my ela teacher feeling lonely on halloween

im a young boy tbh im 17 and i have a crush on my ela teacher. Shes a bbw and on halloween night i went to her house for candy for fun. I knocked on the door , she opens the door and she handed me candy but she didnt recognize me right away so i said hi and told her who i was and she looked outside to see if anyone was coming. Noone was coming , she told me to come inside. I went inside and she told me to take off my winter jacket , boots and mask. I went to her dining room and sat down for awhile and she said she'll be back , she went in the bathroom. I was still sitting down and out of the blue she comes out of the bathroom and shes wearing this nice lingerie and see-through pantie. I was shocked that my teacher would do such a thing. She told me to follow her. I didnt know what to say... So i followed her , she was going towards a room , we both got into the room , she jumps on her bed and tells me to lock the door. I locked it and i can tell that she wants me to fuck her by her empression. She looked at me and tells me to take off my clothes... I was nervous to take off my clothes. I said : im to shy to take them off. She get up from the bed and takes off my shirt and at the same time im going through such a sex experience. And then she starts feeling my chest and abs. After that , she reaches her hand down my pants and grabs my cock and asks me if i loved her. I didnt know what to say , she sqeezes my cock hard and she says : do you love me? I was in pain so i told her : YES I FUCKING LOVE YOU. Like i was gonna cry. Then she lets go of my cock and takes her hands out of my pants and she said : Well , Thats all i wanted to hear. She pulls my pants down , she got on her knees and started sucking my cock. I erected , and i can feel her tongue going all over my cock. She gave me a blowjob for 2:00 minutes. She took my cock out of her mouth and tells me to cunnilingus her pussy on the bed. She gets on top of the bed , lays on her back and spreads her legs open for me. I pulled off her see-through pantie where i can see her big bald pussy lips covered in her own cum? I went closer to her pussy and i started licking her warm slimmy cunt. My tongue was all over her clit. I can hear her moaning so i started licking her clit faster. She sqeezes my head real tight with her big thighs as i was going faster then she cummed. Squirting my face with her cum , my face was slimmy from her cum. ill finish the rest of the story when i got time. peace

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