How I Got My Bicycle

How I Got My Bicycle

By billy69boy

Hi, my name is Danny, and this is my story about my first sexual experiences. I was pretty young when I started out, so if you don't care for stories like mine, you should stop reading right now.

I live with my mom in a tiny house, in an old, quiet section of a small town. My mom is always working, because the old man left us 10 years ago, and never came back. Mom said he did us both a favor by leaving, but otherwise, she never talks about him. We don't have much, but she works 2 or 3 jobs, and keeps us out of the poorhouse. I never go hungry or cold, and I am thankful for all that my mom does for me.

I was shy, kind of nerdy and sort of roundish, but I was polite and respectful, and I got good grades in school. I guess you could say I was kind of sheltered. One day when I started whining to my mom that I really wanted a bike, she shut me up by suggesting I tried working for the things I wanted, like she did. After pouting like a spoiled brat for a few minutes, I whined some more about being too young to get a job and what could I do to make money anyway? While my mom was busy doing the dishes, she rattled off a bunch of ideas over her shoulder: I could go around to our neighbors and offer to rake leaves, mow their lawns, clean out their attics and garages, walk their dogs, weed their gardens…the list went on and on, and finally, I just ran out the door and down the street, just to get away from her.

I walked around town for a while, and after getting over my hissy fit, I started to think about what my mom said, and I had to admit to myself that she was right: if I wanted a bike, I'd have to earn the money myself. I started looking around the neighborhood with a different perspective: Whose yard needed work? Who had dogs to walk? I noticed a yard about a block from home that seemed full of opportunities for an ambitious young man like me.

Boldly, at least for me, I walked up and rang the doorbell. A middle aged man answered, dressed in just baggy shorts with no shirt. I asked him if he wanted some help cleaning up his yard, or other odd jobs. His eyes lit up, and he invited me in. He called for Murray over his shoulder, who turned out to be his roommate. Murray was heavy-set and might have intimidated me a little, except that he also wore only shorts; such was the heat and humidity of the summer evening. Murray had a pretty big belly which made me laugh (inside). Jason, the thin one, explained to him why I was there. They both seemed happy, and they asked me what I could do. I told them I was a hard worker, and I would do anything they needed me to do. I explained that I had my eye on a new bike, and I wanted to earn enough money to buy it. I recited all the details of my dream bike to the two men I had just met, and they seemed to get a kick out of my enthusiasm.

Both men looked at each other and smiled. Jason told me to come by the next morning, and they would have some work for me. I thanked them, and skipped my way back home. I couldn't wait to tell my mom I got myself a job. I was hoping she would be proud of me. It turned out, my mom knew the two men that hired me. They were teachers who worked at a fancy private academy over in the city. That's why they were home all the time: they had the summer off too. Mom said they were regulars at the diner during the summer, so I thought it was cool that they knew her too. Mom was a waitress there. It was one of her several jobs.

I knocked on their door at 9:00AM sharp. Murray answered, and told me that Jason was around back, and to go see him. I walked around the house, and Jason greeted me and handed me a rake and a shovel. He led the way with his wheelbarrow, and off we went to tidy up the back yard. We worked for half a day, until it got too hot out. Jason gave me $20.00 for my efforts. That was a lot of money for a k**, and I was grateful to him. I mentioned my bike again, for like the tenth time, and Jason just laughed, and repeated back to me what he already knew: "A red Schwinn, 26" rims, with chrome fenders and a rearview mirror." I blushed, red faced, and smiled weakly. Jason grinned, his eyes twinkling, and tousled my hair. He walked me out to the street with his arm around my shoulders. He told me it was supposed to rain the next morning, but he had some work for me to do in the garage, so I should get there at 9:00, rain or shine.


The next morning it did rain for a few hours, so Jason took me out to the garage. Besides a car and a big workbench, one wall of the garage was lined with stacks and stacks of old newspapers and magazines. Some piles were up to my shoulders. The men saved them up and donated them to the local Boy Scout Troop. My job was to separate the papers from the magazines, and then tie them up into manageable bundles. He handed me a big ball of twine and scissors, and then he left and went back inside. It was easy work, and all I thought about was earning enough money for my bicycle. As I began sorting and tying, I happened upon a dirty magazine that shocked me: It was a magazine about men, and even though the cover was missing, it was pretty clear what they were doing.

