The Gasmaster

The Gasmaster

by frglee

For several months I had been chatting online with ‘Gasmaster Y’ online.Turned out this guy in his 40’s was from Japan and was a vet or something and was heavily into gas anaesthesia…he had a large collection of equipment from all over the world and several working anaesthesia systems,both vintage and modern.In his apartment he had a dedicated playroom which was white tiled and had an operating table complete with lamps as well as a modern dental chair. We had talked about his rubber collection as well and his love of seeing tall westerners with blonde hair and blue eyes strapped down and immobilised in sl**p sacks and vac racks and completely at his mercy.At his mercy meant inducing u*********sness through gas anaesthesia.He loved to see guys struggle with fear,he loved to see them drift away in narcosis and he loved to stretch out the time before they passed out.

He used a number of agents but his favourite was a simple mix of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen,carefully monitered.He would slowly increase the mix to 50/50 entonox and maintain this for a while watching the reaction of his bound victims.Then slowly the Nitrous Oxide would be increased in the mix until finally his patient would fall asl**p,or at least to all appearances sl**p because Y knew well that paralysis yet awareness was a very common feature of Nitrous Oxide anaesthesia.He was also aware for many guys they would drift in and out of all sorts of strange states of consciousness as the grey sweet mist began to overcome them.Many of the guys he had played with were very turned on indeed by the whole scene,the equipment and the gas.Many had been obsessed with gas anaesthesia since early c***dhood experiences in hospital or on the dentists chair.Many were also turned on by rubber,bondage and breath control games as well,as this was a way of expressing their gas fetish.

Y and I had talked about my experiences ,which were frankly limited.I had done a lot of bondage stuff in rubber both as the facilitator but more as the bottom.I was happy in heavy rubber complete enclosure for hours at a time and was well used to slight asphyxsia through breathing bag rebreather systems and other methods of breath control.I was very turned on by breathing from air cylinders as well.As a diver it was no problem to get hold of oxygen either and I love to use this when in full rubber with a cylinder strapped to my back and breathing bags recycling the supply through a heavy full face mask.My particular favourite scene is to be kitted up in several layers of latex so not a bit of skin shows through.Even my mask has a silvered visor so my eyes cannot be seen at all.Additionally I am keen on inflatable suits and hoods and often wear these over all the rest of my gear.

As I said,Y has a dedicated playroom for all his equipment. It is a large room resembling an operating theatre inside his large ground floor apartment. In the centre of the room there is the operating table, rubber covered with lights above.To one side there are several banks of moniters and cases of equipment. There are some interesting pieces of equipment not normally to be found in an operating theatre,such as electrostimming boxes and pumps for the various bodybags and vacuum pumping tubes.These sit on a Chrome trolley.By the side of the operating table is a very reliable field hospital gas rig with breathing bags and cylinders of Oxygen and Nitrous.From it comes a pair of thick rubber corrugated hoses which meet at a large thick black rubber mask with an inflatable rubber dam.

On top of the operating table is an interesting and novel rubber body sack connected by hoses to one of the pumps alongside.It has three layers.One is a fairly straightforward vac rack bit over it is an inflatable sack.So at the same time you can be pumped out and sucked fast in rubber and also you can be pumped up inside a thick heavy rubber bag.there are ports for the cock and balls as well as the nipples in this bag.These are designed to fit flush with the pumping receivers.There are 4 of these…one each for the nipples ,one for balls and one for the victims dick.Inside the pump tubes are electrostim contacts.Y delights in slowly bringing his immobilised captive gassed patients to orgasm slowly by stimming.

So here am I now inside this set up. Y has a young assistant who met me at Narita airport this morning and checked me into the hotel.At 7 this evening I took a taxi to his address,having not eaten as requested.I had brought 3 latex bodysuits as well as several hoods and masks ,latex socks which show my toes and several pairs of latex gloves.Y was a thick set but good looking Japanese guy with greying hair and a slight moustache.He was dressed in a white latex rubber outfit with a large white rubber apron and white rubber surgical boots.He wore surgical gloves.He had a white latex hood which he started to lift up over his head.Around his neck was a white latex rubber surgeons mask which he later pulled up so that only his eyes could be seen.The assistant was similarily dressed.I had not seen a picture of him unmasked and was impressed.He was polite but not effusive.He spoke a little English but his assistant was completely fluent and explained to me what the scene was to involve.I was asked to agree with was intended which had been carefully described,step by step.I was nervous and had butterflies in my stomach but this was the reason I had come 4000 miles and we had discussed all this very carefully online. Y had let slip some other interests which perhaps were for the future.For our first session he wanted to establish some basic procedures.We had discussed a safety system with code grunts for distress of various levels.I was instructed to strip off and to get into my latex suits,socks and gloves.I had on already my thick steel cockring and my pierced dick stiffened as I slid it through the ports in the three suits.My pierced nipples also stuck out through the reinf***ed holes in the suits. The assistant helped me and smoothed off the ripples of my suits and then applied some silicone spray,shining me up.As the cool mist descended on my suit he shone the suit with a woollen cloth.Meanwhile Y was getting equipment ready and testing the anaesthesia rig.When I was ready he came over and helped me get onto the table and into the cool heavy black rubber sack that was to be my prison for the rest of the night.There was some sort of gel inside and I slid into it easily.

The straps were tightened around my body.The neck brace was attached and a strap tied through a hole in the table around my neck.I could no longer move.Around my semi hard dick electrogel had been applied and two electrorubber rings were attached around my dick,one at the base and one near the corona.This was connected to the inside contacts of my penis receiver vac tube.This was carefully placed over my dick and the suction tube attached to the pump on the table.Immediately my dick was sucked hard by the irresistable pressure.A receiving tube was then placed over my balls and also began to suck them.I could feel a slight pumping action on my dick and balls as a dial was turned on the console.Two wires were attached to my nipple rings and small pumping cylinders were lowered over them.There were metal contacts also at the ring of these cylinders,so each of my nipples was to be electrostimmed by two isolated currents,so neccessary for safety reasons around the chest.Tubes were connected to the nipple receivers and a slow pumping action started on my nipples.

I stretched myself inside the sack as if to escape but I was completely immobilised.I was unprepared for the next step.The assistant told me my head was to be shaved.I had longish blonde hair which had bleached a bit in the sun through some time on the beach but the assistant told me that Y insisted on this.I was too turned on to say no and looked up as my hair was cut by electric clippers,then shaved with foam and a razor. Y then reached for one of my masks and put it on me,carefully tucking up the latex under the neck support..then the Ultima hood was carefully put into place.The gag was put into my mouth first then the nostril tubes into my nose which had slight ridges at the ends to prevent them coming adrift .I then saw Y for the last time for that night. He was lifting up his white rubber surgical mask over his face so that only his eyes stared cruelly at me.He barked an instruction to his assistant and the rest of the hood was then eased over my head.A little air was pumped into the inner hood and the gag.I could feel slight pressure on my eyes as these two latex bladders were pumped up a little,then the hiss as the bladders around my ears and the side of my head were pumped. All the time my nipples and my dick and my balls were being slowly sucked by the machine.I breathed slowly through the hood,rejoicing in the sensations and smell of the rubber.

For a while I was left like that.I could hear and see nothing.I was completely unable to move in layers of black rubber covering me.The straps across my body held me fast.I was warm and comfortable and very turned on.The next stage was to attach the anaesthesia mask over my hooded face. I could feel the straps over the rubber hood being pulled tight to the Clausen harness of the mask and the pressure as the mask was brought in tight contact with the rubber of the hood.I breathed tentatively and recognised the slight tingle of Oxygen and my head clearing and sparkling.I was to be fed pure oxygen for a little while as some of the other features of my bondage were to be demonstrated.

