Laurie cuckolds me

Well here we were sitting in my bed watching TV. My ex-girlfriend Laurie (and also my first love) had just gotten out of jail the day before and had come over to my house to see me. As we were lying in my bed, somehow the conversation had gotten on sex and how long it’s been for each of us, etc. While we were talking I asked Laurie if she had ever had a 3-some with two other guys. She told me that she almost did one time but it fell through. I then asked her if she had any sex fantasies that she’d always dreamed about, but never had a chance to do. Laurie told me not really and then asked me the same question. I sat there a minute afraid to tell her. On one hand she might have very well been (in-directly) one of the reasons this fantasy came about, that and I know Laurie loves having sex with black guys. But on the other hand I’ve known Laurie for a longtime, and I know that if I told her about my fantasy there was a very good chance that she would tell others (even possible her s****r, or her mom, or her best friend, who had a big mouth). I thought about this for a few minutes until finally Laurie asked me what’s wrong. I told her nothing’s wrong, It’s just that I do have a fantasy that I dream about all the time, and have dreamed about for some time. It’s just that I’m afraid to tell you because I’m so embarrassed about it, and I’m scared to death people would find out by you telling them.
After about another 10 minutes or so Laurie finally convinced me to tell her my fantasy. The first thing I asked her is if she ever heard of a cuckold. Laurie said that she heard of it but didn’t know what it was. So that’s when I started to explain what a cuckold is, and about my fantasy of being cuckolded. I even told her about the time I watched Justine fuck another man, and how much it turned me on. But most of all I told her how I wanted Justine to cuckold me with a black guy more than anything. I told her about the time Justine cheated on me with a black guy, and that when I found out about it instead of me getting all mad it made me horny as hell. I told Laurie how I would have Justine describe her getting fucked by his big, black cock, night after night. Sometimes I would masturbate while she told me the story, and other times she would tell me while we were having sex. As I told Laurie all this I could tell that she was really interested, she in turn touched my dick with her hand and started laughing a little over how hard just talking about this stuff made me. Once I saw that my fantasy had her interested I began to tell her just how deeply, and how much I fantasized about this. I told her that I would think about being cuckolded so much that it made me a little bit bisexual. It’s not that I’m attracted to men in anyway; I don’t think of myself as being gay at all. Rather the one and only time I got with a guy it made me feel more in touch with the whole cuckolding fantasy. She wanted to know more and started asking me a bunch of questions. I figured that the best way for me to relay my fantasy in detail to her was to show her everything. Over the next 2 hours I watched as Laurie looked at all my pictures, read all the stories I had downloaded, and even the ones I wrote. Finally after she had looked at pretty much everything, I asked her if she wanted to read the story I wrote about her (Laurie) cuckolding me. Oh my god, I can’t believe you wrote a story about me cuckolding you. I told her that I wrote it shortly after we started hanging out again, this past February. It’s one of my favorite stories because I know you have had sex with a lot of black guys, and that you love black cock. So while I was writing the story about you; it got me off the most because I thought that if my fantasy didn’t freak you out, then you might be the best person to cuckold me.
Finally Laurie returned to my bed and said that reading all my stories about being cuckolded, especially the one about her doing it to me; had really turned her on. What she said next to me however took me by surprise. Laurie said that she wanted to see me jerk off while she told me details about one of the black guys she used to have sex with. I not only said yes, I said hell ya, after which she laughed and waited for me to take my pants off. I have to say, I think we were both amazed by how quickly and how much I came. But I asked her not to stop after I had come, and that I wanted to hear more. Within 5 minutes after she continued her story I was rock hard again. Laurie was amazed, and before we knew it the two of us were having sex together. We fucked at least 4 times that night; while each time Laurie kept teasing me with stories of her getting fucked by different black guys and there big black cocks. We finally gave it a rest around 5am and went to sl**p for the night.
