my favourite memory pt 3

I've written a couple of memories about favourite sexual experiences and I keep meaning to get to the one memory that is my guarantee to have me shooting my load but I've got sidetracked a couple of times. The experiences all took place some time ago when I was younger, slimmer and had better contact with young and horny people. I was also into partying a lot and earned decent money to finance this. I had a small flat near to the big factory I worked in and it became a regular venue for mates from work to congregate. I was just out of my apprenticeship and working with an older dude called Terry. We'd visit the pub most lunchtimes and generally slack off if we could. I remember one time him asking if he could use my flat for a couple of hours to entertain this bird he had on the sly after work. He slipped me enough cash for a good few beers as I handed him the keys and said he'd only be a couple of hours.

So I took myself off to the local and had a cheap meal and a few beers and such until I thought he'd be good and gone. I made my way home and searched for the key in the hidey hole in the back yard that we'd arranged..not there. Fuck! So I went to the front of the house and could see that my room, which was on the ground floor, was still faintly lit up. Fucked if I'm staying out here in the cold I thought and knocked on the window. The curtain snapped back and the grinning mustache of Terry appeared. Seconds later the front door to the house opened and Terry is there with my bedcover wrapped around him and not a lot else. "Shit, mate," I mumbled, "I'll leave you to it." "Crap!" he says,and drags me into my dimly lit lounge.

Laid along my couch, covered with some more of my bedding is a woman. Now, I'm only about 20 and she must be 35 so to me she's pretty old. But not bad looking really however. I can see that she is petite and has auburn hair and big dark eyes peering up at me with a slight wariness to them. This is all new to me and although I didn't actually blush I was a bit confounded. I wasnt a virgin but had never been in the same room as others having sex. Especially not oldies like these two. I stammer some greetings and then sink into my armchair at the end of the couch. Her head is only a foot or so away. "Sorry about the delay, boy," says Terry,as he slides in behind her on the couch dropping his cover at which point I see he's totally naked, "only we was having a bl**dy good time!". They both chuckle and I join in. At this point I note he has made himself totally at home and has my VCR going with the pride of my porno collection. "Hey, how about you roll one of them joints of yours? " asks Terry who is obviously thoroughly relaxed and intent on going no-where. At this time in my life there was no need to ask me twice to 'skin up' so soon I was sparking up a fat one.

We each take a couple of tokes but the woman, who Terry has introduced as Sandra, takes a few deep ones then coughs and doesn't like it. I ask if they've been drinking and when they both say yes I tell them its best not to mix it unless they've smoked a lot. The joint comes right back to me with a murmer about having had enough. I toke some more and focus on the screen. The movie is American and has a few black girls in it. One in particualr is well stacked and Terry comments on this. I know he loves a big pair of tits so I was a bit surprised about his petite companion. To my delight Sandra asks "Whats wrong with these then?" and pulls the cover from them. Well, to be honest, she only has the smallest of possible breasts, barely more than a nipple on a small mound of flesh. However, they are a lovely pert pair and nicely formed. My already half stiff cock springs to full life in my jeans. I toke heavily on the joint and ogle Sandra shamelessly. She gives me a half smile but is intent on Terry making him compliment her. He soon smooth talks her and wraps his arms around her slight frame and begins to pull and tweak her dark nipples.

They giggle like teens and he continues to grope her and kiss her neck and so on. One hand disappears beneath the cover and Sandra's breathing deepens but she also is also protesting a little. I feign deafness as Terry mutters in her ear but I think I hear, "He'll be OK - he cant see - he's OK isnt he?" Whatever hes doing under the sheet is working on her and her protestations die off and the sighs increase. There's a bit of a hiatus, a catch of breath and then a concentrated "Oooh" from them both and I know that Terry has slipped his cock into her as he lays behind her. I catch his eye and he gives me a very broad knowing wink to which I can only grin. The film continues with its raunchy scene and I try to take it in but I am totally atuned to the action on my left. Ridiculous as it seems I feel I should give them privacy as they hump under my sheets, on my couch, in my lounge whilst smoking my dope and watching my porn! However, I keep glancing at them and see Tery's hips moving very slowly back and forth under the thin cover. Sandra's eyes are closed and she is quietly sighing and moaning, almost like a gentle humming sound. My prick is rock hard and I feel the juice oozing from me.

