Masters Bitch 2

MASTER Bitch 2
Right for all that read part 1 oh and this is all fantasy so far and not me i wish so here goes from part one.
I got to the hotel in Stockholm as ordered and what a view but I wasn’t here for the sites only the training and more torture, my phone rang as i got in the reception I voice commanded room 202 and the word “ Steiger “ sod knows what it meant but the way the voice on the other end of the phone said it I knew I was to hurry and no messing around well I got in the door as ordered and was greeted by a very tall and muscular guy whom was much taller and broader but also muscular, than Master George he looked at me and I instantly fell to the floor on my knees. I hadn’t even taken off my coat or put my bags away when I had my chin lifted up by a crop of some kind I daren’t look in to the guys eyes for fear of servier punishment he lifted my chin further forcing me to stretch my neck to the fullest hurting finding it hard to swallow in this position who was this Master I gathered my thought in my head if this Master owned me what was he capable of doing to me and where was Master George i was starting to shake all over even my legs were trembling to this point now how far had i gone with this but i knew i had signed my life away to my Master and his ownership of me.
I knew if I moved an inch that something bad would happen what was he doing I thought was he testing me as he lifted me up by the chin forcing me to get up with the crop. I stood still arms behind back suddenly from nowhere a pair of arms grabbed my coat along with my clothes from my body tearing them in to pieces as they were thrown to a chair not far from me. I shook in fear as the Master I gathered walked around me i grabbed my breasts painfully then from behind another pair of hands appeared looking feminine but slightly masculine i wanted to turn but the crop was still under my chin. Then the torture began some sort of pyramid coil was applied to my nipples and breasts pulling my nipples forward stretching the skin to the fullest i feared it hurt like hell but the crop still under my chin always the pain came more as if let the second feeling fain as a set of arms held me up then from up above, me a set of large rings were lowered then that’s all I remembered. I awoke to a hazy gaze as i came around what had happened to me. I tried to look around to feel a steel posture collar attached to my neck i couldn’t move but then feeling my arms stretched up above my head and the immense pain down below i gathered there were huge weights of some kind as i felt my pussy and ass had been mistreated too. Then i heard the voice of Master George from behind and his footsteps he looked at me as if to say he’d sold me what had he’d done. i my arms were up above my head suspended by a huge lifting hook which was enormous this room must have been a factory as i head machinery behind that’s all i could do. Then i saw a woman come around from behind she too had been dressed up but not as much as me with her breasts sticking out with large steel ring attached like a bra of some kind and a steel collar too but not as large as mine my neck still straining with the large wide metal stretching it the muscles further. I needed to pee but couldn’t as the woman stuck her hand in my pussy box it hurt like hell as she stretched past whatever that was holding the heavy weight to my lips she was up to my insides as i felt her arm her complete arm was stretching me to the max how much further. I must of passed out again as the day became night and i was still there hung like a piece of meat on the hook now there were to mouths suckling on my breasts i came to as i felt another arm in me to bring on a further orgasm how many had i had whilst i was knocked out cold. Then i darkness came again to my eyes as tried to fight it too late i feared.
Morning arose me with me laying in a bed covered with a sheet on a floor what had happened i wanted answers but didn’t really want to know as i tried to get up from the floor i felt my ankles had be attached somehow by chains and bars then my whole body aching to be released from its confines. I felt that every part of my body had been well and truly used i knew from that day i was now owned by someone else a woman came into the room and commented i could be released so i could do my business and get myself showered and get a bite to eat then i was to rest again as there was another trip to take. The woman was around her mid to late 50s with numerous tattoos down her arms and a distinctive tattoo like mine like mine but her ample breasts where hanging low well beneath her waist line as i noticed milk dripping spraying from the engorged nipples on to the floor where was i ? i leaned forward and kissed the woman full on the lips as she tried to release me form my confines. She pulled away and said it was never to happen again all i wanted was comfort i was away from my home and some where i didn’t know where i was. She then replied i was to feed from her and nothing else she released my confines as i rubbed the minor wounds. Then helping me to get up she took me to a larger room where it was all padded and femininely soft there was a a large settee of some kind as she took my head in to her breasts and f***e fed me her milk i felt at ease but uneasy now and again think we were not alone or were being watched from somewhere in the room she whispered that there were cameras and i wasn’t to try anything as i would be punished beyond
darkest nightmare.
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