First time

My parents split up when I was young. One day my Mom just took off, I never saw her again. Unfortunately my Dad was a bit of a d***k. When he got out of work he went straight to the bar and rarely came home before 2:30 AM. My neighbor babysat me till I was a teenager, at which point it was my responsibility to stay out of trouble. My best friend was named Lori, and her Mom was also noncommittal, as in she was never around. Most nights Lori stayed at my house with me. After a couple of years it became every night. As we got older, we started to get curious about sex and boys. It started out as kissing, one night Lori was talking about Jason a boy she liked and was fantasizing about what kissing him would be like. She rolled towards me and asked if I had ever kissed a boy, and since I hadn’t I told her so. She bit her lower lip and said, “Maybe we should practice, you know kissing”. “That way if we ever have to kiss a boy we would know what to do”. Lori stared at me and said “what do you think”? I placed my hand on her face and gently lifted my head towards her and she leaned in and kissed me. At first it was just a peck. But we kept at it and soon we were fully embraced and passionately exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. Lori moved to my neck and then my ears, I was covered in goose bumps at the attention. At the end of it we were both out of breath and panting heavily. My tummy felt all tingly and my panties felt wet. I excused myself to the bathroom and was shocked at how wet my pussy was. When I got back in bed Lori was really quiet, so I rolled over to go to sl**p, after a few minutes I heard her whimper and felt the bed moving. Lori was masturbating, I hadn’t thought about what our session had done to her. She got really stiff and came quietly. Then she rolled over to go to sl**p. The making out became a part of our nightly ritual, Lori usually instigated it, but I didn’t mind. Then she would silently masturbate to sl**p. Eventually she would be laying up against me while she did it so I could feel her movements. One night I was particularly frustrated and I decided to masturbate too. We were laying against each other and when she started I did too, at first she stopped and I said what I can’t cum too. So then she started back up and we both had an orgasm. Eventually they got louder and more intense, as we no longer saw the need for secrecy. One night Lori asked if she could touch me, I let her and was rocked by how sensitive it felt to have another person’s hand on my pussy. She slowly rubbed her hand up and down my pussy making me really wet, then she leaned in and kissed me and then started to gently push a finger inside me. I felt on fire, I was so hot. Then she would move her slippery finger up to my clit and rub it till I started moving my hips with her hand. We were still making out as she rubbed me to my first orgasm with another person. When we were done she asked me if I would help her cum. I got my wits about me and then started rubbing her thighs and then moved to her pussy lips. I told her to take of the t shirt that she was wearing and then started sucking on her nipples. Lori was moaning when I got a crazy idea. My dad had porn and I knew the guys always licked the woman’s pussy. So I decided to try it. I started kissing my way down her tummy till I got to her pussy. I exhaled warm air on her very wet pussy and then sucked her clit into my mouth. Lori’s back arched and her breath caught. So I kept sucking, within a few seconds Lori was shaking and cumming. Her thighs trembled for a long time after as I laid with my naked body pressed up against her back. I had my hand over her pussy just hold pressure as her legs were clamped together and her hand was on mine making sure it stayed put. I gently kissed her shoulder and we fell asl**p. I had never slept naked with someone before and it was very arousing. In the morning we went about our normal day never saying a word regarding the awkward night’s event. But that night Lori came to play. As we went to bed she came in and stripped down completely naked and got into bed. She looked really pretty, and it was obvious she expected me to do the same, so I obliged her. I pulled my t-shirt off and then slid my panties off exposing myself to her. I had shaved my pubic hairs and was completely bald, she just stared at my crotch, and asked me why. I said that the hair kind of smells and I want to be nice. She smirked and then got up running to the bathroom. When she came back she was also shaved. She slid into bed next to me and laid half on top of me, she then said, “I want to make you feel like you made me feel last night; I want to make you happy”. She then started kissing and licking her way down my neck and then across my breasts. When she hit my belly I jumped a little, but if Lori noticed she paid no attention as she was on a one way track to my pussy. Soon she was kissing my thighs and giving me goose bumps. Then she was kissing my pussy all over, finally her lips landed on my clit and it was like an electric bolt throughout my body. I reached up and started to twist my nipples in my hands which accelerated the feeling in my pussy. Then Lori pushed in a finger and started rubbing it back and forth. It was all too much, my pussy started contracting hard and I was slammed with the most intense orgasm of my life. I was so overwhelmed with the intensity that I had to shove Lori’s head back to stop her relentless licking. I was embarrassed to find that a liquid was flowing out of my pussy and left a large wet spot on the bed. Lori came up and kissed me deeply, I could taste my pussy all over her mouth. I was overcome with emotions and I wanted to give her a release. So I pushed her over to the dry side of the bed and made her cum hard. I licked and sucked her clit till she exploded. That night we laid there curled in a little naked ball of sweat, and pussy juice. My bedroom smelled like pussy bad. We both fell asl**p content. In the morning we just laid in bed and played with each other. This kept on for a while, on Lori’s 19th birthday I bought her a strap on and gave it to her that night. I fucked her till I was covered in sweat just so she would know what it felt like to be fucked. She loved it, taking it to the limit then It was my turn to experience the cock. At first Lori took me from behind and slammed my hips into hers. Then she asked me to ride her. As I climbed on I said, “Ooooo baby, do you like fucking me, do you want to shove that hard cock in my tight pussy baby”. Lori thrust it upward and that was it. I pushed down hard on the cock taking it all the way inside of me and then just rocked my hips back and forth till I was hit with a wave after wave of orgasm. When I finally collapsed on the bed next to Lori we just laid there in each other’s arms. Lori and I continued to fuck each other well into College. At twenty two she moved away and I had to give up my lover. It was lonely at first, I didn’t realize how dependent of her I was. But that all changed when I met my new roommate in college. But I will save that story for another day.
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4 years ago
I feel so sorry for u whan your mum took off like that,i hope u find happyness.
4 years ago
Great Story!
4 years ago
Lovely told story of hot teen sex. Thank you.
4 years ago
Thank you, lovely story
4 years ago
Yeah, I actually was younger I just didn't want to be censored due to my age.
4 years ago
sounds alot like my first time with a girl except i was younger and it was with a cousin and we eventually included our younger male cousin too...loads of fun for a few years.!
4 years ago
Very enjoyable story.
Nicely done.
Thx for sharing