The next morning when I woke up I was surprised to see Laurie on the computer looking at more of my pictures and stories about cuckolding. After seeing that I was awake, Laurie looked over at me with a big smile and said good morning, did you sl**p well last night? I told her hell ya I did, and that I was still thinking about some of the stories she told me. Laurie jumped back on the bed and with a big smile and said “good, I’m glad to hear that cause you know that I like black guys, and as far as this whole cuckold idea goes; about me fucking big black men, and you being my little cuckold, cleaning up after us, watching, all of it, has got me really horny”. I just laid there for a few not really knowing what she was thinking, until she finally came out with it. So what do you think about me cuckolding you with a black guy? Maybe even trying some of the other things you wrote about, in some of your stories as well. I was taken completely by surprise; this was what I had been fantasizing about for so long. Being cuckolded by a woman that loved black guys, hell the whole cuckolding fantasy turned her on. I looked Laurie straight in the eyes and told her that I would love to watch her get fucked by a big, black dick. Me jerking off, while she was getting used all night as his whore; shit I’m getting hard right now just thinking about it. She just started laughing at me, and said I figured you would. But if we’re going to do this then I want to do it all; I don’t want you to have any regrets after it’s done, either. If we do this you’re going to be my bitch for the night, and do whatever I tell you to; understand? Whether it’s me telling you to suck his cum out of my pussy, or me telling you to suck his dick and get him hard for me; you have to do it ok? With my rock hard cock in my hand I looked at her and said, I will do anything and everything that you command. She just started laughing again and told me to help her post an ad on Craigslist.
The ad read as follows: The title said: Wanted BBC to help me cuckold my boyfriend. The body of the ad went like this: “My boyfriend had been begging me to cuckold him and after reading stories and looking at pictures, I’m not only ready to do it; but his fantasy gets me just as turned on as him now. I’ve had a few black boyfriends before and nothing turns me on more than having a big black cock filling my holes. When you apply please send us a picture of your body, and a picture of your cock. Bi is a big plus since I want to watch my boyfriend suck my lovers cock, and to get him ready for me, as well as, have him clean your hot seed from my pussy. Must have a big dick, lots of stamina, and the ability to shoot multiple loads. For right now, we are just looking for a “real man” to use me and make me his whore all night long. However, if this is a much fun as we both think it will be; we might be open to making this somewhat of a regular thing”. After that we added a picture of Laurie, showing her beautiful body; and posted the ad online.
It didn’t take long before emails started pouring in. After looking through a bunch of them we finally found one that we both really liked and decided to email him back. His name was Jamal; he was 28, with a muscular build, and a beautiful 9 inch cock (that looked just as thick as it did long). In his email Jamal mentioned that he was bisexual and that after he made Laurie his personal cum slut/pet; that he would also turn me into his bitch as well. He stated that after he fucked her all night, and helped her to cuckold me; that he was positive that he would have us begging him to own us by the morning, and that he would make us into his personal black cock addicted slaves. After reading his email I was rock hard, and I could tell by the way Laurie was touching herself, that she was feeling the same. We agreed that he was the one and emailed him back to arrange a time and place for this to happen. After 20 minutes we got a reply back from Jamal saying that he knew we would pick him, and that he wanted us to come over to his house tonight around 8pm.
After all of that was taking care of, Laurie said that we need to go shopping because she wanted to get a real sexy/slutty outfit for tonight. We went to Fascinations where Laurie bought a really short school girl dress, and a slutty top to match. While we were there she also purchased a pair of pink panties that said princess on them, and she told me that I was to wear these tonight. She also bought two dog collars as well. A pink one for me, that also said princess on it; and a black one for her, that said BBC OWNED on it. When we got back in the car Laurie looked over at me and said: “if you want to back out of this we still can. I can go back in there and return this stuff, and me and you can go back to just fantasizing about this. If not I’m telling you, once we do this you will be a cuckold, and I’m probably going to want to be his slut for awhile. As of right now I can still look at you as a man, but after tonight, after I watch you not only give me to a black guy to use, but also watch you jerk off to it; I’m going to not only view you as a cuckold, but as a bitch too”. While she was saying this I was thinking about not only what she was saying, but about my whole fantasy. By the time Laurie had finished talking we both just looked down at my lap and the big wet spot on my jeans from where I had exploded. Laurie started laughing; well I guess that answers that question. Come on princess, Laurie say’s, let’s go back to your place and get ready.
