K4 Niece Katy is a Team Player

K4 Niece Katy is a Team Player

By billy69boy

After dropping my wife off at the airport, I was downright giddy with excitement. My darling niece Katy lived only a few minutes away and I had arranged to stop by and visit with her. As I waited for her to answer the door, I wondered if she would be in a playful mood. I knew her boyfriend Jimmy was out of state on a training session, and wouldn’t be back for a few more days. Katy’s daughter was down South staying with her father for the month, so it was just Katy and her ten month old son who answered the door.

“Hi Uncle Billy”, she said, standing on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek, as she juggled her infant son in her arms. “Are you alone?” she asked, looking behind me and seeing no one.

“Well, yes I am. Remember I told you I was dropping Aunt Barbara off at the airport?” I told her.

“Oh, I know about Aunt Barb. I just thought maybe you brought along a couple of your poker buddies, or something…” her voice trailing off.

“So, you are still thinking about our poker party, are you?” I asked her, chuckling. (See K3 Niece Katy Plays Hostess)

“Uncle Billy, every time I think about that night, I have an orgasm!” she confessed, blushing. “Come with me while I change the baby and put him down for his nap.”

I followed behind her, admiring her sexy curves and tight ass, and watching her long light brown hair swaying back and forth as she walked. She was in amazing shape, considering she had a baby not long ago. And that short denim skirt did nothing to hide her beauty. As she leaned over the crib to change the baby, I couldn’t help myself. I moved close behind her, and put my hands on her waist, then slid them down until they covered her ass.

“Mmmmmm, I was hoping you were going to be in a playful mood today, Uncle Billy,” she cooed. I thought it was a good omen that she used those exact words that I was thinking about her, I slipped my hands underneath her skirt, and confirmed my suspicion that she would not be wearing any panties. I gave her ass cheeks a firm squeeze, and she shook away from me in mock disapproval.

“Honestly, can’t you at least wait until I’m done here?” she admonished. Then she just as quickly spread her legs and bent over the crib rail a little further. I didn’t hesitate to run my fingers lightly over her freshly shaved pussy, searching for her clit. She was already wet and prepared for action. I noticed she had left her vibrator out on her nightstand. It was probably still wet too, I guessed.

She began to breathe heavier, as I slowly teased her with my fingertips, and grazed her now throbbing clit ever so slightly.

“Oh my god, you are such a fucking tease! I hate when you do that!” she exclaimed. I started to use more pressure on her clit, and then slid two fingers into her eager pussy. Slowly at first, I worked them inside her hot love canal; until I had them in as far as they would go. She groaned softly, and pushed back against my hand. Slowly, I pulled my fingers back out, and glided my slick fingers around her clit before I buried them again deep inside her. She gasped, and shook her head in response.

I added a third finger rather easily, she was so well lubricated, and then I increased the tempo and really gave it to her roughly and forcibly, just like she prefers. In no time, her legs started twitching, and her knees were shaking. She gripped the crib rail tightly with both hands, bent over as far as she could, and got up on her tiptoes, while I violated her young pussy with my hand. I finger fucked her like nothing she’d ever experienced before, and she just erupted as she bounced up and down on my hand, until she was satiated, and her legs crumbled underneath her.

How she managed to change her baby while all that was going on, I had no idea. But now my focus was on my stiff cock. I held on to her while she covered her son with a blanket, and threw his dirty diaper in the trash, and then I walked her out to the living room and sat her on the sofa.

“Uncle Billy, you are so…I don’t know…wicked!” she declared, “I don’t know what it is. You are rough and nasty, but you make me cum like nobody else.” With that, she slouched down on the couch. I wasn’t able to bring my own “bag of tricks” with me, because of dropping my wife off at the airport, so I had to improvise. I pulled one of the wooden dining room chairs over to the couch. I unplugged her phone and turned the cord into a bondage rope.

“Roll over on your stomach,” I ordered. She looked up and saw the phone cord in my hands, rolled over, and put her hands behind her back without having to be told. I tied her wrists together snugly, and told her to kneel down in front of the wooden chair. I went out to the kitchen in search of a proper spanking implement. I found just the thing: a thin wooden ruler. I came back to the living room to find Katy obediently kneeling in front of the chair. I took my shorts off and sat down facing her. She was eye-to-eye, as it were, with my erect penis. I caressed her hair tenderly, and held her sweet face in my hands, and kissed her warm lips passionately, before I pulled her head forward to my waiting manhood.