The body bag then started to suck me down to the table…and suck hard.My dick became very hard in its tube as I slowly adjusted to the tightness.I love vac racks so the sensation always gets my heart pumping.Then I heard another pump start up and air being f***ed into the outer bag.The rubber started to press down on me even more.I felt hands on the suit rub up and down.I groaned one groan….our agreed signal for ‘more’.My Ultima mask was then pumped up using the hand pumps.As the second layer of the inflatable helmet was blown up I could feel it pushing against my face and sealing the anaesthesia mask further,It began to hurt so I grunted twice and the pumping stopped .The bladders were pumped hard inside as well and my eyes were pushed in as were my ears.each time I grunted twice and each time it stopped.Several times over the next few hours more air would be pumped into the rubber inflatable helmet round my head and into the bladders.The pressure was incredible…..I felt like my head was going to implode each time,but slowly I would get used to the feeling and it would become pleasurable again.

I was left like that for a while.I felt as if I were floating but was fairly sure I was still just on oxygen… was just the effect of being immobilised in tight rubber. Then I felt a familiar feeling on my dick as the estimming started.A gentle tingling at first then a more intense feeling almost like a tugging on my shaft as the electricity flowed through my stiff dick.I wanted badly to release a hand and wank but that was quite out of the question.The sucking on my balls became a regular tug tug tug in time with the shocks on my dick.My dick was also being sucked by the sexpumps with a regular pumping action.I tried to squirm a little but there was no escape to be had.Seconds later the straps around my body were tightened further and more air was placed in the body bag sealing me more tightly in my latex prison.

Suddenly I felt a burning on my nipples as the juice was turned on there as well … first a little sore but I fairly soon got used to it and started to feel it pulsing,almost like someone pinching my tits.The vacuum was sucking the nipples in the tube and as they expanded the contacts with the bottom of the tubes increased so more power came through in synch with the mechanical pumps.I felt my nips begin to sting.
And then the gas started to flow.I could feel myself starting to tingle inside and I knew that was breathing entonox.I started to float and hallucinate and almost began to seperate from my body from my head.I could feel my nipples stinging but I couldn’t feel the pain,or at least I hardly seemed to mind the pain. All the time I could feel the suction on my dick and balls.I knew the pumping was getting harder and faster,but the sensation seemed the same.I also knew that the electro on my dick had been turned up. I knew normally I would have begged for it to be turned down.I made a single grunt.I wanted more,much much more.This seemed to go on for a long time.yet I lost track of time.I was aware of all the sensation yet it all felt kind of numb.I examined the stimuli on my body place by place,for it seemed my mind was lucid.I could feel the tugging and the shocks.I knew I desperately wanted to cum.I knew if my hands were free I would not be able to stop myself.

Funny how light it is inside my masks, here inside the rubber blackness.My head sparkles like fireworks.I drift off on flights of fancy.One minute I am a diver deep underwater,the next I am running through a forest as a warrior in steel armour,then I am a biker in heavy leather with a slutboi riding pillion.Finally the image of the reality hits me,with my total rubber enclosure,wires and tubes leading from me and two white rubber clad medicos standing next to me monitoring the equipment…taking me further and further into this universe of darkness and wet warmth, rubberbondage,sucking,electricity and gas….The sweet rubber smell of the gas permeates me…I concentrate on my breathing and the feelings and sounds as it enters my lungs and I exhale it.All the time I can feel the tingling in my dick and my nips.All the time I can feel the tight wet rubber all around me.I do not want it to stop.I am so frightened it will stop and my heaven will vanish and slip from my hands.

I am ecstatically happy.I can smell something else now with the gas and my breathing rate starts to increase.Poppers!My heart starts to pump and I feel the warm glow of the butyl nitrite start to hit.The electro is turned up now and I feel the sexpumps sucking hard at my imprisoned dick and balls.My nips too are getting their share of this treatment..a gloved hand grasps my anaesthesia mask and pushes it hard into my face inder the inflatable hood.I groan…..I think of my last views of my white rubber Asian anaesthesiologist and his assistant standing by me..I can feel that tickling in my balls and the stiffening of my dick that tells me cum time is coming.I try to hold back taking great gulps of the gas….It doesn’t help and I feel myself beginning to fall into the uncontrollable sensations of orgasm.Through the butterfly gag I issue a huge long groan and suddenly my dick starts pumping and the spurts are splashing inside the receiving tube again and again.I can almost hear the cum splatter.I gasp and I suck the gas greedily through my entubed nostrils and through my gag….I spasm and try to arch my back in bondage but I am held immobile.Cumming under gas is…..strange.It seems to last a long time,there is a numbness in my dick yet I can feel the spurts as I shoot and the fireworks in my head are as vivid as ever.I keep thinking…so good,so good,so good……
Slowly as the feelings subside I sink back into my rubber bondage.The electro is turned off and the pumping is turned down a tad. I begin to realise what is to happen next, what I had agreed to, and for the first time I am frightened.The gas keeps flowing…..

From outside my rubber world I distracted from my fears as I hear a cry and a spurt of liquid over my anaesthesia mask and my hood…SPLATTTT! and then again SPLATTT! SPLATTT!……For a while I breathe the entonox,lost in my own post- sperm euphoria and the joy of knowing that I had pleased my gasmaster. Then I feel the mask being pushed hard against my rubbered face again and the gas getting thicker and sweeter.I can hear the hissing as the gas pumps in and out of the hoses through the rubber breathing bags……. Y is turning up the Nitrous Oxide in the mix….We had agreed on this and I groan as I know now that I am to be put under completely. I can feel myself going as the gas invades my lungs and my world starts to funnel down into a vortex. I hear roaring in my ears and slight panic but as I surrender myself to morpheus I realise that resistance is quite useless.As I was instructed earlier, I breathe steadily and slowly and disappear into darkness.

I woke up what seemed a while later as I had been dreaming lucidly.I was no longer in rubber and was on some sort of hospital bed in a small room with a light woollen blanket d****d over me.The gasmasters assistant was sitting by me and as I awoke he put away a book he was reading.There was no pillow which felt odd and I raised myself up onto one arm.My 'nurse' spoke:

"How are you feeling?" he smiled

" Don't move for a little while,you will be a bit drowsy and may fall" I sank back on the pvc covered mattress and pulled the woollen blanket over me a little more.

"In 15 minutes you will get up and have a shower. First,I want you to drink all this" he held out a bottle containing a bright yellow liquid "it's to put back some of the fluids and salts you lost were sweating a lot under anaesthesia"

I took the bottle and sucked on the plastic nipple.he was right,I had been sweating and I was very thirsty.After a short time I was told to stand up and I was taken to the shower.A long soak under hot running water felt so luxurious and I savoured the sensation.I felt very tired and as I rubbed myself down I was told that I had passed the initial tests superbly.The Gasmaster was pleased with my performance .I was to be outside the hotel tomorrow afternoon at 5.I was not to eat after 12 am but could have a hearty breakfast.I dressed again in the light clothes I had arrived in and it was agreed that my rubber outfit was to be left there for cleaning overnight,and that is where that suit stayed for the entire week.I did not see the Gasmaster again that evening,but I was not told where he had gone.The assistant handed me a small parcel as he walked me to the road.

"There is some food here for you and something to drink"

A taxi was waiting outside the apartment and within 15 minutes I was back at the hotel.I went straight to my room and feeling very hungry all of a sudden feasted on the contents of the brown paper bag,lots of small savoury delicacies and fishcakes.I collapsed into bed,more tired than I had been for a very long time.I slept for 10 hours until 11 the next morning,but was refreshed and ready for brunch in the restuarant.An hour later I was alone in the outdoor pool,enjoying the sun and the cute pool attendant .I had a walk around the neighbourhood for an hour or so then returned to my hotel room,watching a little television and thinking about what might be in store for me this evening.I had been asked to bring the full semitransparent rubber suit that I had recently had made and described to 'Y' several times.It had attached gloves ,latex socks and a hood which did up at the back as part of the rear entrance.There was a port for my dick and balls along with ports for nipples.the hood had holes for my mouth and nostrils but my eyes were not open.Another small port was a tiny reinf***ed hole by my right ear.I could see a little with it on ,but only the very fuzziest of images.I had lubed up the interior so it would be easy to slip on later.It was neatly folded in a small sports bag.

The taxi arrived at 5 exactly and the assistant who asked me to call him Lo was sitting in the back seat. As we drove onto the freeway I asked why we were not going to the apartment.

