Blackmailed by Grandfather

Blackmailed by Grandfather

By billy69boy

During the summer, when we were young, our grandmother used to invite her many grandci1dren to stay over for a few nights. She would host two of us at a time. Her five grown chi1dren were all married and had several chi1dren of their own, so there were plenty of us to go around.

One summer, I was paired up with my cousin Cindy, who was a couple years younger than me. Cindy was a pretty little thing, blonde hair and blue eyes that always seemed to be hiding some secret mischief behind them. I didn't know the word back then, but I would call her precocious.

Grand pop was a gruff but garrulous Irishman who had a taste for brandy, and often tasted it a bit too often, much to the constant dismay of our grand mom. Otherwise, he was a nice guy, loving and well loved by all. He had been retired for some time, but he stayed active doing yard work and handyman projects, as well as being involved in various civic organizations.

Cindy and I got along well, and we busied ourselves romping around outside in their expansive yard, playing cards, or watching TV and the like. One morning, while we ate breakfast, I noticed her looking at me with that devilish grin of hers. I didn't know why, but I remember it made me feel uncomfortable and excited all at once. After we put our plates in the sink, we ran outside to play. She took me by the hand and led me to a semi-secluded spot behind the garage. We both wore thin shorts and t-shirts, as it was already hot and humid out, like a typical summer day. She had that certain twinkle in her eyes, along with a sly grin on her face, and she asked me if I wanted to see her pull down her shorts. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. I certainly didn't see that one coming, and I struggled to come up with a sensible response.

"Right here?" I blurted out. She giggled, and shook her head. She told me we could do it after lunch when our grandparents liked to take their afternoon nap. I was relieved, knowing that I had time to think about things first. I had never had anyone ask me such a bold question before, and I was at once intrigued and nervous as hell. I nodded my silent assent to her plan, and then off we went to play with all the toys and things our grandparents provided for all their young visitors.

Lunchtime came quickly, and I wondered if Cindy remembered what we had talked about earlier. Maybe I had just imagined it all…but she sat across from me, and her eyes felt two like lasers that penetrated me to my very core. I couldn't look straight at her; such was the intensity of her steady glare. I was so antsy, I couldn't sit still, and I was surprised my grand mom didn't notice. We ate quickly, and overheard our grandparents talking about their afternoon plans: grand mom was going to wash the dishes and then take a nap. Grand pop said he wanted to watch the news on TV first, and then join her for a nap. Cindy and I finished our sandwiches, said thanks, and bolted out the door.

When we got outside, she took me by the hand, led me into the garage and closed the door behind us. It was pretty roomy, considering grand pop's car was parked inside. There was room for a workbench, some cabinets, and a good sized storage area. I was shaking like a leaf in anticipation. Cindy must have noticed, because she got a lot calmer and took my hand in hers. She asked me if I still wanted to see her pull her shorts down, and I nodded hesitantly. Then, she told me softly that she wanted to see me do it too. I can't say I was shocked by her request, but I wasn't sure if I could go that far. After some gentle pleading and cajoling on her part, I reluctantly agreed.

To break the ice, she suggested we take off our t-shirts first. I agreed, figuring I had the advantage, because boys go without shirts all the time. At the count of three, we took off our shirts. Cindy smiled wide, her eyes twinkling like stars on a clear night. She looked me up and down in admiration, while I just awkwardly gawked at her bare chest. I don't remember exactly how old we were back then, but she didn't have a whole lot to show me in the breast department. They protruded a little, but not much. Still, it didn't prevent me from feeling my cock growing in my shorts. I wanted to panic and run away, but I was too embarrassed to do so, if that makes any sense.

"Okay, now our shorts," she announced. Good god, I was mortified: How could I possibly drop my shorts with this erection coming on, I thought? She hooked her thumbs in her waistband, and hesitated, waiting for me to follow suit. Not to be outdone by my younger cousin, I took the same pose as her. We looked like two gunfighters, facing each other, ready to reach for our six-shooters at high noon.

Slowly, she began to lower her filmy pink shorts, and I my black sport shorts. She let hers drop onto the garage floor and stepped out of them. I did the same, except I was so intent on staring directly between her legs, my sneaker caught on the waistband of my shorts, and I took a tumble. We both had a good laugh at my clumsiness, and it cut some of the tension we felt. When I stood up, I resumed concentrating my attention on her private parts, which remained covered by her white cotton panties. I remember my mouth got very dry, and I don't think I could have spoken if I wanted to. I could see that her eyes were glued to my crotch as well. I prayed that she couldn't detect my hard-on through my baggy white boxer shorts. She giggled her little girl giggle, and stepped toward me.

