Justine cheated on me

So it’s finally the weekend. It has been two weeks since I found out my girlfriend, Justine, cheated on me, on my birthday, when I was in jail. It was two weeks to the day and I was finally going to confront her about it. I first heard about it from my friend Junior, who told me that when I was in jail he caught Justine fucking this black guy, Marcus. Junior told me that when Mandy (junior’s girlfriend), and him went over to our friend Chris’s apt. they could hear Justine moaning and screaming like crazy in the bedroom. He said that they were in there for about 40 minutes, and the whole time everyone in the apartment could hear her moaning and screaming; “it feels so good”, and that she was his little white fucktoy, etc.
I thought to myself about the day I got out of jail and meet up with her. I had meet-up with Justine over at Chris’s apartment, where she introduced me to Marcus; but just said that they had hangout and nothing else. Marcus even went so far as to give me his email and said that we should hangout sometime. But now hearing all this from Junior and Mandy (two weeks later), I decided it was time to confront Justine about it. I asked Justine to come outside with me (since I was thinking we were going to be yelling). Once outside I sat up against a tree and pulled Justine down onto my lap.
It was weird; Justine was acting totally normal, like she hadn’t done anything wrong, and everything was fine. “So what’s going on”, Justine finally asked me. With Justine sitting on my lap, I looked her in the eye, and told her straight out what I had heard. I told her what junior had said; that when I was locked-up, him and everyone else that was at Chris’s that day were in the living room listening to her and Marcus fucking in the bedroom. I told her that not only did Junior tell me this, but Mandy said it was true as well. I told her everything that I had heard and asked her if it was true. Justine just looked at me with an almost amused look on her face, and said “ya I had sex with Marcus that night, so what about it”. But even while I tried to look all hurt and upset I wasn’t able to hide the slight jump that my dick did as it ever-so-slightly started to get hard. Something that Justine also felt, and was very much aware of.
As I started asking Justine why would she cheat on me, and how could she embarrass me in-front of everyone like this. Justine just smiled and started to slowly rock her hip, back and forth on my crotch, and said “awe did me cheating on you with Marcus upset you, I’m sorry”, and then laughed. “I was mad at you for hitting me outside of Wal-Mart, and while I was sitting at Chris’s apartment I got bored and started to watch some porn. After a little while I started getting horny, then next thing I knew Marcus was in the room so I fucked him”. The mixture of her rocking her ass against my dick and her telling me that she fucked Marcus, with that amused look on her face, started to get me even harder, and made my dick jump again, and this time hard enough that I know she felt it.
It was at this point that Justine decided to have a little fun with this, and see how far she could push me. It of course didn’t help that I placed my hands on her hips and slowly started pushing her ass into even more. It was that ever so amused, yet I’m in control look that she had; mixed in with my own cuckold fantasy (that Justine knew about), which allowed her to play me like a puppet at this point. Justine just kept looking at me with that smile on her face and asked if I was so mad at her over this, then why was I getting hard. I decided honesty was the best way to approach this and told her that “YES, I was mad that she cheated on me”. I also told her that I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t even madder at the fact that she couldn’t just wait until I got out of jail, so that I could watch. I told her that the thing that was making me the most mad, was the fact that I been asking her, and she knows that I’ve been wanting her to cuckold me, and let me watch her get fucked. And that the one day that I’m in jail, she’s out having the best sex of her life, from what everyone’s been telling me.
Justine laughed a little knowing that I was almost fully hard by this point. Justine started by saying that it wasn’t the best sex she ever had, but I was right and he was good. She then reached behind her and placed her hand in my shorts, grabbed my cock, and slowly started stroking it. I know you would have loved to watch him fuck me but you fucked up; you shouldn’t have hit me. She had me right where she wanted me at this point. I was rock hard; hanging on her every word, and she was in total control now. But if you want I will tell you about it? Ok I said, ya I want to know. Did he have a big dick, I asked her. It was bigger than yours, a little bit longer, and a lot fatter. Did you at least use a condom? As she said yes, I couldn’t help a slight look of disappointment crossing my face. But moving on, I said “well so tell me about it. How did it start; how long did you guys have sex for; can you tell me some details at least”.
Justine stopped stroking me (probably cause she didn’t want me to cum in my pants), but even though her hand wasn’t in my pants anymore, I was still holding her hips and lightly rubbing her ass on my crouch. Marcus did last a longtime she told me, saying that he fucked her for a good 40 minutes. But how about I start at the beginning first, she said. Like I told you, after the cops took you away I went back to Chris’s, where I meet-up with Todd. Todd said that we still owed money from that night with Eric, and asked me if I had it. When I told him no, he said that I will have to work it off then, by going with him and hitting several stores. Rather then argue with him, I agreed and wind-up getting ripped off later on (but that’s another story, so I will skip it for now). Anyway we spent like 6 hours out hitting stores, and got back to Chris’s around 10pm that night. When we got there I was just pissed off and tired so Chris said I could go in his room and it would be quiet and I could rest, so that’s what I did.
