A Summer Reunion

(( NOTE to the impatient: if you MUST get to the Main Sexual Event RIGHT AWAY, scroll way down and skip the first 23 paragraphs ))

Fictional setup: the story below is based on a briefer one told to me by Anna, a close female acquaintance of mine. I’ve tried to record her words as closely as I could.

A Summer Reunion

One June weekend my boyfriend Marc and I visited his f****y’s cottage, situated on a secluded point of land on a northern lake. Since a few of Marc’s lifelong buddies would likely be dropping in, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be the only woman there. When Marc assured me his cousin Maya would be staying the whole weekend, I agreed to go. I looked forward to meeting Maya because she seemed to be one of Marc’s favorite relatives; in the eight months Marc and I had been together he often spoken of her. Also it would be nice to have another woman’s company so I wouldn’t always be stuck hanging around with a bunch of men.

When we arrived Friday evening, Maya greeted us at the back door near the carport. She led me to the kitchen with an offer of food, and we chatted while Marc went down the hall to phone his friends. Maya turned out to be very sweet and funny, just like Marc is, so we got on really well immediately. She and Marc look so alike that they could probably pass as siblings. Her easy, charming smile drew me to her. She’s very cute too: short, sturdy and curvy, with athletic legs and nicely sculpted shoulders. Thankfully she wasn’t some skinny hardbody I’d feel inadequate around; though I’m tall I have real hips and a bit of a belly. Soon we were talking like old friends; several times she lightly touched my hand or arm to emphasize something. At one point her boyfriend Devin popped in to briefly say hi and grab a beer. He patted Maya’s ample butt as he passed, making a warm smile cross her lips.

Later Maya briefly left the kitchen, and I went over to the window to look at the pretty sunset on the lake. Passing a bill-holder on the wall, from the corner of my eye I spotted a familiar company logo. It was a receipt from a specialty online sex toy shop that Marc and I sometimes ordered from. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to snoop at what was on the receipt, which was addressed to Maya’s home back in town. It was an impressive order with several items on it, but the one that most grabbed my attention was a supply of sexual enema kits. Hmm, it seemed Maya and Devin had brought their latest order along for the weekend. Several times Marc and I had ordered these very same enema kits; to us anal play is unthinkable without first having a good internal cleansing. It was really cool discovering that Maya and Devin were as adventurous as Marc and I, and pleasing to know they like to play clean too. Still, it seemed a strange coincidence to find this same product here—how did Maya learn about this shop and this brand?

Maya returned to the kitchen, and I heard some laughter coming from down the hall. She told me that two of Marc’s friends had just come in the front door. We talked for awhile longer, shared a joint of nice mild pot, and finished making some snacks for everybody. Then we went up to join the guys in the TV room. As we got there, I was met with the sounds of a porn video. Guys, I tell ya! “Um, that smut disc is mine,” Maya said, a look of sweet shyness on her face. “Are you OK with us watching it?”

Was I surprised! I told her I’d never been much interested in porn, but that I didn’t really mind it so long as wasn’t too degrading or gross. I’d also never met a woman who openly liked porn before, and that made me even more intrigued with Maya.

The room had twin sofabeds beside each other; both had been pulled open and covered with quilts and cushions. The setup was perfect for several good friends to sprawl out and watch TV in comfort. I said hello to Winston and Jon, and joined Marc on one sofabed to watch the movie. The guys offered to turn off the video, but I assured them it was OK to leave it on for awhile as long as we didn’t waste the whole evening this way. Most straight-guy porn just bores me, but this movie had a few things I’d never thought of before, let alone looked at. Thankfully the men in the video treated the women with friendly respect, and the women seemed happy enough in that fake porn actress way. One scene featured a super-talented woman taking two big penises into her vagina at the same time; she made it look so effortless and pleasurable too. With my pot buzz on I found this quite fascinating, but said nothing. Marc squeezed my hand and I squeezed back; knowing this was his way of asking if I liked what I saw.

Maya piped up, “No way my little cooch could ever handle two dicks, as much as I like the idea. Would you guys ever try that?”

Devin said that he’d never want to get that cozy with another man inside a woman, but I noted that he was the only guy in the room to voice objection to the idea of a double vaginal. Hmm…I couldn’t help revisiting the idea throughout the evening.

