The red-headed Italian friend

Her friend got to our place around 6 and it was a bit akward because we all knew why she was there and we had known eachother for a long time, so it wasn t a spur of the moment thing, so the nervousness had a chance to settle in. We had a few cocktails (I made them and I didn t go cheap on the rum..). I had made osso bucco (her favorite) and we had a fairly good amount of wine. During supper, the talk really turned to sex, what she and we were into. We were talking generally but it had to do with setting up the next few hours and what we would be willing to do(for me obviously no limits but her friend wanted to set a few groundrules, that she would break later on...).

I went down stairs to get some ice and when I got back upstairs, I found my gf and her friend kissing gently, none of that angry love stuff, but tenderly like only 2 girls can do. I sat down next to her friend, so she would be in the middle and I started kissing her on the neck and rubbing her tighs. She turned her head and started kissing me with her tongue. My gf was taking her top off and started rubbing my cock through my pants. At that point, I suggested that we move upsatirs to our bedroom, which we did. Her friend stripped slowly and had really nice lingerie and had gotten a pedicure that day. She was so fuckin hot that even my gf commented that she was really turned on by her. Her friend asked me to take my pants off and show her my hard cock (she could see that I had a tent in front of my pants). My gf and her knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock and my balls, taking turns. I have seen this a million times on this site and in movies, but the moment was surreal. The 2 prettiest girls I knew, friends, were working my cock.

After they had sucked my cock for a good 15 minutes (I have no clue how I managed not to cum), her friend was really turned on and she told my gf that she wanted to eat her hairy pussy. My gf lay down and her friend started to finger her gently, sliding one, than 2 fingers up her cunt and finally putting her mouth on her (very wet) pussy. As she was giving her a good licking, I got closer to her friend and spread her ass and starting licking it. You could tell she had taken a shower and was very clean but her snatch really smelled like dirty sex. I stuck my nose up her ass and started tasting that dirty little cunt. They were both moaning with pleasure. I was still feeling my way around to see how far I could go when she took my had and brought it to her ass-hole and asked me to shove a couple of fingers. She let out a sigh of pleasure. My gf than told her that she wanted the same thing from her but only 1 finger. She obliged. I took my fingers out of her friend s asshole and made my gf lick them. We kissed with an open mouth. I had no clue that my gf would be so comfortable in a threesome with a friend but the vibe was really good.

I laid down on my back and asked my gf to sit on my extremely hard dick and asked her friend to sit on my face so I could lick her pussy and ass. I could not see (unfortunately...) but my gf and her friend were face to face playing with their tits and kissing, one sitting on my face, one on my cock. Her friend came first as she easily has clit orgasme and I was flicking my tongue really fast. She got up and asked my gf if she would mind if she borrowed my dick for a little while as she wanted a vaginal orgasm. Her marriage was really not going well for a good 2 years and she hadn t fucked in a long time so she wanted it bad. They both got on all fours side by side and I took turns fucking their pussies. I let a little bit of cum inside my gf becuase I was going to explode, buying me some extra time. Her friend had her second orgasm, shaking all over and then lay down looking at me and my gf go at it again. Her friend started masturbating my gf, while doggie and I was really pumping her hole hard. I told her that I couldn t hold it anymore and she said it was ok because she was cumming. As soon as she had reached orgasm, I pulled out and came on both their tits and necks. I think a fucking gallon came out.

We have since seen eachother a few times and things are not weird but she know has a new boyfriend I do not think it will happen again, but that time was really amazing and I can now tell the story...
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2 years ago
J'aime tes histoires. Pas longue à lire et très directe. Pas de zigonnage avec les mots. Thèmes fort intéressants !

Encore ! encore !
4 years ago
you got me hard reading and trying to picture this and hope to read more from you
4 years ago
Great story - looking forward to a sequal
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
How red of a redhead i really love redheads thanks