“Just lick it for right now,” I told her. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes, put her tongue out, and began to tenderly lick underneath the head, and up and down the shaft. Her tongue was soft and hot, and I had to think of something else so I wouldn’t blow my load right away. I knew if I allowed her to wrap her beautiful lips around my now throbbing erection, it would be all over much too quickly. So, I pushed her back into a straight up position, and leaned toward her. I started to slowly unbutton her thin white blouse. With no bra to hide anything, her hard nipples were easy to see through the blouse. Each button that I undid seemed to release more and more pressure, so by the time I got to the last button, her tits burst free. For a thin girl, she had wonderfully full, lively breasts. Even though her son had stopped breast feeding by then, she still had the large boobs to show for her efforts. They were about to be treated a little differently.

I pulled her blouse off her shoulders, and yanked it down. She blushed with excitement, as the coolness of the air conditioner gushed over her warm globes. I took one in each hand, and began rubbing them gently, kneading her swollen nipples, squeezing and pinching them, until they were a soft pink color. Katy was breathing heavily again, but she gasped in surprise when she saw me pick up the wooden ruler. She shrunk back, and sat on her haunches, as if she could hide from me.

“Pull your shoulders back, and push your chest out!” I commanded. She did so reluctantly, and for her hesitation, she was rewarded several sharp whacks of the ruler on each of her puffy tits. She winced a little, but held her proper position. This made me want to challenge her, to test her a bit more. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! Several more blows across each of her breasts. After several more rounds, her tits were glowing warmly. I put the ruler down, and fondled and squeezed them until a few drops of milk squirted out. I leaned down and took each of her nipples in my mouth, and traced them with my tongue. It sounded to me like Katy was purring with delight. I reached down between her legs, and was not surprised to feel slickness in her aroused pussy. She jumped as I flicked and pinched her clit. But she didn’t ask me to stop. Finally, I slapped her boobs with my bare hands several times. They bounced so gracefully, and then returned to their natural position. It was fascinating to watch. But it made my cock go crazy with anticipation.

I brought her head forward again, and offered my cock to her. This time she accepted it into her mouth completely. I got such a rush, feeling her hot mouth envelope my thick rod. It felt so good, and she knew it. She stared up at me with her big brown eyes, and tantalizingly gulped down more and more, inch by inch, until I could feel the back of her throat. I instinctively grabbed her head in my hands, and pulled it toward me, thrusting my cock deep into her throat time and time again. It was all I could do to stop myself, but I finally pulled away from her and stood up. She coughed and gagged and choked a little, but she quickly regained her composure. I helped her to her feet, untied her wrists, and led her to the dining room table. She climbed up and lay on her back. I folded her legs back until they were tight up against her chest, then I used the phone cord to wrap around her body and the table, pinning her legs in position. I got a cloth napkin and turned it into a blindfold, just to add to the intrigue.

I pulled my chair up to her exposed pussy, and rubbed her smooth round ass and thighs. Then I leaned down and ran my tongue all around the outside of her pussy, stopping at her clit for an extended time. I spread her ass cheeks and darted my tongue into her brown pucker, and she nearly moved the table. She moaned with each new lick; no matter what was being licked. Then, I remembered about her vibrator in the bedroom. I snuck into her bedroom quietly, so as not to wake the baby, grabbed it, and came back and sat down again. I turned it on, and started teasing her clit with it.

“I see you noticed my vibrator on my nightstand,” she said. “I forgot to put it away this morning, and now I’m glad I did.”

She was really getting worked up, and I kept thrusting it deeper and faster, fucking her good and proper with it. She took every new thrust like a pro. I had left her arms free, and I was delighted to see her work over her tits pretty vigorously, and I loved watching her pinch her nipples. I abruptly pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and she whined like a spoiled brat. A bit of punishment was in order, so I picked up the ruler again. Being blindfolded, she didn’t know what was coming next until she felt the first stinging slap of the ruler on her pussy.


