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[Story] Shemale turned in to a living , bondage sex doll

I had connected with Master X on a BDSM Fetish contact site.

He was the owner of a fetish store and he said that he had been on the BDSM for several years.
He had carefully studied my own profile and had seen that I had an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe in latex – to look like a human doll - and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

He told me he had the same interests but as a Mater/Keeper, naturally.
He sent me his picture in which he was dressed head to toe in latex and was wearing a latex hood.
He had the body of just an average guy b... Continue»
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Cap D'Agde - when i was used by over 100 men

June 2014
This is a TRUE account of actual events.
i have been abroad , touring Europe for a few weeks in my campervan.

One day , intending to visit the city of Montpelier in The South Of France , i pulled in to a holiday resort , a village called Marseillan Plage. ( about 2hrs drive to the west of Montpelier). i had seen on the internet that there was a nude beach there.
So, i headed for the main beach and was told to walk west for 5 minutes and that i would find the nude section there.
Well , even before i got to it properly , i could see men going in to the bushes behi... Continue»
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[Story] Turned into Black mens sex slave

A few years back I spent time on and off with several
shall we say more dominating types of gentlemen. One of
them, who for this I shall call Leroy, just loved
when we got together to make me totally helpless.
It was our 6th or 7th meeting. Leroy and i had been chatting on Yahoo
and when he found out i was free that weekend he insisted
on coming over later that afternoon.
We talked about when and what he wanted me to be
wearing when he arrived. We settled on 4:00 and I was
to be wearing a red waspie, black fully fashioned nylon stockings,
black bra, short tight black skirt, red lo... Continue»
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