We all ate, talked, shared another joint, and watched the rest of the vid with the sound low. Jon and Winston seemed really likeable and thoughtful; some guys can surprise you by being quite polite and gentlemanly despite a nearby TV screen showing hot messy fucking on it. Maybe they were still a bit shy, like I was. They told me a couple of funny stories about Marc and Maya that I enjoyed hearing. I learned that these four were part of a whole group of k**s who’d grown up as summer playmates at this lake. This weekend was the start of a number of annual reunions for these old friends and their families.

At one point most of us wandered back down to the kitchen. Jon and Winston became engrossed in a long conversation at the table. After awhile we noticed that Devin and Maya had left us. Assuming the night was winding down, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and get my body freshened up in all areas. Then I opened the door to find Marc waiting for me. “I’m feeling a bit left out of that conversation back there. Let’s say goodnight to everybody and go to bed”, he said.

As Marc and I neared the TV room, we heard the sounds of more porn being watched. The door was half-shut, but knowing Maya and Devin had their own bedroom elsewhere in the cottage I thought nothing of it. I was about to pass by, but then remembered I wanted to say goodnight to them, so I pushed open the door.

Porn was on the TV alright, but Devin and Maya had also gotten naked and were on a sofabed. They were propped-up on some pillows, closely facing each other with their knees bent and the soles of their feet pressed together. They were languidly masturbating while gazing deeply into each others’ eyes. “Oops, so sorry guys!” I blurted, spinning around and running smack into Marc in my hurry to leave.

Marc had a big grin on his face and just stood there. “My my, but what are you two up to?” he asked.

“Christ Marc, it’s your cousin!” I hissed at him.

I was stunned to hear Maya say calmly, “Hey it’s OK, Marc and I don’t have any privacy issues about sex at all—and neither does Devin. So why don’t you two just come in here and we’ll keep the party going?”

A flood of conflicting thoughts rushed through my head in about half a second. Damn, what kind of pervs were these people? Yet till now I had totally loved Marc and was kind of falling for Maya too; they were both so kind, sweet and generous. My eyes met Marc’s; he was looking at me so lovingly and clearly hoping I’d be understanding and accepting. Then I just felt myself melt, and become ashamed for judging this wonderful f****y so harshly. Oddly too, I realized that I definitely didn’t want to spoil everybody’s weekend by making a scene and storming out. After all, I told myself, I’d always been a very sexually-open and easily aroused woman. I’ll try most anything once so long as it’s safe and nobody gets hurt. For hours I’d been looking forward to some great lovemaking with Marc; now as he bent and deeply kissed me with intense emotion and passion, a warm jolt of energy surged through my body. I became more excited than I could ever remember being before, realizing I might be about to have the sexual adventure of a lifetime.

Shyly, I turned back towards the sofabed. A shocked gasp escaped me at what I’d failed to notice before: that Devin and Maya were connected with a large double-dildo that they’d inserted into both their behinds. Now I saw what the enema kits were for! Maya turned to us with a sweet, mischievous grin. “We just got this big fella in the mail yesterday—and watch this,” she murmured. Using their feet to grasp each others’ hips, she and Devin pushed their asses together, making the well-lubed rubber tool disappear completely into them both. “Mmm, now we’re really full,” giggled Maya. Her dark nipples had become about an inch long and I felt I’d love to run my tongue over them. Evidently the dildo was stimulating Devin’s prostate in nice ways—as I watched him squeezing his lovely penis, a surprising amount of clear pre-cum abruptly emerged from the tip and ran down his shaft.

“Um, I didn’t expect that,” said Devin a bit sheepishly. Maya reached and gathered some with her forefinger. “I have an excellent use for for his sweet stuff,” she chuckled. Pulling back the hood of her clit, she revealed the hardened pink pearl and dabbed Devin’s slippery nectar onto it. Her dreamy smile told us just how nice it felt stroking her now glistening little button.