"The Gasmaster wishes you to meet one of his friends this evening,he will be there as well but you will not be speaking much with him.He will be busy setting up the equipment for you and will administer to you personally. You will be completely in his control.I reassure you ,he is one of the leading men in his field in Japan,but he has to be very careful,for professional ruin would occur if the truth were discovered as to his ,erm...'tastes'. He requires to administer to men he feels he can trust to be completely trustworthy. Mr Anderson,he trusts you and is is fairly sure you are able to trust him fully as well.that is very important."

'So where are we going?' I asked again

"It is an hour's trip south in the car.Relax and enjoy the trip! You will be told more when we arrive"

We arrived at an isolated white concrete and glass building that seemed to be a clinic of some sort,set amongst trees on a hillside on the outskirts of a small town.I was accompanied into the empty building and taken to an office .Lo then left me and told me we would meet again in 2 days time at 7 at the hotel entrance.I did not know what to expect as I sat on a chair outside the office.Then the door opened and a tall thick set Japanese guy about 30 asked me to come in.He was dressed in green rubber medical robes.I thought he looked incredible! I looked at the light playing over the ripples of the shiny loose latex..I looked at his green rubber theatre bootees.I could smell the sweet latex as well and my dick began to harden.

"Please sit down,Mr Anderson.I am Ishimoru.... Lo has told me about you being a gas fetish guy and your experience last night with Gasmaster Y,who I have also talked with.He says that you are a good subject and that you wish to experience more."

I nodded feeling quite breathless and dry in my mouth.I did not know what to expect

."I am an anaesthiologist,and like 'Y' enjoy seeing guys like you being put under.'Y' is the senior doctor here and this is his clinic. Here we have far more sophisticated equipment than at his home,indeed we have more sophisticated anaesthesia machines than even we need at this clinic but the doctor likes to collect the very latest devices for his clinic as well as older machines. Here we have state of the art machinery.Much of our work involves curing heroin addiction by keeping addicts u*********s for up to a week at a time whilst their bodies go through withdrawal symptoms.This is agonising to them without this treatment,and we are one of the most advanced establishments of this kind in Japan. We can keep you under for several days and we can vary the level of anaesthesia greatly. We use many different agents here, and it is these that you are about to try. We wish to monitor your reactions to sexual stimuli whilst under the effects of gas. I take it you have no objections?"

"No." I said "It is what I dream of" Despite myself I shook a little from nerves.I was excited but I was also a little frightened.Last night had been very heavy stuff for me,well beyond what I had expected. Gasmaster Y had talked about it as an....introduction,an induction test. I had enjoyed it like I had enjoyed nothing before.It had been a culmination of years of dreaming that there might be someone to introduce me to the scenes I had dreamed and fantasised about for so long.

" I understand. Please do not be nervous.You are with friends here.we do not wish you to do anything you do not enjoy,but we hope to show you some of the possibilities you have never even dreamed of. We are only interested in your safety and your pleasure. Like you we both like rubber as well. Our main interest is,as I said,seeing guys being put under.We like to be able to control them completely.You do understand?"

I nodded.I began to understand that there was a mutuality about the scenes we were playing.As much as I was the centre of their attention,and felt very fortunate to have met Gasmaster Y and and his associates,I realised that to them I was an opportunity as well to explore their fantasies.As much as I was attracted to these men,I think they were attracted to me.We were both getting very different things out of this play but I think I was the more fortunate having discovered the ends to realising some of my most cherished fantasies.

"The doctor is here setting equipment up. The clinic is presently closed for refurbishment so we will not be disturbed,"

We will all be in rubber medical gear.You will be anaesthetised in the operating theatre using the latest equipment.Your session will last several hours. Everything will be carefully monitored and everything will be safe and may be very strange at times.I know you have little experience of what you are about to try but I understand you are very enthusiastic to explore the places we can take you....Is that satisfactory Mr Anderson?"

I nodded,my heart beating fast.

"You will come with me into the preparation room for the operating theatre.There you will dress in the rubber suit you were asked to bring.You will need to clip this small sensor to your earlobe and pass the wires out through the small hole we asked you to make in your hood near the right ear.I nodded as it was handed to me....This had been explained to me a while back and I had had the rubber suit manufacturer make a small reinf***ed hole for just this eventuality as instructed.

"This is to monitor your bl**d flow,bl**d pressure and pulse"

.You will lie on a trolley.I will give you an injection to relax you a little...You will then wait until we need you and then I will wheel you into theatre."

I followed him down the corridor to a small room with double doors at both ends.There was a chrome trolley with a green rubber cover.I was left there and did as instructed,sliding my body through the tubes of slimy cool transparent rubber....I carefully inserted a small bipolar metal electrostimming buttplug into my asshole and fed the wires out of my dick and ball port,as I had been instructed. I was no stranger to electro and had been playing with it off and on for a couple of years.

The room was warm and I began to sweat as I packed away my clothes into the sports bag and zipped up the rear suit zip using a small plastic strip attached to the zip. My dick hardened as I pulled on the chrome cockring and my pierced nipples stuck put of the ports in the rubber suit.I gave them a tug with my rubbered hands and stroked my dick a little As instructed I placed an electroconductive ring with a wire hanging loose around the rim of my glans,This was for the estimming to come..I then carefully climbed onto the heavy trolley,its wheels locked making it quite stable.I lay back onto the cool hard rubber covered mattress.I relaxed and stared up at the ceiling through my misting translucent rubber mask.I could just about pick out the strip light but not much else.

Within a few minutes I saw a vague green shape enter the room.He wasted no time.I felt a small needle enter my upper arm through the rubber did not hurt and within a few seconds a warm feeling entered my veins.I felt.....relaxed and happy.I also felt horny.I could feel my dick stiffen and was embarrassed at being unable to control my body's enthusiasm.A heavy green rubber sheet was laid over me and attached somehow at the sides.I was actually unable to move very much under it,it seemed very tight.But that was had a wonderfully rubbery smell,sweet and thick,almost like chocolate.

I was wheeled into a large well lit room but I could not make out much detail..Another figure was there,all in white.I guessed this was Gasmaster Y and I was right....he said ' Good Evening' and asked me how I was feeling today...I replied that I was feeling great and he said that was good.He asked me if I understood what was about to happen to me and I nodded.....He was in his white rubber outfit as yesterday,I surmised correctly.I recalled it in fine detail....A white thick latex rubber body suit covered with loose white rubber trousers and surgical top...a heavy white rubber apron,cream rubber surgical boots ,surgical gloves,a hood and a white rubber surgical mask strapped across his face.I could just about make out his eyes .I could hear the rubber rustling as he moved and also smell the warm sweet smell of him...

.I became very hard under the heavy constricting rubber sheet and began to sweat profusely.The top of the trolley connected to something on the operating table and the rubber top of it slid over from the trolley to the table along rails I would guess.The sheet was removed and the elctrodes and wires were connected up and checked carefully.Then it was held me tight l,and tighter still as the chrome bars were pushed down into a horizontal position.I was pinned down like a butterfly under the rubber sheet.Just my face sticking out and my hard dick forming a ridge under the rubber.

No time was wasted.Immediately a black rubber hose was placed over my rubbered nose and mouth and held down hard as the Clausens harness was very tightly connected behind my head to the 6 attachment points on the mask.The mask smelt strongly of rubber.I loved this smell.I had loved it since c***dhood and it never failed to excite me.There was also a wonderful feel of the pressure of this heavy mask around my mouth and nose.I was sure that this rubber 'black beauty' was not the normal mask that was used with this equipment,and I doubted the black rubber hose was quite as per manufacturers instructions either! I could just make out a bank of equipment with some flashing lights and screens to my left where Gasmaster Y was sitting on a stool, and there was a very low bleeping sound that corresponded to my pulse.

There was a short conversation in Japanese I didn't understand,then silence.

I found myself breathing oxygen.It tingled a little and my brain cleared from the effects of the injection. which had made me quite sl**py.

