Passion at Bushkill Falls

Passion at Bushkill Falls

By billy69boy (in collaboration with my Lovely Wife)

Ranger Dan was ecstatic to have won a summer internship as a Park Ranger-in-training here at the famous Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania. He strode down the narrow path sporting a big smile, despite the heavy rainfall. He was on a mission to find the lone visitor left at the park, which was closed due to the summer rainstorm. The vast visitors’ parking lot held just one vehicle, a fancy new BMW E Class convertible. He had run the tags, and they revealed an owner named Maya Adams, who just celebrated her 30th birthday two days prior. He made a mental note to wish her a Happy Birthday when he finally met up with her. And there was no doubt in his mind that he would find her and guide her to safety, even if it meant trekking the entire two mile Bridal Veil Falls Trail, which led to the most remote area of the park. He took his mission seriously, but he was anxious to complete it and get in out of the drenching rain.

He hoped that the woman wasn’t hurt. The trail could be treacherous when conditions were wet. Hell, she probably was in some sort of trouble, otherwise, why didn’t she make her way back to her car by now? Only a complete nut case would still be out in this storm on purpose, he reasoned. As he plodded along the trail, he was part worried and part annoyed. He was soaked to the bone, not only because of the rain, but because he was sweating profusely inside his raincoat. The rain was warm on this sultry, summer afternoon, and the muggy air was difficult to breathe.

The first thing unusual that came into his view, as he approached the final set of falls, was a bright yellow umbrella. It stood in stark contrast to the lush green surroundings and the gloomy gray sky. As he got closer, he saw her for the first time: she was hunched over her camera that was perched on top of a tripod. The whole assembly was precariously close to the edge of the top of the highest waterfall. She went about her routine, light meter in hand, oblivious to his closing presence. He stopped short of intruding on her space and quietly gasped as he found himself leering at her stark beauty. Her long dark hair was pulled back away from her face, which somehow managed to radiate brightly, despite the dark surroundings. Her saturated white blouse was tied around her waist, revealing her disdain for wearing bras. Her incredibly short black miniskirt bordered on the obscene, and he wondered what he might find underneath it, if given the chance. More amazing, as she pranced around under her big yellow umbrella, he noticed she was barefoot as well. She seemed to perfectly fit the definition of “free spirit” in his mind. He could feel his uniform pants tighten in his groin area, just watching her. Finally, he cleared his voice, and she turned abruptly toward him.

“Afternoon, ma’am, are you Maya Adams?” he asked.

“I am. And if you call me ma’am again, you’ll be sorry. Call me Maya, that’s my name,” she shot back tersely, “now what’s yours?”

“Name’s Dan, ma’am…er, I mean…Maya, sorry,” he corrected himself. “Maya, you are going to have to leave now. The Park is closed due to the storm, and it’s not safe to be out here.”

“Can’t leave just yet, Ranger Dan,” she told him, without explanation, as she checked her camera settings.

“Well, I’m sorry, because you have no choice but to leave now. I’ve been sent all the way out here to fetch you and bring you in…”

“Fetch me? Fetch me! You’re k**ding, right?” she interrupted.

“No, ma’am, I was ordered to find you and guide you back to your car…”

“Alright, listen Junior: number one, I am not a ma’am, as I thought I had already made clear to you, and number two, I’m not leaving until I get my shots,” she explained rather vaguely.

Ranger Dan reached out and wrapped his sizeable hand around her slim arm. She immediately broke free, and tried pushing him away, but he didn’t budge, even after she pushed him with all her might. He grabbed her by both wrists, and held his ground as she wiggled and struggled to free herself.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Junior?” she yelled at him: “Do you know who the fuck I am?”
“Well, yes ma’am, you’re Maya Adams…OOMPH!” he blurted out, as her foot found it’s mark, directly and emphatically between his legs. He fell to his knees in pain, and Maya pushed him face down in the mud. She took his hand cuffs that were sticking out the back of his belt, pulled his arms around behind him and locked his wrists in the cuffs before he had a chance to realize what had just occurred.