I have no idea what to do with myself I have to confess but Terry takes pity on me. "Here, boy, come around here, " he grunts and throws the covers off them both. I expect some resistance from Sandra but she just smiles up at me with a dreamy grin. I realise that the dope has really effected her! I pull my socks off and as I stand up I pull my shirt over my head. Then I unbuckle my jeans and lower them to my feet and step out of them. My cock is bursting my jocks but I'm suddenly struck shy and I sink to my knees with my jocks still on. I look down on the pair of them and drink in Sandra's firm body. Her nipples are darkly puckered and pointed, her skin is pale and smooth over her belly and I take in the thick dark bush between her slim thighs. I cant see too much as she is sticking her bottom backwards to allow Terry entry to her. I realise that this is only the second pussy I'd seen for real! I'd had a long term girl friend from school age and after but we'd split over a year past. I'd satisfied myself with porn and dope since then. Now I was bursting for it!

Which was a pity really because I was just too excited. At Sandra's request I began to kiss her. Her mouth was beery, smokey and a bit stale but her panting chest excited me. I played with her nipples gently and smoothed my hands over her skin. It was warmer and smoother than I thought it would be...I probably figured a 35 year old would be all cold wrinkles! My hand crossed her stomach and touched the top of her pubes. My previous, younger, girlfriend had been very blonde and had a relatively light growth of muff. This was the '80's and girls didnt shave! Sandra's pubes were soft but much thicker. As I edged towards her clit I suddenly realised that Terry was right there! I was in danger of touching his cock and this would not do...not in our macho working world. So I pulled away and went back to her tits. I nuzzled them and then felt her small hand delve into my crotch, push aside my cotton covering freeing my stiff dick and grip it. I know I oozed clear juice over her hand right away and her spare hand pulled the back of my head onto her breast in a firm grip. I sucked of her nipple deeply and swear I got her whole tit into my mouth. Her breathing suddenly quickened, her body writhed and her hand went into spasm on my cock. "Woah," muttered Terry, "keep that up!" and I realised that Sandra was comming. At this point my own spunk, despite only a very few minutes of excitement began to f***e its way up my tube. I gritted and clenched everything I had in the way of internal muscle but still a good hot dollop or two of my cum leaked from my prick onto the floor before I stopped it mid flow.

I was determined not to look the complete novice in front of these two and pulled myself away from her grip, breathing and gulping deep. Luckily, I had been quiet and Sandra had been too far gone to actually realise the full extent of my excitement so Terry, who was behind her had no idea I'd shot half my bolt so quickly. Sandra's intense climax had put Terry off his stroke so a sort of lull came over us. We caught each others gaze again and grinned. "Was that good, girl?" he murmered. "Fucking lovely,"sighed Sandra. "Ok, lets shift a bit, " said Terry. "Why not reward him with a blow job?" "What?, " she cried and I suddenly felt anxious. Perhaps she wasnt that available to me after all. Anyway, Terry indicated I lay down and at this point I took my pants off. I was still three quaters hard after my repressed orgasm and was suddenly filled with pride as I heard both Terry and Sandra gasp a little at my cock size. "Nothing to worry about there, lad," purred Terry. Sandra was suddenly eager to join me on the floor and as she pulled away I caught my first proper glimpse of Terry's erection. It was bold and stiff and slick with fanny juice as it sprung from a thick thatch up to his belly but I could tell its dimensions didn't equal mine. Before I could continue my comparison however a delicious sensation overtook me as Sandra lowered her warm mouth to my helmet.

I lay back, let the dope and the Sandra's mouth do their work and thoroughly luxuriated in it all. I reached for Sandra's hanging boob and gently massaged it. As I lay on my back she was on all fours at 90 degrees to me on my right side. Behind my head was the TV set and the blue flickering lit the scene as I took it in. Her bobbed hairstyle only covered half her face and I could clearly see my shaft sinking into her soft mouth, bulging out her thin cheeked face as she gripped my shaft with her left hand. Gently she smoothed my ballsack. My hand left her tit and I ran it over her side and smoothed her cute little bum. She was so tiny I could easily reach her; she helped a little by shuffling her butt towards me. I found her pussy and stroked its sticky lips. She was drying off a little now her arse was waving about in the cool evening air. I tickled her clit and tryed to finger her but found her a little dry.

What I didnt know was that she and Terry had already humped several times and she was a bit sore down there for my (basically) inexpert fumblings. As I have since found out some women prefer to concentrate on the blow job they are giving and find any mutual masturbation a distraction.