"You want to see more?" she teased. I nodded in agreement. "Well, you have to show me yours too," she demanded. Now, I was beside myself: as much as I wanted to see what her pussy looked like, I was completely embarrassed by my erection that seemed to throb harder with each passing minute. My cousin must have sensed my paralysis, and decided to take things in hand: without warning, she just reached out and pressed her hand against my hard penis. I could feel the heat of her hand through my boxers, and it made me swoon. I thought I was going to pass out, and I leaned against the car for support.

"Wow, it's really big!" she declared, as she gently rubbed her hand against it. "Now, you touch me down there," she ordered. Reluctantly, I put my twitching hand on top of her girl mound. Her panties were soft and smooth to the touch, and she let out a low sigh when my hand made contact. Now, I was sure I would faint dead away, and I fumbled for the car door handle.

"I have to sit down," I explained, as I flung open the back door and collapsed on the seat. Cindy smirked as she stepped closer.

"Are you okay?" she asked, as she worked her slim legs in between mine. I was flat on my back with one arm shielding my eyes, as if not looking would make everything go away. Instead, she began to run her delicate fingers up and down my spread open legs, teasing me so much that I was afraid the top of my cock would explode any second. I lay motionless, as she traced her fingers up my legs, over my underwear, and back down to my knees. After several repetitions, she slid her fingers under the hem and then back down again. I was in ecstasy, and I didn't resist; in fact I dared not move a muscle, as her caresses got more and more brazen. Her movements were deliberate and tantalizing. Finally, both of her hands disappeared under my boxers, and met at my incredibly stiff erection.

"Wow, you sure do have a nice penis!" she declared. I just moaned without moving an inch. I was afraid I would ejaculate right then and there if I did anything but continue to lie still, and I sure wasn't ready to embarrass myself by doing something like that! It didn't take much time for her to expose my shaft through the gap in front of my boxers. She pulled it out, and squeezed it with both hands.

"OOOOOH! I just want to kiss it!" she cooed. Holy crap! WHAT!! I couldn't believe my ears…I never expected her to say anything like that! Stunned, I also couldn't believe it when she took hold of my waistband and I lifted my hips high enough for her to slip my drawers right down my legs and past my sneakers. Now I was helplessly naked in front of my young cousin, and there was no way I was going to look at her! I had never felt so vulnerable or exposed in all my life, and I didn't know what to do next I froze; I felt trapped, but in an exquisite way that I couldn't describe.

My cousin started to play with me, squeezing the shaft, caressing it, and cupping my testicles in her hand. I was determined she wouldn't see me cum, no matter what. Sure, I had learned about masturbation by then, and I did it sometimes, even though it was considered a grave sin in my religion. The times I did play with myself would produce an orgasm that was the best feeling in the world, but I wasn't old enough yet to produce semen. Even so, I knew what we were doing was wrong, but I had neither the will nor the desire to stop it. I was completely powerless under my cousin's spell; I knew it and so did she.

I peeked out from under my arm to see that she was stroking my penis with one hand, while her other hand was inside her panties. This was a great revelation to me: at that stage in my young life, it never occurred to me that girls touched themselves down there. I thought it was just boys that did such shameful things as that. A deep sense of guilt overtook me, and I resolved to stop watching her rubbing her vagina. I wrapped my arm tighter over my eyes in an effort to resist the sinful temptation. So, you can just imagine the shock that followed almost immediately:

Cindy leaned over, and put my cock right into her mouth! OH…MY…GOD!! The feeling of her hot, wet mouth enveloping my fledgling cock literally took my breath away. I stopped breathing for what seemed like a long time, although it was really only a matter of several seconds. My head was spinning like a top, and violent chills ran up and down my spine. I had glimpsed heaven, and I was sure I never felt this good ever before in my life.

My horny little cousin's head bobbed up and down on my rigid member in a determined rhythm, and I lost all sense of control: my screaming cock began to jerk and throb and pulsate, as her mouth brought me to a glorious climax that may still be the best orgasm I have ever had. It didn't matter that I didn't pump copious amounts of sperm into her mouth: the feeling was just incredible, and all seemed right with the world at that moment…until…

"OH!" I heard her blurt out in great surprise. I peeked out from under my arm, and I could see a body standing behind my cousin, with a hand on either side of her hips. I couldn't see above the chest to tell who it was, but the voice was unmistakable:

"Well now, I wonder what your grandmother is going to say when she finds out what you two are doing out here," he mused, laughing low and nasty like. We knew grand pop had bottles of his brandy stashed all over the place, but we didn't count on him coming out to the garage for a nip before he joined grand mom for a nap. Caught red handed, I pulled my arm away from my face, scared to death. I could see him begin to rub my cousin's hips in circles, as he pondered his fortuitous discovery.

