Andrea and the Artist

Andrea and the Artist

By billy69boy

He watched her walk by every day as she made her way down the path to the crowded beach. She was strikingly beautiful: a vision, with long brown hair flowing down her back almost to her waist. She seemed to wear a different bikini every time she walked past him, each one of them barely covering her hard body, and accentuating her breathtaking curves. He silently admonished himself for having the nerve to gawk at this young lady who was clearly less than half his age, he calculated. She seemed to be in her early 20’s, he guessed, and he was but a retired old stone mason who now filled the lonely hours with his canvas and oil paints, trying to capture the beauty of the sea and sand around him. His beloved wife had passed several years ago, and painting helped him to pass the time.

He truly loved spending day after day by the side of the sea in his native town of Salvador, Brazil. Even as he lived out his life here, he kept to himself, and few knew him intimately. He didn’t mind, and in fact he preferred it that way. He had his art, and that was enough for him. He became adept at ignoring the utter loneliness he felt inside. He never complained, and he convinced himself that he was content with his life.

He was astonished one morning when the pretty girl that he admired so much stopped by his easel and studied his half-completed seascape. Immersed as he was in his work, she startled him when she spoke: “That’s a beautiful painting, sir,” she stated softly. He turned toward her, and jumped slightly when he realized it was she who spoke such kind words to him. “Thank you,” he replied weakly. He could feel himself blushing, and he turned away, hoping she hadn’t noticed. The young girl giggled playfully, which put him at ease somewhat. But he was too shy to engage her in any further banter. He watched her intently, as she sauntered down the path to the beach. She seemed to float, rather than walk, like she was more angel than human.

From then on, she would pause by his canvas every day, and study his latest additions to his painting. He became more comfortable with her gentle attention, and he found himself waking up each morning with a new sense of urgency to get to the beach and work on his art. He would try to think of something clever he could say to her, but he had a difficult time even coming up with superficial small talk. He did manage to find out that she was also a native Salvadoran, even though their paths had apparently never crossed.

One day, he devised a plan: he was so taken by his admirer’s beauty and kind attention that he wanted to express his heartfelt gratitude to her in a special way. He purposely arrived at the beach late, after she had already passed his spot on the pathway. But he was still there late in the afternoon, when she made her way home. Upon seeing him still engrossed in his work, she smiled broadly and stopped to check on his progress. Her face registered shock when she realized that he had just begun painting a new canvas. “Oh!” was all she managed to say: “Did you finish your other painting?”

He knew he was blushing, but he smiled nonetheless. His hands were shaking noticeably, as he reached under his easel, and pulled the protective paper from his already framed labor of love, and proudly showed the finished work to her.

“Oh, that turned out so beautiful!” she exclaimed, seemingly with genuine interest and excitement. Without a word, he placed the painting in her hands. She looked confused, and her eyes met his. “Please accept it. I want you to have it,” he explained, almost whispering. “Oh no, kind sir, I could never…” He interrupted her abruptly: “No, miss; I would be honored if you would agree to receive this gift from me to you. You have brought me great joy, and you have been so sweet and encouraging to me. I will never again know peace of mind in my life if you refuse my gift,” he explained sincerely.

Now, it was her turn to blush. She smiled her biggest, most delightful smile for him, and half curtsied as she agreed to accept the seascape from him. “Okay, then, I will do as you wish,” she announced. “I have just the place to hang it! But, you have to agree to have dinner with me tonight, and we will celebrate. My treat!” The older man was taken aback by her offer, but he could hardly refuse. Immediately, he worried about what he should wear, as he hadn’t worn dressy clothes in years. Regardless, he heard himself agreeing to her request. “Where shall we go?” he stammered nervously, his voice all of a sudden hoarse, his throat dry.

