Rachel: Fire & Innocence -Pt.4- An Electric Fa

Rachel – Fire and Innocence – An Electric Farewell

The smell of fresh toast and frying bacon aroused me from my deep slumber. I looked over at Rachel, her legs still tangled up with mine under the blankets. If it was possible, she looked even more angelic, as she continued to sl**p. After watching her chest heaving peacefully, it was hard to believe that this vision of perfection was the same insatiable vixen that had just fucked my brains out yesterday. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on her forehead. Her hair so smelled sweet and clean. I moved my lips down her cheek, and brushed her lips with mine. I had never kissed anyone on the lips, not to mention someone as beautiful and desirable as Rachel.

Her lips opened slightly as she responded to my gentle touch. She opened her eyes and looked straight into my soul. She leaned up, put her hand behind my head, and guided my lips to hers. I just melted into her arms, and we held that kiss for several minutes. My head was rushing, and my mind was blank. I was immediately convinced that heaven couldn’t feel better than this.

When we came up to breathe, the strong aroma of coffee punctuated the air, and we looked at each other and said “Coffee!” simultaneously. We strolled out to the kitchen arm in arm, in our fancy plush robes. Harry had just finished cooking the eggs, and we sat down to a fine breakfast. It was well into the morning by then. None of us were in much of a hurry, and we lingered around the table. I couldn’t take my eyes off Rachel, sitting across from me so bright and radiant. She caught me leering at her, and smiled and blushed, returning my intense gaze with one of her own. Suddenly, she snapped out of it, and I heard her ask Harry what he had good in his freezer. He told her he had a fresh bag of lima beans that he had picked up just for her visit. This seemed to delight Rachel, but I was confused as hell. Was she already thinking about dinner, when we had just finished a big breakfast? And how did Harry know she liked lima beans so much that he bought her a bag?

I didn’t have time to figure any of that out, because I heard Rachel follow it up with a complaint about her battery being low, and needing a jump start. Then Harry responded that he could hook her up. They both turned to face me at the same time, and they cracked up something fierce. Apparently, my face was all screwed up in bewilderment, and they realized I hadn’t the foggiest idea what they were talking about. Nor were they particularly interested in enlightening me at the moment. Rachel pushed back her chair, stood up, and began clearing the plates. Harry and I followed her lead, and before long we were back in the party room.

Rachel shed her robe, and jumped up on the swing. This time, she stretched her body across the straps, her legs folded underneath, and her face toward the floor. As I cuffed her hands behind her back, Harry was busy with some kind of electronic box, untangling some wires. Rachel looked back from her perch, and urged her uncle to hurry up and make her jump. I stood behind her and rubbed her ass, bending down to inhale her scent. Her exotic feminine aroma was enough to get my cock hard almost immediately. I knelt down and licked her sweet pussy, and up into her already quivering ass hole.

I didn’t notice Harry underneath her body, attaching a metal clip to each of her erect nipples, and fishing the attached wires back to his box. Curious, I stopped what I was doing (can you imagine?), and watched as Harry slowly turned the dial on the box. In an instant, Rachel let out a yelp, and her whole body tensed up. I saw it relax again, then jump and tense up again. It finally occurred to me that her body spasms were directly related to her uncle manipulating the dial. Give it to me good, Uncle Harry, I heard her exclaimed breathlessly. I’m really getting charged up now, she added. So, now I could surmise what she meant about needing her battery charged.

Harry pulled two more clips and wires from his electro-stim box, and attached them to the top part of her tender pussy, nestling her clit cozily in between them. He handed me one of the bamboo sticks from the table, and went back to his dials. He signaled me to start lashing her exposed ass with the stick, then, he turned both dials up. Rachel shrieked and thrashed around, out of control, then settled down again, as Harry lowered the power. Again and again, he manipulated his dials, and she would respond like a wild a****l caught in a steep trap. I can take more, she announced to her uncle, and she berated me for whipping her ass so weakly.

I moved around to her face, lifted her head up by her chin, and shoved my convulsing cock to the back of her willing throat. Harry and I increased our abuse, as ordered. He turned the dials up almost to the max, and I whipped her butt hard, as she sucked my cock like she meant it. Harry got up and, still holding his electro box, pushed his slick cock into her ass, and began pumping her deep and hard. It didn’t take long after that. Just as her body went into a head-to-toe convulsive eruption, I felt my own severe rumblings, and I shot my hot cum down her throat in wave after wave. Harry was only just beginning, and I was amazed at how much stamina he had. As I removed the clips from Rachel’s tender parts, I watched him in awe, as he took hold of her hips, and rammed his cock into her rectum to the hilt, over and over again. Rachel settled in, and moved her ass in time with his thrusts, until they were both thrashing around in unison, and then they were done. Harry walked around to her face, and presented his cock to her. She licked the remaining cum from the tip of his head, then, wrapped her pretty lips around his shaft, and he slowly fucked her mouth.