"Now, what do you think I should do with the two of you?" He said rhetorically, as he moved closer to Cindy, and started to grind his crotch into her from behind, while strengthening his grip on her hips. "And look at you, young lady! You are so anxious to get the boy's cock in your mouth that you didn't even bother to get naked first," he observed. Cindy and I looked at each other with a mix of disbelief and resignation. Neither of us moved or said anything as he slowly peeled off her panties, and threw them onto my face.

"Here, boy, take a good whiff of those panties…that's the smell of a little slut, alright," he informed me. I didn't have much choice but to do as I was told, and I remember them as smelling wonderful: sweet, enchanting and intoxicating. "Grand mom ain't gonna like finding out about this at all, I tell ya," he repeated for our benefit, "I wonder if there's something we can do so she doesn't find out…" his voice trailed off. Even though we were both young, we knew blackmail when we saw it, even if we might not have understood the actual meaning of the word yet.

"OH!" she exclaimed again, as I saw her body squirm a little. I dared to steal a glance between her legs, and I could see our grandfather's thick fingers rubbing her hairless pussy. "Open your legs, girl!" he ordered, and she spread her legs wider for him. "OOOOOOOH!" her words gushed out, as he firmly pushed two fingers deep inside her slippery vagina, and began to slide them in and out rapidly. She gripped my thighs tightly and closed her eyes as he finger fucked her with authority. Abruptly, he stopped and pulled his fingers out, and put them to her mouth. "Suck them, that's right! Taste you own dirty pussy juice," he commanded as she opened her mouth and he shoved them inside, causing her to gag. After he was satisfied all her juice had been sucked off, he grabbed her by the arm, and stood her up. Then he reached into the car, grabbed my arm, and yanked me to my feet.

He turned to my cousin and told her to lie down on the seat, a sneer on his lips. He pushed her legs back against her chest and told her to hold them there. Then, he turned towards me and pushed me toward the car.

"Now, boy, you lean over and lick her cunt! That's right! Taste her pussy…suck it!" he demanded. I hesitated for just a second or two, and he swatted the back of my head. "Do as you're told, boy!" I leaned over until my face was just inches from her bald pink pussy. Grand pop pushed my head down until my lips touched her soaking wet girlhood. I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit, tasting girl sex juice for the first time. It was unlike any taste I ever experienced, and I loved it. I got more adventurous, and I licked her trembling pussy with wild abandon. Cindy clutched her knees tightly, and groaned out loud like a girl possessed. I was vaguely aware of grandfather standing behind me, slowly stroking his considerable manhood as he watched me bring his granddaughter to the brink of orgasm. He watched as her body started shuddering and lurching around, and then he pulled me off her by my neck.

"Back away, boy, this is man's work," he declared gruffly, as he reached into the car, and pulled her body towards him. "Now, watch and learn!" he grunted at me. He leaned over and took aim at her glistening love opening, and rubbed his cock head all around it until he was satisfied it was wet enough to penetrate her. With a grunt and a curse, he held her down by her pelvis, and entered her. She exhaled deeply, but she didn't yell out at all. Grand pop moved in and out, deliberately driving his cock deeper and deeper into her young body until his stiff prick disappeared completely inside her. Amazingly to me, Cindy took it all without complaint or any sign of discomfort. In fact she looked downright blissful, and when she started whispering "Yes! Yes!" to herself, my concern for her turned to lust. Even though I had just orgasmed, I felt my virginal cock come back to life, as I watched grandfather give her a good pounding, with her body thrusting toward her like she wanted more.

"That's a good girl you're doing great," he said with surprising tenderness, "now, get on your knees, 'cause I'm gonna cum!" With that, he stood up and pulled her the rest of the way out of the car, and she dropped to her knees. He held her arms straight up in the air, and she opened her mouth wide, her blue eyes on fire in anticipation. He plunged his spastic rod into her open mouth, and fucked it intensely until he groaned in relief, and filled her mouth with his sticky jizz. When he finally emptied his load, he pulled out and rubbed his slimy cock all over her face and then held it still for her to lick it clean. The next thing that came out of her mouth shocked me more than anything I ever heard in my life:

"Oh, Grand pop, that was even better than last time!" she boasted, a wide grin covering her cum drenched face.

"Yes, I agree, sweetie, you are getting better every time!" he replied, with a grin just as wide as hers.

I was speechless. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, but I didn't have time to dwell on it: grandfather looked at me and saw my throbbing erection.

