Mother Made Me Her Sex Slave - Part 2

My Mother Made Me Her Sex Slave - Part Two

I could feel my legs shaking as I walked up the steps to my fiancé's parents' front door. After what I'd heard from Sue the night before, I didn't really know what to expect. I shifted the flowers and the bottle of wine to one arm, as I reached for the doorbell. Sue's mom Patricia finally answered, and invited me in. She wore a tight white blouse and a tiny black skirt that made my cock stand up and take notice immediately. She was pretty hot for an older lady in her 40's, I thought, as I followed her into the dining room. She motioned for me to sit down, as she thanked me for bringing the flowers and her favorite wine. Sue entered from the kitchen, wearing a clingy black mini dress, and immediately offered me a drink. I could hear her dad busying himself in the kitchen, getting dinner ready.

Soon, the four of us were occupied with loading our plates and passing the bowls of food around the dining room table. Dinner was wonderful, and the drinks flowed freely. We all sat back afterwards, contented and satiated, and then my fiancée jumped up and proceeded to stack up the dirty plates and disappear into the kitchen. Chris, her father, followed her lead, and cleared off the rest of the table.

Patricia stood up and offered me her hand. She picked up her wine bottle and led me into the living room. She poured each of us a glass of wine, and then she sat in her usual chair, while I sat in a chair facing her. She was not shy at all, and she put her bare foot on my leg with a sly grin. I know she was aware that her skirt had ridden up considerably. She asked me a bunch of vanilla questions about our upcoming nuptials as she ran her foot up and down my leg. I thought her actions were crass and uncouth, yet I felt my cock tingling in response.

The next thing I knew, Sue and her father walked past us hand in hand and entered Sue's bedroom without acknowledging us at all. Patricia continued to tease me with her foot, tickling my shaft with her toes. And then we started hearing it: "Ouch!" "Stop!" "That hurts, daddy!" The sound of leather snapping against bare skin was unmistakable. My cock began to grow and throb, and I was ashamed of myself for getting aroused in the midst of such sick depravity. OMG, I thought, what kind of f****y am I marrying into?

As Patricia and I listened to the cries of protest coming from Sue's room, she focused more on massaging my cock with her feet, and she finally succeeded in jerking me off to orgasm, much to her delight. Her smile was one of triumph and sheer lust. Her erect nipples pressed proudly against her tight blouse, as she stood up, and walked toward Sue's bedroom door.

"Follow me," she stated sternly, looking over her shoulder. I arose and allowed her to lead me to her daughter's room. She opened the door and let it swing open freely. What I saw next made my legs feel like jelly, and it was all I could do to remain standing: there was my wife-to-be, bent over her dresser, her legs spread wide, and wearing only her black high heels. Her tight mini dress was pulled up over her hips to her waist. Her father Chris stood behind her with his thick black belt folded in half, whipping her exposed bottom as hard as he could, one whack after another. Every once in a while, he would alter his course, and slap her pussy with the belt, causing her feet to pop up out of those heels she was wearing.

Patricia motioned toward a chair in the corner, and I flopped down on it, thankful to take the weight off my weak legs. I was really confused inside: I had never imagined anything like what I was witnessing with my own eyes. It was both appalling and incredibly electrifying at the same time. And to think this was my fiancé and my future in-laws; it was almost more than I could handle. But it immediately got worse…or better, depending upon one's outlook.

Patricia strode over to her bent over daughter, grabbed a handful of Sue's hair, and yanked her head back sharply. She pressed her face against hers and shouted: "How dare you sass your father like that, young lady!" She proceeded to slap her face back and forth, alternating cheeks with each blow. Chris must have really gotten excited by his wife's actions, and he whipped his daughter's ass with renewed vigor.

Patricia gathered Sue's dress from her waist, and pulled it up to her neck, exposing her firm breasts. She stood her up by pulling back on her hair: "Put your hands behind your neck, you dirty little slut!" Sue complied immediately and silently, and she winced when her mother began to slap her tits with her open hand. In the meantime, Chris watched intently as he removed his clothes. His stiff cock sprung free and swung in the air, eager to join in the fun. As for myself, I couldn't keep my hand off my throbbing member, and I could feel myself breathing heavily.