“Meet me at eight o’clock at Andrea’s,” she said, gesturing toward the exclusive restaurant above the path, overlooking the beach. “I will meet you in the front lobby,” she instructed. He knew the restaurant well, even though he had never actually dined there. It was a little too ritzy for his taste, but he recalled years ago that he had spent over a month building the massive stone fireplace in the center of the main dining area. It was a huge project that rose three stories inside the building. It was the main focal point, and he was proud of his unique creation. He had built it by himself, with just one helper. He got to know the old man and his wife who owned the place rather well, and he smiled as he recollected the bittersweet story they shared with him. He remembered their little granddaughter who roared around inside the building with seemingly boundless energy. She brightened each room she raced through with her contagious laugh and beaming smile. She hardly seemed to show that she had recently lost both her parents in a horrible automobile crash. Now, she had only her grandparents to care for her. So sad.

Her grandparents doted on her without apology, though, even naming the restaurant after her, he recalled, as he showered and readied himself for his unexpected dinner date. He wrestled his old suit out of the back of his closet, and was pleased to know that he could still fit into it. Inspecting himself briefly in the mirror, he was pleased with what he saw. He was older now, but he was still strong, and maintained his hard muscles, and his skin was tanned from all the time sitting by the beach as he painted. He turned, and made his way out the door, feeling confident and: dare he say it? Rather sexy.

As he approached Andrea’s, he realized that he was no longer nervous or apprehensive. He was determined to enjoy this unexpected evening with such a lovely lady. He approached the front door, and a restaurant greeter was there to open it for him. “Good evening, Senor Paulo,” the young man said, smiling. The old man nodded inquisitively: he wondered how the greeter had known his name. When he stepped inside the lobby, he saw her talking with several waiters all in uniform, seemingly rattling off instructions to them at a rapid pace. They all s**ttered when they saw Paulo, leaving him face to face with his date. He felt his throat constrict again, and he had a difficult time catching his breath: she stood before him wearing a short, tight black dress. Her radiance was such that he could swear she had a halo around her head, like those old pictures of saints he had seen as a c***d.

She put her hand out, curtsied, and bowed her head to him. He accepted her hand, and instinctively brought it to his lips, and he kissed it ever so lightly. “Thank you Senor Paulo, for accepting my invitation,” she said softly. “Oh no, my dear, thank YOU,” he replied. “But, how did you know my name?” he asked. She smiled, but said nothing. She took his hand, and guided him through the main dining hall and stood in front of the huge fireplace. There, above the mantle, was his new painting that he had given to her earlier in the day.

“Do you like it?” she asked him, barely able to contain her excitement. He was speechless. How coincidental that his gift to her now resided on the wall of the fireplace that he had built so many years ago. “It looks great there,” he managed to utter, “I am honored and humbled.” “No, sir, it is I who am honored to receive your beautiful painting. Still, he didn’t quite understand the connection. She never answered him when he asked how she knew his name. And how did she manage to talk the restaurant into displaying his art work there above the fireplace mantle? He was brought back to reality by the sound of polite applause coming from the diners seated behind him. He turned around to see what the commotion was about, and they clapped and cheered, as his lovely date pointed both hands at him, her arms extended. He looked rather befuddled, even as he became aware that all the applause was for him! Shortly, she linked arms with him and led him away.

“I am so sorry, miss, please forgive me, as I don’t know your name…” his voice trailed off. She smiled as they made their way through the main hall and entered through a door leading out to an outside patio that overlooked the ocean. “Yes, you do!” she laughed playfully. “I do?” he replied, thoroughly confused. A waiter led the way to their table, which, now that he looked around, was the only dining table on the entire patio. The whole area was filled with candles, large and small. There must have been hundreds of them, placed at their table, as well as s**ttered completely around the railing, and at various small tables dotting the patio.