“OUCH!” she yelled out, as she instinctively tried to cover herself with her feet. Now she was really asking for it, I thought.

“Move those feet!” I said, as I smacked her bare ass a few times for emphasis. She complied silently, so I rewarded her with a series of whacks directly on her exposed pussy. She shifted around, trying to avoid the sting of the ruler. I put my thumb straight up her ass and held her tightly as I whipped her pussy with the ruler in my other hand. I could feel her pussy contracting, and after a few more whacks, she exploded in orgasm again, thrashing around wildly, as if she were lying on an ant hill.

I had come to a point where it was time to take care of my own built-up needs. I stood up and rubbed my cock up and down her slit, getting it nice and lubed up. Then I pulled her cheeks apart, and slowly pushed my cock into her ass. I gave her some time to get used to the girth of my steaming member. This wasn’t just my thumb, after all. While she was busy adjusting, and taking more and more shaft, I ran the vibrator over her clit, then shoved it into her cunt. This drove her crazy, and her head shook back and forth on the table as I developed a rhythm between my cock and the vibrator. Her holes were completely filled, and she rode them towards another climax. By now, I was fucking her ass as deeply as I could, and she pushed back during each stroke, squeezing and manipulating her tits the whole time.

“That’s it, Uncle Billy, fuck me! Fuck my dirty ass! Yes! Make me cum again, you nasty fucker! Pump my ass full of your sperm!” she shouted out. And so that’s just what I did. I could feel my load gushing into her tight asshole, as wave after wave of hot cum filled her up. She felt it too, and her body spasmed and contorted, as she shivered with the excitement of another climax.

I finally released my grip on her thighs, and slumped down in a chair, spent and breathing heavily. Katy was quiet at first, catching her own breath and calming down from her thorough ass reaming.

Finally, she spoke: “That was incredible, Uncle Billy…I hope you are ready to go again soon, because I’m going to need a lot more of that. Jimmy has been gone for three days already, and I am so horny, I can hardly stand it! Plus, you haven’t even fucked my pussy yet…and that vibrator doesn’t count. I need to get fucked by a real cock!”

No doubt, my spirit was more than willing, but there was no way my cock was able to keep up with my insatiable niece. I happened to glance out her front window, and saw a handful of young basketball players having a spirited scrimmage on the court across the street, and I got an idea.

“Don’t go anywhere, Katy, I’ll be right back,” I told her as I put my shorts on and slipped into my sandals.

“Where could I go, Uncle Billy? I’m tied up,” she reminded me. I glanced over, and realized I had to bind her hands so she couldn’t remove her blindfold while I was gone. I looked around frantically for something I could use, and finally unplugged one of her computer cords. I tied it around one of her wrists, ran the cord under the table, and then I tied it to her other wrist, so her arms were straight out to each side, and resting on the table.

“Well, thank you for that!” she said sarcastically, “I’m so glad I mentioned being tied up.” I was already making my way out the door and over to the basketball court. Approaching the young players, I noticed they all wore red Bulldogs t-shirts, so it was clear that they were members of the local High school team. I watched them for a few minutes. They were all very good: quick, energetic, athletic, and black. When the ball bounced off the rim and rolled off the court, I made my move.

“Hey guys, lookin’ good! I wonder if you could do me a favor, “I said, as they walked slowly towards me, wiping their sweaty faces on their t-shirts.

“What up, old man?” one of the boys asked.

“Well, I see you guys are on the same team,” I began….

“That right, we Bulldogs!” another chimed in.

“Well, you see, I got a problem: I am over in those apartments visiting my niece. She saw you guys over here, and told me she always wanted to make the team,” I explained.

“You mean she plays basketball?” another boy asked.

“Well, not quite like that…more like she wants to play with the players…” I hinted vaguely. When I was met with four confused looks, I elaborated: “You guys ever fuck a pretty white chick before?”

Now, I had their attention. They shifted around from one foot to the other, their smiles getting bigger and bigger.

“Naw, none of us…hell, Jamal he still a virgin…he ain’t fucked nobody yet!” one player offered, and they all laughed, even Jamal.