Then I could feel the gas change in my breathing mix.I could feel it beginning to tingle and my ears beginning to roar .I felt a little panic,almost as if I were short of breath but soon felt fine again.I trusted my medical friends. I knew they knew what they were doing.The gas became thicker and as the sweet smelling thick rubbery mix flowed through my mask I concentrated on the sound of my breathing.I breathed slowly and regularily as I had been told to and pretty soon I was relaxing and feeling very happy under the heavy rubber mask .I felt hands grip my head and further tighten the rubber mask so it seemed welded to my face.I loved this feeling....It reminded me constantly of the presence of the mask and my being under the complete control of my Gasmaster.....I could move my head a little from side to side and as I did so I could see the rubber hoses quiver as they moved with me...There was a slight twitching of the hoses each time I breathed in and for a time I was fascinated by this movement.... My body began to disappear from my perceptions.I began to feel as if I were floating....Funny I was immobilised under the rubber sheet yet I felt completely free for a while. Later on they would tighten the straps of the heavy hospital weight rubber sheet as well and it would be harder to ignore....

The shadow of a pair of large breathing bags loomed up in front of me hanging from a pole.This again was not normal and had been done for my benefit so I could watch,as well as hear,myself breathing through the rubber tubes and bags.In and out I breathed,up and down went the bags.I held my breath for a few seconds to see what happened and the bags continued to fill with gas,waiting for me to inhale the narcotic mix...resistance was quite futile! You breathed what was in the bags.Sometimes Gasmaster Y gave the bags a squeeze,usually to assist my speedy descent into narcosis after cumming.Although unable to see clear I became very adept at working out from shadows through the translucent rubber as to what was happening outside my rubber world.

They tell me the session lasted for nearly 5 hours.I was aware at several points that I was awake but unable to move.I could see the two rubber clad medics moving around me.sometimes close sometimes far away.Distance seemed to be foreshortened and even through the blur of my mask I could make out shapes moving nearer then moving away.I could also feel them manipulating my balls and dick through the rubber sheet.I felt a continuous tugging on my hard dick which I guessed to be electrostimming through the electroconductive rubber ring placed round my glans just behind the corona..I could also feel my asshole expand and contract as the current passed through the buttplug and my balls tingled with the current through my cockring

.I am sure I came the first time pretty soon after I was put on the gas but it is so hard to remember what was going on.... Time was not quite so regulated in this gaseous domain ...sometimes I would be there and quite alert,though,of course, unable to move and sometimes I would be much more out of it.There was occassionally a nice pulling and pinching of my nipples through the rubber sheet from dextrous rubber gloved hands....All the time there was this relentless tugging and twitching on my dick as the electrostimming was turned up a little more......It didn't hurt,but it was just there.Sometimes it got faster,sometimes slower.Sometimes it was intense and I couldn't resist it and I would succumb,spurting cum between the green sheet and my latex suit,accompanied by a loud cry and long groan into my heavy black rubber mask I tried to delay cumming but the electro was just too the start I didn't want to cum as I knew what I knew would follow me cumming,I was still a little anxious about the gas .Each time I came I was put under full anaesthesia almost immediately and would pass out as the thick gas poured down my throat......

The gas was remorseless.It was impossible to escape from.I wished sometimes it would stop and I could breathe normally.Then I would smell a change and an etherish smell would invade my mask .Still rubbery and still sweet smelling,just with a slight chemical tang..This felt...different.My whole body began to throb and tingle....I guessed that they were using other gasses such as fluothane or halothane which I had only read about....I wondered if I would get to try ether at some stage...I would,but not tonight.Tonight was to be for my pleasure and for my experience. It was joyful...I sucked away at the gas mixes,sometimes feeling it when mixes changed...drifting into different states of consciousness....sometimes feeling quite numb,sometimes quite a lot of sensation.

There were times when I was completely paralysed,not even able to move a fingertip under the rubber sheet and certainly not my head, yet quite lucid.This was an odd sensation,to be wide awake but to be unable to move....All the time I could feel the gentle tugging and itching around my groin as the electrodes did their job relentlessly.The sensations would build up and I think even the anaesthesia would be reduced by increasing the oxygen in my mixes and then I would be made to cum by increases of the power and frequency of the electrostimming......each time afterwards there would follow the same procedure...the gas would get thicker and I would start to disappear into an ecstatic narcosis....At first I was still frightened by this but over the evening I began to completely trust my Gasmasters....many times they heard me make one long groan,our signal for 'more' but they never heard the two grunts,our signal for stop.I wanted this to go on forever.......

.I was conscious more than u*********s, but here were short periods of deep narcosis where they had put me under fully after cumming. I cannot be sure but I think there were at least three sessions leading to orgasm,maybe four....Blurry images swam before my eyes as I sank down into the warm well of blackness. As yesterday I half dreamed mad fantasies...Sometimes intense colourful images flew before my eyes,but nothing turned me on so much as my images of the rubberclad medics I had seen earlier.....I wanted to be in their control,I wanted to make them happy...I wanted to see their cruel eyes stare at me ...
.I heard odd sounds as brief conversations in Japanese became distorted. I heard myself breathing through the tubes and breathing bags.I could hear the clicks of the valves in the anaesthesia machine open and shut.For periods I listened to this intently.They were reassuring and relaxing in their regularity....,HISSSS...KLIK.....HISSSSS....KLIK...KLIK....HISSSSSS.....This was enough to make my dick get hard one last time and I could feel myself pumping out my cream all over the place under the rubber sheet again as the electrostimming was slowly being intensified..... My head sparkled again with the feelings or orgasm,oddly deadened by the gas but I was far from being unable to feel anything.....I knew now what was to happen...what happened every time I came.This time I welcomed it.I wasn't afraid...I breathed slowly and heavily,savouring the gas....The gas became thicker and my head started to swim.....The blackness began to overcome me....

Finally ,as I was being put under completely and beginning to disappear down that now familiar black whirling tube, I felt and heard again a SPLATT!.... SPLATT!....... SPLATT! .... just like yesterday followed by a yell as someone came over my mask and rubbered head,.....then suddenly another spurt all over my chest and nipples from the other side of the table. That was it for me as I passed out,happy and sated.

I woke up in a bed a little while later.. out of my rubber and in a white gown and under a cool cotton sheet.My shaved head rested on a thin rubber pillow and I felt tired but relaxed as never before.

"Drink this" said Ishimoru,and I drank a familiar sweet fruit drink.I felt slightly nauseous but it vanished within a few minutes

.I slept at the clinic that night and the following morning breakfasted with Ishimoru in his small apartment at the top of the building.We discussed many things about the previous night and I did my best to describe my experiences for him. He listened with enthusiasm and explained some of the procedures for me.I was well aware how much effort on his part had been made for my benefit but was told how much my instigators had enjoyed it as well.He apologised for 'Y's lack of communication explaining that 'Y' was a little embarrassed sometimes about his rather basic grasp of English.He was also very busy as a consultant,which was why he had to rush away all the time.The weekend was coming,he was free and we would be able to all get to know each other a little better.

A taxi arrived to take me back to my hotel in Tokyo.I was to rest that day and be met at the hotel the following evening where a most interesting experience was to await me.....

The taxi arrived exactly at 7 on the friday evening and Lo was inside.He asked me if I felt well and had rested up well.I replied I felt perfectly fine.

We were pretty soon inside Gasmaster 'Y's apartment again and this time I was welcomed at the door by my host. Over some green tea,we sat down in a beautiful living room which I had not previously seen. With Lo's help he explained what had been planned this evening .As he was now free over the weekend I would have his undivided attention! Tonight he wished to demonstrate some new equipment he had recently completed making and testing. We were to kit up in rubber and there were some more rubber suits for us to wear over the top.These were rather like black rubber biohazmat suits with heavy rubber boots,wrist collars and a large plastic screen at face level.We were to kit up with a lightweight rebreather system over our rubber undersuits which had a twin hose feed into a fullface gas mask with a large single visor. Then the rubber biohazmat suits were to be donned and zipped up the side sealing us in completely. The rebreather,although originally intended for military stealth diving had been carefully adapted to mix and supply two gases,Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen.These were contained in two 3 litre cylinders inside the plastic housing. A Carbon dioxide scrubber containing sofnalime would remove this unwanted toxic breathing product for around 4 hours and would simply recycle the oxygen and N20 in the breathing mix.This was set to a permanent level of rather less than 50:50 entonox.Walking around would be achieved safely with care but also with attention to the effects of the gas.I was reminded that by concentration I could ameliorate some of the physical effects and that,once acclimatised,I could function fairly normally on low levels of nitrous in my breathing mix,yet it would feel very nice indeed,a little like being a bit d***k.Lo would have a role as dresser,facilitator and safety support but would take no part in the procedings other than that.