Once seated, and the waiter busied himself opening the champagne bottle. She winked, and laughed, and hinted cryptically to the artist: “You met me a long time ago, senor, when I was very little…”

Suddenly, it hit him like a ton of bricks: “Andrea?” he blurted out. She looked down at her folded hands, and nodded. He couldn’t help but gasp out loud. “So, you knew me,” he surmised, “from when I built the fireplace for your grandfather?” She nodded again, and smiled. “Yes, I was very young, but I remember you. I thought you were very handsome. You were always so kind to me back then. And you gave me candy every day. How could I forget you?” Her wide grin lit up her face.

It all made sense to him, finally. This was the very same little girl who had lost her parents at such an early age. Now, years later, her grandparents had passed away, and she now owned the restaurant that was named for her. He sat in silence, as he put all the pieces together in his mind.

“I took the liberty of ordering for us,” she said, as she sipped her champagne. There was a bevy of activity surrounding them, as a small army of wait staff scurried around their table, fussing and straightening, and bringing trays of bread and appetizers. They would hustle away just as quickly, leaving the two of them in private as much as possible.

“Well, Andrea, it is truly an honor to spend this night together with you. I apologize for not knowing who you were until now,” he said. “No need to apologize, sir, how would you have ever guessed?” she offered. “Please, my dear, just call me Paulo. No need to call me ‘sir’, it makes me feel even older than I am,” he implored. “Very well, then,” she conceded, “but please don’t feel self-conscious about our age difference, because I don’t. I know all about you, and I think you are truly charming and wonderful.”

Again, she had rendered him speechless, but he summoned all his courage up and looked deeply into her eyes with an intensity that stirred something quite primal in her being. The main entrée was delivered, along with another bottle of expensive champagne. When the waiters left hurriedly, Andrea broke the silence: “Well, Paulo, I hope you like filet mignon and lobster, it’s our best offering,” she said proudly. “Yes, my dear, it is so generous of you…” he was cut off by her: “Perhaps after our dinner, you would do me the honor of walking with me along the beach,” she suggested. “It would be my pleasure,” he replied.

As they walked hand in hand, she carried her high heels in her other hand, walking barefoot through the white sand. Paulo couldn’t believe what was happening. It had been years since he walked the beach with such a beautiful young lady. In fact, he hadn’t done so since his darling wife had passed. They came upon an old wooden lifeguard stand, and she asked him to help her up, then she talked him into joining her. They sat side by side in the quiet night. The moon was their only source of light, and the crashing waves provided them with all the music they needed. Andrea took Paulo’s hand in hers, and she kissed his fingers. Something was stirring inside him that he hadn’t felt in a long, long time. He was already smitten with this beautiful young girl, and now she was hinting at her own deep feelings for him. Soon enough, she was nuzzling up against his neck, and kissing his cheek softly. He was caught up in the romantic moment, and allowed himself to turn towards her, and kiss her lips, gently at first, then more passionately. He became aroused quickly, like some horny teenage boy. The fact that she responded so positively to his advances just made it worse…or better, depending on one’s perspective.

He jumped when he felt her delicate fingers massaging his ever-growing erection through his pants. He reciprocated by sliding his meaty, muscular hand up her leg and ever-so-slightly under her flimsy black dress. In no time, they were going at it, pawing and groping each other’s bodies in a passionate frenzy. They were both breathing laboriously, and began perspiring, even as the cool ocean breeze wafted over them.

“Andrea, my love, it would bring me great joy if I could make love with you,” he whispered, regretting his utterance even before it came out of his mouth. The boldness! The nerve! Then his regret was realized when he heard her response: “No, Paulo,” was her breathless reply. He was immediately crestfallen. He could have kicked himself for even suggesting such a thing to this sweet young girl: what gave him the right to assume that she would be even remotely interested in him? But, before he could apologize, she continued: “I don’t want you to make love to me, Paulo. I want you to fuck me…yes, you heard me: Fuck me! Oh yes, please fuck me right here and right now!” she commanded, “I’ve wanted you for so long…”

Paulo was literally paralyzed by her words. Undeterred, she climbed down from the lifeguard stand, and pulled him down next to her. She began kissing the artist ardently, as she fumbled around searching for his zipper. Paulo leaned back against the wooden structure and embraced her in his arms, but Andrea had other ideas. She slid down his body until she was kneeling in the sand. She freed his throbbing cock from his pants, and squeezed it between her long, thin fingers. He let out a deep sigh as he felt her warm tongue and hot breath on his erect penis. She licked it up and down, slowly and teasingly and finally took his large head into her steaming mouth. She sucked gently at first, then with vigor, swallowing more and more of his shaft with each stroke.

