Hard & Sweety black passenger of me

To read quietly in time

You have highlighted the dark side of my sexuality, released my tensions physical but also psychological. As if abandoning you in my arms (even if it is not totally), you pumped me all my frustrations, repressions and unsaid ... A kind of "reset" or "reboot" mental.
I want to welcome you with softness ... We begin by taking a shower together, it's time to share some initial hugs, kisses linger on our hot, little by little, without abruptness ... Soaping each other, our tongues discover our mouths and our hands linger near some areas and sometimes graze ...
Greedy, but your hands grip size, knead your breasts and your butt ... Tenderness early should soon give way to a wildness intoxicating and respectful ... When my hands shake your neck, your breath is hot, I kept your head, my fingers digging your cheeks, my tongue wants deeper and our kisses are wet with saliva so that we do not swallow more ...
However, the sweetness dominates
I hold the shower head in its socket and put your foot on the edge of the tub ... I look entirely ... Then I fixed your eyes ... I pass my hand over your eyelids to close down and at the same time I face at your labia ... Taking my time, I spend lips, my tongue your exquisite lines, without ever touching your cock and especially not your clitoris ... You moaned, you winces, you camber ... You open your eyes at times but closes immediately lest I see the assets open ... Caresses my tongue and my fingers ignite, now I bite my lips and my teeth glide over your skin ... I claw gently inside your left thigh, from the inside of your knees to your sex, I go over and approach your lips, the more I slowed down, letting you enjoy the idea of ​​what I'm doing ...
Your head is now upside down against the wall, his mouth open, you're like a musical instrument, a harp which I add my moans by touching, firming taking my fingers there, crunchy parts of your delicate skin by here and letting my tongue slip here and there ...
The inside of your thigh is red, red with envy, sorrow, marked by the passage of my nails ... I blow it relieves my breath fresh and embraces the reddest parts ... Sometimes I add a trace of my teeth ... You groan of relief after the heat of the abuse.
After several minutes, I put the tip of my finger in you and you body from the inside ... My other hand grabbed the skin of your pubic bone and firmly, that raises my tongue playing your labia ... You still camber, the melody comes out of your mouth wants nagging you talk about what you feel, your desires, even asking me to stop so it's good ... I like to hear you like it ... The fact that you share your enthusiasm felt gives me more ... My language emphasizes your password on your pubis and clitoris. At this point, the rope breaks the harp, a cry is heard, you squeeze my head open your eyes and enjoys.

Here, I take off my head, you're red front chest and the rest of your body is marked with a multitude of color. I ask "You opened your eyes?" ... Embarrassed and delighted surprise, you answer me by taking your breath in a small voice "yes" ... "You know the pledge" I say ... Your chest rises and falls as you are out of breath, I take you regain your breath before answering to straighten myself ... Gently, I seized your head, open your mouth and stick my tongue there, sharing with you the fluids that delicious scent ... I said "you know your pledge"
Once you answer "yes" with your little voice then continues, "Yes, take me"
I am a nice and let you a way out "are you sure"
From there, you kiss me with your lips and answer me, looking at me in the eyes, "Yes, I hate you then take me"
The lock is now released, we have removed a part of our moderation (there are several levels, it is where a part of) and you become my toy for the evening, my doll dark for dinner.
I use your tongue on me, I abuse your mouth, your ass is marked by burning my hands ... Your Face is hardened, he bears the scars of your humiliation to me. Breathless, I've smothered my cock. Your breasts are bruised by the wave of my orgasm on your nipples nibbled ... We own the night ...

Visit the 4th floor right away or you prefer to be see you later elsewhere
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