After about an hour and a half of getting ready at my house, Laurie comes in my room wearing her new slutty school girl outfit. Just by looking at her my heart skipped a beat and my dick got hard. Laurie laughed a little at the fact that for the first minute or so, all I was able to do was stare at her with my mouth open. In all the years I’ve known her, I have never seen her dress so slutty and I mean fuck did she look HOT. So what do you think; how do I look? You look beautiful I said; just looking at you has made me unable to stop touching myself. I see, Laurie said with a big smile. So you think Jamal is going to like it? Like it I said; I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’re going to be the prettiest, black cock loving slut he’s ever had. Laurie was still smiling as she looked me up and down. You don’t look to bad yourself she said. I have a feeling that Jamal is going to enjoy making us both his slaves tonight. Laurie then looked at me with a serious face and said “well it’s almost time to leave; there’s still time to back out of this if you want. Because I want you to know that I’m satisfied with just having sex with you and no one else. But I promise you that if we do this, things are going to change between us. I will always love you; but after tonight, after you allow another man to fuck me; I’m not going to be able to look at you the same. After tonight you’re going to be a pussy cuckold in my eyes. Not only that but I’m going to give myself over to the idea of being Jamal’s property; his personal whore. I’m willing to back out of this now if you want but I’m not going to lie this whole fantasy turn’s me on so much. And at least for right now, I’m willing to go all the way with it”. I looked Laurie right in the eyes and told her, “I love you to, but this is a fantasy that’s been on my mind for a very longtime now and I’ll hate myself if I back out now”. Ok Laurie said, seeming satisfied with my answer, last get going.
The whole car ride there I stayed hard while Laurie rubbed my cock through both my jeans and my pink panties. While she rubbed my cock she was telling me about how superior black men are in bed, and about how wet she was just thinking about how well she’s going to get fucked tonight. Trust me she said, not only are you going to love watching him own me, but I guarantee, by morning you’ll be an addicted black cock loving whore too. After that she started laughing, saying “I can’t wait my little princess is going to suck her first black dick tonight”. The panties and collar are just a start you know. Jamal said in his emails that he was bi and I’m thinking maybe after a couple of weeks of being his slaves, that we try making you even more feminine. What do you think, would you like that; me and Jamal turning you into a full bitch? At this point I couldn’t take it anymore; between Laurie rubbing my dick, and all the thoughts in my head from her dirty talk, I came everywhere. Ha ha ha, Laurie couldn’t stop laughing. Get ready princess, tonight’s going to change everything between us and once it starts there’s no going back.
We pulled up to Jamal’s house at 8:05 and as we walked to the door you could tell that both of us were a little nervous, as well as excited for what the night had in-store. We walked up to the door and rang the bell, and after a few seconds Jamal opened the door standing before us wearing nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist. Jamal stood about 6’0, and had a strong muscular build, and just by looking at him I knew that Laurie was going to be moaning, and screaming with pleasure all night. Jamal invited us in and led us into the kitchen, and asked us if we wanted anything to drink. After he fixed us each a drink he walked over to Laurie and started looking her up and down. Damn he said you’re even finer then in your pictures; I’m going to enjoy owning you. Laurie had a big smile on her face when she said “and I’m sure I’m going to love being owned by you”. With that, Jamal moved in closer to Laurie and started kissing her on the lips. I stood there holding my drink in my hand, and watched as there tongues explored each other’s mouths. Laurie opened herself up to Jamal’s grasp, as he ran one hand down her back and to her ass. With his right hand, Jamal was cupping and squeezing Laurie’s beautiful breast. I watched as the two of them stayed locked in this passionate embrace, completely forgetting that I was even there.