Despite his visibly shaking knees, Paulo managed to remain standing as Andrea tightened her two-handed grip on his ass, and pulled his hips toward her face, gulping feverishly now, as she worked him into a lustful state. Instinctively, he reached down and took her head in his two strong hands, and commenced to thrust his manhood deep into the back of her throat, which only caused her to suck him with greater determination. Paulo felt himself getting closer and closer to ejaculating, and he didn’t want to explode so soon. He let go of her head, and tried to pull his surging cock out of her mouth, but she would have none of it: she held onto the back of his thighs, and wouldn’t let him go free. She was now taking most of his length on each stroke, and he was amazed that she didn’t choke or gag, not even once. Being the kind, polite man that he was, Paulo acquiesced, and allowed sweet young Andrea to have her way. Resistance was futile. In no time, he was pumping her throat full of quite a large load of his thick liquid. The pretty girl swallowed his offering enthusiastically, and made it a point to capture every drop, as if it were some precious gift, which in a way, it was.

When she finally freed his spent cock from her mouth, he reached down and helped her to her feet, and they embraced for several long minutes. They were two most unlikely lovers, clinging together against seemingly impossible odds. He picked her up and spun her around and lifted her up, and seated her on the edge of the lifeguard stand. He eased her head back against the weather beaten seat, and placed each of her bare feet flat down on the front edge of the structure. She moaned, as he pushed her black mini dress up over her hips, and then slid her lacy black thong down her legs and off her feet in one smooth motion. He stood in front of her open legs, admiring her clean shaven young pussy. As he massaged her legs, he smiled to himself, wondering how long ago she had decided that they would go this far. He was amused when he realized that he really didn’t have any choice in the matter. She had set up the whole scenario, and he was nothing more than a pawn, a humble servant, maybe even her slave. Now, he endeavored to serve his mistress as she deserved: he leaned over and approached her womanhood with a sensitive caution. He didn’t want to take even a second of this situation for granted. He took a few deep breaths through his nose, reveling in her hot, wet, musky scent. She groaned audibly, sensing his breath on her now quivering genitals. “Please, Paulo, don’t tease me!” she implored impatiently. But he was going to do just that. He exhaled through his mouth very close to her twitching labia, and then gave her clit a quick lick with his stiff tongue. Her ass bucked up off the bench when she felt his tongue touch her most intimate spot. It felt like a jolt of electricity ripping through her body, and it made the hairs on her neck stand on end. He repeated the combination several times, and she responded the same way each time. Finally, she grabbed his head and pushed his face against her over-stimulated vagina. “Oh, Paulo, suck my pussy, and lick my clit, please?” she begged.

The old man rapidly flicked at her sensitive button with his hard tongue, then twirled it around just inside her folds, before he plunged it deeply into her hole. Immediately, her legs tensed up, and her body was wracked with an intense orgasm. After she stopped convulsing, he pushed her legs as far back as they would go, and guided her arms around them. Now he was free to use both his hands to spread her smooth ass cheeks nice and wide, and commence rimming her pretty brown knot. She squirmed around at first, having not expected such an intrusion, but she quickly calmed down, and moaned in approval as his tongue penetrated her asshole. He pushed his thumb into her juicy pussy, and fucked her as deeply as he could with it, as he continued to tongue fuck her tight dark hole. She got into a rhythm, and her hips gyrated in time with his thumb thrusts. When he stood up to give his stiffened back a chance to straighten out, he heard her voice clearly: “NO!” It alarmed him, because he didn’t want to do anything that would even remotely upset her. “No Paulo, don’t stop! Please? I want you to finger fuck my ass. Stick two fingers up my ass, YES!”

