My First Threesome

At the time I was only 13, last days of grade 8. I may have been young for such an expierence but it's certainly a great age.

One of my close friends had a younger s****r; her name's Lacey. Romanian, medium brunette hair. She was 11 at the time. Her and I were two very horny young k**s. Everytime I went to my friend's apartment we would flirt with each other when her b*****r would leave the room. She would let me grab and squeeze her tight little ass. She always wore tight jeans and shorts with tank tops. Which I thought was a huge turn on. Her tits were only starting to come in.

Lacey had given me three handjobs already but I won't get into those. This is about the threesome. So one day on the phone with Lacey and her friend Tina, Tina was 12, caucasion; also brunette, the conversation started to get naughty. Lacey mentioned how she had jerked me off a few times and she loved my cock. She asked Tina if she would want to join in and Tina said she was willing.

Lacey said, "She's got left, I got right".

Those words got me really horny. We all agreed to meet up tomorrow after school and go to Lacey's apartment.

After school the next day I was so horny thinking about what Lacey said. When we got to her place I ran to her room and waited for them behind me. I sat on the edge of her bed and I heard them giggling as they were approaching the room.

When they walked in Lacey said, "Wow, you must be really horny".

Tina just giggled as she stared at the bulge in the centre of my jeans.

I said, "Come here already, you can take the right and Tina can have the left, like you said".

They had huge smiles on their faces. Lacey kneeled down on the ground infront of me and Tina just stood next to here watching curiously. My dick was very hard. Lacey started rubbing my crotch over my jeans. She made a little moan. I told her to start jerking it, so she uzipped my jeans and pulled them off me. She rubbed my stiff cock with just my boxers on and she told Tina to kneel down too. Lacey then unbuttoned my boxers and took out my dick. Which looked massive in her little hands.

I asked Tina if she had ever seen a dick in person and she said no. She blushed with a cute smile.

Lacey was jerking me real good like she always does. I laid back and told Lacey to give Tina a try. So she passed my dick to Tina. At first she was shy and hesitated but she wrapped her hand around my cock and started jerking it really fast.

I yelled, " Oh fuck", it felt really good.

Watching them take turns jerking me off, giggling, saying how they loved how my dick felt, was such a wonderful time. I didn't think it would get any better.

Suddenly, unthinkably, Lacey shoved my dick in her mouth and my eyes just widened. She bobbed her head a few times and licked my head all over. When she left her head up slim followed her mouth. She left my dick really wet.

I said, "Holy shit that was amazing! Do it again".

Tina asked, "How did it taste"?

Lacey said she loved it and I laughed.

Tina then jerked my slimey dick and I told her to give it a try too. She hesitated with a smile then slowly moved her mouth closer. She closed her eyes as she slowly and almost passionately bobbed her head up and down my hard cock.

Somewhere in all of this Lacey took her top off and I saw her little tits. I thought they were very cute.

In the last few moments of this threesome blowjob, I told them to take their side of my dick and suck at the same time. Watching them sandwich my cock with their mouths was amazing. They did it for about a minute and I said i was about to cum. So Lacey grabbed my cock and jerked my slimey cock one last time as hard as she can with medium speed. I tilted my head back and let out a loud moan as I came in her hand. I felt my cum splatter onto my stomach.

One of the best blowjobs I ever had. I don't talk to either of them much now but when we do that memory is all I think about. That was the first time the three of us were together but definately not the last.
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3 years ago
I love your story, I wish I was the little girl, and you had stuck your dick into my pussy?? Teri
4 years ago
Shame you didn't get the chance to fuck those two little bitches.
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story