I paged her around 10:00 , then I went to see Star Ship Troopers. Upon returning home I gave Evil C some before she
left. About 14:00 my phone rang I pause the game, answering it Hello i say. John home she asks, Megan i reply What's up for
this evening ? What time she breath's , Whenever i state flatly my birthday cant get any worse. Ooh Happy Birthday megan
sounds excited I'll see you around 9:30 then. Ok i say, Later she hangs up. Hell yeah im getting some, I yell turning off
the playstation II.

Quick run threw the apartment cleaning hide all signs of her. Around 21:00 I finish , sitting on the
porch to get comfy. She pulls up in her spot, John you got any drink? No but there is a corner liquor store just down
the road. She nods as i jump in and off we ride. I walk out of the store shortly with 2 St Ides special brew an a
pair of tampa's . When we arrive at my place dion has the PSII on and is getting his ass whooped to him by the computer.
Damn John how do you do this shit? I glance at her and she nods as we sit on the love seat, hand me the controller.
Illustrating a few moves in training mode, then kick his ass 3 times in a row. Aight i got it he mumbles. She hands me
a tampa as i out the controller down. I reach under the love seat and get the can , rolling it for a blunt. Handing it
to her she fires it up as i roll the second. Puff puff pass it to Dion after i get a good lung full , Yeah man he says
reaching for it. After the first is done she leans in close whispering in my ear, I need a rub. Later D as i grab her hand
leading her out of the room.

Upon reaching the bedroom i state i need to shower first you ? I'll wait she coo's running
her lovely manicured hand over the silk sheets. I stop mid step to watch her seductivly crawl her lengthy frame up onto
my bed and lay down face facing the ceiling. Brb i mutter, oh damn the things running threw my head. Half way threw my
shower the door opens, Yo D im in here i say, I know her voice says as sexually. Mind if i look she whispers pulling the
curtain back, Nah i reply continuing to lather and soap my body. Like what you see i ask dumbly turning to give her full
body shot, So far she nods pulling the curtain back into position as she walks back out. Women i think finishing what i
atarted, i enter my bedroom and hear soft music playing.

Hmm damn she pulled a page straight out of my book, inscense wafting threw the air, candles lit, she is laying
face down on my bed in her bra and panties. Mind you megan is 6 feet tall even,maybe 140lbs,Blonde, not one
blemish i can see and very sexy body and mind Thank you i whisper looking up skyward. Comfy i ask adjusting my towel
she turns her head smiling slightly. Oil or natural i ask walking slowly across the room, natural she replies shaking that
tight ass. Damn i breath louder then i thought, she looks back at me skirking. Like what you see she wiggles that sexy ass
more. Ok i say slowly crawling up onto the bed, i stop and kneel at her side taking in the lovely sight before me. Working
each and every inch of her fine creamy frame i knead/ rub my hands all over her body. Unhooking the bra as her purrs of
contment reach my ears. When i reach her wiast the vixen slowly raises her ass up into the air to allow me to slide her G
string off with my teeth. Sitting back up to look her over i suck in my breath sharply,admiring every inch of her and thank
you softly.

I thouroughly rub down her feet, calves, back of her knees, thighs and take my time rubbing her tush. Continuing upward
back shoulders neck hairline and head.Softly in her i whisper turn over please. Complying she locks eyes with me as we share
a gleeming look into each other. I break first and gaze hungrily up and down her lith form. Working my way upward from her
feet again, ankles, calves, knees, thigh then inner thigh and stop. Move to her head and start working my way downward.
Working with slow deliberate pace i touch and rub each inch lightly flicking her rock hard nipples every so often. Uhhhhm
she is moaning eyes closed as i work my tongue from her belly ring downward, she pushes my head toward her open legs.
I work my hot tongue where she guides me and center my attention on her clit. Sucking, licking and nibbling on her
love button, i slowly insert my middle finger into the tightest kitty i have touched yet. Pure estacy for us both im
doing what i enjoy the most and her multiple orgasms let me know she is loving it also. Her multiple O only serve to
arouse me more. What seems like an eternity of pleasure later she weekly pushes my head away panting heavily, i...
thought... you'd...nnever quit. Only when you say so or pass out from pleasure i smirk replying. Just wait she gasps as
i crawl around the king size bed bed licking my finger and wiping my face.

I lay beside her and gently kiss her neck nuzzling the back of her neck. Long moments later she pops up and
glares at me wickedly, my turn an i love to tease. Hmm ok i murmur position my self in the middle of the bed.
She crawls up between my legs and straddles the left one. Her hand crawls up the pinned leg sending shivers up my body
as she rubs her body against mine. Grabbing my sac and growling megan removes the towel with her teeth. Instantly grabbing
my throbbing member with her free hand. Whats his name she purrs her hot breath on my tool, Stanley i stammer like the
power tool. Stanley she coo's as her warm wet breath comes out and on his head. hhhmmmmm examining stanley like a doctor
he isnt at full yet, yum and begins licking like its a lollipop. Twitching he grows even more in her grasp, harder and thicker
bigger then i have ever seen it. Slowly she startrs swirling the tip with her tongue, an places a long slow kiss drawn
up the full length of his shaft. Suddenly she thrusts her face down over my entire length, down to the balls. Oh my
fucking god i mutter i think im in lust. mmmghpphmm i growl deep in my throat, the suction is incredible and when she
comes up pumps my staff. Not to be out done i throb him in her throat tapping the back of her tonsils, i lay back and
enjoy the most enjoyable Blow job.

She stops with a loud popping sound pulls stanley from her mouth, arent you ready to
cum yet? I didnt know i was expected to. Got a rubber she purrs still stroking my shaft, under the pillow i slightly
lift it up. She grabs the sheik ultra sensitive and spermacidal lubricant cooing like a k** in a candy store. I guess with
my selection she kinda is. May i she asks I lay on my back Please do replying. No sooner then the rubber is on she is
sitting up top and slowly lowers her frame down. Enjoy i say smiling sheepishly, we will she begins rocking back and
forth , with the music. I begin to thrust upward with her motion. Leaning forward she feeds me a creamy breast to
suck and lick on, firlmy pinned i settle for sucking and throbbing stanley. Her next orgasm starts shaking her from clit to
whole body. While she settles down from the experience i firmly grasp her slim waist and lay her flat on her back.
Stradling one of her legs i slowly start pumping away, building my pace and stroke more f***efully. Matching stroke
for stroke the following few orgasm come faster and stronger then the last. Slowly reagining her breath she stammers,
ok john you proved your stamina I dont have all night. Okay i say get on all 4's. Not able to contain my joy i whistle,
her heart shaped ass looks good enough to eat. She looks back Humpgh? as i enter her from behind and lightly slapping
her ass both cheeks. Going all out, sweatty bodies smacking and ass slapping. She reaches below an grabs my nuts
lightly squeezing and playfully scratching them. God fucking damn ughh im cummming. uuuggghhhh I slam deep into her
tight wet kitty and finally unload a huge long lasting blast of cum.

K-luv 6/98
100% (4/0)
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