I forgot about the task at hand, and began to leaf through the pages. In between ads for "how to grow a bigger penis" and "potency pills" were quite a few pictures of men kissing, and sucking each other's cocks. At first, I thought it was weird and confusing. I had never really thought about man to man sex before. But as I looked at more photos, I realized my own cock was stiff and straining against my shorts. My legs got weak, and I opened the back door of the car and sat down. I was obsessed by now, and rubbed my erection over top of my shorts. As I turned more pages, I saw men with creamy white stuff on their faces and around their mouths. I knew what it was, as I had been playing with myself for a couple of years by now. But I never saw someone's cum all over someone else's face before.

There was no turning back for me now. I stripped off my shorts and underwear, and began pumping my cock feverishly, as I continued to look at the dirty pictures over and over again. I was so into the moment, that I didn't even notice the two men standing behind the car, looking at me in the backseat, stroking my meat a mile a minute. I stopped in midstroke, slammed my legs together, and tried to hide my nakedness with the magazine, of all things. I kept my eyes glued shut for what seemed like a long time, hoping that they would go away, or that it was just a bad dream, and I would wake up soon.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I jumped up, a look of horror in my eyes. I was humiliated, and I just wanted to go crawl under a rock forever. But, suddenly, I had something more important to take care of. I pulled myself together enough to say I was so sorry, and I would do anything if they would only PLEASE not tell my mother what they saw me doing. Just thinking about my mother knowing that I jerked off made me shiver, and my voice quivered and cracked as I appealed to the kindness of two men. They looked at each other, told me to wait right there, and they would be back.

It only took a couple of minutes for them to come back into the garage. I sat still in the car, naked and wondering. Murray spoke for the two men: he told me that they decided they wouldn't tell my mom, as long as I agreed to do to them what I saw in the magazine. My eyes widened and I immediately accepted their generous offer, although not really thinking it through. I was just so elated to know my mom wouldn't find out about my secret: it was kind of like being freed from a life sentence.

Reality came at me quickly, though. I finally focused enough to notice that both men were fondling themselves right in front of me. I could see their big bulges outlined against their shorts. I got scared, and told myself not to panic. I had already agreed to their proposition, and I didn't dare risk having them tell my mother, so I just waited for their next move. I didn't have to wait long. Murray quickly shed his only article of clothing, and he stood in the doorway of the car, his big cock swaying in the breeze. Murray was pretty hairy all over his body, and his protruding belly made him look like a big black bear. He held his stiff penis out in front of my face, slowly stroking it with just his thumb and one finger. He didn't say anything to me, but I knew exactly what I had to do. It looked really huge, only inches from my face. I started thinking about putting it in my mouth, and I wondered if it would fit. I guess he got kind of impatient, because he took my hand and wrapped it around his girth. He guided my hand up and down, and of course I knew what that meant.

I began stroking it on my own, as Murray stepped a little closer, and set his feet. Soon, I had a pretty good rhythm going, and I could hear him groaning under his breath. In the meantime, Jason stood towards the back of the car so he could get a clear view of the action. He already had his pants off, and was fondling his erection as he watched. I could see that Murray's cock was already leaking juice from the little hole, so I figured it was probably time to act. I leaned forward, and licked the head of his manhood, while pumping his cock with my hand. Murray got impatient by then, and he pulled my hand away and grabbed my head in his big hands. He pulled my mouth over his shaft, and slowly moved back and forth. I couldn't help but gag a little, it being my first time and all, but he was gentle enough so that I managed to calm my throat down.

Murray started going a little faster, and it only took a few minutes before I felt his hands putting more pressure on my face, and soon he was grunting and thrusting, and cumming into my mouth. I swallowed as much of his warm sticky fluid as I could, but still some drooled out and ran down my chin. After finishing pumping out his cum, he took his still hard member, wiped my chin off with it, and then he rubbed his gooey cock all over my face. Both men seemed to delight in this, and Murray instructed me to lick his cock clean, which I did.

I was proud of myself for being able to satisfy a grown man's desires. And I actually liked the whole experience. It was really pretty easy, and I suppose I was being a bit smug. That all changed when Jason switched places with Murray. Jason was kind of Murray's opposite in a lot of ways: he was tall and thin, and had hardly any body hair at all. His pubes were clean shaven and it made his balls and cock stand out. As he took his place in front of me, I was surprised that he didn't just shove his stiffie down my throat. Instead, he told me to lick his balls, and then to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock, and underneath it too.

