sl**ping Guest Nina - Part 1

sl**ping Guest Nina - Part 1

I was a middle c***d growing up. I had a s****r two years older than me, and one two years younger. They had girl friends sl**p over all the time. That ended up giving me lots of chances to spy on their sl**ping friends and often do a lot more than just look when I got into my late teens and twenties.

One of my first opportunities and babe that would become a favorite target, was Nina. She was about 5’2”, blonde, 18, with a nice butt. It was one of her first nights of a few months that she would be staying over and before going to bed she mentioned that she was so tired she was going to “sl**p like a log”. I didn’t think anything more about it until I passed by the guest bedroom door much later that night and noticed that it was open a couple of inches. The light from the hallway revealed her sl**ping form. I peeked inside to see her lying mostly on top of the sheets.

She was just wearing panties and a sleeveless T-shirt. Everyone in the house was asl**p in their rooms, so I decided to sneak in and watch Nina sl**p awhile. I was very nervous but had to stay. For the next half hour or so she put on a great show as she turned on her stomach revealing her panty clad ass and then a few minutes later turned on her back with her legs slightly spread revealing a plump mound under her panties.

At one point she reached a hand under her t-shirt to scratch her breast. When she removed her hand she left her nipple half exposed. I crept closer to stare at it. I was trembling with excitement as I leaned in close. I rested a fingertip lightly on the tip. Suddenly, she moved her left leg. I ducked down to the floor and held my breath.

After a couple of minutes I could tell by her breathing that she was still sl**ping, so I got my courage back and slowly stood up by the side of her bed. Not only was her nipple still exposed, because of the bend in her left leg and her apparently loose fitting cotton panties, I could see some bush!

I leaned in close to breathe in her pussy scent. Even in the dark, it was then that I learned that she wasn’t a real blonde after all! I reached down and slowly, carefully ran my middle finger lightly up her slit. First, just lightly skimming her pubic hairs. Then, deeper through her bush, right up against her warm pussy lips.

She started to move and I ducked down again. After waiting for a few more minutes, I eased myself out of her room. That was the most nerve-wracking part. I was already making plans for the next night, but first I had to get out of there successfully.

The next morning, I got such a thrill watching her eat breakfast in her jeans and blouse. I secretly rejoiced in knowing what her bush and nipples looked like under those clothes without her having a clue. I had great plans for taking advantage of this sl**p-over guest. I could hardly wait for that night when I would start to do things to improve my odds!

80% (9/2)
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2 years ago
incredible - atleast i am not the only one.

more please
2 years ago
mmm, i have doen thsi and let others do it and love it both!
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story part 2 needed now,
3 years ago
good & naughty
3 years ago
Yes, I have to know about the next night & more!!!
3 years ago
make another one!