The sexy pair arched their backs, gently pumping their hips and pleasuring their own genitals before us; I was struck by how beautiful Devin and Maya looked in the soft yellow light of the room. I was very attracted to both of them, and my warm moistening pussy seemed to concur. I stood transfixed before them as Marc moved in behind me, pressing his stiff bulge against my ass and kissing my neck. He tried unbuttoning my blouse, but I took over and doffed it myself. Soon Marc’s hands were stroking my belly and breasts, lightly teasing my stiffening nipples. As I bent to untie my shoes, Marc knelt and deftly tugged my shorts and panties down to my ankles. In a flash he had spread my cheeks and and planted his face firmly between them. That man worships my ass and I love it! Marc knows that a mouth near my anus is a major “on-switch” for me; almost without fail it makes me want to fuck and soon. Squirming from the intense pleasure of getting my crack tongued, I turned to Marc and whispered that we could score some anal douche from Maya if we needed it later. He paused briefly in surprise, but said nothing.

Somehow Maya and Devin had changed positions without me noticing. The big dildo was nowhere to be seen—would I get to try it later? She had now climbed atop Devin, facing me, and was sensuously riding him as he rested his hands on her lusciously generous hips. She smiled at me warmly and winked. The two of them moved slowly and rhythmically, seeming in no hurry to get off any time soon. This was the first time I’d been in a room watching two people have sex, and it was a life-changing moment for me. I saw before me a very loving couple indeed and realized how very happy I felt that they’d invited us to join their lovemaking. I now became very eager to have others view me openly having sex too.

On the other sofabed, I laid on my back with my knees up, beckoning Marc to climb between them. At first I was still shy and faced away from the other couple, but then had a sudden urge to let them see everything. With mixed feelings I swivelled around, brazenly exposing my naked spread pussy and asshole for all to see. “Yay!!” chirped Maya with glee. “We’re all gonna have a sweet time tonight!” Devin’s big grin showed he appreciated my goodies, and I loved knowing there were now two handsome guys in the room who wanted to play with me. Marc was now nude too; he laid between my open legs and fully entered me in one long stroke—I was just that wet and ready for him. Like the couple beside us we moved very slowly, savoring the sensations and newness of what we were experiencing.

Then something truly special happened: the four of us began softly talking to each other while having slow, sweet sex. “So tell me how we got here,” was my first question. I learned that in summers past, Maya and some of her playmates would seek hidden places in the woods nearby and “play doctor”. She would bring Marc along sometimes; in their innocence they never had any notions they were doing anything wrong. (Amazingly that had never changed either.) As they grew into their teens and became more serious about exploring sex, it just seemed easier to experiment with people they already knew and felt able to trust. Maya revealed that at f******n she gave her virginity to a local boy named James, and that as the years passed she still hooked up with him at least twice every summer. The way Devin smiled said that he warmly accepted this.

In their late teens, the group of play-friends made a formal pact: they would all be regularly tested for STDs; and would only have sex with each other or with people they were certain had been tested too. In the decades since, they hadn’t had one scare. Now I knew why months ago Marc had been so adamant that he and I couldn’t trade fluids until we’d both gotten freshly tested; it was to protect ourselves and the other intimate friends he cared about.

Devin mentioned that Winston and Jon happened to be part of their inner group, and asked how I’d feel if they joined us tonight. I honestly wasn’t sure, but I told him I’d figure it out if it happened and let him know. I’d truly surprised myself at just how comfortable I’d already gotten with this foursome; some group lovin’ among more good friends now didn’t seem an odd idea at all.

Amazingly throughout this little chat, cocks had remained gently moving within cunts; but finally our bodies began demanding more focused action. We stopped talking and began making love with greater passion—and making the expected sounds of course. Briefly eyeing the partly-open door, I wondered if Winston and Jon were still about, and possibly listening to us.

Marc’s mouth was working over my breasts, making me sigh as he took each nipple between his teeth and gently pulled them taut. Feeling another pair of hands on them, I realized Maya was squeezing them together; offering both my hard nips to her cousin’s tongue as his cock rhythmically moved in and out of me. Now Maya was standing directly beside our sofabed facing us, while Devin positioned himself close behind her. She sighed contentedly when she felt him go back in and resume pumping her steadily. Wanting to touch Maya and return the favour, I reached for her swaying breasts, while also raising my hips to get Marc deeper into me. “You can do me harder now baby,” I urged him. Maya and I gave the guys a little show, as she leaned forward and our mouths began pleasuring each others’ tits. Maya now knew I was bi, though it’s not hard to figure out and I’ve never made any secret of it.

Making love with these three people, whom I felt so affectionate towards, was indescribably delicious and emotional. Not to mention sexy!