Justine could tell that even though she had just started her story, I was about to cum. She turned to me and said “I think we better stop there for now, what do you think”? Even though I was a little disappointed, I had to agree with her, because the last thing I wanted was to go back in-side in-front of everyone with cum all over my pants. So I told her let’s stop there for now, but only if she promised me that no matter what we were going to get a hotel room tonight for just the two of us, and she was going to tell me everything. Justine laughed a little bit, agreed, and the two of us headed back inside.
That evening I and she rented a room at the motel 6 on Bell for the night. No more than 5 minutes after we walked into the room, I throw our bags down and pulled Justine on top of me. After a quick kiss on the lips I told her that now we are finally alone and in the hotel room I want to hear everything. From what happened after you went into Chris’s bedroom to rest, to how you and Marcus started fucking; everything up to the point I meet you the next day, and I want to hear as much detail as you can remember. Justine kind of picked her head up a little and looked down at me and said, “I can’t believe you want to hear about this shit. I told you that I totally cheated on you, and you’re not even mad; in fact you’re actually getting off on this shit. What the fuck is wrong with you”? I don’t know I just can’t help it; I told her. I know it’s weird and fucked up but I need to hear it, it was all I could think about today. Fine she said as she rolled off to my side, and I started to undo my jeans and pull them down. As soon as my pants were down to my knees my dick popped out, hard as a rock. She just looked down at it with a smile on her face; “my god look at you, I haven’t even started talking about it and you’re hard”.
Once I put my hand on it and started stroking, she gave up trying to figure it out and started to tell me about it. As I was telling you earlier, I was in Chris’s bedroom laying on the bed, bored and pissed off when I turned on his VCR, and a porn video started playing. I was pretty spun, so after about 5 minutes of watching the movie I took my pants off and started to masturbate to it. I was doing this for a couple of minutes, and was getting close to getting off when Marcus walked into the room. I just looked over at him and he looked at me for a second, and then closed the door and sat down on a chair next to the bed. To tell you the truth, him watching me was getting me even hotter so I just continued. After about a minute he took his pants off and started stroking his cock while he watched me. “Tell me again about how much bigger his dick was then mine”, I quickly asked her. He was bigger then you, she said. His dick was only a little bit longer than yours, but a lot fatter too. I think Marcus could see in my eyes that I was not only horny, but by the way I was looking at his cock the new I was his. Next thing I knew Marcus got between my legs and was eating me out. He ate me out for about 10 minutes. Not only did it feel good, but he had me moaning pretty loud too.
(BAM); I just couldn’t hold back anymore, and started cumming all over my leg and hand. Justine started laughing, and said “well I guess we’re all done then, and I was just getting to the good part too”. Needless to say I looked at her, and said the hell we are. Just give me a minute to clean this up and I will be ready to go. And ready I was. (I think we were both amazed at just how quickly I was able to get hard again). With a little laugh Justine continued her story.
Well as I was saying, Marcus’s tongue felt so good as he worked my pussy. While he was eating me out I pulled my shirt and bra off, and was now laying on the bed totally nude. It only took about 10 minutes until I came, and Marcus started working his way up my stomach, to my breasts. Even though he hadn’t even rubbed his cock against my pussy yet, I could still feel how hard he was as he sucked on and played with each of my breast. I could only take a couple of minutes of this before I pulled his mouth to mine and started kissing him. After a long, passionate kiss, I told Marcus how badly I wanted his cock in me, and asked him to please fuck me. He kissed me again, lifted up my hips and positioned his big hard cock against my wet pussy lips.
“You want this black cock in you, don’t you bitch”, Marcus said. Yes please; GOD I want you to fuck me so bad, I told him. And with that he slowly started entering my pussy; inch by inch, a little bit at a time. It took about a minute or so before I was able to get his whole shaft in me. But once he did, he started fucking me, hard but at a nice a steady pass. GOD it felt so good Chris. The next thing I knew I was suddenly moaning, loudly how good it felt, and how much I loved his cock. I started telling him that I was his slut, and that I needed his big, hard cock fucking me. Marcus kept increasing his speed, fucking me harder and harder. I literally had my back arched up in the air as he fucked me. Then he started asking me things like: “whose pussy is this bitch”, and “who do you belong to slut”. I couldn’t even think; the only thing that was going through my head was how good he was fucking me, so I answered him back. “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, I’m your slut, your black fucking cock slut! Pound my pussy! Please, I want you to shoot your fucking load in me, I groaned. Make me a real black cock slut, and send me back to my boyfriend tomorrow full of your hot seed”!
