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Kids:No, but may be want some
Occupation:professional shit disturber
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
Star sign:Aquarius
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Hair length:Short
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a guy that is very sexual and open minded have a hot partner that builds on my sexuality to put it over the top. i love to hear her scream"i am cumming so fucking hard" when im licking and sucking her clit to her asshole and back, she suggested i use a snorkel, for her the best approach to her gspot is to work 3 or 4 fingers deep in her ass while i eat lick and suck her cunt and ass, at the end of our sessions i just pretend to blow on her swollen clit and she cums! i love to expand my horizons
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3 hours ago
wow monabell, thanks for the message....that is one beautiful ass your sporting there young lady, love it! yoou ever need a volunteer, here i am !!!!;-)
11 days ago
Hi, nice pics ;)
Kisses from europe :)
16 days ago
because you know i want to go deep in that smooth sexy ass baby
16 days ago
well my delightful chocolate edible black mommy im typing one handed wanting you on your back anywhere as long as you dont have a stitch of clothing on wearing nothing but a smile with that hot swollen clit held tight between my teeth getting beat up by my tongue your knees resting on my shoulders your hot pussy and asshole so smooth and sweet and im eating them both trying to forget hoe raging hard my cock is then as i watch you stuff three fingers into that hot pussy i say fuck get them soaked baby i want to taste you as you let me suck them deep in my mouth i feel your other hand wrap around my raging hard cock i rock you further onto your back as your clean fingers slip from my mouth i must taste more of you as i run my hot wet tongue roughly around and around the rim of your ass and you say yesssss as i pull your cheeks apart and penetrate your sexy ass as far as i can with my throbbing tongue, as you say, stuff that white cock in my ass now!!! i pull my tongue out of that ass and am suprised how wet , no soaked, you are. i run my tongue from your asshole along that wet fuckable pusssy drinking what i can as i start sucking on that huge swollen clit your humping my face with your clit you have my head in a armlock its no mystery what you want as i work my way back and forth from your clit to your asshole and back over and over and over when your hot asscheeks hit the bed the big wet spot keeps getting bigger the whole room feels humid and reeks of a combination of both our sweat and cum thinking about it makes the matter worse as i sink my white cock deep in your pussy and start pounding it as you work your clit occasionally reaching down wrapping your fingers around my as it pumps in and out i say keep doing that baby and im gonna cum as you say oh yeah me too and we can hear the wet splashing sound as i bottom out inside you and we both start with a huge powerful orgasm and collapse in a sweaty pile unable to move....but you know i wont rest until ive made it to the promised land, you feel my cock inside you responding to your hot desirable.....more
20 days ago
mmmmmm....baby, tell me more. :)
1 month ago
Hot sexy greetings from three-country-corner Basel Switzerland

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MatureSusi - genuine Swiss Mature
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2 months ago
3 months ago
break me, use me treat me as I deserve
3 months ago
well now my dear black mommy ...a sexy Carmel flavored lady with a delicious pussy and ass is the hottest partner a white guy can have....i feel bad for all the sisters if they only knew all the nasty things i want to do with their bodies because making you all cum gets me the fuck off thanks hon!!!!! you are too hot...
3 months ago
damn honey ive got a raging purple hardon leaking just waiting to pound that hot sexy ass with and when i blow a big sticky load up your ass id love to fuck your face and every other hole in your hot body...
3 months ago
my ass is ready and my mouth or your sperm
3 months ago
mmm...LOVE your hot comment, baby.
3 months ago
Great collection. Would love an invite please. Thank You.
3 months ago
Thanks for the invite
4 months ago
love your durty on me
5 months ago
thank you for the invitation to your friends
5 months ago
Thanks for the invite!!
6 months ago
my sweetest english nazi, yes you busted my balls but i take heed to good advice. i just haven't had time to go back and fix my flaws. I write for sheer pleasure and cathartic release. I have little hope of being published unless i hit the jackpot and become a cutting edge new female artist. then the world will want to read my story. for me writing and art are intertwined. Yes i am marketing on this site. it is against the rules but fuck it. i am careful and i only discuss business on email or skype. you have no clue how much a camera would help me. my plan is to go nude in my artwork and then sell it to men who like my stories and my body. My plan may fail but I have no other options. It will be a year before i go in front of a judge and fight for the disability i deserve. i have worked my whole damn life but now that isn't an option for me. Being an artist who writes is not only fun it may bring me economic stability. i will email you tonight. I am exhausted and i must sleep. thank you ever so much. you are a good man with a generous heart
6 months ago
Then, we want to send me a nice greeting from Mönchengladbach.

...und say "warmly welcome".

Have fun on our site.

Greeting Lady Monic and Servant Horst
9 months ago
ty ( . )( . )
9 months ago
10 months ago
for the invite!!!
10 months ago
good morning thanks for the add
11 months ago
Thanks for the invite, nice collection;)
11 months ago
RE: Friends request
I do not see my video in your favorites. You have no content of you.
1 year ago
well all a guy can do is take the swing ya know? thx for the response and you know where to find me if you reconsider!!!
1 year ago
yeah the videos sound easy but man theres alot of factors to consider, editing lighting sound just to name a few...workin on it oncei post one ill let you know you kind sexy female!
1 year ago
fuck yes the harder i fuck her ass the harder we both cum especially when im watching your sexy sweet ass getting fucked and pumped full thx lilred!;-)
1 year ago
Thanks for invite Gordon.
Ur profile is great. Nice to see u and what u like. :-)
1 year ago
So you pounded your gf ass while listening to me fuck mine!? Thats fucking awesome! I hope you filled her ass with every drop of your cum! ;-*
1 year ago
Thank you for the invite and the kind words. Stop by anytime....

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