I kept licking him, up and down his shaft, under his balls, and then I took his cock head into my mouth, and then I held still and sucked just the tip. His legs went rigid as I gently sucked on the head. After a few more minutes, he gripped me up tightly and began to fuck my mouth pretty hard. It was all I could do to breathe as he stroked and stroked, hitting the back of my throat a few times. Finally, he slowed down and explained he was about to cum. He told me to open my mouth and let it fill up with his jizz. I wasn't to swallow any of it just yet, only let it build up until he was completely finished. He told me to stick out my tongue, and then he laid the head of his cock on my tongue, and started jerking himself off. Murray watched as his housemate pumped my mouth full of his salty concoction. I didn't know someone could put out so much cum at once, but by the time he pulled away, my wide open mouth was filled to the brim. He pulled Murray over closer to get a better look, beaming widely. Jason was very proud of his output, and Murray nodded his approval. Finally, Jason told me to swallow all of it, and I did.

Afterward, they noticed I still had my own erection. This seemed to be of concern to them, and they left me alone again for a few minutes. I could hear them discussing me, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. In a short time, they came back in and told me to lie back on the seat. My feet were on the garage floor, and my penis was straight up in the air. They told me they wanted to watch me jerk off, so I started stroking my own small offering. I was so charged up that it only took a few minutes before I covered my stomach in boy cum. Before I could sit up, they told me to wipe my stomach off with my hand, and eat my semen, which I did. It seemed to please the men to no end.

After we all dressed, they invited me inside. Jason said we could knock off for the day. He handed me another twenty and thanked me. I was puzzled. I had only worked two hours. The day before, I worked for four hours and he paid me the same. He explained that ten dollars was for my work that day, and ten more was for…a tip, he said, smiling and winking. Again, I was delighted: more bike money, and the prospect of earning a lot more too.

Mom wouldn't be getting home until midnight that night, and the men asked me if I felt like hanging out with them for the afternoon. I said sure, and Jason offered to make us some sandwiches. Murray turned on the TV, and brought out three beers from the kitchen. My eyes got wide, and he told me I could have a beer, as long as I promised not to tell anyone. He also made me promise not to mention anything else that might happen on their property. That was fine by me, and I quickly agreed. I thought again about the possibility of my mom finding out, and I shuddered.

As we ate and drank, Jason put a porn video on, which contained a bunch of different gay blowjob scenes. Murray suggested we all take our clothes off. Both men sat slowly playing with themselves as we watched enough cum shots to float a boat. I joined in, and soon we all had new erections. I was as mesmerized looking at their cocks as I was watching the action on TV. After the second beers went down, I was feeling a little woozy, and a lot brave. Sitting between them on the couch made it easy for me to reach out with both hands, and wrap my fingers gently around each of their shafts, and slowly pump them up and down. They encouraged me with a series of grunts and groans, and with no further prompting, I slid off the couch onto my knees, facing the two horny school teachers. I methodically went about taking their hard cocks into my young mouth, alternating back and forth. I took my time, and delighted in the fact that I was teasing these men with my slow and steady sucking.

This time, neither of them produced as much cum as the first time, so I was able to swallow their entire offerings with ease. I was proud of myself for making them shoot their loads twice. I felt powerful: a short, rather pudgy boy who could make grown men quiver and shake with orgasms. My reverie was interrupted when Jason told me to stand up, after I had finished cleaning up their semi-rigid cocks with my tongue. As I rose, my teenage penis bobbled in the air, sticking straight out. I kind of expected one of them to start fondling it, or maybe even suck it, but neither man touched me. Instead, they again told me to jerk myself off while they watched. This time, I came into my other hand, and licked it all off, apparently to their grinning satisfaction.

When they told me it was time to go home, Jason tried to give me another ten dollars, but I refused. I told him I only wanted to be paid for the work I did, and not for "playing". He seemed genuinely impressed. I guess he got the message that I liked sucking their cocks just for fun. Every day after that, I would work for a few hours, and then I would blow them before leaving for the day. I loved it, and I believed I was getting better at it the more practice I had.

After two weeks, they asked me if I was interested in going on a camping trip with them up in the mountains. They explained it would be for about four days, and they would pay for everything. They were going to meet up with a few of their friends, and another boy would also be going. They hinted that I would have the opportunity to earn more bike money on the trip. I was thrilled by their offer, and my mom gave me her blessing.


