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I know, I know...I keep meaning to get to the actual memory that always gives me the best wank and is guarenteed to get me off but I've been way-laid. First with the time when me and Dave had our first sex, then with the time that we had had our first group fuck together and lastly with the time I'd had group sex with people other than Dave. Well there are a couple more of them as well so I might as well spill my beans over those too! We'll get to the main story at some point, honestly.

There are a few of these encounters and so I wont be as totally detailed and give blow by blow accounts as it were but I'll set a scene for you to add to as you like. Where to start? at the beginning seems best.

Now, its fair to say most k**s play some sort of sex game but I'm all for the anti-paedo stance on here so I'll just say that my games involved both sexes and I seemed to enjoy them equally. However, I never thought of myself as gay and growing up in a pretty tough area and going to an all-boys high school I never considered it an option. However, going to an all boys school meant that sex was a pretty full time concern and "dick jokes" very popular. Teenage boys are forever getting hard-ons and it became common for some of us to flash these at one another during class..more from a dare than actually trying to arouse. Our contact with girls was limited to the bus ride home which we shared with a co-ed school near to ours.

One particular girl on our route, Viv, got most of our attentions as she was beautiful in a very natural, fresh way, and she also developed earlier than many of her schoolmates! In short - she had tits...big tits! Now, I was a mouthy teen and I'm afraid to say that rather than going for the clever sensitive type she seemed to like me a lot...sorry nerds! But I was really just playing to the crowd and not sure that she was really into me as such so never (knew how) to take it further. I just knew that she brightened-up the trip to school and back by giggling at my dumb ass behaviour.

During a school break I got an unusual call. Kevin from school phoned and invited me down to his house nearby to hang out with him and Trev his mate. Kev oh so subtly suggested I call on Viv on the way and bring her down too. Well, I was a biddable little twat so duly called on her. She looked lovely in her tight jeans and T-shirt which compared with her school uniform showed off her breasts superbly. However, she declined my innocent invite to join us and off I scurried, never suspecting that the other guys were actually relying on me to deliver her to their door. I was soon informed I had let the side down as we sprawled about Kevin's bedroom. I actually had to laugh when I relaised that they genuinely thought that once there she would easily succumb to the charms of three spotty virgins and provide us all joyfully with a deflowering to remember.

Trev, in particualr, seemed miffed and rolled about on the floor clutching at his groin and moaning, "What can I do with this?" Kevin replied, "Pull it like you've done twice today already!" I was still laughing when Trev unzipped his jeans and pulled out a small but rock hard cock, its end red and sore looking. "Fucking hell," spat Kev, "don't you ever leave it alone?" and rolled his eyes as Trev began to pump at his erection. I was stunned and Kev caught my look. "Don't worry, " he laughed, "it's too small to hurt! He's always at it...aren't you?"he asked me. I had to admit that this school break had been my first since I had actually dropped my balls and discovered the joys of relaxing in a gentleman's way! Consequently, the long, free days in an empty house had seen me kncokcing out three or so shots a day. "Is that all?" grinned Kev, "Trev here got up to seven last Thursday!No wonder his bell-end's glowing! I got to five on Saturday," he proudly added. With this he knelt up, un-buttoned his trousers and freed his cock. It was a little bigger than Trevs' all round. I watched entranced as he pulled his skin back and forth over his glans. "Not shy are you?" he asked and smirked. "We've all seen how big yours is, need to hide it now," he said referring to the "flashing" in lessons." Here, this'll help," and he reached under the bed on which I was sat and pulled out a pile of ragged porno mags.

All three of us fell on this pile of top '70's smut and spread the mags all around the room, open at favourite pages. Three virgins confronted with giant boobs and hairy fannys. We dared and double dared one another and generally egged each other on. Pretty soon we were all stark naked and crawling or rolling from one porno image of hairy minged girls to the next, tugging at our pricks and giggling. Trev asked me to describe what Viv was wearing and I provided him with a full, and somewhat exaggerated, account of the tightness and transparency of her clothes. We found the girl from each of the mags that most resembled her (i.e. pretty, blonde, blue-eyed, big titted and well rounded) and arranged them around us. We began to talk about what we would do to her given the chance. Kevin then produced his piece de resistence...a small, cheap plastic vibrator. We passed it round, stroking our pricks with it as we wanked. I was laying on the bed and had hold of my prick with both hands, Kev and Trev were squatting on the floor. Kev stood the vibe upright and then lowered his arse onto it. Trev lay back next to him and with a few groans brought himself to a fairly feeble climax. I had never seen another person cum however and the sight of the spunk dripping onto his smooth belly as Kev inched more of the vibe up himself sent me over the edge.

Unlike Trev I was not constantly drained of spunk and my young body had built up a fair load since my last cum. That, along with the intense thrill of this first truly sexual experience, had aroused me enormously. I gripped hard with both fists onto my prick and jerked and jerked. A vast, thick arc of white cream shot from my hands and landed with a splat onto my chest and throat, the next shot only reached my belly but squirted out sprinkler like over my arms and hands too. A few more pulses jetted onto my thick pubes as I moaned and writhed. With admirable timing Kevin eased the final inch or so of plastic up his hole and pulled rapidly at his helmet. Long, thin shots of grey fluid shot from his dick onto the pornmags spread before him as he almost sobbed with relief.

I cant remember how we all tidied up and departed, I just remember the joy asnd openess of three guys wanking and laughing and revelling in what new found tricks their bodies could do. None of us touched the other the whole time and it never happened again. It was never mentioned. I know for a fact that both of them grew into middle aged, middle classed married men and stayed mates. I wonder if they secretly "played together" too. If so, good on them...

So, another memory and further than ever back from my favourite memory. However, that was as far back as I can really go so I'll start to collect my thoughts of more recent events. I can feel another one coming already...
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