“Well, my niece is horny as hell over there, and she’s pissed off at me because I can’t keep up with her. So, how about helping me out?” I implored.

“You mean all of us get to fuck your niece? Is she pretty?” Jamal himself asked.

“She’s gorgeous, you’ll see…and she loves cock every which way you can give it to her,” I told them.

“You shittin’ us, right?” the tallest boy asked.

“I’m dead serious, and I would consider it an honor if you would help me out,” I answered.

They looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and said, “Let’s go!”

As we walked toward Katy’s apartment door, I explained to them how she was already tied down on the table, and blindfolded. I mentioned that her infant son was sl**ping, so don’t make any noise…don’t even talk. I also told them they could take turns fucking her pussy and her ass, but I wanted them to cum in her mouth, to be sure she wouldn’t get pregnant. Everyone nodded in agreement, as they followed me silently through the door.

“Uncle Billy? Is that you?” Katy asked when she heard to door open.

“Yes, my dear, it’s me,” I replied, “Did you miss me?”

The four black k**s stared in amazement as they watched me fondle her firm tits, and slip two fingers into her awaiting pussy. They immediately took off their t-shirts and gym shorts, and began to stroke their cocks, which were already beginning to get aroused. When the first player stepped forward, erect cock in hand, I backed away. He rubbed his cock head up and down her slick, bald pussy, getting it well lubricated.

“Oh, Uncle Billy, that feels so good. God, I am SO horny!” Katy exclaimed.

With that, the tall Bulldog separated her glistening pussy lips with his fat cock head, and pushed into her.

“OH….MY….GOD! Oh, that feels so good, Uncle Billy! Oh shit, you are filling me up!” she managed to say, before the next player pushed his cock into her mouth. It was only then, that Katy realized her Uncle Billy did not come back alone. In an instant, she felt a cock laying in each of her upturned, bound, hands, and the image in her mind’s eye caused her to shiver from head to toe, as she realized the implications. Her mouth was now too busy to talk. It was all she could do to maintain her breathing through her nose, as she struggled to accommodate the massive cock in her mouth. Oh, but she was also paying attention to the large intruder plunging into her pussy deeper and deeper with each new thrust.

She instinctively squeezed each cock that she discovered in her hands, which turned her on even more. Just as she was getting down with the action, all the boys shifted around one place in unison, like it was one of their basketball plays that they practiced so much. Katy ended up with Jamal’s cock in her mouth, and a cock in each hand, but her pussy remained empty. Instead, the new intruder rubbed his cock all over the outside of her wet pussy, then placed the head of his cock on her balloon knot, and gently eased it into her dark passage. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, as he made his shaft disappear deep into her willing asshole.

This was all too much for Katy, and her body shuddered with orgasm, as she tried to concentrate on her multiple duties. She was in ecstasy, as she dealt with four cocks at once, and felt four sets of hands on her slim body, rubbing, pinching, caressing and squeezing her various body parts.

“NOW!” the ass-fucking Bulldog roared, and in a flash, the team moved once again, only this time they moved two places over, and soon the ass-fucker was jamming his pulsing cock into Katy’s mouth, and pumping her throat full of his sticky jizz. Katy struggled to take it all, but some invariably leaked out the sides of her mouth, as she swallowed again and again.

In the meantime, Jamal was lined up next to fuck her, and in wide-eyed amazement, he chose to enter her hot, wet pussy. Just because he was a virgin, didn’t mean he wasn’t well-hung, for a High School k**. He entered her with ease, and began pumping her pussy like he’d been doing it all his life. The expression on his face was comical, as he rolled his eyes, looked up at the ceiling, and literally drooled, as he fucked the sexy white girl with all his might. In mid-stroke, he pulled out of her pussy, and shoved his cock right into her forbidden passage. Katy probably would have shrieked, if her mouth wasn’t filled with young, black cock. Jamal gave her ass 20 or 30 good piston-like strokes, and then he went back to her pussy. 20 or 30 strokes in her pussy, and he switched back again to her ass, without missing a beat. The k** obviously had some real talent, and Katy squirmed under his moves, while she tried to concentrate on her sucking and her two hand jobs.