It was a long ride up into the Adirondacks. It seemed like it took forever to reach our campsite, secluded as it was from any sign of civilization. I wondered how they even found the place, so I was surprised to see another SUV parked, with four people sitting around a campfire, all naked and drinking beer. As we pulled up, the group walked over to help us unload our gear. Introductions were made all around. It looked like all the adults knew each other already. Two of the men were fellow teachers, and the older man was a retired janitor from their school. The boy was around my age, and he seemed to know everyone as well. I guess I was the only newcomer in the group, and all eyes seemed to be on me, sizing me up like I was some kind of curiosity. I felt myself blush a little, but I kind of knew what was going on. When Murray and Jason stripped off their clothes, I did the same. Now we were all naked, and it seemed pretty natural.

After we set up our tents and equipment, the men encouraged Joey and me to help ourselves to the beer, which we gladly accepted. As we all sat around the fire in lawn chairs, Jason cooked up some hot dogs and beans for the group. The beer flowed freely, and everyone seemed happy and relaxed. That's when I looked over, and noticed Joey kneeling in front of Murray, whose legs were wide open. I couldn't actually see what Joey was doing, but when his head began to bob up and down, it was pretty obvious. A wave of dizziness came over me as I thought about the possibilities ahead. The other men were beginning to stroke themselves as they watched Joey's head move faster and faster. A couple of the new men glanced over at me without saying anything, but I knew what they wanted…and I wanted it too. I guzzled the rest of my second beer, and walked over to one of the teachers. I was a little hesitant at first. I was kind of intimidated by Joey. He was a real stud; an athlete who was in great shape, with lots of muscles and a slender body. Here I was kind of the opposite, and not at all into sports of any kind. But I thought maybe I could show them how good I could suck cock.

As I took my place in front of the teacher, he smiled and nodded and slid forward in his chair. His cock was hard as steel, although it wasn't quite as big as Murray's or Jason's. I teased his manhood with the tip of my tongue until he was squirming in his chair. I finally took his shaft deep into my mouth, causing him to yell out a little in surprise. I held onto his beach chair with both hands, and went to town on his man meat with a vigor I didn't know I had. In no time, my mouth was being flooded with his hot cream, and I frantically tried to swallow it all. It tasted a little different from what I was used to, but I still liked it.

I looked over and saw that Joey was already working on Jason's shaft. Not to be outdone, I moved down to the next teacher and worked my magic on him. He was a moaner, and he didn't hold back. He gripped my shoulders tightly, and let me lead the way without prompting me. I felt like I was in complete control, and I loved knowing I was performing to a grateful crowd. Wow, I thought, four days of unlimited cock sucking ahead; I was in my glory.

By the time I was done, Joey had taken on the old janitor, and that was it for round one. We all cracked open another beer, and washed down our hot dogs and salads. Everyone was in a good mood, and the talk turned to the planned hike the next morning. I hadn't heard about it until then, and I cringed at the thought. I was in no shape to go hiking all day, and I really didn't care much for physical activity. Gunther, the janitor, must have seen my face all scrunched up, and he came to my rescue. He declared that he was too old for anything of the sort, and he would stay at camp while the others went off hiking. He turned to me and asked me if I wanted to stay behind and keep him company. I wanted to kiss him, I was so happy with his offer! As I nodded my approval, the other campers seemed to be fine with the arrangement.


Shortly after breakfast, the four teachers and Joey set off for parts unknown. They planned to be gone for most of the day, and told Gunther and I to make sure dinner was cooking when they got back. We sat next to each other by the campfire as we watched the backpack laden group disappear down the trail. I suddenly became acutely aware that I was alone with a stranger, out in the middle of nowhere. I wasn't really worried, though, as Gunther made me feel at ease right away. He kept the conversation going, telling me about his life, how he had worked at the school for 45 years before retiring, and how he missed his wife, who passed away several years ago. He told me that the only things he really enjoyed anymore were beer and boys and not necessarily in that order. He laughed, and I laughed with him, even though I wasn't sure why.

Speaking of beer, he said, why don't we get the day started right? He sent me over to the cooler and I came back with two cold ones. He asked me a few questions, I guess to put me at ease. He asked me what grade I was going into, he talked about my mom, and he brought up my bike. Apparently, everyone knew about my desire to earn enough money to buy a bike. He asked me a rather curious question: did any of the teachers that I was having fun with ever touch me? I shook my head no, as I had been wondering to myself why that was. As if reading my mind, he told me it was because they were afraid of losing their jobs if they got caught. I was a bit confused, considering they didn't mind if I sucked their cocks. But, before I could think it all through, he kind of shocked me by saying he was retired, and he wasn't worried about losing any job.

