a day at the beach part 01

One summer day, we went to a beach Something about laying in the sun always makes me horny. We found ourselves a nice spot and laid our blanket down and sprawled out to catch some rays. I was laying on my back and you was laying on your stomach with your bikini top off. After a little while, you noticed me checking out the side view of your tits, and you could tell I getting wet . Just to tease me, you would occasionally lift yourself up just enough for me to see your nipples. you noticed me squirming around and wondered what I planned on doing about it.

I was getting pretty horny and I think you knew it by the way you were staring at my silky white bakini bottums and see how wet they are . Soon, i put my hand on your ass and my middle finger found its way underneath your suit and into your hot pussy. By this time, the beach had gotten pretty crowded and although we had a little privacy, it was not enough to start fucking without getting arrested.

After a few minutes of gently fingering uou, i pulled my finger out and just laid there. you said "baby, please don't stop, I want to cum" and i said i was paying youe back for the little peep show you'd given me. i said "you were teasing me, now I'm gonna tease you." you promised me that you'd take me to the car and give me the best blow job i ever had if i would just finish you off with my finger. That was all the encouragement i needed, and i slid the finger right back into your pussy and started working it real slow. Just knowing there were other people close by made you extra horny, and you begged me to finger fuck you faster. i have a little technique i use on you where my finger fucks you and rubs your clit with my thumb at the same time and it always makes you cum. i did that move for quite some time, and you held off from cumming for as long as you could but then you creamed my finger and got your bikini bottoms drenched with pussy juice.i pulled my finger out, licked it off and said "let's go to the car."

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