What They Say Is True!

bjesse69I know this has happened a lot to guys like me, but when I saw how helpless I was to stop it, it amazed me! I had heard the same thing from men, and women, who seemed certain that when a white man gets off on the thought of his wife or girlfriend having sex with big-dicked black men and actually arranges it, it's a sure sign that he's really using her to lure black studs for his own pleasure!! Well... it's a FACT! 6 months ago I met a luscious, cute, petite, blonde, bombshell, and was blown away! Kathy is just
5 feet tall,105#, with a body even girls have to stare at! We met at
her s****rs apartment, near mine, where she lives with her new husband!
When they introduced me to Kathy, she had just moved to get away from a dangerous boyfriend, and was very vulnerable! I took advantage, in a nice way, and quickly had her living with me! We had a great relationship… I fed her cocaine, and she gave the very best B.J.s I’d ever dreamed of!
Eventually she got around to revealing her "attraction" to strong, dominating, black men! Her boyfriend had total control, and it was exactly what she wanted! She was so submissive, that he began to exploit her, sexually! He made her have sex with some of his black friends, for money, (or entertainment!) She made several very specialized porn movies, and was known to prefer sex with very well-hung partners! Tiny white girls getting fucked by giant black cocks was popular and profitable!!
What chased her away was when she discovered a contest in
progress that made her the prize! The first guy to knock her up, got the pool… $15,000!! She was on birth-control, but knew that didn’t protect her from the huge black dicks that were becoming more frequent!!
We had oral sex… every day, but her tiny body had become so accustomed to large partners, that regular sex wasn't good! She let me have anal sex, but I had to buy a very large dildo for her needs! It was a very realistic black cock, 12” long and quite fat! I LOVED using it on her, and she taught me to lick and suck on her prominent clit, protruding from her shaved pussy as it was stretched tightly around the rubber cock! She had explosive orgasms, and squirted every time she came!
She asked me if I’d ever lick and suck her pussy "when it was
stretched around a REAL cock"! I had thought about it before, so I
said I would! She got excited by the idea, and brought it up often!
When she got me to admit that it really excited me to imagine it, she teased me that she "would find some well-hung stud to fuck her so that I could suck her off at the same time" I couldn’t get it out of my mind… I knew she would want a black man to fuck her and I liked the thought of seeing a man like that forcing his huge dick into her mouth and pussy, right in front of me! I asked her if
she wanted to find such a man for us, and she told me she might
already know someone!
When she knew it was o.k. with me, she contacted one of her ex’s friends. Aron was his name. A sexy 20 yr. old college football player who her boyfriend had recruited to get her pregnant, a month ago. She said he was very interested in helping us out, and
she made plans for him to come to our house that weekend.
I was a little nervous, but Kathy was on fire!! She went to the mall and bought several “special” outfits for the occasion… a white nylon outfit, consisting of the tightest, clingiest, shorts, and top ever known to man! It took my breath away when she tried it on for me! Her fat, pink, nipples were perfectly displayed, as well as her pink ass, and EVERY fold and bump on her pink cunt! It slid right up into her ass and slit! I had to get a blowjob right then, and her wet pussy turned the thin white material invisible! That made it even hotter!
I had to get her a good amount of coke for preparing and doing
what she had in mind! I had to go to a new guy, Eric, a 21 yr. old black dude. I went to their hotel suite to score and was amazed to
catch him and 2 friends "involved" in getting their dicks taken care of by a young white couple, who were no more than 17 or 18! The girl was a petite blonde, who reminded me of Kathy, her boyfriend was a thin hairless k** and a thin build! Eric’s friend let me in, nude, his half-hard cock shiny wet. Eric was nude on the bed to let the girl suck his enormous black cock! She never slowed as she struggled to fit that prick in her mouth!
The other guy had the boy kneeling between his legs, as he pushed his head onto his cock! The boy wasn’t new to cock-sucking, and seemed to enjoy it! Eric told me to sit and watch
for a while, knowing it was turning me on! “My roommate has a date with a black friend tonight, and needs to be high to pull it off!” I blurted. “I thought she was different!” “You’d be surprised
how easy it is to get white pussy!”he said “I got guys bringing their wife to fuck, all the time!” “But that usually means he wants some black cock too!”
When she straddled him to slide down his fat pole, her moans were nearly as loud as the “pussy farts” his dick made when it pushed the air out of her wet cunt! Eric bounced her on his dick,
at the same time his friends cock was spurting into the boys mouth! He pumped a ton of sperm down the boys throat, but he drank it all, before the third black dude got his turn!!
By the time I left, my hard-on was telling me that I’d LOVE to let Eric fuck Kathy’s sweet body! I could just imagine her pink slit gripping that fat, smooth cock as it slid in and out of her, her clit would be perfectly exposed to me!
At home, Kathy was putting on the final touches of slutty make-up, her skin-tight nylon outfit looked great, (especially with
the white silk scarf tied around her neck!) “Did you talk to Aron?”
I asked. She told me he would be here in 15 minutes, “Right after he picks up Philip!” He wouldn’t be alone! “I told him it would be alright… I know Philip, and want you to meet him!”