My role was to enjoy the novelty of the 'gas suit' and assist the Gasmaster administer to a young Japanese guy who had arrived earlier and was desperate to try gas for the first time.He was into bondage in a big way and had arrived several hours earlier where he had been tightly strapped by Lo into the dental chair with tough green hospital grade rubber straps,quite naked. Lo told me he was very frightened about it all,but very needful as well. It had been made clear to him that there was to be no last minute backing out of the arrangement .He had been shaking with fear as Lo had tightened up the straps and described what was to happen to him.He had been brought to the house by a friend of Gasmaster 'Y's, naked ,blindfolded and tied up in a large wooden box in the back of a Nissan van. The box had been delivered to the apartment as if any other delivery using a hand truck.

Gasmaster 'Y' told me of his own liking for gas as well,not just as an instigator but as a participant.Since he had been a medical student twenty five years previously he had liked gas and had somehow managed to get through medical school to being an anaesthesiologist without his proclivities being detected. A few years ago he had overstepped the balance of reasonable recreational usage and had made himself ill.... and,suitably chastened,had devised rules for himself as to sensible amounts and frequencies of his was somewhat ironic that he treated d**g addicts using a substance that he himself was addicted to....but 'Y' kept it very much under control....He also had to be very careful with his contacts as he knew that his senior position made him open to blackmail and gossip.He told guys very little online about his real life and identity but needed a cover story to explain his knowledge and frequently gave people the impression that he was a vet and worked with larger a****ls!

.He had devised several portable breathing systems over the years that supplied entonox .These he liked to wear to have penetrative sex with men in rubber.He was particularily fond of twin hose set ups but there were several problems with the systems he had so far used.Firstly being open circuit,they wasted gas and discharged it directly into the air.This was not a good idea in an enclosed space as the room would pretty soon fill up with exhaled Nitrous Oxide.Several of the Gasmasters partners were not so much into gas as he and some of his passive partners got off more by the sight and feel of being fucked by a rubber monster with tubes and cylinders rather than being anaesthetised themselves. Nitrous oxide supports combustion quite easily so a spark or a naked flame could have serious consequences in an enclosed space.One great limiting factor was time...there was rarely enough gas without quite heavy cylinders for more than 30 minutes at a time.He had also devised systems using anaesthetc machines to one side of a bed but they needed monitoring and were somewhat cumbersome for the scenes he was into......Gasmaster 'Y' had set his mind to thinking how the recycling and scrubbing action inside an anaesthesia machine might be duplicated.The answer when it came was actually quite simple and relatively inexpensive...converted ex navy rebreathers.

His clinic had been filled with staff who were sympathetic or fellow practitioners of gas play.'Y' paid them well and commanded a great deal of respect from his employees...He put the problem before one of his staff to solve.It was a fairly easy job to a brilliant engineer who worked for him maintaining equipment [This engineer had been sacked from several hospitals for his addiction to gas but had been welcomed by 'Y' into his establishment]

So we went into the small changing room and I got into my cleaned ,polished and shiny full rubber suit.I placed a mask over my shaven head. I watched Gasmaster 'Y' get into his green hospital latex tight rubber suit that covered him completely from toe to fingertip,with anatomic rubber genitals that were carefully designed to be snug and comfortable round his large balls.The end of his rubber sheath was open though and a fat semihard circumcised dick peeked through....I stared as Lo carefully zipped up the backzip,straightening the mask over his face as he did so.The next part of the procedure was to get us into the rebreathers and ensure they were working correctly.The controls were very simple.There were two buttons set into the facemask which when depressed would either circulate pure oxygen or the Nitrous Oxide and oxygen mix,a kind of lean "entonox" at a level the gasmaster had fixed after a lot of careful exoerimentation.These were easily reachable throught the soft rubber of the hazmat suit.

Oxygen was chosen first and I began breathing this as the mask was affixed carefully over my rubber hood.Inside the rebreather casing on my back rubber breathing bags silently inflated and deflated,quivering with each breath.The oxygen would work its way through the box containing the sodalime crystals then it would be inhaled,exhaled and sent back through the loop again,continually purified from the toxic carbon dioxide.A small jet squirted a tiny but precisely measured flow of oxygen into the system to replace that which had been used by the body in the lungs.Nitrous Oxide,when switched on, would also be squirted in in precisely measured amounts into the 'loop'

Gasmaster 'Y' also put on his set up on and started breathing and I stood staring at him.He was a good looking man in or out of rubber but this gear was just so hot.Another little bit of equipment was added,a small microphone attached to the interior of the gasmask and a light earphones clipped over our rubber hoods.The small transmitters were located in pockets in the biohazmat suits which were now around our thighs as we had stepped into the heavy rubber boots of these suits.

"Can you hear me Mr Anderson? " he said quite clearly

"Yes,loud and clear " I said

"That is good,it is all working properly "

Lo pulled up my heavy rubber biohazmat suit up my body and carefully pulled the hood over my head.I was now sealed off completely from the outside world! I breathed the sparkly oxygen slowly and felt warm and excited inside my rubber suits.......My dick had been pretty hard a while now,and the feel of being zipped into this wonderful cool rubber suit over my first suit and the breathing gear was just too cool....I watched Lo complete 'Y's dressing

"Mr Anderson,I wish you now to test the suit gas delivery system.Push the button on the right side of the mask where the hose joins it"

I did so through the soft rubber by the side of the visor and slowly felt my breathing mix change....a slight breathlessness,then a slight euphoria,building up to a wonderful tingling sensation that started with my gums and worked out.I began to flush as well and could feel my dick get very hard.I caught a glance at myself in the mirror and could see it tentpoling out of the loose suit.I grabbed myself and stroked my dick a little.

"Its working...hey its really great,really great" I burbled.The gas seemed very present but was not overwhelming.I deeply inhaled the sweet smelling gas mix and felt my head and body tingle.This was really wonderful.The elation was a little like being d***k.I had played a fair bit with wippits and was always annoyed how quickly the sensation would end....even to the point of racing to do another and another until I became too fumbly to crack open the little cylinders.This was very different...a continuous feeling of pleasure,but not too strong.

"Now I will ask you to be silent unless you are asked something"

" Yes,OK,I understand"....I sucked heavily of the sweet narcotic gas wonderful starfields opened up in front of my eyes

" Now please turn back on the oxygen" and I pressed the switch on the left hand of the mask.Quickly my head began to clear.I liked very much the controllabilty of the gas.I lost all anxiety about breathing it.

Gasmaster 'Y' then checked his gas and switched back over to oxygen after a few breaths as I had done.He turned and walked out of the door asking me to follow him.

In the white tiled room all the lights were dimmed except for one light array over the dental chair.Under it was an incredible sight.There was a young naked asian guy strapped to the dental chair with green rubber double holed thick belts around his chest,waist and thighs.His arms were tightly strapped down to the armrests in three places and his feet were immobilised by straps around the base of the dental chair.He was struggling hard against his bondage,and was quite sweaty.There was a tight rubber band around his neck and the headrest of the chair over a white plastic high neck brace which held his head tightly in position....He was blindfolded still with a thin strip of black rubber around his head over his eyes, but as we walked nearer he heard us and said something in Japanese,I could not really make it out but it sounded like pleading.He repeated it several times,but his entreaties were quite ignored..... 'Y' moved over to the anaesthesia machine and switched a few buttons on carefully examining a display screen through his visors.He then held the black rubber anaesthetic mask in front of him carefully straightening the black corrugated rubber hoses.He lifted it up in front of the victims face .It was time.....

"Switch on your Nitrous Oxide now,we all three will enjoy the gas!"

"He seems to be frightened" I said

"Ah yes they often are the first time,but they always like it in end!"

I did so and watched him do the same The sweet gas came pouring in through the orinasal mask inside my gasmask.The same effects I felt earlier repeated themself and the tingling mixed in with my excitement...Oh this was just sooo cool,so cool...The rubber was pretty good too,I loved the feel of the tight suit being overlaid by the rippling looser suit on top.

