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Masters extreme Bitch Part 1
The Phone rang i didn’t answer it. i couldn’t i was in the dungeon which my Master had me construct under his watchful eye and specifications to him alone under his strict command just for me and his use he said all those months ago fully fitted out with CCTV. As so he could go down stairs and have a break whilst be able to watch me from every angle tied up in many of the contraptions and restraints, the phone ringing was the signal he was outside and had parked the car in the garage. I was trusted up in a sling all tied up and nowhere to go i couldn’t there were padlocks on he has sent around some of his helpers as he called them to trestle me up they did their job very well my ass on show and face up and my ass all lubed i looked a little whore and a rather large butt plug in cunt and ass and a much smaller urethral plug in me that too have been trained to be fucked. By fingers and soon to be my masters cock. I didn’t here the footsteps as he came up the winding stair case as one of his helpers had stayed behind he knew the signal too he was to help but not be heard or be seen whilst my Master George was dealing with me. The doors quietly opened as i heard him say well good little bitch just the way i like to see you all for your Masters use i trembled of what was to come i had already endured 2 yrs ownership and i knew there was more as i had signed my life to him by paper from that day forth i knew i was his and no one else he’d had a guy in too apply and insert rings to my labia lips and nipples and other places but also 1 patterned bra tattooed to look like a bra with swirls encircling my nipple area and tattooed straps up my chest to my neck and back down my lower back. But that wasn’t it i had Japanese symbols tattooed as well on my breasts to signify that i was “Master Georges property and slave”. On the other”slave “what a matching pair i heard him comment his work looked great i gathered it had all healed i hadn’t seen him in months i was literally petrified no scared as i was dripping wet from the anticipation of his arrival and my torture and discipline to come as i wasn’t allowed to get wet even the smallest of wetness id get disciplined his wrath was not to be meddled with. He had spent quite a lot of money on me and he wasn’t going to waste good money on a crap slave so. I looked up and saw that he was already dressed in his outfit he looked awesome but also powerful his whole physical build made me quiver from the first day he met me on line he made it clear i wasn’t to talk with other or even look at others that scared the crap in me he’d put a spell over my mind from that day. I felt him touch me it was his inspection i couldn’t help it he inserted a finger in me in to my cunt and pushed to the full hand oh my god i tried not to whimper but it came out as quick as it had entered as he withdrew his hand the juice was smothering his entire hand crap i knew i was in for it. That wasn’t it i knew then he slowly inserted a finger in to my ass then his full hand he had got his whole hand in me feeling around i was completely cleaned out as his rules were t o be cleaned by a whimper till i was fully cleaned inside and out then he withdrew that hand with his other hand he’d inserted a finger in the fourth hole well lubed as his orders were. I squirmed under his finger my; my i heard him say you are loose aren’t we he fingered it for what seemed ages till i came i was shaking from the torment as i bit down on my lips not trying to squeal like he used to make me perform. How much was he going to take me he slowly undid the flap he called it as it was an old fashioned pair of leggings of some kind he flopped out his enormous cock it looked very angry this tie mi had never seen it so red he must be wearing a strap or ring but then i saw it it was a huge collar like thing wrapped around his cock and balls it made it look large and thicker than it was before it was a good 9 and a half inches but now looked at least 11 what i knew he was going to do it my ass took it first slammed it in good it hurt like hell i was so wet i didn’t need any lube i was too far gone then all of a sudden i passed out with something as i went under i saw a hand come away from my face then must of been minutes were actually hours it has gone pitch black and i felt so sore that i could move my master was gone but the helper was stood by my side helping me to get out of the sling device every hole hurt and ached the helper rubed in some cream that would help heal up the soreness and my ass would heal so go back to normal size within a week or so all i wanted was rest and sl**p i put my free hand down and felt soreness on my cunt and fourth hole as i slowly put in a finger i felt a gooey mess he’d used it well and proper. A day later the phone rang again this time was able to answer it instantly i knelt on the floor before he said anything else with my head bowed to him his words were Mouse that meant i was to be picked up and taken by car to the airport i knew it could be only one thing a trip to Germany and some of “ Master Georges “ aqaintencies that meant more from extreme experts like my Master George.

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so what happened next?