Bev and the Lesbians

Bev and the Lesbians

By billy69boy (written especially for Hoblee)

It was stifling hot on the casino floor, and Bev couldn’t wait for her shift to end. She was sick of delivering free drinks to the sorry, d***k, loser gamblers. They could be so crude, leering and winking at her, and copping cheap feels as she strode by. Bev thought she had landed her dream summer job when she flew into Atlantic City to work as a casino cocktail waitress. At first, she was excited to be sporting the short, suggestive uniform that the casino insisted the waitresses wear. But she soured on the job when she discovered her shift was 7PM-3AM, and most of the customers were rude and sometimes downright disrespectful.

As she stood outside on the boardwalk, she breathed in the cool salt air as she peered out into the darkness. The incessant sound of the waves calmed her, and she began to feel human again. She barely noticed the two women casually approaching her. When the pretty one asked her for a light, she recognized the couple from the blackjack table. She couldn’t help but notice that they were the stereotypical lesbian couple: The thin, attractive “girl”, and the masculine “dyke”. Bev was amused as she gave them the once-over.

“Are you done for the night?” the “Man” asked her in a deep voice. “Yes, finally,” Bev answered, throwing her long, blonde hair back over her shoulders, “I was dying in there.” Both of the lesbians nodded in agreement. “We’re going to take a walk on the beach. Care to come with us?” the big dyke offered.

“Why not?” Bev agreed. She was fascinated with these two women, and saw no reason not to join them. She followed them down the steps to the beach. They walked just under the shadow of the boardwalk to escape detection. The beach was “closed” until dawn, and they weren’t looking for a hassle from the cops. “You’re cute,” the pretty one whispered, as she grazed her delicate hand over Bev’s full, firm butt. Bev didn’t say anything, but she didn’t spurn her advance either. In fact, she was surprised to realize that she was aroused by the implied suggestion.

They continued walking at a leisurely pace, and Bev kept feeling the slight girl’s hand come in contact with her ass cheeks. She was getting more excited as they went along, until the big girl stopped and turned around to face them: Looking directly into Bev’s eyes, she demanded: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, bitch!” Bev’s eyes got big, and her face had a look of disbelief. “Don’t act all innocent, like you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about!” the angry woman continued. She pushed Bev so hard; she fell down in the sand. “You keep your fucking hands OFF MY LADY!” the large dyke demanded. “But…but…” Bev stammered. The enraged woman kicked sand into Bev’s face, then stepped forward and slapped her. Meanwhile, her young pretty mate hid behind the big woman’s frame, covering her eyes when she saw Bev getting slapped.

Giving her girlfriend a silent nod, the two of them grabbed Bev’s arms and dragged her further under the boardwalk and leaned her up against a wooden piling. While the big girl held Bev’s arms behind her back, she instructed her thin girlfriend to strip off Bev’s pantyhose. She used them to tie Bev’s hands behind the piling. Next, she reached under Bev’s short skirt and ripped her thong right off, and stuffed it into Bev’s mouth. “I’ll teach you to fuck around with my girl!” the dyke continued, as she pulled her own shorts and thong off. She slapped Bev’s thong-stuffed mouth back and forth several times, then, ripped her blouse wide open, torn buttons flying. She ripped Bev’s bra in two and went to work on her ample, exposed breasts. The angry dyke slapped Bev’s tits so hard, they turned red. She pinched her nipples viciously, making them instantly hard. She stepped forward, grabbed a handful of Bev’s hair, and straddled her face, pulling Bev’s thong from her gagging mouth. “Suck on this!” she ordered, as she crouched down and smashed her hairy pussy into the waitress’ face.

“You! Get over here and finger fuck your new friend’s pussy!” she demanded of her petite lover. Turning back to Bev, she ground her sweaty cunt into her face without mercy. “Lick my stinking pussy, you fucking slut!” she yelled, as she gyrated her hips into Bev’s helpless mouth. “Oh yeah, I can tell you like that!” She teased.

Bev was shocked and astounded at the position she found herself in. But, she had to admit to herself, she was really turned on playing the “victim” role. She squirmed and fought to free her bound hands from the tightly tied pantyhose, to no avail. The big woman increased the pressure on her mouth, and moved her hips faster and faster. Bev could feel her intruder’s spasms, and she felt a rush as the muscular woman gripped her hair tighter, and emptied her spurting love juices into Bev’s mouth. “Drink it, bitch, suck my cum down your throat, you fucking slut!” she commanded.

Meanwhile, Bev’s pussy was ready to explode from the cute girl’s diddling fingers. “Stop! Don’t let her cum,” the spent dyke called out to her lover. She untied Bev’s hands and pushed her down onto her back. She directed her young girlfriend to strip off her panties, and to squat over Bev’s face, and make her eat her ass. She pushed Bev’s legs back, and made her friend hold them against her body. “Put your tongue up her ass, you want her so bad, you fucking wife stealer!” she barked at Bev, whose own ass was laid open and vulnerable. With that, the vicious dyke shoved a fat finger up both of Bev’s holes, and rammed them into her as far as they would go. Bev’s shriek was muffled by the young one’s ass squatting down and covering her mouth.

“Take that, you fucking bitch, I know you like it rough!” the big woman laughed, throwing her head back in exultation. She jammed Bev’s holes vigorously, as she watched her little friend writhe and buck against Bev’s open mouth, finally spewing her girl spunk all over Bev’s face and down over her chin and neck.

Bev couldn’t help herself, and followed with her own thrashing orgasm under the stern finger fucking of the angry one. “That’s it, cum all over my dirty fingers, you nasty fucking whore!” implored the crude dyke. Smacking her girlfriend in the face to get her attention, she told her to tie Bev’s hands together. Then, she pulled Bev’s bound hands forward, and wrapped the pantyhose around her legs, hog tying her in a position of utter helplessness.

“Here’s something to think about until daybreak, you fucking piece of fucking shit!” the fat pig yelled in Bev’s face. She scooped up a handful of beach sand, and jammed it into Bev’s soaking wet pussy and slick asshole, packing it in with her thumb. “How’s that feel, you fucking scum!” she chided, as she and her young mate stood up and strode off, leaving Bev alone to fend for herself, her private parts itching like crazy.

‘Pretty good, actually,’ Bev mumbled to herself. Just thinking about it made her cum all over herself, as she waited for someone to discover her in the light of the coming morning.
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28 days ago
Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
28 days ago
Thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad you liked it.
28 days ago
4 years ago
excellent hot & nasty
4 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
Whoa. Hoblee must really love you for that one! How come you never offer to write one for me?
4 years ago
pretty good actually ... lmao
4 years ago
very nice