After about 5 minutes of this Jamal broke his kiss with Laurie and moved slightly back to look her whole body over. “Damn, he said, your boyfriend must be crazy to let this happen. I mean you are hot girl, and I plan on using you all night tonight”. (As he looked over at me and the bulge in my pants) He said, “I hope your able to handle this, cause by morning this is going to be my bitch. That’s right; not only did your girl mention in her email’s that she prefers black dick, but my cock is bigger, thicker, and got more stamina then even most other black cocks. Once she gets a taste for it, this girl is going to be my personal black cock slave/whore”. With a slightly evil look, and a big smile on her face Laurie said, “Well this is what he says he wants, and to be honest, I want it too. The whole idea kind of made me feel dirty at first, but the more I read and looked at online; the more I found myself getting turned on by the whole idea. Being a slave to BBC and giving myself over to my master; for him to use me and treat me like his own personal whore. Not to mention, that the whole time I’m being passed around or used in whatever way my master wants, my boyfriend will be watching and encouraging me to do this. He will even be acting as my bitch; cleaning load, after load of hot cum from my well fucked holes, as well as off my body. Shit I might even get off somewhat on having him suck my lover’s cock, and get it hard for me”.
The two of them laughed for a minute, and then Jamal took Laurie by the hand and led us upstairs to the master bedroom. Once upstairs Jamal smiled and said “I am going to give your boyfriend exactly what he wants. I am going to slide every inch of my bare cock deep inside you until the head is throbbing against your cervix. I am going to make you moan and cum like the dirty little slut you are, and then blow my load inside you. And as I cum inside of you; you and your boyfriend will know that your pussy is mine”. Now why don’t you show your boyfriend just how much you love black cock, by sucking on it and get me hard? Without even a second’s hesitation, Laurie removed the towel from around Jamal’s waist and grabbed his cock in one hand, and slowly put it in her mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, as I watched her run her tongue up his long shaft, and then bring her mouth back down over his giant cock. I watched and listened to the sounds her mouth made as she continued to work his dick, with her little mouth. I could see Laurie looking over at me, standing in the corner with my little dick in hand. “God you are pathetic; jerking off as you watch me suck his cock. Now I feel like a true slut and there is no going back. I’m going to fuck him in front of you and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Try not to spurt any of your cum on the bed cuck”.
After a couple of minutes of her sucking on his cock, Jamal grabbed the back of Laurie’s head and started slamming it; up and down, over his dick. Laurie took it like a pro, as Jamal started moaning, and moving her head and his hips faster. Finally with a loud grunt, Jamal held Laurie’s mouth down over his cock as he unloaded his hot seed down her throat. By the looks of it Laurie swallowed a little more than half of Jamal’s cum, and then stood up and walked over to me. Without any warning, Laurie started French kissing me; sticking her tongue all over the inside of my mouth, and forcing the rest of Jamal’s seed down my throat. It tasted salty and yet intoxicating; losing control of the moment, I started kissing Laurie deeper and sucking on her tongue. After 5 minutes of this Laurie pulled her head back, and said, “So how does it taste? You like the taste of my lovers cum as much as I do, don’t you”? There was no point in hiding it the fact that I was cumming in my hand should have said it all, but I could tell that she wanted to hear me say it as well. So while Laurie and Jamal were watching and laughing at me cumming in my hand, I looked them both in the eye and said: “It taste wonderful, and I want more. I want to taste it cumming out of your pussy, and I want to taste it while it’s warm and fresh, coming from Jamal’s cock”. As the two of them laughed louder, Laurie said “good, that’s just what I wanted to hear. Now just sit back and enjoy the show”.

More to cum soon!!!
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