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how I got fucked by b*o

I got call from Shanta from delhi my b*****r live with her n her husband.
She told me that my b*****r is good fucker. I asked if she got fucked by my b*****r,she sais yes on fridAY NIGHT i SADUCED HIM.
first he was shy. My hubby said it is ok to him.Hubby watched us make love. In faxt we did it for all ween end. I asked shanta if he seen u with your b*****r.
Yes On saturday I had my b*****r over. we did every thing. Your b*o is bisexual too. He sucked
and fucked huby n my b*****r.I said that is great news. Shanta said thats not all he admit that he have hots for u too.
Now you have to come over and get to taste him. Thats good I said. I will be there on the week end. Dont tell him yet.
I will hide in one of the room. When u get going then I will come down. I w grabed him and started kissing him.
Want to see his face as he see me.
when he came home from work. Shanta STARTED TO kiss him all over. He sais what got u into it?
She said nothing just feeling horney. Dont you like it? He said yes I love it. I weas watchiong him from upstairs.Shanta got on floor he got on top of her and started to fuck her.
I had my clother removed and come down where he was fucking shanta. He did not hear me.
I put myt hand onhis eyes as he was fucking shanta. Shanta said to him who is there? He said hands feel like female but cant tell
who she is. Shanta said close your eyes dont open till I tell u to open. I took my hands off and got in front of him my fuddi was
at his face. Shanta said now u can open eyes. OMG When did u get here my sweet s****r? I said I would not miss it for the world.
He said to Shanta you r kinky lady why u did not tell me she is cuming? Now u can make her cum.
She is all yours now.b*****r started to lick my fuddi. My legs were shaking as he was licking honey pot. He was doig very good job made me cum twice in few minuts. He said now on your knees sali kuti
Ajj to teri gand chodun ga.Yes mere bhai menu chodo kute ke taran. I am your kutia.
Shanta got underneeth me and started to lick my fuddy as my gand was getting ramed in. I was also licking shanta's fuddi.
As we were doing that Shanta's b*****r n husband came in.They joined in.All five of us were busy fucking sucking what we saw cunts and cocks.
I asked b*****r when he became bisexual? When I was in 10th class.But I did only with one guy.
You know him his name is Hari. Yes I know him he is very handsome boy. He said I did not suspect that u n bhua done it.
I said there are many things you dont know.What all that I did not knew if dad was bi nor mom used dildo.
Bua n fufar got me into it also they got bholy my friend into it. But she is married. So married. herhubby cant fuck bholy.
cant have sex? Now dad is fuckindad is getting fucked in Spain. Mom been fucked by dildo that bhua game me.
Did u use dildo on mom? No it was bholy who did mom. Now I am planning to bring mom here for u ans shanta n her husband.Dont forget my b*****r too said Shanta.
Dad fucked bhua n fufar in spain.Very soon we will have all the f****y in one room. I love your lunn my b*****r. b*o; so u have not licked mom yet?
Right not yet. Do u like to fuck our mom in front of our friends? That will be very exciting dont know if mom would go for it.
We will blind fold her.
Posted by biloandbholy 2 years ago
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1 year ago
wow sexy loved it..,
2 years ago
Brother/sister incest is a favorite fetish of mine - love it!
2 years ago
Interesting story , It`s make my dick more harder
2 years ago
2 years ago
very sexy.. want to know more of how your brother fucked you..