As her servant and slave, he reasoned to himself that he was bound to do as she ordered. He worked his middle finger into her soaking wet pussy, taking advantage of her natural lubricant…”OH YES, finger fuck my pussy too, MMMMM! That’s it, Paulo,” she purred. He took his lubed finger and slid it gingerly into her waiting ass hole. The thrill of it was almost too much for him to bear, and he felt his cock coming to life. When he pushed his forefinger into her hot pussy as well, he became fully erect again. He hadn’t had that kind of quick recovery since he was in his twenties. He was now finger fucking both her holes, as she tightened her grip around her legs, and enjoyed the double penetration of his strong, rough fingers in and out of her tender holes.

“Oh, Paulo, that feels so good, but now I need to feel your big cock inside me,” she told him, as he slipped his fingers out of her soft, warm girl parts. He gingerly presented his two fingers to her, and she opened her mouth and accepted them without hesitation. After she licked and sucked them clean, she sat up, and he helped her down off the chair. She immediately began stripping his suit off, one piece after another, until he stood naked before her. He felt her give him the once-over, inspecting his bronzed body intently. She smiled shamelessly.

“I want you to fuck me hard, Paulo. Squeeze my tits and spank my bottom, yes, that’s what I said,” she declared with great enthusiasm, as he helped her pull her dress up over her head, and drop it in the sand. She turned around, bent over, and held on to the wooden structure. “Spank my ass, Paulo, make it pink and hot!” she exclaimed, as she wiggled it back and forth in front of him. He reached out and grabbed her ass cheeks, massaging them. She moaned in delight, but quickly regained her focus: “C’mon, Paulo, slap my tight buns! Put your finger prints on those cheeks!” So, he did just that, no doubt surprising her with his willingness to sting her ass with authority. He reached under her body and squeezed her firm breasts, as he continued to spank her hard, round ass. Her tits were modest in size, but they were firm, and very sensitive to his touch, and her nipples jutted out proudly.

He was at the point of his own climax, so he eased up some, and ran his strong hands up and down her hard body, marveling at her tight, ripped abs, her thin waist, and her ample hips and perfect ass. She begged him to enter her, but he had other ideas: He knelt behind her in the sand, and stretched her ass cheeks open wide, and flicked his tongue around the rim of her dark opening until she wriggled with delight. “Oh, Paulo, I never would have guessed that you were so…open minded!” she exclaimed breathlessly. He lowered his head and slid his stiff tongue into her juicy pussy, drinking in the taste of her essence. “MMMMMM, that feels so good, but I need you to fuck me now, because I can’t take any more of your kisses down there,” she pleaded.

The older gentleman stood up without further delay, and prepared to push his over stimulated cock deep into her hot pussy. “No!” she blurted out as she felt him beginning to penetrate her. He just knew it was coming, and he was sure she had a change of heart. Not that he could blame her. What was she thinking anyway, carrying on with him in the first place? He stopped his advances, and took a step back, causing the young girl to turn and look at him straight in the eyes: “Paulo, I said ‘no’, but I don’t mean for you to stop: I just want your stiff cock in my ass first, if that’s okay with you,” she explained, “your tongue felt so good licking me there, now I want you to fill my ass up with your thick manhood.”