After a few minutes Maya wanted another change; she nudged Devin to withdraw so she could stand straighter. Then she placed one foot up on the sofabed, bringing the area between her legs into view. “Want some?” she sweetly asked me. I answered by reaching for her hips, inwardly rejoicing as she hopped up and Marc made some room for her. I’d been admiring Maya’s thick, strong-looking thighs; now my cheeks would be touching their silky insides. With her feet on either side of my head she lowered her crotch over my grinning face. I paused to breathe deeply of Maya’s earthy cunt; it smelt freshly fucked yet clean and most inviting! Opening wide, I took both labia right into my mouth and began sucking them tenderly. Her lips responded, swelling further yet and parting when I touched them with my fingers. I licked sweet wetness from the inside of Maya’s cuntlips, making her murmur in appreciation. Then, holding my breath, I put my mouth inside her entrance and pushed my tongue in as deeply as I could. I tasted a hint of male pre-cum left by Devin, mixed with plenty of Maya’s yummy fuck fluids. With my nose against her perineum, I tongue-fucked her passionately until I needed to get air. Lifting slightly and tilting her butt upwards, Maya positioned her hard little clit so I could thoroughly lick and suck it. Sliding two fingers deep into her snatch, I soon had her sighing with pleasure and wetting my face even more.

Just as I was happily settling into the dual pleasures of eating a friendly pussy and being nicely fucked by Marc, I heard Devin beckon Winston and Jon to enter the room. I’d rather hoped that they had left, because I was unsure of how I’d handle their presence. With the sound of clothes dropping to the floor, I felt a nervous chill shoot through me—followed by undeniable excitement. I’d never orgied before, now here I was midway into one. Knowing I could always withdraw if things got too weird for me, I was just dying to know what might happen next.

Marc abruptly withdrew from me and moved down the sofabed. I waited for him to begin eating me, but that didn’t happen just yet. Maya began cooing, “Ooohhhh yes, yes do it! It’s been way too long since I’ve felt you there…” Moving my free hand up to touch her anus, I encountered a lubed penis already probing and going in—but whose? My heart stopped when I saw it was Marc’s! I watched as Maya’s sphincter easily flexed open to allow her cousin’s thick cock to slide right up her chute in one smooth stroke. It made me wonder if they hadn’t been doing this for years.

I became insanely aroused, thinking of young Marc and Maya secretly having this most taboo sex and still happily doing it as adults. When I felt Devin parting my legs, I eagerly gave him full access and rested my calves on his shoulders. He only spent a few seconds tonguing and nibbling me, before slipping two of his fingers into me and curling them slightly. God it felt wonderful when he found my G-spot, rubbing it good while stroking my clit with his other hand. A pair of expert fingers in my snatch can feel better than a dick in some ways. I noticed the quilt beneath me had become very damp from the way my pussy was now flowing.

Just then I nearly leapt out of my skin with a brand-new intense sensation: Winston and Jon were both licking my toes and feet! Since my feet are super-sensitive it was almost too much to take, but combined with everything else this toe-sucking gave me the most fantastic sensual feelings I’d ever had. I began panting and making uncontrolled noises, signalling the approach of a big ol’ orgasm. Jon and Winston then pressed their warm, smooth erections against the wet soles of my feet while Devin finally took my clit into his mouth. My head jerked upwards and side-to-side as I climaxed like a madwoman, rubbing my face hard into the folds of Maya's cunt, which couldn’t muffle my repeated cries of ecstasy. Getting her musky juices smeared all over my face definitely added to my pleasure; and I didn't give a damn about what my makeup probably looked like!

Maya asked Winston to stand on the sofabed and feed her his cock. I needed to calm down a bit and rest, but I was still together enough to keep pleasing her with my mouth and fingers. Now she had my mouth on her clit, my fingers in her pussy, Marc’s dick in her ass, and Winston’s slowly fucking her mouth. Devin moved up and parted my labia with his glans. When I mumbled my assent he slid fully into my relaxed vagina, pumping me with a slow and steady rhythm. Having another man fuck me with Marc right there watching felt good…damn good. All of us were sighing and moaning words of tender encouragement to each other.

Before long Maya cried out, “Jeezus I feel like my whole body’s gonna cum at once!” Her cunt muscles suddenly clutched my fingers tightly, and began to pulse as she launched into orbit. This girl obviously did her Kegels! Her body shook and juices began coursing down my cheeks while I struggled to keep her clit in my mouth. She hissed crazily between clenched teeth but otherwise made no sound.

