With the girlfriend away.

A fantasy I'd love to make true.

I have been with my girlfriend since high school. I am totally in love with her, but its been a long time and the sex has fallen out of the picture. This being the case, I've resorted to internet porn for relief as I need to go sometimes 6 times a day. I'm a big guy about 6'7 and 400 lbs. I used to lift weights in highschool but am a mover now for a moving company. This helps me keep my bulk instead of being just round im big and bulky. I was always a cum eater. When I was younger I used to jerk off and loved to eat my load but now my girlfriend isnt into it. So I used to watch cuckholding videos and such untill I started watching trans and gay barebacking when I had the urge. I wanted to get fucked and cummed in. I wanted to suck a dick and drink cum, hell I just wanted to be touched. I ached to have a cock pounding me. The girlfriend had a vibrator so I wanted to see what a dick would feel like so I got on all fours on the bed, and put it at the tip of my asshole and turned it on. God I was in heaven. I used it all around my ass but I wanted more. I bent down on the bed and globbed some spit and slobbed up my asshole and started to push it inside me. My dick got instantly hard and I felt a bit at ease, so then I pushed it deeper. It felt absolutely amazing. It only took a few strokes till I was cumming obscenely all over the bedspread.
Later that week the girlfriend announced that she was going on vacation and would be gone for a week. I instantly got a craving in my ass for some real cock. Once she was gone I tried using my cam a few times on some gay sites but no one wanted to see a chub jerking off. So I found a site for chubs and chub chasers called biggercity. Signed up and sure enough instantly on cam there were bigger guys like me and skinnier guys too that loved to fuck them.I made a comment that the girlfriend was away and I wanted my first cock.A private message came up that said " I'm 20 minutes away from you. Whats your wish?" I said,"I want a completely discreet encounter...my girl can't know. I want fucked and cummed in and I wanna do the same....but I want to eat my cum out of your ass.I want to fulfill my fetish. I want to fuck all night and be used I need it and I need it now." Then I posted my address and told him my door was unlocked.
I started to shake....I was horrified. What had I just done? It didn't matter my first cock would be here in 20 min, better get ready. I used the shower and got on all fours on the bed with my girlfriends vibrator and started to play with my asshole. I heard the front door close and I got real brave and I shoved it to the hilt in my ass. I heard footsteps to the bottom of the bed and then hot breath on my ass. The little bit of vibrator that was sticking out of my ass, he put into his mouth and circled his tounge around it and my asshole. It was the best feeling in the world. He then pulled the vibrator out and replaced it with his tounge. I had never been rimmed before and it was amazing.I could feel his goatee ticking all over my ass it was driving me crazy. In fact, before I realized I said it. I said "Fuck me please" "please I need your cock in my ass". He lubed my ass with spit and put his tip against my hole. The tip went right in but the girth of his rod was stretching my virgin hole bad. But he kept going till he was deep inside then he pulled out and I felt my guts turn. Then he pushed back in and lust took over....I was his bitch and I wanted fucked."Fuck me hard C'Mon!" I squealed enjoying his fullness. He fucked hard five more strokes, then told me he was cumming. I could feel it hot and deep in my bowels and he slowly slid out of my ass. I could feel cum leaking out of me and I knew what I wanted . I put my hand to my ass and waited for cum to squirt out onto my hand and put it right to my mouth and sucked it off my finger tips. I bent down and couldn't wait to clean off his cock......
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4 months ago
Man you sound smokin hot. I would love to help fill that big ass up!
1 year ago
Great story, I'm in Pa also !
1 year ago
fantasy or not, I would love to fulfill it with you
1 year ago
great start, cant wait to read more!!
1 year ago
I hope there is more....
1 year ago
and a nice cock it is i might say. thank you its my first story.
1 year ago
great story.....got my cock hard.