He then picked me up and flipped me over on all fours, and started fucking me doggie style. As he fucked me, he was pulling on my hair asking me why he should make me his slut. Why do I deserve to be filled with his superior seed? I’m sure Junior and Mandy told you some of the stuff I was saying; but I’m sorry Chris I couldn’t help myself. I started begging him, and telling him: “Because I need it sir, my pussy craves your big black cock. I am a slut for your cock Sir. Please use me”. It was right about this time I had my second orgasm and Marcus was still going. I was screaming so loud that Marcus asked me. “Who do you belong to? Whose pussy is this now”? I turned my head back over my should; look him in the eye and said: “You, I belong to you now; to serve you, and be yours, master”! “I’m your slave now; my body belongs to you, master”! With that Marcus pulled my hips in to him, and pushed his cock as deep as he could into me; and with a loud grunt filled my pussy up with his hot cum. So much that I could feel his seed overflowing out of my pussy and down my leg. The feeling of his big unprotected cock pulsating inside me, shooting his seed deep in my body, was just more than I could take. I just pushed my pussy back as far as I could while I had my third and most powerful orgasm. GOD IT FELT SO FUCKING GOOD, Chris.
And that was all it took, hearing Justine says those words. Even as I was looking at her with genuine fear and worry in my eyes; I was shooting cum everywhere. Justine moved real close to me, and started whispering in my ear. “You’ve imagined it for years, haven’t you? When we’ve been making love, or when you were lying there in the bed, playing with yourself. In your mind, you’ve watched me licking on another cock and it fucking me; haven’t you?” As she was seductively whispering this in my ear, Justine wrapped her hand around my cum covered dick, and slowly started stroking it. You don’t even have to tell me, do you? The shear fact that you not only came twice listening to me tell you how Marcus fucked me and made me his; that alone should tell me everything thing I need to know, huh? Not only that, but look at you; your even getting hard again (at which point Justine started laughing). Justine stopped laughing and looked me straight in the eyes as she continued to stroke me. You want to know something? At the time we were having sex I was so caught up in the moment I was just saying anything I mean, I was that into it. But I been thinking about it the last couple of days, and now seeing how much you get off on it; I know now that I meant those things.
I love you Chris and I always will, but I want to feel him again. I like the thought of my body belonging to him. The thought of Marcus using me as his fucktoy for a few days; please tell me what do you think? I was stunned. I didn’t know what to think. Here I was getting hard, as Justine was telling me about where she wanted this to go from here. I mean I was loving the fact that all my sex fantasizes that I had dreamed about with Justine were about to come true. But on the other hand I was getting really scared that if I agreed to all of this; that I might very well lose Justine over this as well. I didn’t know what to do, and it wasn’t helping me, thinking about how much I was already getting off over this fantasy either. After 2-3 minutes of holding my dick in my hand, and looking at the lovely face of my girlfriend, standing before me begging for me to agree to this; I finally spoke. Well Marcus did give me his email address, and wanted me to email him; but if I agree to this I get to be in the room with the two of you and watch, ok? Justine scooted towards me a bit and with an evil looking smile, grabbed my dick and started to gently stroke it. “Oh don’t worry my love; I not only want you to watch how good he fucks me, but I’m going to let your whole entire fantasy play out. I’m going to give you what you dream about, and let you eat his cum from my pussy, as well as cleaning his cock and getting us ready too”. And after another minute or so, I came again.
After I came again, Justine laughed for a few seconds and then let go of my cock, her attention now going to our cell phone where she was going-on to her email account. As I was getting cleaned up Justine entered Marcus’s email address, and started writing him an invitation to cuckold me, and finish owning her. Once she finished writing, she called me over so that I could read the email, and tell her what I thought about it before she sent it. The email read as follows:
Dear Marcus,
Hey Marcus its Justine, we meet and had sex a few weeks ago at Chris’s apartment; do you remember me? Just in-case you don’t, I’ve included a picture to help you remember. Anyway I’m sending you this email because I want to see you again. My boyfriend Chris (you meet him the next day) found out about me and you having sex that night. Don’t worry; he’s not mad about it. Actually instead of getting mad about it, I guess it turned him on. Ya, we’re at a hotel right now, where he had me tell him everything that happened, in detail while I was jerking him off. Well to make a long story short, he wants to watch you fuck me, and watch you use me all night. Plus I meant what I said when you asked me, “who do I belong to”, and “Whose pussy is this now”? I told Chris this and I mean it; the 3 orgasms’ you gave me felt so good. Marcus, I belong to you now, to serve you, and to be yours, my master. I want to be your slave, and for my body to belong to you. I want you to use me as your fucktoy/whore, master. Email this worthless little whore if you’re interested in owning me; rather us. Email me your phone number and the soonest you’re free, so we can make sure to get a hotel room and be ready. I look forward to hearing from you, my master.
Justine and Chris

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