Breathless, Marc gasped, “Damn! Maya’s asshole is clamping me like a vice—I can’t fucking move! You guys just wouldn’t believe how this feels…no way I can hold back much longer”. Somehow though, he managed to delay his climax until Maya’s had subsided. Such a trooper is my man.

Marc held still in Maya’s ass until her climax abated, with me still on my back under them being slowly fucked by Devin. In a thick, husky voice she said to me, “Anna, just to let you know that I’m really clean inside and the lube is flavoured”. I knew just what she was hinting at. I found myself strongly wanting to please her, to do anything she wanted no matter how freaky I thought it was. When I grasped Marc’s cock at the base and pulled it out of Maya’s asshole; a startled grunt escaped her lips at having his thick tool so suddenly extracted. Glimpsing up at Maya’s anus, I gasped at seeing how widely it gaped open for a brief moment before it quickly puckered shut.. Such a cute and talented rosebud she had; I looked forward to getting more intimately acquainted with it sometime. As Marc crouched lower, Maya turned around just in time to see me wantonly stuff that glistening tool all the way into my mouth. It was extra warm from being in her ass for so long, and tasted nicely of peach lube. “Oh FUCK – I swear that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” she squealed in delight.

I know that sometimes a guy can get so ultra hard that it begins to hurt, and being so overdue to cum Marc was clearly in this state. Every vein stood out from his purple granite thing, like it might burst. Maya knelt down and together we passionately licked Marc’s beautiful ribbed cock. Then I took his smooth sac right into my warm mouth, gently tonguing his balls; while Maya closed her eyes and engulfed the top third of his penis, her cheeks collapsing with the pressure of deep sucking.

Marc’s knees began to shake and I thought he might lose balance, but just then his two buddies came to the rescue. Jon and Winston crouched on either side of Marc, closely bracing him so he wouldn’t tip over when he lost control. I saw Winston tear open a packet and pass a condom to Jon; next thing I knew Jon slid his hand inside the rubber and Winston put some lube on the outside. Then Jon reached behind and pushed two thick fingers way up Marc’s ass. “Oh God that’s so nice, thanks man,” he groaned in appreciation.

“Let’s see…yep, found his prostate,” Jon chuckled. “When it’s that hard n’ slippery, for sure it wants a good fingering. Watch out Maya, I’m gonna get an extra big load out of him.”

“Ohhhh yeah this is it—I’m really gonna blow big time!” Marc hissed loudly. Grasping his pulsing shaft tightly in my fist, I proceeded to pump my boyfriend’s load straight into his cousin’s hungry mouth. Such a big holler dear Marc let loose, followed by several long groans. I saw Maya’s throat muscles moving rhythmically, swallowing again and again. Once more I wondered how often she’d done this—did she give a teenage Marc the gift of his first-ever blowjob?

“”Mmm, was that ever good,” said a beaming Maya, moving beside me and getting on her knees. “More,” she said, staying on her knees and beckoning Jon to step up for some expert wet fellatio. With Devin atop me, Marc laid down beside us to recover. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply, our tongues dancing together. If there’s anything sexier than kissing one lover while another’s inside you, I sure can’t imagine what. Soon I was kissing both men passionately in turn.

Then I looked into Marc’s eyes and asked, “I’d really love to feel Devin cum inside me; would you be OK with that Baby?” Marc’s nodding grin told me it was fine by him, but Devin said he needed to save himself or else he might be done for the night. Seeing my slight disappointment, he promised to give me some before the weekend was done. Then, with a sweet kiss and a few more delicious thrusts, he finally withdrew from me and got up. He moved behind Maya and began intently licking her asshole. God it was a sweet sight, knowing she’d just had a cock in there—I wished I could be tasting it myself. When Devin’s tongue sank deeply into her rectum and his fingers stroked her clit, Maya made happy moaning sounds around Jon’s penis.