“I told you you’d be sorry if you kept calling me ma’am, you big oaf,” she told him, as she helped him to sit up. She leaned over and grabbed him by his hair, placing her face inches from his, her ample breasts dangling right in front of his eyes.

“I just turned 30 two days ago, and 30 isn’t old…at least it’s not old enough to be called ma’am by some Park Ranger boy who’s still wet behind the ears!” she explained. “Okay now: Have you ever heard of Ansel Adams?”

“Never heard of him...a relative of yours, I presume?” answered Dan, whose groin pain was gradually subsiding.

“Ansel Adams was perhaps the greatest American Photographer of all time…and yes, he’s a relative of mine…my great grandfather, in fact. I got to meet him, I’m told, but I was only three at the time, so I don’t remember him”, Maya explained. Dan looked largely annoyed and unimpressed.

“You better take these cuffs off me, like, immediately”, he warned in as menacing a voice as he could muster.

Maya’s eyes widened, and she laughed. “Okay, look: See that thick blanket of fog moving this way? As the heavy haze settles over the falls, it will make for an amazing opportunity to take some great shots of the resulting eerie mood…it will truly be otherworldly,” she explained, but he just returned a blank stare. “I have to stay long enough for the scene to develop. It won’t take much longer. If you cooperate with me, I’ll make it worth your while,” she offered cryptically.

“So, not only have you assaulted and restrained an Officer of the Law, now you’re trying to bribe me as well?” he replied. Maya grinned widely before pulling his face towards hers, and planting a long, passionate kiss on his full lips. Dan was completely caught off guard by her bold move. He couldn’t think of anything more sensible than to return her advance with a kiss of his own. With their lips locked in a steamy embrace, she untied her skimpy white blouse, and thrust her firm tits into his face, and fumbled to f***e one into his open mouth, then the other one. He tried to accommodate her as best as he could, circling her nipples with his tongue, and sucking each one gently. Abruptly, she stood up in front of him. Her crotch was at his eye level, as she reached under her wispy skirt, and peeled her red thong slowly down her legs, and off each of her bare feet. She pressed the musky piece of material to his nose, and he instinctively inhaled. Her sweet scent gave him the chills, and they both knew at that moment that he was hers.

“Hold this a minute, I’ll be right back,” she said, as she stuffed the flimsy thong into his mouth.

“MMMPH! MMM…MMMM!!!!” He tried to voice his protest, but she was already back under her umbrella, adjusting her light meter and taking readings. He sat back on the ground and watched this wild woman stick to her convictions. She was a vision, rather short, with a slight build, but curvy in all the right places, and 100 percent woman. He watched as she shook her head, and walked back towards him, with her unfettered breasts bobbing up and down in unison.

“It’s going to be a couple more minutes, Dan, sorry,” she announced somewhat apologetically, as she pulled her thong out of his mouth and stuffed it into his raincoat pocket.

“You better take these cuffs off me,” Dan reminded her.

“Oh yeah,” she muttered, as she walked closer to him. “Better yet, how about this instead?” she suggested, as she stood in front of his face. She took his head in her hands, spread her legs, and buried his face into her steamy crotch. He couldn’t believe her brashness, but he didn’t bother to protest. Instead, he worked his tongue in and out of her throbbing slit, as she rode his face roughly and deliberately. “MMMMM! That’s it, Ranger Man, suck my wanton pussy, you big brute! Let me smother your face in my hot juices! Yes, Yes, suck it hard, Dan the Man, ohhhhh, it feels so good!” she declared, as she pushed her pelvis forward to meet his darting tongue. She writhed and lurched on top of his mouth, standing on her tiptoes, and then abruptly crashing down on his face time and time again. She threw her head back, and felt the pelting rain sting her face, and delighted in the thrill of her first orgasm with Ranger Dan.