Within minutes, Rachel said she could sure use some lima beans, and Harry went to the kitchen to fetch the bag from his freezer. I couldn’t wait for this lima bean mystery to be resolved, but I said nothing. She remained in the same position on the swing, and asked me to rub some cooling lotion onto her reddened ass cheeks. I massaged it in, loving every minute of it. Harry came back in, and sat the bag of beans on a small table behind her, and pulled up a chair, motioning for me to sit. He plopped the frozen bag of beans into my hands, and told me to get stuffing. I looked at him inquisitively, and he reached into the bag, pulled out a handful, and began depositing them, one by one, into Rachel’s rectum. She giggled and sighed, and told her uncle how soothing they felt. Harry nodded at me, and I took his cue. I grabbed a handful, and started packing them into her ass, like I was feeding coins into a parking meter. Harry took some more, and pushed them into her overheated pussy. Rachel, squirmed a little, but she seemed to welcome every last lima bean into her two cavities. It was, after all, her idea in the first place. The bag was empty in minutes, and she instructed us to get her down so we could fuck her properly.

All that erotic bean play was enough to get Harry and I aroused once again. Harry lay prone on the floor, as Rachel faced him, straddled his cock, and guided it into her packed pussy. After some deft maneuvering, he was able to move his cock in and out of her crowded love canal. She pulled me closer, and told me to kneel down behind her. She leaned over towards her uncle, and spread her ass cheeks for me. I picked up her hint, and worked my jerking cock into her inviting ass hole. I could feel my shaft parting the crowd of lima beans, and soon I was fucking her ass with some authority. It was so incredible, fucking her ass tight with beans, and apparently Harry got the same sense in her loaded pussy, because we both came deep inside her holes, as she shook her head back and forth, moaning all the while. We held our softening members deep in her, and rode her Orgasm Express to the final station. Spent at last, we helped her up off the floor, and she ran off to the bathroom. She apparently had to make an urgent deposit.

Harry looked at the clock, and reminded me that he had to take me home soon. We were both surprised to see that it was already early evening, and he didn’t want my parents to start worrying about me. I made my way to the bathroom, and heard the shower already running. I knocked and poked my head in, and asked Rachel if I could join her. She said I could, and we lingered under the warm, relaxing spray of the showerhead for a long time. I embraced her, and tried to kiss her, like we did in bed that morning. She accepted my arms around her, but she kept her head buried in my chest. I held her tightly, never wanting to let go. Finally, she pulled away slightly, and looked up at me, tears rolling down her luscious cheeks.

Rachel told me that she was very fond of me, and that she enjoyed my company immensely this weekend. But, she was due to fly out to Maui in the morning for a swimsuit contest and photo session. She didn’t know when she’d be back again, and she felt herself falling for me, and didn’t want to start something with me that she didn’t think she could finish. It wasn’t fair to me to string me along, and she was in no position to have a relationship, as she was trying to establish herself in her career. When I began to protest, she put her finger to my lips, and hushed me. I was crushed, even though I knew she was right. Still, I could now see the end of this incredible weekend coming, and I didn’t want to believe it was almost over.

We dressed in silence, and I wore huge frown on my face. When we met Harry in the living room, he sensed what had happened. He knew my heart was broken, but he was hurting too. He loved Rachel, and had known her since she was a baby. It would be painful for him to drive her to the airport in the morning, not knowing when she would have time to visit him again. So, we all looked at each other with our tears streaming down amid the brave laughter, and said our heartfelt goodbyes. I hugged Rachel one last time, as Harry warmed up his car to take me home.

We drove in silence for a long time, then, Harry f***ed me back to reality. Look at the bright side, k**, he told me. This weekend you’ve had better sex than most people do in a lifetime. He was right, and I smiled and nodded.

I visited with Harry a few more times after that, but it wasn’t the same. Our weekend together with Rachel had changed our relationship forever. After looking at his photos of that weekend a couple times, we drifted apart. I saw him shopping at the supermarket where I worked every once in awhile, but small talk is all we had left to offer each other.

As for Rachel, I never saw her again. Somehow, I kind of knew I wouldn’t. Our weekend together was the chance of a lifetime, like winning a big lottery, only priceless. But I couldn’t really expect that we would live happily ever after, for all eternity.

Around two weeks after my dream weekend with Rachel, I was having breakfast with my mom one morning. She casually mentioned that she was changing my bed sheets, and came across an issue of Glamour Magazine under my pillow. I told her I picked it up from work, because I liked the girl on the cover. I guess you do, she said, after all, that’s Rachel Lawrence, and what’s not to like? I almost swallowed my spoon. I looked at her wide-eyed and asked her how she knew her name? Everyone knows Rachel, she’s one of the hottest models to come along in awhile, my mom offered. She’s got the face of an angel, I said, recovering my composure. Yes, mom replied, and I hear she’s just as pure and chaste as her face suggests…who knows, she went on, maybe I’d get to meet her one day.

I focused my undivided attention on my cereal bowl, and scooped the rest of my Cocoa Puffs into my mouth, and did all I could to suppress the big smile that welled up in my heart.

The End
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11 months ago
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the story ends in an atmosphere of love-hate, as uncle Harry gradually disappears into netherland, andthe unnamed narrator's love of his life "rides off into the sunset never to be seen again! It's quite similar to the death of a dear loved one without whom one feels life cannot go on without their beloved and cherished Goddess of Paradise. It does leave the reader with a heavy, and grieving heart!!! The Four Part Series is an accomplished work of ingenuity, depth, suspense, deep love, and endless heartache in the end--for the story characters, and certainly for the reader!!
4 years ago
very very good story
5 years ago
excellent story mate loved it from start to finish
5 years ago
another fantastic part to the story mate

It is a shame they could not stay together but it is still fantastic.

Well done mate