Son Catches Dad now

Was a friday nite and my son had left hours ago to stay at his mom's for the weekend. I was thinking ok, cool, time for dad here to go on the prowl and hit a few bars and see what cums up. Went to a local dive bar, more of pool table, cowboy shot and beer type bar, Love checking out str8 guys who are really bi or intereted in a tease. Noticed this one guy at few stools down, fucking gorgeous hunk of a guy, Tall, fucking black cowboy boots on, and shirt unbuttoned to show off his hairy chest. He sat drinking and turned and noticed me, Kinda nodded his head, like hey guy its cool. I just nodded back., and took a long drink of him from head to toe. Love a man in boots. So a few more guys are coming into and 1 sits between me and this other guy, I was like shit, ruined my view. I decided to get up and hit the urinal and let out some of this beer, This was a pretty open bathroom room trough style urinal, so all the guys are standing side by side as they piss, got my stream going and in walks my cowboy, I turn and see him walk in, and he comes next to me and whips out his cock, stands waiting for it to start, but nothing, he just stands there and starts stroking it ever so slowly trying to show me his length. I took a few shakes with mine and winked, and packed my cock back in my pants, headed to bar, and took last few gulps and headed for parking lot, He followed suit, and meet me at my truck. I asked if he wanted to go to my place for a nite cap. He followed me back to my place.

We walked up the steps and not really saying a word, unlocked the door, and closed it, and literally started kissing like some hungry a****ls. It was so fucking hot, I started towards my bedroom, and stripping of his shirt and mine, and working out jeans off, seeing his huge buldge now was increadable. I wanted to be fucked by that cock so bad tonight. We stripped by my bed, But I asked him to put his boots back on for me. He said dude I'm the same way, love to fuck in boots, so we both wore ours to bed, So I was laying on my back while Steve was kneeling over the top of me and sucking my cock like it was the last piece of meat on earth. He is going to town on my cock, I'm in the zone and just a moaning and going fuck ya, suck me Steve, come on baby suck this cock , suck me harder, and then all the while his back and ass is in the air towards the door, I looked over and like shit, noticed my son standing at my bedroom doorway. He was also in the zone watching his old man getting sucked off for the first time. and seeing 2 guys naked in my bed. Steve didnt even noticed him there at first. I motioned with my hand for my son to come into the room. So we walked in close to me near the edge of the bed. You could tell his cock was straining to get out of those nylon shorts he had on. I grab his package with one hand and Steve looked over and said Hi k**, and grabbed his package as well. I yanked down his shorts and boxers to reveal this gorgeous hard cock surrounded by a dark bush of hair. My son is a hairy guy, fromhis happy trail down to his ankles lots of dark hair. Steve without missing a stroke switched and started sucking on my son's cock. John was like a deer in headlites, just stood there fixed and didnt move. As steve was sucking his cock, I was squeezing his balls and slapping his ass. You could tell this wasnt gonna take long , you could tell he was tensing up and ready to shoot his young load quickly, a few moans and then ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he starts shooting his cum down Steve's throat, Steve swallowed it all. didnt let a dribble out. I then said to Jonny well you might as well stay the nite and hope in bed, but first call your mom and tell her you wont be home until morning, and that I will drop you off. He got on the phone, and Steve was smiling ear to ear, and Said we are going to have a ton of fun tonight.
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DAMN that was hot..looking forward to more.
2 years ago
i got revved up and hard as a rock. great post
2 years ago
Once again you just made me shoot my load. I'd love to have you fuck me and your son to.