humble slave?” I barely managed to muffle a shriek as he slapped my ass again, much harder this time.
“I’m sorry, slut, if I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to top from the bottom.” His voice was sharp and a little pissed, and I shut my eyes tightly and scrunched my shoulders as much as I could in my bondage. “You know I don’t tolerate that shit. I am the dom for a reason. Why do you think I bound you all up before I started this? Paranoid little slut, you’d run at the first sign of such pleasures.” I heard his voice go down and I gulped. I was not ready for this… “Try not to call your safeword,” He said sharply, directly behind me, and as his hand slid down my back and I felt his hair brush my ass, I bit my lips.
“Yes, Master—GAH!!” My feet flailed for a second as I felt his lips brush against my clit. “Oh-ohhhh, Master, Master please…” I begged, not even sure what I was asking just yet. He ignored me anyway, and I grit my teeth as his tongue ran along the length of my pussy, brushing over my opening with a feather light touch. I shut my eyes and kept my mouth clamped tightly shut, jerking slightly as he wrapped his hands around my upper thighs, pulling my cunt down tighter against his mouth. I didn’t want to disappoint my Master… but I really didn’t want to do this, either. Then again, just because I had to endure didn’t mean I had to enjoy.
I couldn’t help but shake in my bonds as his lips and tongue moving slowly against my most sensitive place. I wanted to kick and protest, call off my safeword and be done with this humiliation, but I didn’t want to disappoint him. It was true, I was much weaker than many, many subs. I didn’t even like pain. He’ll leave you, I chanted in my mind, clenching my lower muscles and trying to keep them there. He’ll decide you’re a worthless girl and a worthless sub and leave you by yourself to be ravaged by the carrion birds most young doms are. I guess I was so quiet and so still that it rang strange bells with him, and before I knew it he was sitting in front of me, brows furrowed, stroking my face. “What’s the matter, girl?”
I blinked myself awake from the inner litany, staring at him for a second, still uncomprehending. “I—are we done?” I asked, shaking my head a little to clear it. “Um, does that mean that I did okay?”
“I wasn’t exactly ready to stop, but okay…” He muttered, clearly irritated. He didn’t move to untie me, though. “Look, I just wanted to know why you were so still and quiet. Usually during sex of any sort you’re making sounds and squirming and twitching or… something. Besides, you give me head all the time, I figured I’d return the favor. You’re not really enjoying it though. I was wondering why.”
I blinked and rolled my eyes to the ceiling, trying to think how to properly word it. “Well, see, the last time I got attention of that kind it was sort of… unwilling. Like, really unwilling. I was sort of… well, really really young then. I mean, who’s stupid idea was it to let men babysit anyway, that’s ridiculous.” For a second he stared at me, face blank. “Well, okay, maybe not all men suck at babysitting, but male college k**s? I mean, come on, half of them are horny as fuck and they drink and things happen--” I bit my lips hard, forcing myself into silence. Well, I guess he knows now…
For a minute or two, he just stared at me, his mouth opening and then closing slightly. “I… y-you…. Wait, I mean that, that’s not…. That’s not…” He stuttered, and I almost felt sorry for him, noticing how pale he’d become. “You—I mean…. You…. Really?” He whispered, an undercurrent of abject fear in his voice.
I shouldn’t have told him, I thought worriedly, he’ll think I’m dirty now… “Oh hey, come on, it’s not that bad…” I insisted, wincing a little at the look on his face. He was unhappy again, and I hated it when he was unhappy, whether it was in the office, at home or in scene. It was a different unhappiness now, but I still had to fix it. “Look, that was like, hell, twenty years ago, and you know I take a shower or bath every day. I’m clean too, what do you have to worry about? It’s not like the fucker was stupid enough to try and lay me.”
“You… You mean he… I’ll kill him.” He says, almost faintly, and pulls me into a tight hug, shibari and all. With a tug he f***es the bungee cord to release me, holding me tightly. “I’ll kill the motherfucker.” I noticed with growing amounts of panic that his voice sounded slightly thick, almost like— SHIT. My eyes snapped open in shock as I felt hot liquid on my neck where he’d buried his face in the crook of my neck, his glasses pushed up into his hair.
“Oh, hey, hey, come on…” I tried to soothe, but it was nigh impossible since I couldn’t hold him. Gahh, this sucks….! I shouldn’t have told him, I should have just left him with the usual excuses—“Hey, no, shh, it’s alright, okay? It was a long time ago, it’s not like I’m—“ I swallowed. “Damaged goods or anything. Don’t worry…”
“You were five.” His voice was slightly raspy, and although his tears had stopped, he still held me so tightly my back bent back even further than it already did over my bound arms. “Is that right? You were five when this piece of shit—”
“WHOA, hey man, calm the fuck down.” I said loudly, trying to get him out of his slightly homicidal state. “It happens to a lot of people, okay? I’m not psychologically damaged or anything. It’s not a big deal, cunnilingus is just something that makes me really uncomfortable, that’s all. Not a big deal. Also, the guy is probably in like New York right now, and he’s practically twice your age and twice your size. Even if you could track the dickwad down, he’d kick your ass and then call the police on your sorry ass. Don’t be dumb, man.”
I was relieved when he gave a raspy chuckle, laying gentle kisses on my throat, making me sigh happily. “Well, I guess I know why you aren’t comfortable with that now… Is there anything else you need to tell me?” I snorted.
“Not that comes to mind. Dammit, I’m still tired and we still need to fuck. What the hell, man?” He started laughing, hard, and I grinned. Being a comedian had it’s perks sometimes. “You weren’t bad at all, not that I’m much of a judge, but seriously man, I wanna get you off. Your orgasm face is so hot, baby!” He continued to laugh, though that one was more than half serious.
“You’re terrible.”
“So spank me, baby.”
His laughter is so sweet to me, even more so than his voice. I hope I get to hear it for the rest of my life.
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brilliant story