"Hmmm, you're gonna need help with that, boy," he declared, as he turned towards Cindy. "Do you want to help him with it the 'other' way?" he asked her cryptically. She nodded eagerly: "you mean like we've been practicing?" she asked.

"Exactly! He's the perfect size for your first time," he said, "now, get ready…" With that, my cousin climbed back into the back seat again, but this time she was on her knees, with her adorable round ass facing out the car door in our direction. I was a little confused, but grandfather was ready with instructions for me:

"Get down there, and start licking her," he began. I leaned in and began to lick her tender pussy, still red from grand pop's vigorous fuck session with her. Within minutes, she began to moan a little, and wiggle her ass, which was pointing up towards the roof of the car.

"Good boy, you're a fast learner; now, grab ahold of her ass cheeks and spread them open," he continued, "yeah, like that, good: now, see her little pink star?" I nodded. "Okay, now run your tongue all around it…go ahead, she loves it!" he said encouragingly. I looked at him like he was joking, but a sharp slap to the back of my head told me otherwise.

"Do as you're told, boy, you're going to like it too," he assured me. Tentatively, I started to lick around her tight opening, and apparently he was right, because Cindy proceeded to moan and talk dirty to me:

"Oh yes! Oh, your tongue feels good on my ass…Oooooh, keep it up, Mmmmmm, god that feels so good! Now stick your tongue deep inside! YES! YES! Right up my ass, cousin!"

Wow, I couldn't believe the words that came out of her mouth, but I sure did my best to do what she wanted. Soon I was tongue-fucking her as fast and deep as I could, and I was wondering how all this was supposed to take care of my raging hard-on.

With that, Cindy reached back and pulled her cheeks open even wider:

"Okay, I'm ready: now fuck me in my ass with your stiff cock, cousin!" Grandfather laughed out loud when he saw the expression of disbelief that came over my face.

"You heard the girl, now put your penis in her ass and fuck her with it!" he ordered, as he gave me one more slap on my head for good measure. I never heard anything of the sort before, but I did my best to please my amazingly hot little cousin. I rubbed my shaft around her sopping wet pussy to get it lubed up, and then I entered her nether region inch by inch, as she encouraged me to go deeper with each stroke. Once inside completely, I let go of my cock and held onto her hips. I lurched forward, slamming my pelvis up against her tiny ass, and then I pushed her away, only to pull her hips back towards me with the next stroke. Soon, I was fucking her ass like a jackhammer: firmly, directly, and relentlessly. She responded by pushing back into me, as her fingers furiously worked her clit.
We kept up a wicked pace for quite a while, displaying a stamina reserved for the young, until we both climaxed at once, as she crumbled on the car seat and I collapsed on top of her.

"Bravo, Cindy, you did it!" grandfather bellowed, full of praise. "Boy, you are the lucky person who gave your cousin her first ever ass fucking," he announced, beaming with pride. "To be honest, I'm a little jealous," he continued. Then Cindy chimed in: "Yeah grand pop wanted to be the first one, but he's a little too big for me now. I'll have to grow up some more before that happens…but he'll get his turn someday," she promised.

As grandfather helped us both to our feet, he handed us our clothes and told us to hurry up and get dressed, because grand mom would be awake soon.

"Tomorrow at nap time, we'll meet back here, and show you what else Cindy can do," he said, with a wink and a lustful smile. Cindy smiled too and gave him a big hug. As for myself, I was still dazed and speechless, but I will admit, I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

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2 months ago
that was a horny story and I had to cum twice. My uncle did the same with his youngest daughter and myself when we were around 10 y/o so it bought back sexy memories.
5 months ago
great story! i wish i had a little cousin like this when i was young....
8 months ago
9 months ago
Great storytelling . Could picture it in my mind. Had my dick twitching . Must go and give mrs a seeing to ! Lol
10 months ago
Start young and learn fast.
10 months ago
11 months ago
A great story that has so far given me several wanking cums and awakened happy memories of when I was their age....
11 months ago
Oh my goodness, professor! When her grand pop... oh my...
11 months ago
Bravo excellent story!!
11 months ago
wow i like the relationship between Cindy and Grandpop, the butt fucking took me over the edge
11 months ago
a favorite now. reminds me of playing doctor in the hayloft with a girl when we were 12 or 13.
1 year ago
Always creative and never a dull moment! Each word keeps you riveted with lust and anticipation!
1 year ago
another good story. had to read with one hand stroking my cock
1 year ago
Finest kind! As usual for you!
1 year ago
Love it!
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Great as usual!!....I was thinking that gramps was going to ram his cock in the boys butt!!!....awesome!!
1 year ago
wow... that was great..
1 year ago
Terrific story! I loved reading this work.
Thanks Billy.