He looked me in the eye and asked me if anyone had ever "played around" with me. I told him 'no'. He persisted: No one had ever touched my cock or my ass? Again, I shook my head no. He was silent for a few minutes, as he eyed my chunky nude body with new interest. Finally, he asked me if I was interested in earning some serious money towards my bike. Of course, this was my main passion, and I enthusiastically shook my head 'yes'. He explained that he would give me fifty dollars if I would agree to let him "play" with me. Wow, I couldn't believe my ears. But, he stopped me and pointed a finger at my face: I would have to let him do what he wanted, although I could stop him at any time, just by saying "Uncle", if I was not comfortable doing something. This didn't really register with me at the time. I was too excited about the bike money, and besides, it might be kind of interesting, I thought.

When he reached out and touched my leg, electric surges ran up and down my spine. I got more and more excited, as it all began to sink in. Gunther continued to run his fingers up and down my thigh as he spoke. He told me that we would be doing some role playing, and I shouldn't worry about some of the things he might say or do. He just enjoyed certain fantasies, he explained vaguely. I hardly heard him, as I was aware that my cock was already hard and throbbing, and he hadn't even touched me there yet.

We moved over to the picnic table and sat on the bench seat with two new beers. I was getting used to the beer taste by now, and besides, I liked how it made me feel inside: kind of daring and confident. As we drank and talked, Gunther spread a towel out on top of the table, and suggested I sit on it. He smiled, and explained that he didn't want me to get splinters in my naked bottom. As I took my place, he gently guided my body down until I was lying on the table, and then he slid over on the bench between my legs until his face was inches from my crotch. Of course, my small dick was standing straight up, as I anticipated his next move. He ran his large hands up and down my thighs a few times, barely grazing my cock and balls, and making me have wild feelings down there. I squirmed around in frustration until he finally wrapped his hand around my shaft and began to stroke it gently. It felt so good, I couldn't believe it. I looked at his face, and his eyes seemed to glaze over; his smile was ear to ear.

When he leaned forward and took my hard rod in his mouth, I almost passed out. His hot moist lips easily encircled my shaft, and I shuddered when he swallowed up the entire length of my virginal cock into his steaming mouth. I had heard of the word ecstasy before, but now I was experiencing it for the first time. His sucking was so good; I couldn't help but shoot my jizz into his mouth in a matter of seconds. That first blowjob was the best feeling ever. I felt bad about cumming so fast, but Gunther didn't seem to mind. He was only just beginning: Now that my shriveled dick lay useless against my stomach, Gunther pulled my legs toward him, and pushed them back against my chest. I looked down, and he had that blissful look in his eyes again. He told me to hold my legs tight, and slid his hands down around both cheeks of my ass.

I could only imagine what he planned to do next, and I closed my eyes and waited. First I could feel his breath on my ass, as he gently parted my cheeks with his thumbs. The rush of fresh air on my opening was exhilarating, and I found myself squirming with anticipation. Gunther slowly massaged my bottom, and then he shocked me with his warm tongue lightly licking my anus. Soon he was lapping it pretty fast, and then I felt the tip of his tongue penetrate my tight sphincter, With some effort, he kept darting it in and out, until the muscle relaxed a little, and he was able to put his whole tongue deep in my hot hole. I couldn't help but moan as I experienced the sensation for the first time. Gunther must have been turned on by my reaction, because he locked his lips on my opening, and began sucking my ass with total abandon.

With everything that was going on, I was surprised to discover that my cock was getting hard again, and my hand naturally found it and stroked it. Gunther looked up and pulled my hand away, and shook his head 'no'. He then slapped my shaft back and forth several times as if to emphasize his point. I was shocked at first, but it did feel kind of good in a weird sort of way. But, I must have made him angry, because he stood up, moved in closer to my body, and shoved his index finger into my ass with one thrust, causing me to squeal and swoon. He finger fucked my virgin ass vigorously, telling me the whole time how he was going to get my asshole ready for action. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but his middle finger joined his index finger, and now I was twitching in discomfort as both fingers moved in and out, slowly stretching me open.