"I know you want your father to fuck your stinking pussy, don't you, Little Miss Princess!" she sneered evilly, "well, let me get you warmed up for him!" She pushed my fiancé down on the bed, and motioned silently for her husband to take up his usual position: Sue was on her back with her head dangling off the side of the bed. Her father's rigid cock hovered over her face, as he pulled her legs back towards his body, and held them tightly in place.

"Now, suck his big fat prick, bitch, you know you want to…go ahead and put it in your foul mouth, while I beat your pussy until it's good and ready," she seethed. My eyes bugged out when I saw her fold that thick black belt in half, and swing it fully over her head, landing it squarely on her daughter's exposed cunt. Thwap! Whack! Sting! Ouch! Time and time again, Patricia whipped Sue's pussy until it was a deep shade of pink. Her attempts to scream in protest were muffled by her father's shaft inching deeper down her throat. I couldn't help but be completely aroused as I surveyed the scene before me. By now, my cock was fully exposed, and I was whacking it shamelessly. The bl**d in my head swirled around at a dizzying pace.

After beating Sue's pussy until it was fully tenderized, Patricia put the belt down and started fingering her daughter's soaking wet pussy with two, then three fingers: "Let me open you up nice and wide for your father's fucking cock," she laughed viciously, as she jammed her fingers in deeper and deeper. Before long, she added her fourth finger, and then after that, I saw her thumb disappear too, and my jaw dropped as I realized my fiancé was getting her cunt brutally fisted by her mother. She plunged her balled up hand from her wrist to almost her elbow, deep into her stretched canal, bouncing Sue's ass up and down on the bed.

Meanwhile, her father shoved his pulsating meat further down her throat, until I could see the bulge all the way down the front of her neck. Daddy's balls slapped against her forehead, as he throat fucked his daughter while clearly enjoying her fisting administered by his wife. Apparently, he enjoyed it so much that he wrapped his large hand around her bulging throat, and squeezed until Sue couldn't breathe. Her eyes widened in panic as she silently pleaded with her father to release his grip on her throat. Finally, he let up and she choked and gasped for air, while her mother admonished her and reminded her to breathe through her nose while daddy pounded her face.

Patricia pulled her hand out of her daughter's ravaged pussy and reached up to wipe it on her face. Chris withdrew his glistening shaft, and he too wiped it clean on Sue's face. Then, they turned Sue's body towards the middle of the bed, and switched places.

"Go ahead and fuck the ungrateful fucking whore," Patricia commanded her husband. He took his place kneeling between her legs, and wasted no time burying his entire shaft to the hilt. Sue groaned rather contentedly, like she had been waiting for this moment all night. I was shocked, though, when Patricia pulled her skirt up, revealing no panties, and sat directly on Sue's face. Her wet pussy moved all over her daughter's face, covering it in her flowing cunt juice.

"That's it, you little cum sucker, lick momma with that sinful tongue of yours!" she ordered, as she slid forward a little, adding: "yes, and don't forget my asshole too! Lick it nice and clean!" She rubbed her slick pussy and ass back and forth on her daughter's face as she pinched and slapped her vulnerable tits at the same time. Chris was ecstatic, and continued to pound Sue's pussy into oblivion. I was out of my mind with demonic lust by now, and I jerked my cock furiously. When I noticed Patricia looking over I got a little embarrassed, for some reason. She smiled and beckoned me over. I stood next to the bed, and my future mother-in-law pulled me close, turned toward me, and swallowed my throbbing erection in one gulp.

She sucked me fiercely as she continued to ride her daughter's mouth and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. As my juices welled up, ready to explode, I could see Patricia increase her pace riding her daughter's mouth, and I knew we were both about to cum at the same time. As her body jerked and writhed in ecstasy, she pulled her mouth off my frenzied cock just long enough to tell me to cum in her mouth. She opened up wide, and waited for me to pump my jizz into her mouth. Even Chris groaned at the sight of all the cum that I pumped into his wife's eager mouth. It was undoubtedly the most intense orgasm I ever experienced, before or since. My body literally shook uncontrollably, as Patricia came in her daughter's mouth at the same time.

When I finally went dry, Patricia pushed me back a bit, and dismounted Sue's face, bending over her mouth. Sue instinctively opened her mouth just in time to receive all my cum that her mother had hoarded in her own mouth. "Don't swallow!" she ordered. Her mouth was now empty, at least for the moment. She motioned for Chris to pull out, and she got into position, her mouth open and waiting for his offering. With a smile of delight, he pumped his cock furiously until his white cream shot into his wife's mouth. When he was drained, Patricia repeated her actions, and deposited his warm juices into Sue's almost overflowing mouth.

