Rough Video Booth Sex - Part 1

Rough Video Booth Sex - Part 1

I was horny as hell, and I wasn’t sure why. I should have been exhausted. It was almost 2:00AM, and I was driving home after delivering furniture 100 miles away. It was a part time job I got for the summer, between college semesters. Meandering down a country road, I was surprised to see a sign lit up, advertising Adult Books, Video Booths, Toys, Movies, and More. I pulled in, figuring I’d check out a couple videos.

The place was empty, except for the worker behind the counter. I nodded to him, and went in the back where the booths were. It was pitch black back there, but I managed to find a booth, enter, and then, lock the door behind me. I put a dollar into the machine, and selected a movie. The screen put out enough light to see, and I noticed there was no glory hole. It didn’t matter, because no one else was there anyway, and I felt like I had complete privacy.

I had tried a few glory holes before, and it was kind of interesting. It amazed me that some anonymous person wanted to suck my cock. Every time I stuck my dick through the hole, I got a first class blow job, and each time, the mouth sucked me right to the end, and swallowed my cum. Then, they would leave quickly, and that was that. No one ever presented their cock for me to suck, and I never asked for one either. That was the extent of my gay experiences.

I was getting into the movie, and my cock was itching for attention. I stripped off my shirt and shorts, and began to play with myself teasingly. As my stroking got more serious, I became aware that another person entered the booth area. He seemed to be pacing, milling around outside the door to my booth. I was getting annoyed, wishing the guy would just pick a booth and settle down. Then, came the knock: I was a little freaked out, and I ignored it. I just wanted to finish my business and get back on the road.

When he knocked again, I opened the door a crack, and asked him what he wanted. I could feel his eyes surveying my naked body and my hard cock. “Everything!” he responded. He was a tall man, and well built. “No thanks, I’m not really interested in anything,” I said, and began to pull the door closed. He put his foot in the way, and leered at me. “Look at you, standing there all naked with a big hard on. You want it and you know it,” he declared. “Just let me give you a blow job,” he offered.

I guess that didn’t sound too bad, I thought. It’s pretty much the same thing that I’d done before, only without the glory hole. Reluctantly, I let go of the door, and he slipped into the booth with me. He immediately dropped to his knees, and took my twitching cock deep into his mouth, without touching it with his hands. After several strokes, I thought I was going to explode into his mouth already. He must have sensed it, because he took his mouth off, spun my skinny body around, and told me to bend over and put my hands on the seat. I was shocked with the swiftness of his actions, and did what he told me to do.

He grabbed both of my ass cheeks, and began to squeeze them and knead them, like a man possessed. I groaned when he spread them apart wide, and his tongue found my hole. Wow, did it ever feel good! No one had ever put their tongue in my ass before. My ass went into motion involuntarily, and the big man took it as a sign to continue. He licked and sucked my ass energetically, then, his tongue plunged deep into my hole. I loved the personal attention, and I groaned a little louder as I felt his hot hard tongue shoot in and out in rapid fashion.

Without warning, he stood up, spun me around and pushed on my shoulders until I was kneeling in front of him. He whipped his stiff member out of his gym shorts, and waved it in my face. Before I could protest, he pushed the head hard against my lips, and I didn’t have much choice but to open my mouth.

His cock was as large as the man was big. I struggled to get it even partway into my mouth, but he kept pushing more of it into my mouth with each firm stroke. I gagged as I tried to accommodate him, but that only encouraged faster, sharper thrusts, and soon I could feel his cock head banging the back of my throat. Just as I convinced myself that I wouldn’t survive the ordeal, he pulled his cock out of my mouth abruptly, pulled me to a standing position again, spun me around, and bent me over. I was already familiar with the position, but I must have let out quite a yelp when he rammed his fat finger up my ass hole. “Shut the fuck up, and hold still,” he growled, as he worked my hole with some vigor. Soon, I could feel two fingers fucking me, and I was beginning to panic. I realized that this was just foreplay, and I had a good idea what might come next.