I was surprised when I opened my eyes, and he held an empty beer bottle to my mouth. I must have had a confused look on my face, because he told me to suck it, which I did. Satisfied that it was wet enough with my saliva, he pulled it out of my mouth, and slowly traced a line down my chest and belly, over my pulsating cock, and stopped at my dark entrance. He pushed my legs back again, and I held onto them without being told. I could feel the warm glass circling around my dark spot, and I held on for dear life.

When he pushed it in a little, I saw stars, it hurt so much. Gunther told me softly to relax, as he slowly slipped the tip of the bottle in and out. He was calm again, and he seemed intent on eliminating the discomfort I had felt. As my sphincter got used to being invaded, it opened up some, and Gunther kept feeding more and more of the bottle neck into my young body. It started to feel pretty good, and by the time the bottle was thrusting into me as far as it would go, I loved it. I groaned with pleasure, which seemed to make Gunther happy because he was smiling as he continued to bottle-fuck my ass. He even leaned over and took my erect cock into his mouth again. I was enjoying the double pleasure, and feeling fine, and then Gunther just stopped everything: he sat up, and my hard-on flopped against my stomach. I winced and exhaled loudly as he pulled the bottle out of my ass and put it to my lips. I was confused, but I opened my mouth instinctively, and he slid it in until I gagged when it hit the back of my throat.

He mumbled something about tasting my own ass, and then he told me he was going to show me another way to enjoy beer. He pulled my legs down straight and put my arms tightly by my side. He climbed up on the table and his knees straddled my body. My arms were pinned between his legs, and I couldn't move my upper body at all. I was still clueless, until he scooted up towards my face with his semi-hard shaft in his hand. He growled for me to open my mouth nice and wide, which I did. He grunted to himself, as I waited for several seconds in silence. And then it started: first a few drops, and then a steady yellow stream of hot beer piss began to fill up my mouth.

Gunther warned me to keep swallowing, and to drink every drop, because he didn't want any piss stains on the towel I was lying on. He held me tightly by my hair with one hand, and steered his urine stream into my mouth with his other hand. It was kind of disgusting at first and quite shocking too, but as I continued to gulp his sticky liquid down my throat, I admit I was turned on by it too. There was something that thrilled me about being held in place and used like that. I didn't quite know why yet, but I knew I liked it.

When Gunther was finally done draining his bladder into my mouth, he finally got down off the table and helped me sit up. He had kind of a grateful look on his face, and as he stood me up on the ground, he hugged me and kissed me full on the mouth. He reached down and squeezed my still hard penis. He turned toward his tent, and silently led me along by pulling on my cock like it was a leash. He opened the tent flap, and led me inside. To my astonishment there was a whole outfit laid out on his cot. He turned toward me and told me to put everything on.


There was a flimsy pink negligee, a matching pair of lacy panties, Black thigh-high mesh stockings, and a pair of sexy black high heels. My mind swirled around in a daze: I wondered how Gunther knew that I secretly liked to dress up in my mom's sexy stuff that she never used anymore. I was sure no one had ever caught me doing it. Gunther held the nightie up and slipped it over my head, adjusting the thin straps. He handed me the panties, and I slipped them up my legs and over my ass cheeks. I sat on his cot, and he helped me with the stockings and heels. He then opened a shiny black makeup kit and told me to hold still. He put mascara, eye shadow, even false eyelashes on my eyes. I couldn't believe how much it turned me on. He brushed red rouge onto my cheeks, and then topped it off with a bright red lipstick on my lips. Last, he clipped a set of dangling earrings on my ear lobes, and then he helped me to my feet. I was instantly wobbly, but he held onto me until I was able to steady myself and walk on my own. Carrying a backpack in one hand, he put his other hand under my arm, and led me back to the picnic table.

Something changed about Gunther after he dressed me up. It was like he was a completely different person, like an actor playing a role you didn't expect. As we walked, he referred to me as a "Dough Boy", in a nasty tone of voice. His grip on my arm became tighter as he told me my name was now Danielle instead of Danny, and he was going to toughen me up some. I was a little shook up, but I remembered him mentioning "role playing" earlier, and I was prepared to say "Uncle" if things got out of hand. I also noticed that I had a raging hard-on bulging underneath my thin panties.