"Keep your mouth wide open, you cum slut, and let us all see your mouthful of jizz," she commanded, making us take a good look. It was impressive, I must admit. The sheer volume from just two cocks was pretty amazing. I think me and Chris were proud of ourselves, actually.

"Don't swallow it yet, until I tell you to," she instructed. With that, she pulled Sue closer, leaned over her open mouth, and spit into it. "Okay, you dirty little slut, now you can swallow. Even after all that I had just witnessed, as well as participated in; I was still shocked at the level of depravity that her mother could stoop to. Patricia was disgusting but kinky, all powerful, but somehow erotically intriguing all at once. We were spellbound by her wickedness, yet taken by her severe creativity. And yet she could come up with a new twist out of thin air:
"Okay, now do me," she stated directly at Sue. She jumped up off the bed, pulled Sue's dress over her head, and stripped off her own skirt and blouse. She reached into Sue's nightstand and retrieved a fat black strap-on. As she threw it in Sue's direction, she took her place on the bed, kneeling at the edge.

"Fuck my ass, bitch, you know how I like it," she said, wiggling her butt in the air in anticipation, as her daughter adjusted the straps. Her ass was still soaked from riding Sue's mouth earlier, and the rubber cock slipped right into her forbidden passage with little effort. I guessed that this wasn't the first time this scenario was played out. Patricia folded her arms in front of her and laid her head down on top of them, causing her ass to jut out proudly. She accepted that monster dildo deep into her dark nether region like she did it regularly, which by now was no surprise.

"Harder, fucking slut, HARDER! Like you've been taught!" she roared, probably being a bit more dramatic than usual, for my sake. Sue obliged, and fed as much fake cock into her mother's ass as she could take, which was quite a bit, actually. In the meantime, Chris took his place behind Sue, and finger fucked his daughter's pussy vigorously, causing her to thrust deeper and sharper into her mother's ass. Patricia fingered her own cunt ruthlessly in unison with her daughter's rhythm, moaning and groaning shamelessly as she came closer to her own climax.

As I sat back in the chair taking in the whole f****y affair, as it were, I could kick myself for having missed all those past "Wednesday Movie Nights" at Sue's house. I already knew that I wouldn't miss any more of them in the future. It might take me a while before I could finally wrap my brain around the whole scenario, but I was willing to do whatever it took to comprehend it all.

In the meantime, Patricia was bucking furiously against her daughter's strap-on, while daddy was finger fucking Sue with a ferocity that I had never before seen. They were all moaning in unison, just like you might expect from such a tight knit f****y. I watched as they all came to a very satisfying end, finally all collapsing together on the bed, all wrapped up blissfully in each other's arms.

Eventually, we all came to our senses, got up and dressed in silence. Without further discussion, I said goodnight, and Sue led me to the door, and e****ted me to my car. I told her I was at a loss for words at the moment, but I had a whole lot of questions to ask her. She put her finger to my lips, and told me to hold them until the next day. We could have a few drinks and grab some dinner at the local pub. I just nodded, kissed her on the forehead, and headed home, my mind a whirling dervish.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The next day, we met for drinks after work. I was still in a state of shock, and that seemed to amuse Sue to no end. She seemed relieved that everything was out in the open now, and she was curious to know how I felt about things. To be honest, I told her, I wasn’t really sure how I felt. Her relationship with her parents was pretty rare, and fairly strange, I told her, and yet…it was completely wild and unbelievably arousing. She just looked down at her drink and smiled.

"So, what do you want to know?" she asked me.

"Huh?" I replied, deep in thought.

"Don't you have some questions? You said last night you had a million questions," she reminded me.

"Okay, well, I guess we should start at the beginning," I offered, "how did all this begin?"

I could detect some hesitance from my darling fiancé, so I waited patiently for her to respond.

"I will tell you the truth, Dave; because I love you, and I feel that we have to trust each other if we are going to have a successful marriage. But I must insist that you never tell anyone else what I'm about to tell you. Can you agree to that?" she implored.

