Strait-laced Schoolgirl, Secret Slut

Strait-laced Schoolgirl, Secret Slut

By billy69boy (Storyline provided by alwaysfresh)

My parents call me Victoria, which makes me cringe. It just sounds so…formal. I prefer to be called Tori, which isn’t so stuffy. I am a nerdy college math freak, with a 4.0 GPA and zero social skills. I volunteer for a number of causes, but I’ve never been to a frat party, or a formal, or any other college social event for that matter. My parents are very religious, and they raised me in a restrictive, repressive, conservative manner, and I never did anything in public that would go against their beliefs.

Except that I have a secret: Despite my perpetual hair-in-a-bun, black framed glasses, baggy clothes persona, I am a sex freak. I know it, and I’m fine with it, but I have to conceal it, if for no other reason than I don’t want to disappoint my parents.

Fast forward to my Trigonometry class: I am pretty much of a loner, and people generally leave me be, (although I do have a few “close” girlfriends, but that is a story for another time). There are these two cute guys in class who are nice to me, and they make me feel comfortable. One Friday night, I was feeling particularly horny, and I thought of those two guys. I knew that they were planning to go to the frat party that everyone was talking about. I wasn’t interested in going, but I also knew that they would end up at Antonio’s afterward for some cheesesteaks or pizza. It was a college frat party tradition, after all.

Sure enough, they bopped in with the crowd, and recognized me right away as their Trig Girl, as they liked to call me. I told them I was just getting an order to go, but it was nice to see them. They mentioned something about going back to their dorm to play an online video game that we were all addicted to. I told them my roommate left for the weekend and took the game with her, so they invited me over to their dorm to play. “Got ‘em!”, I thought to myself, as I innocently accepted their invitation to join them.

It was a really hot, muggy night in Philadelphia, and the guys immediately stripped off their shirts when we sat down to play. I wore an oversized Phillies t-shirt over top of my belly shirt, along with my favorite pair of jeans. Without a second thought, I took off my top shirt. James was nice enough to fetch me a pair of his s****r’s boy shorts that she had left there, and I went into the bathroom and changed out of my jeans, and took off my thong. While I was in there, I let my shoulder length hair down, brushed it out, and took off my glasses and put them into my purse. I looked in the mirror, smiled, and turned to go. These two cute guys had no idea what I had in mind for them, I thought.

I took my place again on the love seat, but Derrick and James had completely different looks on their faces. Because I usually like to wear baggy clothes all the time, they had no idea how much effort I put into staying in shape, even though I don’t like to play sports. And now, for the first time, they were getting a real good look at my tight, athletic body. I got the distinct impression that they approved. As we resumed playing the video game, I strategically, yet innocently, opened my legs for the boys to get a look at my bald pussy lips peaking past the tight little boy shorts I was wearing. I knew they were gawking, but I pretended not to notice. I could see that both of these cute studs were getting horny, and they couldn’t hide their stiff cocks from me.

“Damn, Tori, I never knew you were this hot!” James blurted out, as his eyes stayed glued to my crotch. I could feel my face get red, and I acted a little put off.

“No, really Tori, you have a gift, and you shouldn’t hide it,” Derrick added.

“Look, you two, I’m not as much of an innocent prude as you might think,” I retorted, rather defensively.

“Prove it then!” both of them shouted at once. So, I stood up and flashed them real quick like. Wanting to keep the dare going, Derrick quickly responded: “Aw, all the girls do that”.

“Well, what else do you assholes want to see?” I shot back, angrily. “You know, just because I don’t go out and party all the time, doesn’t mean I’m a loser!”

They apologized to me, and reassured me that they didn’t think I was a loser. They challenged me to show them my tits and pussy for 10 seconds. So I stood up, pulled my shirt up over my titties, and pulled my shorts down to my knees and let them gawk to their hearts’ content. “Wow” is all they said, but their dicks were pointing towards the ceiling. I silently smirked inside, as I knew I had them right where I wanted them.

