Mall Urinal Masturbation

Mall Urinal with a stranger.
I was shopping at the mall and had to take a pee bad, but do not like mall washrooms! oh well gotta go gotta go. Upon entering washroom a short olderman was at a urinal. I took a urinal 2 away from him and proceeded to release the hot, warm yellow pee , I had been aching to release. Such a build up of pressure and now release, was causing my cock to start to grow. I glanced over at the olderman and he just seemed to be standing there holding his penis ,but I could not see because the flap of his trousers was covering it. I saw him staring at me I kept looking at him. He took a slight step backwards and a bit to the side and I could now see the flaccid but long thick penis he was holding in his hand and ever so gently tugging on it. This made my cock even harder so I turned a bit to the side to show him I appreciated the view and started to stroke my cock also. Without a spoken word, we both stood and watched the other gently stroke and get erect. His thick flaccid penis was now at half mast and it was a beautiful sight.He slid over to the urinal beside me and pointed his now massive hard cock towards me all the while gently stroking it. I did the same, our cocks almost touching. I had never done anything like this before, but it was so so erotic and risky at the same time it was really making me hard. He continued to stroke that fat hard penis and started to fumble with the biggest set of balls I have ever seen. He finally spoke between moans asking if I was areound here and if I would like to touch his (aching and now pre cum leaking) thick cock. I just stared and stroked my penis and after building up some courage I reached out with my free hand and cupped those huge kiwi sized balls, as he continued to stroke his thick shafted cock. I could not believe the weight of his balls , nor the thickness of his cock. I reached for the tip of his monster cock with thumb and forefinger and took a generous serving of precum from his cock and rubbed it on mine, lubbing me up and bringing me close to orgasm. He dipped the same finger thumb combination on my now dribbliing cock and raised my sticky,gooey, hot wet precum to his lips and tasted it..Hmmmm he moaned uner his breath . I moved closer to him and grabbed his thick cock and placed it on mine. I scooped up some of his precum and some of mine and rubbed our 2 cock shafts together. We were both really leaking precum now and breathing very heavy! Stroke after stroke I sensed our orgasm nearing, as his huge balls smacked on mine intensifying my approching orgasm. A few more strokes and I felt his steel hard, thick, hot cock, tense up and start spewing gob after gob of hot thick wet cum all over our shafts and balls. I quickened my stroking now lubricated with his fresh cum and came like I have never cum before in my life. Shot after shot after shot of cum drenching both our cocks, balls and dribbling down our legs. Not a word was spokenm just pure orgasmic pleasure filled the room.
I scooped up as much cum as i could off my cock balls and thigh and proceeded into one of the stalls to clean up. Thank you and will I see you again I heard him say. I did not reply as I continued to clean up our mixed cum from myself. I then heard the washroom door close, no sound was heard, I assume it was him that left. I stroked my cock a bit re-thinking the joyous bliss that just took place. I thought to myself " I hope I do see him again and maybe next time, I could suck on that huge thick cock and swallow his thick load down my throat". Amazingly I shot a second load all over the stall door..Mmmm what a great mall pee, I thought to myself, watching my cum roll down the door...Time will tell.
This is my first attempt at writing. Thanks for reading this. Hope you enjoyed it.
The End
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6 months ago
damn, i really want to lick your cum
8 months ago
Great story! Keep them cumming!
8 months ago
That is such a Hot Naughty Story, I couldn't resist Gripping, Stroking and Jacking Myself Off as I read it, but I'm not sure if I was more arosued by your story or the flash backs to all of the times that I skipped class while in Middle school an adolescent pre-teen that would hang out in the Men's Room at the Greyhound Bus Station, where Older Men would Jerk or Suck Me Off in one of the stalls and then I'd never see them again! Sometimes I'd want me Suck them too but not usually.
9 months ago
A really good adventure - it brings back so many wonderful memories of seeing and playing with cock in a washroom. Tell us more.
2 years ago
Really good story I watched an old gut once just like that but had to leave before it was over. But wish I had stayed to see what would have happened
3 years ago
Very sexy story. So HOT!
3 years ago
Thanks! Still looking!