"Mr Anderson, you remove the patients blindfold please?"

Carefully if a little clumsily I did so with my rubber gloves that were sealed to the suit. The effect on the young guy was electric.He jumped in his skin and stared with shock.This he was not expecting.His eyes stared madly at the two rubber creatures standing over him...The sight of two rubbermen in heavy gear was too much for him and he started to shake and yell ,He tried to escape again,but Lo had done a very good job with the rubber straps.He was quite immobilised and was going nowhere...... Very quickly and deftly 'Y' held up the mask up for a few seconds in an almost theatrical way,then applied the heavy black rubber cone onto the face of the tightly bound captive. He could not move his head at all and 'Y' positioned himself so he was able to tightly push the heavy black rubber mask into the frightened face of the young guy.I watched intently from just a metre away.He stared at at The Gasmaster then he stared at me imploringly....He was clearly holding his breath trying to avoid inhaling the thick sweet narcotic gas. he yelled again and again into the mask but in doing so had to breathe....

"MMFFFF , ERFFF, sssssuck...hisssss.... MMMMF sssssuck mmmffff.......hissssss."

The guy yelled now more faintly into the mask but there was no way out for him.He strained against his tight bonds but he could not escape.He yelled weakly one last time into the mask but it was already too late and he was visibly weakening as he gulped great lungfulls of the gas into his body...His gas was not diluted like ours. His was full strength,designed for complete deep anaesthesia and had a dash of another anaesthetic agent in it.He struggled a bit more but I could see his eyes rolling.....finally his struggling stopped and he was quiet.His eyes were still open but they saw nothing.....To one side the breathing bags inflated and deflated with a regular pattern.

The mask was removed. I was aware how horny I was and how fascinated and transfixed I had been watching the f***ed anaesthesia..It reminded me of my first gas experience as a c***d and how frightened I had been and how remorseless the dentist had been,holding me down and holding the mask so tightly on my I had screamed and yelled and how I had just slipped into sl**p..I grabbed hold of my crotch. and watched 'Y' intently.Why had he removed the mask? I didn't understand,but all was to become clear...

"Mr Anderson!" said the radio voice in my ears

"Would you like to induce anaesthesia on the patient?" I said I would like that very much and I was told to wait a few minutes until our 'patient' came round and then follow his instructions.

He passed me the mask and hose.I grasped it and moved round to his position as 'Y' moved away.I could hardly think straight but was very excited,very hard.The 'patient' was beginning to come round again,his eyes shut and opened then shut again....'Y' adjusted a control on the machine.

'I am lowering the gas strength a little so it will take a little longer to put our patient under..."

Our patient was indeed coming round.he was groaning and his eyes opened...he stared at us and started to moan even louder.

"The patient is very noisy...I think you had better administer the gas now" he said.

"Hold the mask over his face in the same position as you saw me do and push down"

I held the mask firmly on his face.More groaning but I was aware he was finally beginning to relax and go with the for me in my tough thick rubber suits I felt omnipotent and godlike with the power of life and death...I held the mask down very hard....I felt him sink away,but could also see his dick was hard .It stayed like that for the next two hours,even when he was under.....Gasmaster Y watched me and started to jerk off through his suit groaning and panting with the gas. Again he asked me to take the mask away and let the guy come to and again he asked me to gas him. I carefully but firmly applied to the mask,ignoring all the pleading from the half conscious guy under me....I was aware of how beautiful he was...a shock of black hair done in an almost punk style,beautiful deep brown eyes and the cutest of mouths with delicate lips.he was lithe,yet quite muscular and his body was covered in sweat,drips making their way down and over the green rubber straps.He watched me carefully as I administered the gas,seeking out my eyes through the two visors...As he relaxed and breathed in the gas,his eyelids fluttered and I saw his eyes roll....Oddly his hands seemed to continue flexing a while as he sank deeper into the narcotic wonderland...I guess he was dreaming lucidly....

Gasmaster 'Y' had moved a couple of metres away and was watching appreciatively of the tableau in front of him.He stared at me through his mask and I could see the rubber of his suit dancing as he jerked off through the loose thick folds. There was a sudden twitching movement and a huge yell through the earphones as he came. I imagined his cum shooting from his thick stalk and coating the inside of his rubber hazmat suit. Looking at his eyes through the hazmat suit visor I saw a streak of cum shoot up and coat the interior of the screen and splashing a glob onto his gasmask .I breathed deeply and felt the sparkly numb feeling begin to overwhelm me a little and I started to feel floaty.Then a little more oxygen cut into the loop and I returned back to the floor....

After cumming 'Y' stood still and he turned off his nitrous for a while and came over to the machine and took charge of the patient.....I saw him revive the guy with oxygen but as the cute patient came round staring wildly at us he put him under again.In the end the guy did not know whether he was coming or going and I guess he must have been put under some 7 or 8 times. In the meantime I was sucking the gas that was being recycled and recirculated through me and my rebreather again and again....I was slowly building up to cum and when I saw the 'patient' begging to be let free and 'Y' putting him under yet again I could control myself no longer cumming and squirting in my suit......I fell to the floor on my knees in ecstacy gulping down the wonderful gas,floating on a cloud of pleasure and gas euphoria. I realised I was soaking the suit as well with my sweat. 'Y' turned off the machine and removed the mask from the 'patient' and walked over to me.He reached for my mask through the rubber and switched me back onto pure oxygen. Within a few minutes my head began clearing and my breathing reverted to normal. On his knees at my side he held me and hugged me through the rubber.I was very surprised at this,very surprised indeed for 'Y' had seemed so cold and aloof to me previously.

The guy on the chair came round and 'Y' walked over.For the last time he held the mask hard against his face,but this time was on a much weaker mix...the guy started groaning into the mask....The gasmaster then started stroking him all over with his other hand,paying special attention to his dick sticking hard from his crotch under one of the rubber belts....the 'patient' yelled and gasped.....'Y' grabbed his stiff little dick and jerked it about 20 times still holding the mask over his face and the guy came spurting all over 'Y's black rubber suit,grunting joyously into the mask and sucking up the gas greedily,all fear over..

'Y' then helped me up and we walked back into the changing room.Lo helped us out of the suits and into the showers.A while later,unseen by us, a delivery truck picked up a heavy wooden box from the apartment and drove away. Later on,after a wonderful meal together and some saki, we talked as if old friends.I began to see that 'Y' was a most charming and charismatic man and I found myself being very attracted to him......That night I slept with my Gasmaster .I had passed another test and I had his respect.

Part 4 of The Gasmaster.

The following morning we had a leisurely breakfast together and I was shown around the garden by my host.He took a great deal of pride in his garden and seemed to relish beauty and intricacy. I asked more about his life and his interests.He was far from being one dimensional and as he opened up still further I was surprised to notice his English much better than at the beginning.I guess he was just a little unconfident about using it. He told me he was heavily into rubber and this predated the anaesthesia interest.He had a lot of gear of which I had seen very little and delighted in attending rubber parties in multilayered latex,masked and anonymous.A particular interest was inflatable gear.He was into a lot of heavy BDSM stuff as well,especially bondage and punishment and had quite a reputation on the scene,although very few people knew who he was behind the mask. A network of close and loyal friends had protected him over the years from exposure and the clinic was about the best front he could have devised. Not that it was not genuine,it was just that it was rather larger than it need be for such an establishment.

" I want very much to take you today to my clinic.There is something I want show to you " he said suddenly

" I have a new treatment and I think you will like "

My curiousity was roused. Lo drove us in the large black Jeep onto the freeway and then south. As the hills drew nearer Gasmaster 'Y' asked me about my diving experience.I had been diving for nearly 10 years and was reasonably experienced although I did most of it on holiday in the warm waters off Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I had a fair collection of rubber dive gear at home and collected vintage kit....and had dived this with other guys into the same things in some of the northern Californian Lakes near my home.

He nodded and seemed pleased as I described all this with Lo sometimes translating complicated parts.