Gunther took a folded up towel out of his bag and put it on the picnic bench, and told me to kneel on it. The other towel was still d****d over the table, and he guided my body face down onto it. As he stood behind me, he lifted up my pink nightie and pushed it up to my waist. He pulled my panties down to my knees, exposing my bare ass to the light of day. I moaned as he began to rub my ass cheeks with his strong hands, spreading them wide open, and inspecting my anus up close. I could hear the sound of him inhaling deeply. He mumbled something about my "round mound to pound", laughing out loud at his clever choice of words. Then he scowled, and told me he was going to show me what fat asses like mine were made for. I shuddered in anticipation, and almost climaxed right there on the spot without even touching my cock.

I was afraid to look back, and I kept my face covered up with my arms on the table, but I could hear a familiar rattling of something: it was a belt buckle! Gunther said I needed some color in my cheeks before he converted my ass into a "Boy Pussy". I was confused, but I couldn't think about it, as the first slap of leather landed on my soft flesh with a sting that made me jump. Two, then three, then eight, nine…he swung that belt with gusto, laughing the whole time with glee. I was squealing by then, and my ass bounced all over the place, but I didn't cry "Uncle". In truth, there was something about that thrashing that excited me. It stung, sure, but it was also extremely arousing for some reason unknown to me.

Finally, Gunther stopped and admired his handy work, declaring that my "pussy" was now pink enough to begin. He took his black belt and wrapped it around my legs just above my knees, and buckled it snugly so my legs were pressed tightly together. He reached into his bag again, and I could hear a bottle top being unscrewed. The next thing I knew, he was rubbing some sort of oil all over my pink, tender ass cheeks. It felt so soothing, I wanted to thank him, but I didn't dare speak. He spread my ass cheeks, and dripped more oil down my crack. I wiggled my butt in silent approval, and he slipped his fat finger into my dark passage, working more fluid deeper inside. Another grab into the bag, and he pulled out what looked like a rubber cock. I didn't have to wait long to find out what he had in mind. He poured oil all over it, and rubbed it up and down my ass crack, slowly parting my cheeks and then working it slowly into my opening. As he gently penetrated my sphincter, he explained that he was "training my pussy". I concentrated on accepting his personal intrusion with as little pain as possible, and I was surprised that the plastic dick slid in smoothly without much discomfort. I figured it was because of my earlier "training" with the beer bottle.

I could sense that Gunther was getting more and more excited, as he fed the entire shaft deep into my forbidden channel. I was getting hotter and hotter as well, and I groaned out loud with pleasure. He must have liked that, because he fucked me even harder and faster with his play toy, as he stroked his erection wildly. Abruptly, he pulled it all the way out and walked around to the other side of the table and knelt on the bench, his cock swinging. He raised my head up and shoved the slick dildo into my mouth, and commanded me to suck it clean. Satisfied, he replaced the toy with his meat, plunging his cock deep in my mouth, causing me to gag on it. Gunther either didn't know or he didn't care. He just kept pounding his cock down my throat, and talking about "breeding my mouth". I wasn't sure what he meant, as I tried to concentrate on not losing control of my stomach.

He finally pulled out of my mouth, leaving me gasping for air, and he and took his place behind me once again. He immediately spread my cheeks and pressed his saliva coated cock head on my lubed opening and pushed forward slightly. It went right in without any pain this time. Seeing that I didn't budge, he started to pump in and out, slowly increasing his stroke with each movement. He reached around in front of me, and grasped my hard young cock in his hand. He began jerking me off, and I thought I was going crazy, it felt so good. I was aware of feeling like he was filling me up inside, and I loved it. I began pushing back towards him in rhythm with his thrusts, and in a few minutes, he was driving his stiff rod deep into my ass while I pushed back to meet him halfway. He held my hips tightly and slammed his prick into me again and again, yelling "Fuck that Pussy!" "Yes!" "I'm gonna BREED that Pussy of yours!" He fucked me so deep and hard, I thought I was going to pass out, but when he squeezed my hips in his fingers, his body stiffened up and he grunted loudly.

I could feel his hot cream squirting into my "pussy"; spurt after spurt…it felt like a gallon of his hot cum filled my rectum. When he was finished, he continued to hold onto me, and he left his cock in my ass for several minutes. In between gasps of air, he laid down the law: I was now his Sissy Boy, and I would do anything he told me to do. When we got home, he would "hire" me to do chores and run errands. I was to obey him and tell no one. As I knelt there, feeling his hard shaft softening in my ass, I knew I would do anything I could to please him and serve him from that day on.