“That’s nothing,” I said, “I’ll play the rest of the game naked if you want me to”. They nodded their heads in unison. So, without hesitation, I stripped down completely naked, and turned my attention back to the game. It lasted only eight more minutes. As I acted like I was immersed in the action, they shifted around uncomfortably as they tried to get used to the idea that I was sitting naked in front of them. Finally, the game was put on pause, and my two new admirers simultaneously stood up and dropped their shorts, then sat back down. I gasped when I saw their ample cocks. I hoped that I didn’t blow my cover, but they didn’t seem to notice. They sat back down on the couch, and I got up and sat between them. The game never got turned back on. I took each cock in my hands, and marveled at their thick girth. I could feel my pussy going from damp to wet as I leaned down, and took Derrick’s beautiful cock in my mouth. After a few teasing strokes, I shifted over to James’ equally well-endowed member, and licked and sucked on his cock head. I kept switching back and forth between them, my head bobbing up and down feverishly. I got them excited beyond their dreams, and then I stopped abruptly: I looked up at them, and it was clear that I had their undivided attention. At this point, I could have asked them to jump off the roof, and they would do it.

“I need you to promise me something:” I announced, as their heads nodded in unison once again. “If you guys will agree that nothing we do leaves this room, I will let you do pretty much anything to me.”

They looked at each other wide-eyed, and shook their heads in disbelief. I knew from that moment on, I was in control, and I could make them do anything I wanted, and that was my plan. Derrick was the first one to chime in: “Anything? Anything at all?”

“Well, I’m not into pain, or anything too gross,” I clarified. I could see the wheels turning in their sizzling brains. While they were thinking of ways to shock me, I resumed stroking and sucking on their cocks.

James finally managed to speak: “When you say you’re not into pain, how about hair pulling and tit slapping, and maybe a little spanking?”

“Oh that stuff is fine. I just don’t want to be tortured or hurt, or disgusted,” I explained. These two young studs were ready to explode, and I was wet as could be. I sat up and let them make the next move. Well, obviously, it wasn’t their first time, because they pounced on me simultaneously. They took turns kissing me and playing tongue tag, while they began to familiarize themselves with my modest but firm tits. They ran their hands down my body, my legs, and right to my wet pussy. I didn’t discourage them, believe me. I could tell their minds were working overtime, thinking of all the possibilities in the word “anything”.

“What about anal?” Derrick blurted out, as he fingered my fuck hole vigorously.

“Oh, I love all kinds of ass play,” I replied. James took that to mean he could shove his finger right up my ass, first one finger, then two. I squirmed a little, but I loved it.

“How about DP?” James followed.

“Bring it on!” I challenged them.

In a millisecond, their mouths were all over my pussy and asshole, and I came for the first time. Oh my god, I thought to myself, I am loving this!

Derrick broke free from sucking my pussy long enough to inquire: “Can you deep throat?”

“Try me!” I answered, even before I thought about the question. I had already had their full cocks in my mouth, but deep throating such weapons of this magnitude called for above average skills. Oh well, we were all about to find out, because Derrick was suddenly standing above me, straddling my body. He crouched a little, and all I could do was open my mouth. He took hold of my head, and guided his missile deep into my hot mouth. I kept swallowing so I wouldn’t gag, and Derrick kept working his meat deeper into my throat. I had to concentrate to keep from throwing up, but even still, I was aware of James frantically eating my ass, and now my pussy too, after it had been vacated by Derrick.

After finally feeling his balls brushing up against my chin, Derrick increased his pace, and he deep-stroked my throat for a good couple of minutes. My head banged against the back of the couch, even though he was holding my head tightly. Sensing that he was ready to climax, he pulled his cock out abruptly. I struggled to regain my breath.

“Damn, girl, you are AWESOME!” he exclaimed, “but I’m saving myself for that DP!” With that, James jumped up, and Derrick stepped down onto the floor. They wrestled me down off the couch, and into the doggie position on the floor, which is one of my favorite positions. James crawled under me, and Derrick was poised behind me. I had heard that these two fuck machines were quite the team. Now, I was about to find out up close and personal like. Not that I was complaining. I held still, as Derrick worked his pulsating cock into my forbidden passage. He stood up behind me, and deftly worked his stiff rod deeper and deeper into my ass. He was gentle and careful, and I didn’t feel any pain, although the pressure from his thick dick was a little difficult to take at first. In the meantime, James busied himself playing with my vulnerable titties, and he ran his finger around my clit, as he waited for Derrick to get his rhythm just right.