About 50 minutes later we were at the clinic and were met by Ishimoru who smiled at me in a very nice way.He spoke with 'Y' a little,nodded and took me to one side asking me to follow him

." I will see you a little later...there are things that must have attention first by me" said 'Y' and walked downstairs from the empty lobby taking Lo with him.

We went into Ishimoru's office and sat down. He offered me a cold drink.

"Today you are to be shown the 'wet area'. 'Y' and Lo went ahead downstairs to arrange something for you " he smiled.

'You are a very lucky guy.You are to be the first to test a completely new gas treatment system of 'Y's devising. One of the problems of our treatment of heroin addiction is that the addicts need to be heavily sedated for up to a week.If we lower the sedation they begin to start tearing themselves up in spasms and twitching and they begin to experience the agonies of withdrawal. They can become very sensitive to pain just from touching anything .If we sedate them too heavily we run the risk of physical damage to their brains. There is also the problems of pressure points so they have to be frequently moved and their muscles exercised. This is difficult when they are u*********s. We have tried tens pads and rotation tables.The new technique involves suspending them in a warm liquid medium in a tank where they are kept lightly sedated with gas mixes for long periods.We had problems with the medium for a while...we tried naked bodies in water but it causes skin to be shed after 3 days. We tried rubber dry suits in water which was fine for a few days again but they were burnt by their own sweat. In the end we found the best medium was a gelatinous liquid. We use a full heavyweight rubber mask with a sealed connection to the anaesthesia mask and tubes. The rest of the body is covered by a light transparent plastic and there are special rubber pants with catheter and faeces removal tubes.You are bound in a kind of open lightweight canvas body bag with D ring connectors to the side and the bottom of the tank.We do not want you struggling!

I felt very horny at the description,for in truth it sounded like something from a bondage porn story I had once read.I began to imagine what it might be like.I felt my heart jump.Was this to be tested on me?

'And all this works?" I asked "I mean,it successfully treats the addicts"

" We have not yet tried it.In theory it should be far more effective.We feel that the sensory deprivation element along with the anaesthesia should be many times more effective and painless for the recovering addict. We also hope that it will reduce the treatment time.At the moment the patients are in the clinic for many weeks after the initial week spent anaesthetised.We have other methods as well such as an epidural injection which..... well I will describe that later" Ishimoru smiled warmly with a slightly devilish grin taking over....

"I have been asked to tell you about the session we have planned for you.In a few minutes I will be taking you downstairs where the swimming pool is. We wish to get you acclimatised to being in a liquid medium breathing gas.You are a diver I know so this will be second nature to you." He explained carefully the set up. I was to be dressed in a tight latex catsuit and a commercial dive helmet was to be fitted to a neckdam. 'Y' knew that I had dived commercial dive gear a little and I had wondered why he had enquired as to that online. I was to be prevented from movement by being attached to a hook on the floor of the pool and my arms were to be strapped to my back.All I had to do was breathe.

"Lo will be in the water with you and will ensure your safety.You will be connected through an umbilical hose and telecoms link to 'Y' on the poolside. I will be assisting.We want to you to enjoy this,it is not to be thought of as punishment bondage or anything like that.You will be able to communicate with us,indeed we will be asking you questions.If at any time you want out,we will swiftly remove you from the water.Lo is a rescue diver and he estimates he can have you released from the harness connectors in around 20 seconds and have you on the surface immediately after."

We went down to the small pool which was surprisingly deep...5m at one end but under a meter at the other. As 'Y' involved himself with the dive panel at one end of the pool, Lo kitted himself up in Scuba gear, an Aga mask with a radiotransmitter,earphones and microphone...he was to be connected to 'Y' at all times...he was wearing an old style rubber wet suit which I stared at appreciatively. I started to kit up....Ishimoru helped me into a medium weight open crotch latex suit with the aid of talcum powder.It had integral mitts and boots and there were thicker soles .There was an integral latex hood with an open face.It smelt of very new latex and I was surprised it fit so well.

"'The Gasmaster had this made for you.We took the measurements from the suit you left behind." Ishimoru said.

I could feel it was very well made indeed and bonded tightly to my skin. The next item to don was a pair of very heavy rubber shorts,a little like lederhosen but made of heavyweight latex and with two inserts.I was told to sit on the tiled bench by the pool and Ishimoru unpacked a catheter,fed it through a tight rubber port in the rubber pants and quickly inserted into my bladder,inflating a small balloon to keep it in place.It stung a little for a few minutes but pretty soon all I could feel was the tramsparent plastic tube going up my dick and inside me.The second part was a little more complicated.I had to bend over onto my front over the bench.A dob of KY was smeared on my asshole lips and with the pants around my knees as a fairly thick red rubber hose was inserted through an anal port in the pants then up my asshole.A small balloon attached to the end inserted was also inflated via a bulb and I could feel it as Ishimoru pumped it up.
He slapped my buttocks and laughed."OK pull up the pants" I did so carefully and the tubes slid through the ports fully.

I stood there looking at myself in the metal reflective panels on the wall.A tall guy in full rubber with tubes sticking out of his ass and looked very horny.My heart pounded with excitement.I stepped into a kind of nylon body harness which had weight pockets to keep me submerged.There was a small air cylinder attached for emergencies....This was strapped up around my waist,two smaller straps between my crotch with the piping in between and over my shoulders.

" As we discussed,you are to experience various procedures whilst suited up.We will be washing you out continuously and will even be inflating your bladder with sterile water." I looked concerned.A lot of this was completeley new to me " Don't worry,we are all professionals! trust us! You will enjoy this!" I was thinking that my three observors and facilitators would probably enjoy it as well!

The next thing was to push a heavy rubber and steel neck dam over my head and around my neck.Ishimoru applied a little gel over my hood.Lo was now kitted up in full dive gear except for his fins and walked over to assist.I could hear a compressor start up in another room .The heavy Superlite helmet was connected to the emergency cylinder then attached to a heavy umbilical hose.I saw 'Y' give a thumbs up sign and he turned on the air from the compressor.The heavy yellow steel helmet was lifted over my rubbered head and carefully lowered into place with my chin and nose settling into the orinasal mask..I could feel a steady draft of cool air here and breathed in deeply.The helmet was mated to the steel yoke and clips were pulled around and then turned into position so I was breathing from the compressor and air banks.

Gasmaster 'Y's voice crackled into life through my earphones . "Is everything satisfactory Mr Anderson?" I replied that it was."Good.We now put you into the water.Please get on your knees and carefully lower yourself into the water....Ishimoru will help." I heard a splash and saw Lo jump into the water,full face Aga mask and fins donned.Pretty soon I was standing art the bottom of the pool with lo by my side.Lo signalled 'was everything OK' and I signalled back that it was. A pair of padded rubber cuffs was taken out of Lo's bouyancy jacket pocket and applied to my wrists behind my back.these were attached to the harness.I struggled a bit as if to test them but they were pretty near escape proof.I breathed deep breaths and could feel my dick getting hard.

The next procedure was very simple.there was a heavy flat concrete block on the bottom of the pool.Attached to it was a steel hook and another pair of rubber cuffs,this time for my ankles.Lo moved me over to it and attached me to the hook then tightened up the cuffs as hard as he could.he then removed all the heavy weights from my harness puches and placed them on the floor of the pool.I floated up a little,bouyant now from the air in my lungs and in the helmet.the umbilical hose snaked up through the water from my helmet to the surface.

I swayed a little in the water but was,to all intents and purposes immobilised.For five minutes or so I was left like that to acclimatise.I was fine.I was in rubber,I was breathing cool air and the warm water around me was very relaxing.I let myself relax and drift.Meanwhile Lo had been busy with the tubes coming out of me.the red rubber tube was connected to a Y adaptor with some kind of valve control.The two hoses disappeared out of site above the surface.The thin tranparent plastic tube was connected to another also rising up to the surface.Lo turned a little valve on it and I could feel my bladder emptying and yellow urine passing up the tube.As I breathed regularily the bubbles made their way up to the surface.

I was asked again by my Gasmaster if everything was fine with the breathing and was I comfortable.I replied my arms were a little sore but I was told it was neccessary to do this.If they had been left free as I was being gassed I might flail about, tear at the suit and even the mask trying to remove it underwater.This was an effect of breathing entonox.