Howver, I heard movement and saw Terry kneeling behind her. His cock was at full stiffness and I slyly eyed the way his foreskin covered his glans unlike my circumsized rod. He knelt forward and sunk his mouth onto Sandra's pussy for a minute or two, during which her mouthing of my cock became slow and distracted. Then Terry raised himself, shuffled forward and I watched as he slid his prick into Sandra from behind. I watched his hips thrust back and forth and occasionaly saw his shaft if he pulled right back. I thought, briefly, he was looking at me but realised he was watching the TV above my head. By craning my neck I could see the screen upside down. Sandra had lost all rhythm on my prick but held onto it in a tight grip. I saw she was off with pixies as Terry increased his speed from behind. Terry had not had his release when I had sneaked out my quick cum and Sandra had so vibrantly shivered into ecstacy so he was well pent up. I caught an intent glazed look on his face as he stared down at Sandra's sweet butt whilst he porked her cunt. Suddenly his eyes screwed up and he grunted, obviously shooting a full wad into her pussy. Her body rocked back and forth with the weight of him, her sweating breasts slipping over my dick. Terry's thrusts eased and then he slumped to one side, his cock making a slurping sucking noise as it pulled from her depths.

Sandra was now raring to go and renewed her assault on my erection. Her head bobbed and took me deeper and deeper. Again I reached for her arse and then found her sloppy wet pussy. It didnt phase me one bit as I fingered her knowing I had Terry's spunk dripping all over my digits. I got two long fingers in her to the hilt and thumbed her clit for her. Soon she gave a sudder and clamped her thighs on my hand as she came again. Terry had sat back on the couch and called, "Well done my boy, thats got her," in between puffs of a post coital ciggie.

Sandra was now ready for it all. I think that she had been a bit unsure if she would fuck me but I had earned my stripes with that orgasm. She straddled me so we faced and I grabbed my prick in my hand as I viewed her tiny hard tits. I did have some pride and wanted to excite her more so I firmly gripped her upper thigh and began to mash my glans against her clitty. She looked a little nonplussed and I later found out why. However, she was not into games and taking control hitched her hips forward and I felt my cock engulfed by her hot cunt to the balls. It was at this point that I became grateful for several things. One, having had a few beers and joints, two, having had a sort of mini-cum earlier and three finding that Sandra's pussy was rather looser than I was used to. Whether it was just age or the fact she was past her 4th or 5th orgasm but she was nicley slack around my hard-on. If not, the riding that she gave me would have had me me filling her with my juice in seconds.

She was like a woman possesed as he tucked her feet up and squatted over me and began bouncing up and down. I was able to feel my knob end hitting her cervix with almost every thrust. I held my hands up and she grabbed them for balance and let rip. She must have ridden me for ten minutes before exhausting herself. So I tipped her off, threw her onto her back, put her ankles up over my shoulders and pounded my cock into her for another five minutes more. It wasn't subtle, it wasn't Karma Sutra but it was an amazing fuck. Occasionally Terry would remind us of his presence with a "Go on, boy'". or a "Thats it mate" as he ogled us but I was barely aware. Subtly I showed off a little by spreading my knees on the carpet so he would have a clear view of my arse, sac and shaft as I burried it deep into her darkly tufted slit.

Just as I was beginning to think that I may have gone too hard too soon I looked up at the screen and saw the huge titted black girl sinking her arsehole onto a thick white cock. This sent me over the edge and my rhythm turned into a****l pounding. Sandra gripped my arms and grunted "yes, yeah, yeah"at me and I felt the spunk seem to rise from my feet all the way to the tip of my cock as I finally spurted and spurted all the contents of my balls deep into Sandra's bubbling, gripping, writhing cunt. Sweat dripped from me, I gasped, moaned and groaned and I relished the deep waves of pleasure sweeping me. I felt the warm spunk coating my slackening prick as I slid it back and forth.

AS I flopped to one side and collapsed on the floor Sandra rolled onto me and placed a deep kiss on my mouth. The three of us knew that the end of the evening had come and we slowly came back to reality. We smoked again whilst dressing and I remember Sandra gasping a little."Oooh, God, my fanny is sore," she giggled. The film ended, the joint went out and Terry and Sandra wobbled, weak legged to the door with mellow, smug grins all round.

Oh, and the reason she was vexed by my oh so sophisticated attempt at stimulating her clit with my cock was because Terry had told her I was a virgin and needed breaking in! The cheeky fucker! Still, it was all a good result....

...wait up..I still haven't told you my all time favourite memory. Next time then. Maybe!

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