“That was wonderful, Dan…I’ll be right back!” she stated, as she ran back to her camera. She looked out at the scene before her, and it was happening: the waterfall took on a silvery glow, like it was electrified. She immediately went about snapping the shutter, winding the film, snapping, taking light readings, and snapping some more. It was all over in five minutes, if that. She quickly secured all her equipment, and took down her umbrella.

“Look at you! You’re a mess!” she exclaimed, as she knotted her shirt, and helped him to his feet. “We have to get you out of those muddy clothes!” Okay, where do you keep the key to your handcuffs?” she asked him, as she felt around the front of his pants, brushing against the obvious bulge that she had kicked earlier.

“It’s in my right front pocket,” he replied, as he stood up. She dug around playfully, teasing his erection as she finally pulled her hand back out. She spun him around, and released his hands from the bite of the cuffs. Once free, he turned to face her, put his formidable hands on her shoulders, and pushed her slowly to her knees. She didn’t protest. She silently pulled his zipper down, reached into his pants, and pulled out his stiff member. She gasped out loud when she saw it for the first time.

“Ranger Dan! Holy MMMMPH! MMMMMMMMMM! “Her words were lost, as he f***ed himself inside her warm, slippery mouth. She didn’t need to be told what to do. She held onto his thighs as Ranger Dan steered her head with his strong grip, thrusting into her mouth and throat with an urgency that was both lustful and vengeful. He would teach this spoiled bitch that had the nerve to handcuff him and kick him in the balls!

Only she didn’t flinch. She took everything he could give her, and she just kept on gobbling his cock down her willing throat until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He could feel his climax well up inside him, and he pumped her mouth full of his sticky fluid until his knees buckled with fatigue. Maya greedily swallowed every drop of his offering. Wow! She was talented, he thought to himself, as he helped her to her feet. Her grin was a mile wide, as she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and looked deeply into his eyes.

“There’s a shelter close by, up behind the waterfall,” he offered. They gathered up her gear and headed deeper into the woods. Ten minutes later, they entered a crude lean-to that contained a wooden table and two sturdy chairs. There was a dry stack of wood, and a makeshift fire pit. Soon the fire was crackling away, and they both stripped off their wet clothes and hung them from the rafters to dry out by the fire.

Maya backed Dan over to the table, and gently pushed him down flat on his back. “Now, where were we?” she asked rhetorically, as she immediately began to massage his thick shaft. Dan groaned when she took him into her mouth once again, licking and sucking his formidable cock while she playfully squeezed his scrotum. “Be careful!” Dan warned. That swift kick from earlier was still fresh in his mind. Maya laughed, as she pushed his legs up, and rested his feet on the edge of the table. She leaned over and kissed and licked his balls as she slowly pumped his stiff erection with one hand. Dan let out a low groan of pleasure, and then tensed up quickly when he felt her warm velvety tongue come in contact with his anus.

“Whoa!” he blurted out, clenching his ass cheeks as tightly as possible. He felt her other hand envelop his f****y jewels and squeeze firmly.

“Just relax, you big, fearless Ranger,” she cooed, “I’m not going to hurt you.” She dropped her head back down, and proceeded to lick his brown pucker with more conviction. She worked her way back up, licking his balls and running her slick tongue up and down his entire shaft, lingering at that sensitive spot under his cockhead, and making him squirm. Just as he began to relish the extreme ecstasy of feeling her full lips encircling his cock, she jolted him back to reality by sliding her index finger into his rectum. He nearly jumped off the table, but she held him in place by grabbing his ball sac once again. She definitely had a way of “taming” him, even as she went about getting him more aroused than he’d ever been in his life.

Her cock sucking got more animated, as she pushed her middle finger in alongside the first one, and began pumping them in and out of his vulnerable ass. She was definitely a wild one, he thought, but he felt like he should protest her advances nonetheless.

“Hey!” was all he could manage to say before she abruptly pulled her fingers out and shoved them into his open mouth, quieting any further commentary from him. She continued to suck his fat love stick with such dedication, he could only lie there and be at her mercy. Just as he felt like an orgasm was imminent, she plunged her two fingers back into his more accepting anus and finger-fucked him vigorously. He gripped each side of the table in anticipation of his ensuing explosion, when she just stopped, stood up, and put her same two fingers into her own mouth, and sucked them playfully. Dan looked at her incredulously, and she just laughed at him, with an obviously naughty twinkle in her eye.