He surprised me again by pulling his two fingers out of me. He reached his hand out towards my face, and put his fingers to my lips, then into my mouth. He told me to lick his fingers and make them good and wet. I was tasting my own ass juices for the first time, but I was aware that there were bigger fish to fry. He reinserted his two saliva covered fingers into my ass, and they went in a little easier this time. I could see him pulling his gym shorts off with his other hand. He removed his fingers again, and right away, I felt the large head of his cock rubbing up and down my juicy ass crack. “No,” I whispered weakly. He slapped my ass cheeks twice, and they stung like hell. “I told you to shut the fuck up”, he shot back angrily.

I guess I pissed him off, because from then on, it was no more Mr. Nice Guy. He spread my cheeks so wide, I thought he might rip them right off. With one thrust, he got his cockhead past my sphincter muscle, and he was on his way. I yelled out in pain, and he slapped my ass cheeks around some more. “Quiet down, it’ll stop hurting in a minute,” he offered.

As he increased his rhythm, I was surprised that he had been right. After my initial fear subsided, I realized that I was actually enjoying my first ass fucking. It was really beginning to feel good. The big man pounded my ass hard, his back kept slamming into the wall with each new thrust. I matched him stroke for stroke, pushing back to receive as much of his throbbing cock as I could. Then there was a sharp knock on the door.

“What the fuck’s going on in there?” a deep voice asked. “Open up this fuckin’ door,” he continued. Without missing a stroke, the big man flipped the lock, and opened the door. As he continued pounding my ass, the deep voice man spoke: “Oh hey, Mack”, he said familiarly, “well, it looks like you snagged yourself another sissy boy. And he’s a purty one, too!” “Yeah, John, and he’s got a nice tight asshole too,” Mack replied, “you want in?” “Sure,” the deep voiced man said.

As he tried to maneuver into the booth with us, it was apparent that we couldn’t all fit at once. John’s frustration grew, as he tried in vain to squeeze past our united bodies. “Fuck, this ain’t gonna work no how. Say, k**, isn’t that your moving van out there in the parking lot?” he asked. I nodded. “Is it empty?” he inquired. “All except for a few empty wood crates and some padding,” I responded. “Let’s go then,” he said, as he left the booth. “Hold on a minute, John,” Mack blurted out. He pulled his slimy cock out of my ass, spun me around yet again, and pushed me to my knees. John watched in amusement, as Mack shoved his fat cock deep into my mouth, and held my face tightly in his two massive hands. He grunted, and immediately, I could feel his hot, sticky cum fill begin to fill my mouth. “Swallow it, pretty boy,” he demanded. I tried my best to gulp it all down, but I choked and sputtered, and I could feel his hot jizz gushing out of my nose, and squirt out the sides of my mouth. Mack fucked my face fiercely and feverishly, lifting me up off my knees at times.

John watched the action, rubbing his growing mound through his shorts. When Mack finally drained his balls to the last drop, he picked me back up, and told me to get dressed. We filed out of the store, and headed to my moving truck. I thought about what they had called me. I never really thought of myself as a “sissy boy”, much less a “purty one”, but I guess that’s what I was. All I knew was that I had to have more cock up my ass, and I had to have it now.
Continued in Part 2
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1 year ago
billy ,
is this a first hand account. you naughty boy.
hell I bet this one is tame compared to others eh ?
2 years ago
i love being a sissy boy
2 years ago
Well Done!
2 years ago
Good that I saw there is coming a second part, left me wanting to have my ass filled by a big cock
4 years ago
great start going to read the next part thanks
4 years ago
man that was good got to read the next one thanks
4 years ago
Good prose. U hav a gifted imagination and the ability 2 put ur words in2 action. All ur stories r action filled. Thanx.
4 years ago
Fantastic mate

I got hard straight away, I am looking forward to reading the next chapter
4 years ago
thanks i love it
4 years ago
its a little disturbing to be honest