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Dad came home

Hello my friends.

I got email from my aunt in Canada she told me that my father will be coming to India in couple of days. He asked me not to tell any one. I want to surprise wife and my dau.
So be careful. She says he do not know that you n mom are doing it.

I did not tell mom that dad is coming home. It was about afternoon when I heard car stop out side of our home. I said to mom who that might be? She said she will look and find out. As she open the small gate there was dad standing with suitcase.
Bilo your dad is here come and look. Dad hugged mom then I went to him he hugged me t... Continue»
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Three guys for us three ladies

Three guys for us three ladies.

When b*****r and his friends came down they were in lungi. WE got up and meet them as they come in. Mom went to Raju the bit older guy. I went to mundu the smaller boy.
Bholy went to my b*****r. I call my b*****r BC. Mean behan(s****r) fucked(chode)
Mom cal him MC. We kissed our guys and sat on sofa. We had rug on floor for to get down on floor when needed. We chit chat a bit then started to kiss. We all three ladies started to feel their tools. Bholy had my b*****r before when. I put my hand on mundu’s cock over the longi it was hard and felt real thick. A... Continue»
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b*****r is home with his friends

b*****r is home now.

Well my friends here it is what happened when my b*****r came home.

We three mom,I and bholy were sitting drinking coffee and talking about what we are going to do when my b*****r come home. Mom said she is elder so she should have him first. Bholy said to mom you been fucked for longer time by your husband. My husband only comes here once a year. Even then he don’t fuck me good. I said he is my b*****r I should have him first. We were just giggling laughing and waiting for him to reach here sooner. After about half hour we heard car in out side of our home. We thre... Continue»
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b*****r coming home

I told my mom and my friend Bholy that my b*****r is coming home in 2 days. We three of us were very happy to know what. We licked each other kissed each other’s cunts. We played with each other for 2 hours. Used dildo on each of us.
I put on dildo and told my mom get get ready to get fucked by your son. She opened her legs as she was on bed already. Come my son fuck your mom with your big cock. Bholy sat on mom’s face with her bald cunt. Mom started to fuck her cunt with her tongue. I was banging my mom pretending to be mom’s son. We three of were moaning louder. Did not care if some hear u... Continue»
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[Story] Mom's cousin b*****r and mom

One day I and my mom were just sitting and talking and bholy came over too. We heard knock on door. Mom went to see who was at door. When she opened the door there was man stood at the door. He said how are you, my dear s****r. They both hugged each other. He came in where we were sitting. Mom introduced him as her cousin from back home. He went to Africa many years ago. Is this bilo he asked? Yes mom said. And who is this beautiful girl sitting next to Bilo? She is bholy mom said. She said hi and uncle also said hi to Bholy. He said Bilo has grown as young lady. She was just little when I saw... Continue»
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[Story] mom/b*o

Bholy and I made plan to take mom to Delhi for some fun. We did not tell mom what we are going to do. We told her that we can see temple there and do some shopping.
We 3 of us reached Delhi about 2pm. Our friend Shanta was home alone. Her husband was at work. We told her what was our plan before we left village. We had tea and some snack. Then bit later Shanta started teasing Bholy. Bholy was also touching Shanta and grabing her boobs soon had them out n she was sucking Shanta’s boobs. Mom was looking bit shy. But soon she got into the sprit. Then Shanta came over where mom was sitting on so... Continue»
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How got mom into it

Hello again. How I got my mom into it.

I and my friend made plan to seduce my mom. I said to my friend bholy lets get mom in our group. You call mom that you need some help to my mom. When she come over you can seduce her. Now that your good at licking pussy. I will make excuse to go to city.

Bholy called mom that she is need her for help. Mom went to her home. Bholy made tea and sat n drinking tea and talking. She told mom that she is lonely. Mom said I know the feeling. Your uncle is in Spain I am also lonely some time. Bholy sat next to mom and asked mom how she manage to stay with o... Continue»
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[Story] how my aunt fucked with my dad and her cousin brot

Bilo here.

My aunt send me email from Canada that she and her husband are going to UK to attend wedding.
They will be going to Spain to see how my dad is doing there.Here is what she wrote I am just coping
pasting here.

After 2 weeks in UK we went to spain. I asked our friend Victor to pick up us at the airport and dont tel my cousin b*****r that we are coming. Sure thing Victore said he will never know.But we will set up some kinky party to welcum you. Thats good idea I will surprise my b*****r.we went to their home at about 6pm. Victor told us that there be 5 couples at party incl... Continue»
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how I got fucked by b*o

I got call from Shanta from delhi my b*****r live with her n her husband.
She told me that my b*****r is good fucker. I asked if she got fucked by my b*****r,she sais yes on fridAY NIGHT i SADUCED HIM.
first he was shy. My hubby said it is ok to him.Hubby watched us make love. In faxt we did it for all ween end. I asked shanta if he seen u with your b*****r.
Yes On saturday I had my b*****r over. we did every thing. Your b*o is bisexual too. He sucked
and fucked huby n my b*****r.I said that is great news. Shanta said thats not all he admit that he have hots for u too.
Now you have to c... Continue»
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[Story] Indian girl got fucked by her uncle and aunt.

Mera naam bilo hai and meri saheli ka Bholy hai. Meri umar 21 sal ki hai saheli ki 27 sal ki. Saheli ki shadi hui hai meri nahi abhi. Sal pehle meri bhua and fufar canada se mere daddy/mommy ko milne aie san. Bhua bohat sundar si. Hum punjab me rehne wale hain.  Fufar bhi sandsome hai. Hum or bhua ek dam dost ban gai. Bhua or fufar ne muje chalo kia tha. Chalu ka matlab mere sath sex kia tha. Or menu ek couple ke sath share keia tha delhi vich.or jab hum Agra gai to mujhe ek gore ke sath share kis tha. Mujhe bohat mazza aia tha.Hum teno 10 din tour kia tha. Har roj bhua fufar mere sath se... Continue»
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