“Um, I think my pussy would like some new cock—Jon would you fuck me please?”, Maya asked. The two guys switched places, Jon crouching to enter Maya from behind while Devin stood to enjoy Maya’s lovin’ cocksucking. He had to step back after a few minutes though, as Jon began really power-pumping Maya with vigor. She met his energy thrust-for-thrust, slamming back to get him in extra-deep with every instroke, panting and grunting in lusty satisfaction. “Oh yeah Jon, do me nice n’hard…just like that…just like that…” I just loved watching the ripples travel through Maya’s big, beautiful fleshy asscheeks every time they struck Jon’s pelvis.

Marc rested on his back, his penis soft and wrapped with a tissue turban to catch any post-orgasm drippings. I straddled one of his thighs and rubbed my warm slippery pussy on it, which always drives him crazy. His cock twitched and soon stood at half-mast—just hard enough for me to stuff back into my cunt, which I did after removing the tissue. A semi-hard penis can feel very nice parked inside me.

Now Winston came over to join us. He stood facing me with his feet outside Marc’s shoulders, bending his knees slightly. Grasping his cute little butt in my hands, I began blowing him enthusiastically, tonguing his cockhead as he gently fucked my mouth. I loved knowing that my boyfriend was looking straight up, watching me happily eat his good friend’s cock only inches from his gaze. I believe that being a skilled fellatrix is a very noble calling, both a pleasure and a craft, so I gave my very best head to Winston. I wrapped one hand tightly around the base of his shaft, pumping it while my tongue and lips flicked intently around the sensitive nerve endings below his glans. With the other hand I made a fist; reaching between his legs I pressed it firmly against his perineum and nudged it rhythmically. Winston placed his warm hands on my shoulders, partly to steady himself. When I sensed he was just about to cum, I surprised him by opening my throat and easing his entire dick all the way down. With my jaws stretched to the max and my lips now right against his groin, I must’ve looked like a cobra swallowing a rat. Winston squeezed his eyes shut and groaned with sheer joy. Holding still, I savored the sensation as his cock began to jerk and pulse repeatedly; then felt my belly warm noticeably from the startling volume of creamy nectar abruptly gushing straight into it. Yum—so filling and nutritious! I eased back a bit to make sure some of his tasty stuff splashed against my tongue and tonsils. I carefully ensured none escaped my mouth though; not wanting any to land on Marc’s face! I needn’t have worried though. After a minute, Winston gave me a look of real affection and gratitude for draining him so thoroughly. He bent to kiss me, not at all shy about tasting his own. Then Marc grabbed me and French-kissed me hard, letting me know he wasn’t shy about his friend’s cum either. With boyish glee, Winston high-fived Marc, making us all laugh aloud.

Jon had fucked Maya into a couple of loud orgasms, and just as I turned to look at them he pulled out of her. His erection was a deep red, and glistened with Maya’s juices. Devin stood on the floor, while Maya sat on the edge of the sofabed and wrapped her legs around Devin’s ass as his cock replaced Jon's within her. Marc motioned for Jon to come over to us and crouch behind me, presumably to try a D.P. Turning to Jon, I told him he’d need a condom since I hadn’t douched my ass. “Oh, anal wasn’t what we had in mind,” said Marc, “remember that scene in the porn flic earlier?” Oh my god—they both wanted inside my pussy at the same time! I hesitated for a split second, then had the wild thought that with Marc’s penis still half-soft, it just might be possible to squeeze Jon’s into me too. Knowing I could trust both guys to stop if I found it uncomfortable or painful, I smiled at Jon and told him to try going into me.

Jon pressed his penis firmly down on Marc’s shaft, gently easing just the head in. It was a very tight fit at first, but the guys were very careful. Marc withdrew a bit, letting Jon ease a bit more inside, then drew me back down on him. Slowly, they both entered me at the same time. It was a bit painful, but in my excitement I sure didn’t want to stop just yet. The guys then held still to let my pussy naturally stretch to accommodate them. Soon, more pleasurable feelings took over. A strong emotional rush surged through me, a feeling of joyful triumph and accomplishment at fitting two penises completely into my vagina. Was this fuckin’ cool or what!

