Pump it Up

My descibes air being pumped into my bladder. It's the most erotic feeling but to give it some background I should say I started this stuff a very long time ago when I was 18/19.. I discovered an electrical cable adapter that fitted the main bathroom water outlet, and the other end fitted a small rubber tube. I waited until my f****y were all out of the house and made ready to give a water infusion a try.
I was very nervous at first as I spit on the tube and fed into my pee-hole. It was (Then) quite difficult to get in in very deep, and almost impossible to get it into my bladder.
When it was in as far as i dare I slid the other end over the cold water outlet, and slowly opened the valve. It felt really strage at first and I was not sure that it was feeling good, but the excitement of such a kinky act made up for it all, and I let the water run for as long as I dare.
I stopped and pee'd it all out to start again, and repeated it about 6 or 7 times. I found that the Very Cold water made my Protate area and Bladder cramp up with the cold and I had to stop.
It was fantastic and I had to repeat the experience asap. Later that afternoon I tried again but this time I rounded off the end of the rubber tube and managed to get it into my bladder.
I decided to use the hot tap this time so I would not suffer the cold cramps of earlier.
I made sure that the water was not too hot and gingerly opened the valve again. This time the tube turned hot - almost too hot, but the feeling was out of this world and I could not bring myself to stop
I experienced 3 or 4 orgasms over about 4 minutes as the water pumped in to me.
As it was so exqiusate I did not notice that my bladder was ready to burst (or so it felt).
I carefully removed the tube to take a piss.

My knob almost exploded as the now very hot water slopped past my prostate and out of my Knob. I experienced the terric and intense orgasms I have ever had in my life, as I came time after time after time after time as I pissed the hot water and spuck from my knob.
I longed to do it again, but getting the water just right was obvoisly just a fluke and not easy to do - so I have never again taken the risk.

But I was now hooked. I made up a small pump designed to pump almost anything I could throw at it. My first use of it was to empty the teapot (tea leaves an all) into the pump containter, I put in my tube which by now was nicely smoothed off with no sharp edges and just short of my bladder.
I connected the pump and proceeded to pump the cold tea and the used tea leaves into me. The tea leaves created a sort of lumpy and intermittent retriction as they were pumpd into my bladder.
These small explosive blockages were once again an exquisite feeling, and as I pumped and pumped an orgasm was not too far behind.

I decided to leave the tea leaves in for over an hour, and as I had pumped in over a pint of fluid a later natural collection of urine added to the quantity.
I could hold it no longer and went to the bathroom sink to express the evil brew.

Nothing!!. Totally blocked solid!!!.
The tea leaves had settled to the base of my bladder and blocked the outlet.
What to do? I decided to take to tube again and slide into my cock but stopped short of the valve. I bent double and just puffed a small quantity of air down my cock to pressurise the valve from the other side.
It worked as the short puff of air entered my bladder and the tea and the leaves immediately spurted out of the end of my cock and into the sink.
Once again it was fantastic.
I had now discovered that air could be pumped in as well. The difference with a gas is that it made the bladder valve vibrate as it was pumped in. If you did it too fast it could be very painful and even cause the valve to bleed a little, but properly controlled it was like a vibrator attached to your prostate from the inside. When I carefully pumped it is, and carefully controlled the outflow both could give wonderful orgasms as well.

What to do next?
At that time I worked in an engineering establishment and acquired a small 7kg propane bottle with a regulator and
I made an adaptor to my rubber tube to try pressurising with propane instead of air.
Propane actually feels warm as it is pumped in. I used a pressure of about 3/5 psi, and this was enough to pressurise me without risking damage to my urethra or bladder
I pumped until my bladder felt so full that my belly stood out 3” further than normal, but you can guess that the later pay off for this kinky episode was not just the filling and emptying.

I found my gas lighter and I carefully let the gas past my prostate. I lit the propane as it came from my cock a flame belched from the end of my cock about 3 feet in length and almost level with my face.
It was fucking incredible, both to do. to see and to feel.

The gas slightly burn the end on my cock (Not enough to leave a mark) but as it did so I had a massive orgasm with spunk, gas and flame spurting from my the end of my Cock.
As my cock singed I came and came again and again.
It was wonderful and in about 6 weeks I used the whole gas bottle.

My next trick was some years later when I wanted to make something that would COMPLETLY FILL me to very high pressure, but not risking any harm to my bladder etc.
I got hold of some small balloons (The kind you blow up for k**s to play with) and using talcum powder to lubricate each one I put several one inside the other (four I think) and I bound them on to a rubber tube that was designed to be a very tight fit into my pee hole.

By this time after 7 or 8 years of pumping I hade a fair idea what i could get away with and the capacity of my Bladder.

I used a Bike pump to inflte the balloons, and then I kinked the tube to stop the air coming out. I put the end on the rubber tube in the end of my prick (see video for an idea) and I let the kinked tube go.

Fucking WOWEEE. The high pressure of the balloons pushed the air out at very high speed and into my baldder, but as my bladder got full the balloons were much smaller and much more powerful as they f***ed the compressed air into me and I had never ever before had my bladder so full.
My belly was a sight to behold as the skin was streched tight as if it was about to burst.
When I drummed my fingers over by belly it rung like a drum.

I thought at the time 'this is so close to bursting', and I decided not to do it again for quite a long while

But as you may have guessed, I was drawn to it again, and soon got confident over several tries that it was safe for me to do it some more. I started to make the balloons bigger, stronger, and I filled them more and more, and my bladder just kept on getting bigger and bigger to accomodate the extra volume I was pushing at it.
It was a wonderful feeling, and the more I pumped and made my bladder bigger, the more I wanted to do it.

I was very curious actually how big the volume I had reached actually was, but to measure it the drawback was I had to use a liquid to do it. Liquid was ok - but it was quite heavy when you had a large quanitity in, and the extra weight of it made you feel much more full than you really were at the time, and it could be very much more uncomfortable than a gas due to it incomressability and weight

Anyway I set out to measure the largest quanitiy i could accomodate.
It was one Sunday afternoon and my wife was out for the day with the k**s, and I prepaired my water pump and some warm water.
I pumped, and pumped and pumped by hand until I thought I would go bang. Then I gave it some more until I could no longer stand the pain of the pressure in my k**ney's.
I stopped pumping in - and started to let it out.

I managed to measure 2 1/2 pints of water as I pissed it in a bowl. WOW!!!!!! (Never done that Again)

I never shared this with anyone until I met my current wife. She is the most open minded person I have ever met, and I have showed her the water trick and the gas trick many times.

She used to like to see me with the bulb pump you see in my video and she loved to pump me up herself, but you have to remeber a safeword, as someone else does not know just the right moment to stop safely
We used to Fuck with a longer tube in place. It would come from my bladder, out of my cock, up the walls of her pussy and to the rubber buld in her hand.
She would pump me up as I fucked her and she would pump REALLY HARD as I was about to come.

We tried it all ways, but the only things she liked to have pumped into her was cows milk and my piss. She loved the warm piss from my cock pumped in her until she was very full. She said it made her 'Go Cold'

She also used to get me to piss in a container, then she would pump about a pint of it into her own bladder then she would pissit our into the same container, and pump it into her ass.

At our wedding dinner (Just the two of us) I disapeared for 10 minutes. She knew I was up to something. Then, When It was time to toast our marriange I pissed two glasses of wine for us. The temperature was just right, and we had two more glasses as I had pumped the whole bottle!

There is more to come for anyone that cares to ask.
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