“C’mon, get up! It’s my turn!” she said, as she grabbed his hands and sat him up on the table, then pulled him to his feet. Maya quickly took his place, face up on the table. Dan pulled a chair up close, and sat down with his face inches away from her womanhood. He pushed her legs back, and she instinctively wrapped her arms around her knees, holding them close to her chest. Dan gently licked her moist slit up and down, nibbling and sucking on her swollen clit, then darting his tongue in and out of her aroused womanhood. Maya moaned out loud as he worked her into a frenzy of lust and desire. When his tongue ventured lower, and touched her dark, forbidden entrance, she inhaled sharply, and whispered ‘no’, rather unconvincingly. Now it was his turn to laugh menacingly at her. But, he backed off, and renewed his concentration on his original quest. He cupped her athletic buns in his large strong hands, and kneaded them with some authority, as his tongue penetrated her deeper, and his clit sucking intensified.

By now, Maya was rocking back and forth in ecstasy, as Dan brought her such exquisite pleasure with his sure tongue. He squeezed her ass cheeks more f***efully, spreading them wider and wider, allowing his tongue to wander south once again. This time, Maya groaned in resignation as she pulled her legs back to her body even tighter, exposing her brown knot to his further advances. “Just be gentle,” she responded weakly.

Emboldened by her surrender, Ranger Dan proceeded to lick her most private spot in circles, teasing her again and again, but not penetrating her. She groaned and moaned louder, and thrust her ass toward his face impatiently. She seemed to get annoyed with his hesitation, and finally grabbed him by his hair, pulling him in her direction. “Stick your tongue in my ass, Dan! Sheesh! Come on! I want you to tongue fuck my ass!” she demanded in no uncertain terms.

He began darting his stiff tongue in and out of her eager anal opening, as his thumb rubbed her clit in circles. She was squirming out of control now, as he sat up straight, and slipped a finger into each of her exposed openings. He stood up to gain better leverage, and he increased the tempo of his violating fingers, until she could take it no longer.

“Oh Dan, you have to fuck me NOW, DAMMIT!…” but before she could add any more demands, he thrust his two fingers into her mouth this time, and pushed them rather rudely down her throat, causing her to gasp and choke on them. He pulled them out mercifully then he slapped her face sharply.

“That’s for kicking me in the balls!” Dan declared, as he pulled her roughly up into a sitting position. “Put your hands behind your neck, and don’t move them!” he commanded. Maya did as she was told, and Dan slapped her bouncy tits back and forth, using both hands, again and again, until they were pink and her nipples were erect. She closed her eyes and winced after each stinging slap, but she kept her hands in place behind her head.

“That’s for hand cuffing me!” he announced, as he slapped her helpless breasts a few more times each for good measure. “Now, stand up, and bend over this table!” he ordered, and she complied willingly, knowing full well that she would be feeling more stinging abuse. Sure enough: WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! She yelped when his huge hand found its mark on her tight round ass again and again. He delighted in giving this insolent young spitfire the spanking of her life. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! He kept stinging her buttocks until they were bright red, and she begged him to stop.

“That was for nothing…I just wanted to spank you good and proper,” Dan admitted, “now, hold still.” He pushed her legs open with his knees, grabbed his burning cock, and teased her slit with the tip of the head, up and down her creamy wet love entrance, until she hissed and growled at him.

“OH GOD, DAN, PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!!” she demanded, “PLEASE DON”T MAKE ME WAIT ANY LONGER!” Her request seemed reasonable to him, so he lined up his target, and plunged forward slowly but steadily.

