Sexy Nieces Turn the Tables

Sexy Nieces Turn the Tables

(Sequel to Naughty Nieces Take Advantage)

By billy69boy

“What can we do next?” Beth had asked. My mind reeled at all the possible answers to my young niece’s question. “I’ll let you girls decide,” I copped out, as I struggled to get my heavy breathing under control.

“Do you have any cool toys that we could try, Uncle Bill?” asked young Mary. The delight in her eyes reminded me of the girls on Christmas morning in their younger years. “As a matter of fact, I have a few new ones, still in their wrappers,” I replied. My wife was rather fond of wild sex toys, and I was saving them for her upcoming birthday. I figured I could easily replace them before then. As I went to fetch them from my bedroom, the phone rang. I was still talking when I got back to the girls, toy bag in hand. “Okay, honey, that sounds like fun, you two enjoy yourselves, and we’ll see you in a couple of hours. No, no, the girls are fine. They had their showers, and they’re just hanging out playing,” I said to my wife on the other end. I turned to the girls and related that their aunt and mother were going to see a movie and have dinner after the show. Both girls smiled up at me. Beth said, “Good for us!” and Mary nodded in agreement.

The girls tore open the bag, eagerly unwrapping each toy. There was a long, pink double ended dildo, a thick, firm black toy, and a thinner, white plastic vibrator. “Fuck my pussy with this vibrator, Uncle Bill,” Mary pleaded. She lay down on the bed and pulled her legs back to her chest, exposing her tight, hairless pussy for my inspection. Beth scrambled to the foot of the bed, knelt down, and buried her head in her younger s****r’s pussy, gripping her thighs and spreading her legs apart. I just loved their intimate closeness, and I watched them go at it, as my cock began to stir once again. I moved closer to Beth and started massaging her ass while I enjoyed my close-up view of her tonguing her s****r passionately.

Without warning, Beth jumped up and stepped aside. “She’s ready for you, Uncle Bill,” she announced, “Give her what she wants!” I knelt down and rubbed the vibrating head all around Mary’s saliva-coated labia, lingering around her stiff clit. “OH YES! That feels sooooooo good! Now, stick me with it!” Mary demanded. As I slipped the plastic head between her eager pussy lips, Beth climbed up on the bed facing me, and straddling Mary’s head with her legs. Beth sat right down on her s****r’s face matter-of-factly, and ground her pussy into her open mouth. She played with her own perky tits shamelessly, while she gleefully watched me fuck her s****r. “Start giving it to her harder and deeper!” she insisted. Being the kind, sensitive uncle that I am, I did just as she said. Pretty soon, I was burying that dildo in her virginal pussy, as she writhed and squirmed in response. Beth started to buck up and down as Mary sucked on her pussy. “Fuck her ass with your finger, Uncle Bill, she loves that,” Beth suggested. As I quickly complied, I could see that both of my sexy little playmates were on the verge of another orgasm. “Oh, Uncle Bill, fuck me hard!” Mary begged, “I’M COMING!!!” Meanwhile, Beth was bouncing and crashing down onto her s****r’s lashing tongue, muffling her words of ecstasy. “AHHHHHHHHH, ME TOO!” Beth announced. I just kept up my pace, slamming the vibrator into Mary’s pulsing vagina, and reaming her tight asshole vigorously with my finger.

It was pure joy to watch these two young beautiful s****rs get off with each other, and I had a close-up view of the action. My dick was so hard and throbbing by now, but I was so entranced watching my nieces’ orgasms, that I actually ignored it, at least temporarily.

I slowed down the tempo of my thrusts as I watched the last of their body spasms. Beth fell over onto her s****r’s body, and grabbed my hand. She guided the vibrator out of Mary’s spent pussy, turned it off, and slid it deep into her mouth, sucking all of her s****r’s cum juice from it. The she grabbed hold of my other hand, and hungrily sucked on the finger I used to fuck Mary’s ass. This act was so deliciously decadent, yet so innocent at the same time; it brought me that much closer to erupting.