I was confused and intrigued at the same time: after the events of the past night, how could she have information that is even more sensitive than that? And yet, I knew I wanted to, no, HAD to hear it.

"Of course, my love, you have my word on it," I assured her.

She took a deep breath, and I could see she was struggling with the issue. Finally, she spoke:

"Okay, this happened a long, long time ago," she began, "please don't ask how long ago, okay?" I nodded.

"My mother learned of a club called the "Young Love Society" from one of her perverse friends. This was years ago, when she and daddy were just starting out, and he wasn't making much money driving a truck. She was at home with me for most of the time, while daddy was on the road a lot, trying to provide for us. I guess momma wanted to help out financially, and she agreed to…accommodate this club for very big money," she explained.

I was immediately intrigued, although I will admit I didn't grasp the gravity of the situation just yet. I motioned for her to continue. She definitely had my complete attention.

"Well, the YLS, as they referred to themselves, consisted of very rich, very famous, very powerful people who were also very perverted, and they were willing to pay big bucks for the opportunity to satisfy their lust…BIG BUCKS, Dave…" her voice trailed off.

At this point, I was all ears, but I was also crazy with anticipation.

"They would schedule a "session" anonymously through a well-paid agent: the standard deal was for four participants plus an attending physician. Each player paid $20,000.00 cash to an off shore secret account, and each one would also pay the doctor $2,500.00, for a total of $10,000. I don't know what they paid the agent," she explained.

"For that money, they would have an entire evening of "access", plus a commemorative video tape of their activities, so they could go back and watch the action again and again."

Wow, I was shocked! To say the least! How could this whole thing get any more perverse and amazing? Who the hell was I getting ready to marry, anyway? I was totally taken aback: this only added to my many questions. Holy Christ! Are you fucking k**ding me?

I took a deep breath, and managed to calmly ask her a question: "How do you know all this information?"

My fiancé hesitated for many long seconds: "I saw a video."

OH MY GOD! I thought.

"And my momma filled in the blanks for me," she added, "to be honest; I don't remember a thing about any of it when it was happening."

Like that was some kind of concession or something.

"The doctor was in charge, and he administered some kind of mild d**g to me that made me kind of oblivious to everything, although I was conscious throughout. He assured all the players that I wouldn't remember anything the next day, and they took him at his word. Apparently, he was right. If it wasn't for momma showing me the video, I never would have known anything had ever happened.

I felt like I swallowed my tongue, and couldn't speak for a minute or two: "So, what all did they do to you?" I asked.

Sue immediately shook her head. "I'm not going to go there," she said emphatically, "suffice it to say that my parents reaped $80,000.00 in cash, and I don't remember a thing about it."

"Well, how old were you when it happened?" I asked.

Again, she nodded her disapproval. "I'm not going to go there either," she replied.

"Did you recognize any of the participants when you watched the video?" I asked.

"I didn't really know them from my own recollection, being as young as I was, and it was kind of tough to know who they were because they all wore black masks," she explained, "but momma told me there was a famous preacher, a well-known Fortune 500 owner, a hall of fame pitcher, and a female heir to a wealthy oil conglomerate."

I was astounded to hear such an incredible tale of depravity. I was disgusted by the sheer thought of rich people taking advantage of a young girl, but I guess I wasn't really surprised. Such is the way of the world these days. What really blew me away was hearing that there were over 20 such videos shot of various YLS members abusing my fiancé without her knowledge. That's a lot of coin…

There won't be a Part 3 to this series.

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2 days ago
liked all of the depraved, incest sex and domination. thought the belt spanking was a little rough but you never mentioned marks or welts so I guess it was just enough. overall, excellent. wonder what will happen when they have kids???
9 months ago
very good
9 months ago
the sad bit is there are groups like the YLS, fine to read as a fantasy but mind bending for a kiddy and that bit I find a downer, however the rest is a bloody good read
9 months ago
A great story but we're all left hanging,,,I hope you get around to giving us a part 3 sometime,,depraved though it might definately be.
9 months ago
Great story
9 months ago
I have read both of your stories, I certainly thought they were just GREAT!!!. It all ended just right. but # 3 would be most interesting!! I hope you write more.
9 months ago
Loved part 2! Awesome job again!!
9 months ago
Great story . Loved it.
9 months ago
Wow,,holy shit ,,this is so hot....thanks