Jon placed his large hands on my asscheeks, spreading them. “Look at that cute little rosebud,” he said, ‘so very pretty”. Then he took a wet fingertip and rubbed gently around the sensitive outer ring of my anus; soon I felt the muscle relax and open slightly. The air felt nicely cool touching me there, and the idea of my most intimate area being so trustingly wide-open to Jon’s gaze as he fucked me was powerfully sexy. Reaching down to my clit, I started rubbing myself as I relaxed some more and began riding Marc. My boyfriend was clearly enjoying the brand-new sensation of a slick penis sliding tightly against his own, for he abruptly grew fully hard and thick inside me. Wow, I could sure feel the delicious expansion! In no time at all, the excitement of being in a double-vaginal plainly overwhelmed Marc—with no warning he suddenly detonated powerfully within me, yelling out his ecstacy for all to hear as he came and came. Realizing that Jon’s dick must getting all coated with Marc’s sperm sent me right over the edge too—I went into another huge shuddering orgasm myself. I’m surprised I didn’t hurt my guys when my spasming cunt muscles contracted and clenched the two penises so tightly together.

I gazed into Marc’s hazel eyes and kissed him deeply, passionately. “Thank you so much for bringing me into your world Baby—I’m having the time of my life tonight”.

He looked up at me and beamed radiantly. “I’m so glad to hear that—it makes me love you even more deeply than before”. We were both clearly overwhelmed with emotion, even with Jon still inside me, pleasuring us both. “I love seeing you be so giving with everybody too,” Marc added.

“I’d like to give more this weekend too,” I whispered. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll give up my asshole to Jon—did you notice how much he seems to adore it?”

Marc winked. “I’ll enjoy being there nearly as much as he will”.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed with amusement that Maya seemingly enjoyed enacting scenes from her porno collection: with Devin finally approaching his climax, she loudly urged him to shoot his load onto her breasts. He soon obliged by pulling out of her sopping cunt with a wet sound, taking aim, and ejaculating spectacularly all over her heaving tits. Beaming with satisfaction, she massaged his lotion into her skin, making her globes shine in the light. Admittedly it did look pretty damn hot; apparently Jon thought so too as his pumping suddenly quickened and his muscles tightened in expectation. Knowing how Maya would enjoy the sight, I told Jon to cream onto my back. With Marc gone soft again, Jon easily slid out of me, then shouted as he showered me with several warm jets of his thick white sauce. I felt his stuff squirt as far up as the back of my neck and between my shoulders. Jon rubbed his still-pulsing slippery tool all over my asscheeks, until they were covered with the stickiness of his and Marc’s mixed cum.

Marc grinned like it was Christmas and tenderly kissed my forehead; I was still panting and sweating like crazy. I noticed that the room had a strong, heavy, primal scent of male and female fluids, semen and cunt; a natural smell that I just loved in the ultra-horny state I was in. Mmm—there’s nothing like it.

Winston had apparently recovered from my earlier blowjob, for the insatiable goddess Maya was now riding him with gusto. I wanted to cum one more time along with her. But first I stood near her, showing my splattered back to her. “Oh god yes,” she purred. She began licking all Jon’s warm sperm off my body, panting as she moved up and down on Winston’s shaft. Then, wrapping a strong arm around my thighs, she pulled me closer. Spreading my asscheeks, she widened her tongue and and lapped all around my anus until it too was clean of semen. Reaching inside my cunt to scoop up yet more cum, she licked her fingers clean while making smacking sounds and appreciative little moans—clearly savoring the delicious erotic tastes.

Then I laid down in front of Maya, brazenly spreading my legs wide and rapidly frigging my clit right in front of her while she bounced on Winston. Gazing deeply into each others’ eyes and smiling warmly, Maya and I simultaneously launched into our last quivering orgasms of the night.

We all cuddled together awhile, then kissed each other goodnight and moved off to our own bedrooms. I went to sl**p feeling very in-love with both Marc and Maya.

During the rest of the weekend we all engaged in much more sexual experimenting and lovemaking. To my great delight, Marc was game for more bisexual action. He and another summertime friend, Eric, gave us girls a fine show as we watched the two guys 69 and fuck each other. Of course Maya and I jumped in and helped them cum repeatedly. But that’s a tale for another time.

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Thank you, it feels good to know you enjoyed it. If I ever make it into a movie, I'll be sure to invite you to the set as, say, a "production consultant" or something.
11 months ago
Great story, really not that long at all. I'm glad I read from the beginning to learn the back story. You're a good writer too :)
2 years ago
Very nice!
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
Excellent, hot and well written
3 years ago
good story with tricky ideas
3 years ago
That was nice. You have a sexy way with words. Thanks