My First Cock Ever: Bestfriend Jack

My best friend Jack and I did everything together. We were together everyday and we would fish, play sports, and video games together all the time. We only lived down the road from each other so it worked out great because we could always stay the night at each others houses. Jack at the time was very tan with shaved brown hair and brown eyes. He was a little chubby as well. One day we decided to go fishing in the creek that is between my house and his so we met there. We both met and had our poles and we were dressed about the same with a t-shirt shorts and rubber boots. We both got off the road and walked a ways along the creek until we got to our usual spot.

We had a log down on the ground that we had always used for a chair and we just sat and fished and talked. Usual about girls but this time it was different. Jack had asked me if I have ever seen anyone's cock before other than my own. I told that I have seen a few different. He then went on about some of the cocks he had seen and that none were really as big as his. I said I have only seen one huge one and that was on a guy named Aaron. All of the others were about my size or smaller. I had only seen these dicks by accident though. He said he had only seen them by accident too.

No fish were biting so he told me he was gonna take a leak. I said okay. Jack got up wand walked about 15 feet from me but kind of turned so I could see him. He unzipped his pants and I tried to get a peek of what was in there but I couldn't. He finished and walked back over and sat down. We sat there for a bit waiting for something to bite but still nothing. He then came up with an idea and spontaneously said do you want to show each other our dicks and compare them. I said okay, and as soon as I said that he started to unzip his pants. He pulled the front of his underwear down and out cam a little 2 inch soft cock. I was starting to get nervous and excited at the thought and was shaking trying to get mine out. Mine was a tad bit smaller than his but I wasn't worried about it. We sat on the log and he kind of tug on his cock a couple times then he reached out for mine. I was not sure what to do so I let him grab it. As soon as he did I started to grow instantly. Jack said ohhhh, there it is and started to stroke it as if he were his own. He then said since I am doing this I dare you to suck me. I said I don't know. He said you have to it's a dare. I said okay, but deep down I was scared. I got over to him on my knees, he was still sitting on the log so I spread his legs grabbed his soft little cock with 2 fingers and started to suck. He started to moan as soon as his cock touched my warm, wet lips and tongue. I sat there on my knees like a little whore sucking his dick but couldn't help but realize that I was enjoying it, but I was more then enjoying it I loved it.

As I sucked his cock he started to grow in my mouth I could feel it and see it. After awhile he became harder, and harder to suck so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked at it. It was huge, and when I saw how massive this cock was my eyes got big and I looked up at him and he smiled. I smiled back and started to jerk it. I grabbed it at the base and stroked it nice and slowly looking at him and looking at the cock in my hand. I then went down and started to suck the head of his cock slowly and this made him go wild. So I would take turns on his head then his cock back and forth teasing him with pleasure. He then grabbed the back of my head and jammed his cock down my throat. He said deep throat this dick. I couldn't he was to big I was choking and coughing up spit all over his cock.

When he finally pulled the monster out of my throat. I looked at him and said I want to try anal. I don't know why I said it, it was like something took me over and I couldn't control myself. He said okay and pulled all of my clothes off of me. As I went to bend over the log he smacked my big bubble ass and it felt good but made me jump. As I got into position with my face in the ground body on the log and ass propped up into the air I couldn't help but think what I was doing was crazy and that in a million years I never thought I would be doing this. I was so shocked that I had actually sucked a dick and was now awaiting my penetration butt naked, barefoot in the woods on a log. But then my thoughts were immediately cut short by the head of his cock slowly going into me ripping my asshole open. I was moaning/yelling from pain and the pleasure of what was happening but I don't think Jack cared. He wanted his dick in my ass one way or another.He got about a quarter of the way inside me. and started to thrust back and forth pounding me harder and harder every pump. One final hard thrust and his pelvis slammed into my big thick ass. I screamed and Jack grabbed my hips and kept on fucking me.

Every so often I could feel our balls hit together as he worked his hand up my body. He worked one hand to my neck and under my chin pulling my head back while grabbing my shoulder with the other pulling me in close. He then started fucking me as deep as he could go. Pulling his dick back almost all the way out of my now loose asshole and then ramming it back inside me until it couldn't go any farther. He then said he was going to cum and with on last final slam he shook my whole body. He was as deep as he could go and then I felt a surge of warmth run through me and I knew he just blew his load. He puled out still gushing cum so I went on my knees catching what I could in my mouth and sucking him clean and then I swallowed it all. I told him I could feel the cum starting to drip out of my ass so he stood me and wanted to see. So I bent over and spread my ass open for him and he said a lot was coming out. So I reached back and caught some in my hand and ate it. I smiled at him and we got dressed and decided it was time to head home.

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