“Now!” yelled Jamal, as he scrambled down to the other end of the table and emphatically pushed his spastic cock into Katy’s mouth. Five or six strokes and he was gushing cum into Katy’s mouth. There was no way she could swallow it all quickly enough, but she did the best she could. Considering she was still blindfolded, she was certainly a good sport about being violated by all those hot cocks at once. Truth be told, she loved every minute of it, as I already knew. For my part, I stood back and just observed the precise teamwork, and admired everyone’s individual talents and effort. The k**s really took to the task at hand, and performed like All Stars. And Katy, for her part, looked like she was well on her way to “making” the team.

After the other two young studs got off in Katy’s mouth, everyone seemed happy, Katy was exhausted momentarily, and so I shook hands all around after the boys dressed, and thanked them for helping me out. They just shook their heads and grinned, their delight showing in their eyes. They left as quietly as they had come in, and headed back over to the basketball court.

I looked at Katy still tied up on the table, regaining her breath. “Oh, Uncle Billy, that was amazing!” she gasped, in between inhales. “I don’t know how to thank you,” she continued, but I was already standing up on the table, naked, straddling her face. I stooped down and placed my ass directly onto her cum covered lips, muffling any more words that she might have been thinking of uttering. By the time she was done licking my ass, and tongue-fucking me, my cock was hard and ready for action. It seemed only proper that I follow the team rules, and cum in her mouth. I got down off the table, pulled her head slightly off the end of the table, and plunged my erection deeply into her throat, and fucked it with determination, and without mercy. I could see tears well up in her gorgeous eyes, as she struggled to accommodate my rough thrusts, but I was undeterred, and I fucked her face until I finally came hard and fast. I held my cock deep in her throat, so she wouldn’t be able to do anything but swallow all of my offering. Such a good niece she was.

Finally spent, both of us smiled, and concentrated on recovery. I untied her, and removed the blindfold. Katy sat up and asked me who the mystery lovers were. I slumped into a chair, and pointed out the front window. Katy jumped down and ran over to the window and looked out at the basketball court. Four black Bulldogs were hard at it. She couldn’t take her eyes off them. Turning towards me, she said: “Those k**s??” I nodded. She turned around and watched them some more.

“Uncle Billy, will you stay here with little Jimmy for a few minutes?” she asked. I nodded again, and off she went, wearing nothing but her sheer white top, short denim skirt, and flip flops. I got up and watched out the window, as she approached the young bucks that had just filled her mouth with cum. I saw her talking to the boys in the middle of the court. They gathered around her as she addressed them. She nodded her head in the direction of her apartment as she spoke to them, and they all nodded in unison. Then she smiled at them, seemed to bow, and then turned and headed back towards home. I could see the boys standing together, jaws dropped, staring at her as she seductively sashayed away from them. She really was a vision. She walked like an angel, so perfectly entrancing. She was all smiles as she came in the door.

“They’re coming over tomorrow after practice!” she announced quite proudly, “Thanks, Uncle Billy!” I was immediately jealous. But then, she made everything okay again:

“I’d love to take a shower. Would you mind watching little Jimmy for me? He should be waking up soon. Then could you stay for dinner too? I’d really like that,” she told me. How could I say no? Why would I even want to say no?

“That’s fine, sweetheart, I’d love to…as long as I can have you for dessert,” I added. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me.

“Of course! That goes without saying!” she exclaimed, as she disappeared into the bathroom.

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2 years ago
That was very hot indeed dude
2 years ago
2 years ago
i think i need to go play now...
2 years ago
2 years ago
Katy is such a hot slut.
3 years ago
Loved it. Almost see it in my mind. Really like the back and forth between holes.
3 years ago
WOW indeed! Such a rush of heat! Very good ~
3 years ago
Well, the Bulldog were doing some double-dribbling on offense. And a full court press until their intentional foul. But what I am wondering is whether the brothers washed their hands before they shook your hand.
3 years ago
3 years ago
5 stars. Waiting 4 the next part
3 years ago
You are always on the mark with making me feel "part of the action". It was as if I met Katy or have seen her! :)
A wonderful fantasy and i enjoyed it, looking forward to more with this related beauty!