Suddenly the cool compressed air on demand ceased for a few seconds.Then something very different.A continuous freeflow started through my mask bubbling off into the water continuously but more when I exhaled.this was no longer air.It was pure oxygen.I felt the tingly fresh taste on my tongue and was even woken up from my relaxed state by it.I swayed in the water like a kind of reversed pendulum....for a few minutes I was left to savour the oxygen.Then I could feel that old familiar tingle on the gums and warm flush through from my chest.Nitrous! This was an old friend and I revelled at our reacquaintance.I sucked it in.I closed my eyes and saw stars.I could feel myself getting quite high,quite d***k and euphoric.Again I was left for a while to get used to this.Lo watched over me from a few metres away breathing slowly from his twin cylinders on his back through the yellow Aga mask.What was he doing?I looked in amazement.He was rubbing his crotch through the suit staring at me.....

Free to speak I started to sing and hum tunes. Suddenly a crackle then a voice I knew so well.

"It is nice?..... You enjoy yourself Mr Anderson?....How do you feel? describe it for me...." I told 'Y' in a rather odd way how the suit felt and how the breathing of the gas was.I seemed half on the verge of bursting out laughing all the time...this all felt so wonderful,so nice...I had not a care in the world...all my problems back at home disappeared,all the disappointments and all the fears.I was floating and sucking gas.This was all I was all so....simple,no cares,no worries....

"It is time for the next part of the treatment" This may be a little uncomfortable...I felt cold water begin to enter my asshole...slowly at first then in quite a flow.It seemed remorceless and quite uncomfortable even over the gas.I groaned a little at a sharp pain.The response from 'Y' monitoring me was to add more nitrous to the mix I was breathing.I felt a strange vertigo for an instant then my vision became verry blurred. I could no longer see Lo in the pool but I could make out the interior of the dive helmet.My head swam,my whole body tingled and seemed to go numb.I was free and floating again,not tied up and not in tight rubber gear.the helmet even seemed to fade away and everything seemed light.Colours started whirling around the side of my field of vision.I still felt the water being squirted up me but other than a concept there seemed to be little feeling there and certainly no pain.I groaned loudly,,,

",thaaatsss ssooo niice..oh don't sstop..uhr"

Then suddenly a tremendous release.I suddenly noticed Lo again and he had turned the valve and the water had exited from me through the second tube.The gas mix was lowered again to its previous strength and I sank back revelling in the release.Then again a sudden inrush of quite cold water....

"Its cold" I said.

No response.

It began to feel uncomfortable.I wanted to please my Gasmaster but this hurt,both the cold and the pressure.As I was summoning up the courage to ask him to stop suddenly there was a huge amount of thick Nitrous enter my mask.I gulped down the slightly cloying sweet smelling gas again.This time there was a slight chemical smell and I began to feel very relaxed and almost sl**py.

"This is Fluothane...tell me what you think of it" I again tried to describe the sensations but I was slurring my words badly and even started babbling rubbish.I could hear myself saying it but couldn't stop myself.There was a laugh through the earphones.I suddenly felt the water leave my asshole and groaned in relief. Then there was a tickling in my bladder.Water was being pumped into it! This very quickly started to get uncomfortable and I moaned loudly at the sharp cramps.The response? more gas....I could still feel it but it no longer hurt....I began to worry about crazy stuff like my bladder bursting and task loaded on that. I recall asking for more gas.Then I relaxed and was able to piss out the fluid in my bladder.This felt wonderful,like oh, the best piss I had ever taken....then there was a pause and the gas level was brought down again.Then water was squirted into my bladder and rectum simultaneously...I began to feel overwhelmed by it and even shouted with discomfort.More gas again.....and so it went on,cycle after cycle.Sometimes I babbled and sometimes I was asked to describe sensations.

I was getting tired.I had been in the water for 2 hours.Lo had left me for a little while,presumably to change cylinders and all was quiet except for the regular flow of bubbles.I was by myself.All seemed peaceful.The uncomfortable anal irrigation had ceased....

Something very surprising happened next.There was a splash above me and a somewhat larger and more imposing rubber frogman swam down to me.He was kitted up in just a black Aquala suit,a heavy black Exo commercial dive mask and black rubber fins and heavy gloves.A metallic weight belt was the only part of him not black .Even under his dive mask he was wearing a latex mask.He swam down to me and stared through my glass visor .I could see his dark eyes.He looked straight at me.Gasmaster 'Y' loved blue eyes.So much of his fantasy life had involved the subjugation of white guys.He had me where he wanted me.Completely at his control! I was breathing his gas,in his gear at the bottom of his pool being monitered by his assistants....

He was my master and I adored him.My dick stiffened in recognition of the presence of this Japanese rubber superman in the water next to me.Even through the gas I was able to concentrate on the ripples of his suit and his eyes through his mask....I could see his arm moving and even hear him groaning.I looked down and could see his thick rubber covered dick being jerked off by his hand,faster and faster.He stroked my rubber suit as if trying to record me into his memory,between my legs,my feet,my hands behind my back,my shoulders and even the ridge of my stiff dick under the rubber.but he didn't jerk me off......He was taking his time,enjoying jerking off over my bound and controlled body.Then suddenly I could feel the gas changing.A very strong chemical smell invaded my orinasal mask and down my throat through my nostrils.Oh my couldn't be....he said he wouldn't...I began to get quite breathless as if there was no oxygen in the mix...I began to cough and choke but still i sucked in the strong gas..It was ether...ether! I had heard stories about this gas,how frightening it could be.I had inhaled it from a bottle years back in a lab and was quite knocked back by how strong it had been.The gas poured into my nostrils...I began to yell and shake trying to escape from the effects of the nauseatingly strong smell.But there was to be no escape...none.I tried to get my wrists free but no dice....I began to panic....

In front of me The Gasmaster was working his dick hard watching me.This had all been prearranged with Ishimoru.As I twitched and yelled he became hotter and hotter and shook violently as he jerked off through his rubber sheath....Suddenly I began to feel very relaxed and stopped struggling.A great warmth spread from my chest all over my body.Everything glowed and tingled.I began to sink away into full euphoric narcosis.My body sank away from me....The last thing I remembered before the warm etheric blackness enveloped me was the blurry sight of Gasmaster 'Y' cumming in front of me with a fury of bubbles and jerking and yelling into his facemask.....

A little while later I awoke,still underwater, and knew by how clear my head was that I must be back on oxygen again. I was not alone,but the Gasmaster had left me and Lo was back in the water with me.He had been ordered to simply make me cum.He swam up to my bound rubbered body and hugged and grasped me throught the rubber suit.Sticking out of his old wet suit was a stiff but compact uncut stalk,not rubber covered, but very stiff and erect.He settled down on the pool in front of me and removed his full face mask with a flurry of bubbles.He placed an octopus regulator in his mouth and continued breathing.Then he started stroking my dick through the heavy rubber shorts with his gloved hand.As I got hard again I could feel his little dick rubbing against my leg as he ground up against me.I could not see him as my field of vision was rather limited looking down,but I could feel him and his hands stroking me.Finally he unzipped the two front zips of the heavy rubber shorts and pulled out my dick,still with its catheter tube sticking out. He removed his regulator and starting licking my shaft.Little licks around my glans and longer tongue movements around the coronal ridge...Wow this was good.he then covered the head of my dick with the tube still in it and emerging through the side of his mouth and started sucking.he was an expert cocksucker.The warmth of his mouth was amazing....he had to stop every 30 seconds or so to get some air from the dive regulator but he always returned to work and suck the end of my dick...I inhaled deepely of the pure oxygen.I felt awake and alive and incredibly horny.....really now on the final last suck on his regulator then back to me.I felt the sperm welling up inside me and I began to really suck the oxygen through the hoses...and suddenly I was cumming and cumming spawning myself into the water.My cum squirted up my dick around the side of the catheter tube and made large gobs as it floated free in the water.My diverslave started jerking and twitching as he rubbed his dick up against my leg and discharged stream after stream of cum into the water,groaning a pile of bubbles then grabbing for his regulator......
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that was intense an erotic I think I found a new fetish for me. thanks