Beth jumped up abruptly, climbed off her s****r, and said, “I have to pee,” as she scampered down the hall to the bathroom. “Me too,” announced Mary, and she ran off to join her s****r. I looked down at my poor neglected cock, as I heard the girls giggling and whooping it up down the hall. I felt like taking matters into my own hands. I’m sure three or four wanks would have done it, no problem. Instead, I decided to wait and see what the girls planned next.

They filed back into the room, and thankfully, noticed my uncomfortable situation right away. “Oh, poor Uncle Bill, just look at that,” Beth said, as she reached down and gave it a big squeeze. “We can help you with that,” Mary offered. “Lay down on the bed, and we’ll see what we can do.” As soon as I lay back, I felt Mary’s slender body on top of me, her sweet pussy just inches from my face. She took my excruciatingly painful dick delicately into her hot mouth, and slowly worked her magic. At the foot of the bed, I felt Beth push my legs back towards me, and Mary grabbed them and pinned me down. I was about at the end of my self-control, when I felt Beth apply some thick lube to my asshole. ‘What is this?’ I thought to myself. I was about to ask out loud when Mary smashed her juicy pussy onto my mouth, and pushed down hard on my lips. Instinctively, I offered my rigid tongue, and began to dart it in and out of her awakening love canal. I wasn’t able to say anything, and if Mary thought she was distracting me, it sure was working just fine. I was barely aware of Beth’s two greased-up fingers probing deep in my asshole. It was uncomfortable at first, and I kind of panicked a little. My wife was fairly kinky, but she never did anything to me anally. In fact, no one had ever done anything anal to me.

Mary continued to ride my face, as Beth lubed up the long pink dildo. She inserted the head into me deftly, like she’d done it a thousand times before. I squirmed around in vain, but my actions only made her focus even more. Soon, she had the dildo past my protesting sphincter muscle, and slowly pushed it in several inches. By now, Mary was sucking my screaming hard-on viciously, and the sight of her furious head bobs encouraged Beth to punish my virgin ass with equal intensity. I was beginning to warm up to this foreign intruder, and I relaxed enough to accept Beth’s increasingly rough treatment.

As I commenced my own uncontrollable writhing, the girls gave it all they had, which was a lot! Soon, I was pumping Mary’s mouth full of spunk. My ejaculation was strong and violent, and Mary choked as I spurted into the back of her throat. Seeing my cum leaking out the sides of her struggling s****r’s mouth, Beth wrenched my cock out of Mary’s mouth, and took over swallowing the remainder of my load, which was substantial. She continued to fuck my ass with total abandon, until the last drop of my generous offering was tasted and swallowed.

Meanwhile, Mary lurched and shook on top of my face. Her juiced pumped out onto my face, squirted into my open mouth, and ran over my cheeks and down my neck. “No fair!” protested Beth, as she pulled the dildo straight out of my ass in one motion, and buried it down her own throat. Then, she rolled back onto the floor, and jammed it right into her slick pussy, and held it with both hands. Mary slid off my body and landed on her knees. We both marveled watching Beth fuck herself with vigor and determination. We could see her juices increase and flow freely down her ass cheeks, as she bumped up and down on the floor. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!” was all she could say, as she brought herself over the top. Finally, she laid back in exhaustion, her chest heaving.

After we recovered a bit, we sat up and just smiled at each other. The girls joined me on the bed, and I d****d an arm around each girl’s shoulders and squeezed them tightly. I was beaming radiantly, I couldn’t help myself. The girls hugged me back, and kissed my cheeks, looking up at me with those adorable, innocent eyes.

“How about some pizza?” I suggested. “Mmmmm, that sounds great!” the girls answered simultaneously.
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1 year ago
Pizza!! mmmm
3 years ago
What a hot uncle they turn you into..:) Great story!
3 years ago
Love it!
4 years ago
I cannot get enough of this story... just keeps getting better
4 years ago
wonderful story
4 years ago
Very hot indeed! I bet you wish that would really happen (I know I would!)!
4 years ago
them nieces are getting sexier every chapter absolutely excellent as always
4 years ago
Those little nieces just get more and more outrageous.... gauranteed to get your cock hard every time : )