Sucking after the Bull

This is a quick short story about an encounter the wifey and I had with a Jamician Bull we met while on Vacation. I never thought my wife would do such a thing but Ive always talked nasty to her during sex about how my cock gets lost in her super wet pussy when i talk about her taking a bigger cock than mine. She has always acted like shes not into that but on our vaction she sparked a converstation at a tiki bar with this sexy black man who was about 6'5" and was ripped and appeared to have a bulge in his pants. So she tells me that he is very cool and for me to invite him to our hotel room for some wine, at first it made me mad for her to ask me such a thing, but about 10 secs later i felt my cock getting hard in my pants so i said fuck it and asked him. His name was Yazeer and he agreed, i did not want to go before him because i did not want to talk about why and what she had planned so I said lets wait for him to follow us up to the room. As soon as we got back to the room, my wife said honey im going into the bathroom to freshin up can you both drink that whole before i cum out and save some of the hard liquor for me (tequila). So i had small talk with Yaz as we drank and talked about the island, he told me that it was fun working on the beach and that woman always teased him. As we continued to drink and started feeling the buzz, he got the courage to tell me that i was a lucky man to have such a sexy and thick wife and that she was very nice and personalble. I thank him and say that my head is starting to spin from the wine and he says the same. Sudden my wife cums out of the bathroom looking sexier than she went in, and she goes over and pours herself some tequila into a large cup, she had to of pour about a total of ten shots and got her self a large cup of coke as a chaser and started to gulp the liquor. I told her to be care as she will get really sick and she replyed by saying well i noticed the two of you are slurring you speach and i want to catch up quickly so we can be on the same level. Within about 15 minutes of talking, about where to go for a good dance spot, my wife was teasing me in front of Yaz about not having any rhythm and not being a good dancer, and follows it by saying i bet Yax is a very good dancer and he answers by saying her loves to dance and that he was a dance instructor a few years back. Suddendly she gets up and turns on some dance music and said can you teach me. I was getting a little lite headed and knew that they were also. As soon as Yaz stood up to teach her the steps, she stumbles into him because of her buzz and he grabs her to stop her from falling. As he is supporting her she keeps stubbling until she move back towards the bed where i was sitting on the edge. She takes a slight falls as he is standing against the bed next to me and she ends up at face point with his buldge. She says on honey you gave him too much wine, he is huge and hard. I got an instant erection and she noticed it quickly saying whats in the wine both of you are hard. She says honey can i see his cock, i never had a chance to see a BBC before, so i think fuck were on vacation so yeah Yaz let her see it. He says do whatever turns you on to the both of us. So i tell her you can let him out and she responded immediately unzipping his pants and pulling both his pants and underwear down and out sprung this monstrous cock of about 10-11" and about 7-8" thick. She just lets it hang that and stares at it, and said i feel bad for the woman that has to suck and fuck this cock, and i respond you dont have to baby, just let me see you french kiss his tip, as soon as i saw her start to french kiss his enormous cock i damn near came in my underwear immediately, i instructed her to stroke him and was going crazy seeing that her little latina hands could not encircle his big cock. As she was french kissing his tip, i saw clear ropes of precum connected her lips with his cock everytime she pulled her lips away, his balls were so huge and tight that i knew he had a huge load stored in them. He kept stopping me wife after every other kiss saying your doing to make me blow and i dont want to cum so fast its feeling great im in heaven. She respond by saying i want to taste so bad and i cant wait, plus we have all evening. At that point i knew that she was going to final take a big cock like ive always long to see and that she was being freakier than she has ever been and i wasnt going to ruin it. thoughts started going through my head like: Im finally going to get sloppy seconds, Im finally going to go inside my wife after shes been streched out, im finally going to see her get fucked hard, im finally going to see her pussy lips and clit swollen, im finally going to eat her out after he cums in her. It was happening so fast as Iam thinking this i hear him moan and I hear my wife sloppily sucking his cock with her little mouth only getting about 4" of him in her mouth. So he stops her again to prevent from cumming and she turns to me and says honey since your being to nice in letting me play how do you want to see him cum his first cum of many tonight, you can decide all the ways you want. So i respond i want to see him shoot his ropes into your mouth and all over your lips face and let some drip on your tits baby. So she removes her tops and says well i want him to suck on them first and stands up as they start to kiss and fondel and i watch at waist level as his cock is poking her stomach, after a few minutes of passionate kissing and me going crazy with excitiment as both of them could tell, she starts to kiss her way back down his sexy body and nipples musuclar chest and abs and works her way back down to his huge cock that had a glob of precum on the tip. She licks the tip and the big glob of precum lays at the tip of her tongue and she turns to me and starts to french kiss me while carressing the back to my head with her right hand, i dont resist and passionatly kiss her while her left hand is still grasping his huge black cock, which seems bigger now that iam even closer to him (within inches). She then stops kissing me and turns to her left and starts to french kiss his cock all the while not letting go of my head with her right hand, now i have a front row view of her sucking his cock and it is very erotic and hot she starts to alternate between french kissing his cock and french kissing me, all the while it seems like i keep getting closer and closer to his cock, but i figured it was the alcohol making it seem that way due to the buzz. But before i know it, i was feeling his rubbery tip on both our lips while we both french kissed his cock, part of me wanted to stop but the greater part won and i said fuck it, and i noticed that his cock head got immediately bigger along with his shaft and his balls pulled up tight and i knew the moment of no return was on its way. She would not let go of my head and continued massaging the back of my head as he moaned loudly. She pulled me closer and pulled him back just a little so that he could shot his load into both of our mouths and that when a gallon of cum started to erupt. He shot rope after rope alternating between both of our mouths and faces and we were covered in his love juice. He came so much that he cum was leaking out of my open mouth and same with her. His cum was dripping all over my chest as well as hers. You can immediately start to smell his cum scent which smelled like roses due to the elevated excitement since i still have not cum and her also. We both continue to suck him with all this sloppy cum everywhere and him scworming from the great feeling and the increased sensitiviety. We finally allowed him to sit down while he watched we fight to lick and cleanup all the mess he made her from my chest and face me from her chest tits and face. He watched us as we passionately kissed as his tower was starting to shrink a little. We finished by her pulling me over to him as he lay to help her lick him clean, and i did not resist.

To be continued: The night was long (i came three times) Yaz came four times. Greatest night for the three of our lives.
88% (16/2)
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Great story
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VERY hot!!
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please continue :)