“Don’t hold back, James,” I admonished him. With that, he began pinching my nipples, which sent me over the top. “Oh yes, James, abuse me!” I commanded. He proceeded to grab and twist, and slap my breasts until my nipples were standing up erect and throbbing.

As Derrick continued to fuck my ass in earnest, James reached down, and thrust his big cock deep into my pussy. In no time, my two personal studs worked together, fucking both of my holes with the precision of synchronized swimmers. I smiled to myself, as I was overcome by another strong orgasm, as they pounded me hard, with power and finesse. Oh, yes, they were that good. I prided myself for selecting them to satisfy my insatiable, secret, sexual desires. And best of all, I made it look like it was all their idea.

In no time, both of them shot their loads deep into my bodily orifices. The distinct feeling of their sperm pumping into me made me cum again. Wow, did that feel good! They both pulled out, and flopped down on the couch exhausted. But, I was just getting warmed up. I knelt on the floor and faced them. It only seemed right to clean them up some if I was still planning to use them. So I took each cock, and lovingly licked and sucked their offerings into my mouth. They groaned as if they were surrendering, but one cool thing about fucking college aged boys is that they recover quickly. My gentle licking and slurping brought their play toys to full attention in no time. Now, I took over. I jumped on top of Derrick, cowgirl style, and sat down on his hard-on, while motioning James to stand up on the couch, straddling Derrick. He was in perfect position for me to give him a deep, thorough blow job while his roommate lay still as I jumped up and down on his love rod. I was in ecstasy, and neither one of them protested.

James took my hair in his hands, and jerked my face toward his hot cock, and plunged it down my throat mercilessly, as I continued to ride my stallion. They fucked my pussy and throat for quite a while, having already climaxed a short time ago. Derrick took his turn abusing my tits, and I felt another orgasm getting ready to overtake me. I couldn’t get enough of their strong fucking, and I didn’t want it to ever end, but finally I could hold back no longer, and I gushed hot pussy juice all over Derrick’s cock, even as he pumped me full of his own semen. In the meantime, James was grunting and groaning, and I felt his grip tighten on my hair, and I swallowed his sticky cum down my throat.

We all collapsed in a heap on the couch, trying to regain our breath. I took the opportunity to clean their cocks again with my soft tongue. Finally, James jumped up, and headed towards the bathroom. “How about a group shower?” he suggested, and Derrick and I followed him. In the bathroom, I saw James silently nod to Derrick. Derrick smiled back at James, a little mischievously. I put two and two together, and stepped into the empty shower, faced them, and knelt down. Their eyes got real wide, and they looked at each other in disbelief. Then they turned their attention to me, and both of them began to pee on. I closed my eyes, because urine can really sting. They took this to mean I wanted them to piss on my face. Well, I one-upped them yet again.

“WOW!” was all they could say, when they watched me open my mouth wide. Two hot streams of piss followed, and yes, I swallowed…I didn’t swallow it all, mind you, but I did drink their piss.

Who knows? I may have a few more surprises in store for my new friends…and the night is still young. But, something tells me we’ll never get back to that video game.

Did I mention that I am a secret slut?

97% (36/1)
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6 months ago
Send this secret slut to my place.
8 months ago
holy shit...a slutty nerd? go figure.
totally loved it.
1 year ago
hot fuckin story.
1 year ago
This might be my favorite.
2 years ago
Another great story
2 years ago
Nicely done, very hot story!
2 years ago
very hot (not sure about the golden shower ending).
2 years ago
omg....a wonderfully erotic and well-written story...bravo
2 years ago
great story wish there was a part two
2 years ago
2 years ago
oh yes very hot
3 years ago
Nothing like a sweet surprise..One never knows what goes on in another ones mind till real action comes out like this.. Well written...:)
3 years ago
love it. Lol, i know all about being a secret slut. And dirtier than your girl. Great story.
3 years ago
Great story, the collaberation with alwaysfresh is that of genius!
3 years ago
Seriously, that Victoria girl kind of sounds like me when i was in high school. I wasn't overtly over the top. Until i got behind closed doors.
3 years ago
that was a good night man we all had fun i def gotta give u some more details good story my friend
3 years ago
very well written and what a tease ! I miss my college days !