“MMMMMMMMMM…OOOOOOOOOOH GOD, you’re so big! Go SLOW with that weapon of yours,” she implored. Dan grabbed hold of her hips, reared back slowly, and thrust forward again, penetrating her deeper with each new stroke. Maya rested her weight on her elbows, and her sensitive tits rubbed back and forth on the table each time Dan plunged forward into her. The extra stimulation put her over the top, and Dan could feel her insides contracting with orgasmic glory, as he pounded her vagina without mercy. When she slumped over completely on the table, he pulled out of her and brought the other chair over and placed it close to the table, and next to the first chair.

“Kneel on these chairs,” he commanded. Maya was too exhausted to do anything but comply. She knelt as told, and leaned forward, resting her upper body on the table. Dan bent over, took her solid ass cheeks in his hands, and f***ed them apart. He got right down to business, or pleasure actually, and f***ed his tongue into her last unfucked orifice. He tongue-fucked her dark opening rapidly, and sucked her ass without apology. Suddenly, it hit her.

“Oh no, Dan, you’re not going to try to…no way is that horse cock of yours going to fit in there, Dan…no, Dan, please don’t try that!” she pleaded. Dan stood up straight, and replaced his tongue with two meaty fingers, ramming them deep into her tight anus. He slid them in and out of her writhing ass with some f***e, as his stiff erection entered her juicy pussy once again. Maya seemed to relax a bit, as she felt him invade her love canal. Her calmness ended quickly when he dismounted her slippery pussy after only a few strokes. He pulled his fingers out of her ass, and replaced them with his now glistening erection.

“OH, DAN, OMG, PLEASE??” she implored uselessly, as Dan slowly fed inch after inch of his screaming man meat into her shuddering asshole. She banged her fists on the table and moaned out loud in protest, but soon he was developing a smooth rhythm behind her, and she began to accept his rude violation, and meet his thrusts with a back-thrust of her own. A few more strokes and he was filling her up completely, and she could feel his balls slapping against her clit each time he penetrated her fully.

“MMMMMMM!! OMG!! That feels so good, my handsome lover!” she exclaimed, as he felt his load begin to bubble over. “Yes, Dan, that’s it, ooooh, yes, fuck my ass just like that, yes! Keep doing it!” she said enthusiastically, “I’ve never felt anything like that before, Dan,” she cooed. When his grip suddenly tightened on her hips, she knew he was about to explode.

“Oh, yes, Danny Boy, fill my ass up with your hot cum, you stud lover you! Yes, cum in my ass! Pump me full! Oh god yes!!” That was all Dan needed to hear, and he erupted into her passage with all his might, slamming his cock into her willing ass as hard and deep as he could, until he could slam no more. He finally slumped over her body, and wrapped his arms around her as he caught his breath.

It was almost dark when they gathered themselves together and got dressed in silence. They put the fire out, picked up her gear, and made their way back down the trail and to her car. As Maya slammed her trunk lid, she turned around to face Ranger Dan for the last time. He stepped forward, and took her into his arms, and they embraced tightly, and kissed intensely.

“Well, I guess you learned your lesson about calling me ma’am,” she said playfully. He smiled, nodding in agreement.

“And I guess you learned your lesson about kicking certain places, and hand cuffing a Ranger,” he offered back. She laughed out loud, her face beaming up at him.

“So, what have you decided to call me from now on?” she asked.

“Well, if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to call you Fiancée,” he replied softly, “but not for very long.” She looked surprised, then confused. He paused, and then explained:

“I really would rather call you ‘Wife’.”

Giggling, Maya wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed tightly. “Whoa… Big Man…how about if we see how our second date goes!” They kissed slowly and intensely, as neither one of them were in a hurry to end their embrace. Finally, she jumped in her car and started the engine. Dan stepped back and called out: “Oh by the way, Happy Birthday… Miss Maya Adams”.

Dan tucked his hands into his pockets as he watched her tail-lights fade into the distance. Slowly a big, smug smile crossed his face. He pulled his hand out, clenching Maya’s little red thong. He held it up to his nose and inhaled deeply as he walked off to the Ranger station to lock up before heading home.

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great hot story...
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