Tie me up and make me cum

Every so often someone asks me to "tie them up" usually I politely decline but Alex was different "Tie me up and make me cum then" he challenged.

I cant say this would be my first gay experience and Alex knew it, he made it clear a year ago whilst very d***k he wanted to have sex with me, in his own words “I want your cock balls deep in my ass” I thought to myself for a few moments about the idea remembering what he had said that previous year

I’m on an enf***ed holiday thanks to my Wife, Alex owns the Holiday shack we are staying with and decided to invite himself and his girlfriend along, my partners and Alex girlfriend have disappeared into the woods to go mediate and I wont see them for a few hours. And to top it off there is only coffee in the shack (coffee makes me hyper)

“Come with me then” I bark at him, my first problem is I have nothing to tie him up with, Looking around the garage I stuck gold ROPE only one sight problem the rope is a bit oily

Alex asked timidly “you going to do it in the garage” I just looked at him all of a sudden he eagerly starts to strip, I have to admit Alex does have a nice body one would call it toned and not overly muscularly. I slowly start to wrap the oily rope around his body slowly tighten it around his chest. Then I notice a unusually wooden bar stool in the corner of the garage. I suddenly had very naughty thoughts.

I move him over onto the stool, I f***e Alex to arch his back over the old broken and cracked leather seat to the stool, and I quickly tied his feet and arm to the legs of the stool.

I knelt to his side and slowly traced my finger around his chest and lower stomach as I spoke “it seems IV already made your cock hard, does it turn you on being restricted this way” I took the last bit of Oily rope I had and wrapped it around my fingers, I grabbed Alex cock and started to wank him on one side of his cock he could fell me soft hand and on the other he could feel the rope, he breath deepened and it wasn’t long till a steady steam of pre-cum was oozing from his cock head, I moved my thumb over his head and massaged his pre-cum back into the head of his cock.

I whispered in his ear that if he was a good boy id let him play with my cock, I then took a large deep bite into his exposed naked nipple it seems that it pushed him a bit to far as cum rushed over my thumb and I watched it splash onto Alex stomach and chest

“well well It seems I made you cum you dirty little boy” I proclaimed before I licked his cum of my thumb, it had been some time since id last tasted a mans cum, as I savored the taste I lost my self restraint “Oh Alex” I said “the problem know is I have a big hard cock and as you know the girls wont be back for a while”

Id tied Alex feet to the stool with quick release knots, I ripped at he knots and they released his leg I flung them over toward his head, exposing his tight hole “Alex panted “Fuck me, make me your dirty fucking whore” I took some of the his cum and started to massage it into his hole, I started to pushed my erect cock into his ass, it seems his cum was working as a good enough improvised lube, I cant say I was being gentle as I pushed my cock deeper into his ass with a pop my head had pushed it way completely into his ass.

My primal sexual side took over and I roughly started to fuck Alex, I couldn’t hear his moans of pain and pleasure I was completely focused on destroying his tight cock loving hole, suddenly I felt my cock enlarge and balls tighten within a moment id had started to cum up Alex hole. For a moment I stopped my cock balls deep into Alex ass, I watched as pool of cum pooled onto floor between my feet, the cum I had shoot up Alex ass had started to run back down the shaft of cock.

Unfortunately for Alex my sexual desire had not been fulfilled, I un-tied him from the stool and threw him to the floor, it took another hour of Cumming and me fucking until I was done.

Alex had got his wish from the year before he got my cock balls deep into his arse, luckily for use both we still had another day left on holiday but that’s another story.

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