I was getting out of the shower when they got there, and by the time I got to the living room, Kathy was on the couch, between the two of them, giggling as Aron poured coke on a small mirror, for her. “This is my roommate, Jesse!” “It is all his fault that I called you!” They all laughed. “Does he want you to get pregnant too?” Aron had on nylon shorts that did nothing to hide his ready
cock, especially to Kathy, who bent close to snort the powder off the mirror he held on his lap! He reached around her to grip her full breast that brushed his bare thigh! “Go on…girl do it all!” he
held her down as his friend groped her ass cheek! “This slut has
It all!” Aron spouted. “and we want it!” She stroked the outline of
his swelling cock with her fingertips as he removed the mirror to push her face against it! She was putty in his hands!! “Pull that out of there to show your roommate what you need!” he ordered.
She wriggled his shorts down to reach in and pull out his very impressive cock! “Do you want to see her suck it?” he asked me.
“Please, I want to see that!” She obliged us and seemed to need to taste it! She moaned and slurped on him like a nursing puppy,
only pausing to rub the fat head over her cheeks and lips once or twice! The other guy had two or three fingers slipping into her slimy cunt and ass as he pulled off his own shorts! He was hung too, and acted as if he wanted me to suck him as Kathy did Aron!
He pulled off her shorts before she knelt between Aron’s thighs
to fuck him with her mouth! I got the idea to get under her to suck
her dripping pussy as she blew Aron! She was very excited… rubbing her open cunt on my face as she sucked that black cock! I was anxious to see how tight her pussy would be pulled when he jammed it into her!
In a few minutes, Aron was ready to cum… “That’s good… suck it cocksucker… I’m gonna fuck you u*********s!!” his words had her going, and soon her mouth was draining a sizeable
amount of sperm from his big balls!
She kissed and sucked his swollen prick, till he let her up! She
dragged me into the bedroom to whisper “Aron wants some time alone with me before you come in!” I was anxious! “He’s never fucked me and wants to figure me out!” “It’s ok, I want to feel your
lips and tongue on my clit very badly!”
When they went into the other room, the friend poured out a lot of cocaine, and sat there nude as I snorted it! “He’s been after that slut for two months, and he’s got her now!” “Do you know that nearly ALL the white guys who want their women to fuck black men, turn out to be gay?” That was what Eric said last night!
“Did it make you hard to see her sucking his big dick?” I nodded.
“I’ll bet you’d like to suck some black cock, right now… don’t you?” I felt my face flush, and my heart race. “Pull off you shorts,
and if your dick isn’t hard, then I’m wrong!” I stood up and slid the shorts down… letting my stiff prick jump out! I heard Kathy moan as she sucked Aron hard. “When you’re sucking that pussy with his big, fat dick stretching it open, and it pops out, you’re gonna suck it, faggot!” I had imagined that happening already!
Kathy was breathing heavy, “come on… fuck me… fuck” she urged him. We were both too turned on to avoid it, so I got on my stomache on the couch, wrapped my hand around his cock, and licked the dribbling precum as it oozed out of the hole and onto my hand. “Oh yeah… another white faggot sucking black cock…
go on suck it faggot!” He stiffened in my mouth as I sucked. I heard a low groan of relief from Kathy when Aron’s bulbous cock head slid into her gaping hole, followed by the familiar pussy fart as he pushed into her!!
I loved the way it felt to suck on Philips swollen cock head, my lips tugging at the crown! Aron was really fucking Kathy, now,
and I heard every deep stroke, his body slapping against hers! She couldn’t hold off her huge orgasm… howling profanities while
her stuffed cunt sprayed him with each spasm! “FUCCCKKK… I’m
coming… FUCCKK!!” she wailed. “Fucking whore… you need it so fucking bad… don’t you?” Aron’s abuse was turning me on as well as Kathy! “You like this don’t you faggot? If you set her up for us, I’ll make sure you get all the black dick you want!” I sucked
his hard cock like I’d been doing it all my life! Kathy came again,
just before I felt Philip’s load erupt in my mouth! I gulped down as much as I could but it still spilled all over the couch!
Aron’s rough fucking got another big cum from the tiny white
girl just before he finally got to pump his rich cream deep into her belly! I knew he was trying to get her pregnant, but if I could set her up with Eric, he’d have a chance too! (Maybe splitting the money with me!)
Aron came out, his wet cock hung halfway to his knees! “I told Kathy you were a cocksucker!” “If you want some more, make SURE that I get my dick in her EVERY DAY, if possible!” I
agreed, to help him, while still working on my plan!
I watched the two of them get her between their naked bodies
and work those fat dicks in both her openings, at the same time!
She was helpless as they shamelessly stabbed into her till she fainted! They continued to fuck her limp body, like a****ls, till both pumped her full of sperm!
When she came to, they had left. “I know the plan is to knock you up, but I know a horny fucker that’s been fixed!” She caught on that I’d like her to fuck black men, and was willing to set her up with a “safe lover”! She begged me to introduce her to him!
In the next couple days, Aron was hot for Kathy, and fucked her silly every day! I got to be in bed with them as they fucked, and even enjoyed sucking her off as he fucked her! Philip was right about what would happen every time Aron’s wet cock popped out of her cunt, it ended up in my mouth!! Kathy ordered me to suck him, too!
What happened in the next few weeks, changed my life!

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6 months ago
this was a great story.. I want more.. keep writing
7 months ago
wow need to read more I'm so horny I'm going to cum