Sex on a train

I was working off-shore at the time, off Aberdeen, Scotland. The crew and i usually went up the day before flying out and stayed in a hotel, but this time all the hotels were booked up, so the company sent us up overnight on a sl**per train. Well, we all met up as usual, joined the train in London, then started the journey. As per usual we hit the bar and buffet car, had a few drinks and laughs. There were a couple of other passengers there too, and i noticed that one guy, about 30 and well dressed seemed to be looking at me, but looking away whenever i glanced back at him. Never thought much about it at the time, and after a while we all decided to turn in for the night. I was lucky and had a sl**per to myself. Got undressed and went to bed, but i couldnt seem to get to sl**p. After an hour of tossing and turning i realized the train had stopped. Thought i would check out why, so dressed again and went back to the bar area. The bar-man told me when i asked that the points up ahead were frozen, forgot to say it was mid-Jan. As i turned to go the guy from before joined us, asking the same. Noticed for the first time that he was very good-looking, tall, slim, blond, nice smile. He asked if the bar was open, yes was the reply. At this he turned to me and asked if i would join him in a night-cap? Well, i agreed, as by now i quite fancied him! I was 20, dark, tall too, good body.... well i thought so, and as i was bi i didnt mind the attention. A few drinks later, talk turned to sex! Had i a girl-friend etc, get much action when home now he was sitting real close to me, and i could see a nice bulge developing in his trousers. As he went for the next drink he , by accident, ran his hand over my leg, and noticed my developing bulge too. We just looked at each other, smiled, laughed, and he said, how about that drink in your sl**per? Of course i agreed, so we both went back to mine. As we went in i closed the door, turned around and he said, Fuck the drink, i want you now! We threw ourselves at each other, kissing and groping, his cock felt soooo big.We parted and stripped, he was totally smooth, shaved cock n balls, and what a cock!! Rigid, touching his belly, and about I am mr. average, 6inches with big balls and trimmed pubes. We came together, wanking each other off as we kissed again. After a while we parted, both gasping for air, and both wet with pre-cum. We took turns to sit on the bed while the other sucked and licked each others cock. He tasted salty and sweet at the same time as i deep throated him, fondled his balls and fingered his ass. Then my turn, fucking wow!! What a bj, i was right on the point of cumming when he stopped, saying, Fuck me now!! Well. what could i do but say Yeh!! He stood and lent on the bed, bending over as he did, his ring looked soooo tempting, i tongued him for a bit till he was nice and wet, then stood behind him and eased my cock-head in hiss ass, a bit of resistance at first, but pressing harder i popped in and slid the rest of my shaft in too. He moaned a bit, but said to go harder and faster, soon i was pounding in and out, balls slapping his arse. I reached around and started to wank him off too. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming, but as i tensed to withdraw he shouted that he wanted all my fucking cum up his hole!! Fuck, that drove me right over the edge and my hot jizz flew out and filled him, never shot that much before! He lay on the bed, as i pulled out and sank to my knees, hot, sweaty, but well happy!! After a moment he says... My turn to fuck you now, i was a bit scared, never had a cock that big up me before. But i just had to have it in me!! He got me to lay on my back on the bed and raised my legs, exposing my arse-hole. He did the same to me, rimming me for like ages, and slipping one, then two fingers in me till i was hot, sticky and open for his big cock. He eased it it, fuck, did i feel full!! Balls deep, i didnt think i could take it, but it was ok, felt sooooo good. He started an easy rythm,in deep then faster and faster till i was moaning out loud, i was in heaven!! After what seemed like hours he shouted that he was cumming, pulled out at the last minute, and sprayed all over my cock, balls, belly, chest and face, it was everywhere!! We were both heaving wrecks after that, but after a while we cleaned ourselves up, had that drink, then fell asl**p. The train moved off later that night, thought i never even felt it i was so shagged out. Woke up in Aberdeen.... and he was gone!! Fuck, didnt even get his name!!! But, wow, what a night.
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1 year ago
Great scenario, loved the sex action. Nice one.
2 years ago
love this story
2 years ago
never did it on a train
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...ohh yes more more !Thanks for sharing