Paulo couldn’t believe his ears, but then again, he couldn’t believe this whole fairy tale evening. Eager to please as he was, he took proper aim, gently rubbed his own juices up and down the crack of her vulnerable ass, and pushed the head of his penis into her quivering ass. She winced, and let out a quick yelp of surprise. She wiggled her hips around in tight circles, so as to assist him in his attempt to mount her ass fully. Slowly and deliberately, he eased more and more of his shaft into her beautiful bottom. He was amazed how much heat engulfed his member, and how she seemed to welcome every inch of his thick girth that disappeared between her cheeks. After gently filling her up, he gripped her hips and proceeded to fuck her at a quicker pace, moving in and out of her willing ass with more and more authority, until he was pounding her f***efully. Andrea held onto the lifeguard stand for dear life, amazed at the stamina of her lover, and his a****l power. He thrust into her with such single mindedness as to cause her feet to lose contact with the beach sand with each new forward thrust of his body slapping against hers.

“OH MY GOD!! YES!! This is what I hoped for, Paulo; this is my dream come true!! Please, keep going, keep fucking my ass like that, I am going to cum soon!” she exclaimed, “OH, GOD, OH! That feels so good! OH!! I’M CUMMING NOW!! OH MY GOD, YES!! “Her legs shook, and her pussy squirted uncontrollably, gushing all over his legs. In a matter of seconds, he followed her lead, and pumped her ass full of his hot jizz until he was drained. They both fell in a heap onto the sand. Paulo crawled up on top of her curled up body, as if to protect her from the relentless tide rushing in. He held her in his arms, and straightened her long hair, exposing her neck to his warm kisses.

“That was so incredible, Paulo. It was better than my fantasy. Thank you so much!” She whispered. She had a knack for amazing him, and now was no exception. She was thanking him? Was she k**ding? He remained speechless. They lay together until the wetness of the first wave inched up and tickled their feet. He lifted his head up to look at the surf getting nearer. Andrea pulled him back down. “Wait,” she said, as she rolled over and lay on her back, “the tide is no matter…will you kiss me down there?” She spread her legs, and welcomed his face to her glistening pussy. He wasted no time, and eagerly joined his mouth to her smooth vagina. She moaned as he licked her and sucked her to her heart’s content. Within minutes, he looked up to see her head thrashing back and forth, her eyes closed, and her gaping mouth moaning quietly. She reached down and grabbed his head tightly, as she lurched forward from her hips, and f***ed his mouth tightly on her shuddering pussy: “Oh, Paulo, I’m cumming again! Oh, please tongue fuck my hot cunt! Yes! Fuck me with your mouth!” she blurted out almost giddily. Her hot cum gushed forth into his busy mouth in spurt after spurt, as her grip on his hair became more painfully intense. Paulo persevered, continuing to push his stiff tongue deep into her love canal. Finally, her fingers relaxed their iron like grasp on his hair, and her body ceased to writhe and thrash about, as the waves continued to slowly overtake their sweating bodies.

Paulo crawled up her exhausted body, and held her tenderly against his. He was in heaven, he was sure of it, and he didn’t want to move, ever again. What a wonderful night, and what an amazing lover Andrea was, he thought. He smiled to himself, as he dared to wonder how his encounter with this beautiful young lady could ever be better than right now.

For several long minutes they lay in a tight embrace, neither wishing to let go. The soft sounds of the breeze and the encroaching surf was all that could be heard. Finally, Andrea turned to him, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight; her face radiant. “When you are ready,” she whispered, “will you please make love to me Paulo?” She caressed his cheek, and ran her fingers through his hair, as the cool ocean water licked at their feet. She delicately kissed his forehead, and Paulo closed his eyes; his smiling face glowing with contentment…

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6 months ago
Wonderful, erotic and so horny.
3 years ago
A wonderfully sexy story! Such a great lead up to the climatic end....:)
3 years ago
i agree with erin, alwaysfresh, & spectorofhell they have said everything about this beautiful piece of erotic wordsmithing
3 years ago
Fantastic job! A straight-forward, beautiful (and highly erotic) story. Loved it!
3 years ago
that was a great story, i agree with erin i love the rimming and your use of imagery was good, fucking on the beach was the perfect backdrop to this story and it was hot and sexy good shit man