Finally spent, he helped me to my feet. My legs were shaking, and I was still wearing the heels. He helped me lower my panties to the ground, and I stepped out of them. He walked me around to the narrow end of the table, and bent me over, spreading my legs. He stepped back to get a better view of my exposed "pink pussy" bent over the picnic table wearing those sexy high heels. He knelt down right there in the dirt and locked his lips onto my dripping ass and sucked it clean. I never knew any sensation like that, and it made my knees buckle a little.

When he was finished, he helped me to stand up, and he led me onto the bench, and up onto the table, telling me to stand up and hold my negligee up. He knelt on the bench in front of me, and took my screaming cock deep into his mouth. It was all I could do to stay standing, wobbly as I was in those heels. His hot mouth felt so good, and his gentle but firm sucking caused me to explode into his mouth in no time at all. My head swooned and spun around wildly. It was the most intense feeling I had ever felt, and I hoped it would last forever. He held onto my legs and kept sucking until my cock finally went soft in his mouth. Still holding onto my legs to help support me, he looked up at me, smiling.

As my twitching legs regained their strength and I came back down to earth, I realized that my bladder was not only full of my beer, but Gunther's beer too. All of a sudden, I was about to burst with pee. I motioned to get down off the table, but Gunther held on tight. As I squirmed in his grasp, he looked me in the eye and winked at me. He positioned his face close to my flaccid dick and slowly opened his mouth and waited. To be honest, I was shocked beyond words. But, there didn't seem to be any question what he wanted, and I was his servant now, so I felt I had no choice.

It took only a few seconds, and my little dick was releasing buckets of hot frothy pee right into the old man's mouth. He kept his eyes closed the whole time, but his mouth was wide open, and he didn't miss a drop. It felt like several minutes that my piss stream gushed out into his mouth. Gunther seemed thrilled, and he grinned widely when I was done. He helped me down without comment, and led me back to his tent. He undressed me and put the outfit back into his suitcase and locked it. He began to take off my makeup and earrings, and soon my face was clean and back to normal.

Strangely, after cleaning off the eye makeup, he put the fake eyelashes back on me, and told me to keep them on for the rest of the trip. I just nodded, with a confused look on my face. We busied ourselves with gathering firewood and preparing dinner for the hikers who would be arriving back at camp shortly. He was pretty quiet, but I could tell his mind was in overdrive: he pulled me close and whispered that whenever I needed to pee to let him know first. Then, almost as if he'd forgot something important, he pulled me over to the picnic table again, laid down, and told me to sit on the bench in front of him.

As I took my place, he presented his semi-hard cock to me and told me to clean it off with my mouth. He said he wanted me to taste my newly bred pussy juice on his cock. I was eager to please, and I just loved giving blowjobs, so I went to town on his cock, lapping up all the leftover cum until I made it stiff again. Just as I was about to start sucking him, he pulled his legs back, exposing his ass hole to me. He needed no words, as I buried my face between his ass cheeks, and circled his dark spot with my tongue. As I began to thrust it deep into his hole, he grabbed his erection and began to pump it wildly. In a matter of minutes, he sat up and pulled my face towards his crotch. Instinctively, I opened my mouth, and he shoved his throbbing manhood into my mouth. As he pumped my throat full of his cum, the hikers rounded a turn in the path and walked right into our midst.

No one reacted in the least, as they watched me take Gunther's load down my throat. After all, Joey and I had been sucking all of their cocks since we got here, so they weren't really surprised. But, when I stood up and turned to face them, everyone had a curious, knowing look in their eyes. No one said a word; they just ambled towards the campfire, while Joey handed out beers. I didn't know what to make of their strange reactions, until I remembered about the eyelashes I was still wearing. Apparently they knew something had happened while they were gone, and they were right. I was no longer a free agent: I belonged to Gunther now. That made me smile to myself.


When we got home, things were different. I no longer worked for Jason and Murray. I spent all my free time at Gunther's house. He only lived a few blocks from my house, only in the opposite direction. He more than kept his promise to give me fifty dollars towards my bike: the day after we got home from camping, he told me to bring my bike money over. By then, I was at least halfway to my goal. Without counting it, he drove me to the bike shop, where my beautiful red Schwinn with the chrome fenders sat waiting for me. Gunther put my money on the counter, and added enough of his money to pay it off in full. It not only had a mirror: he paid for lights and a big basket in front. He said the basket would come in handy when I would run errands for him.

I spent the rest of the summer working for Gunther, doing odd jobs around his house. My hours were 9:00AM to noon. Gunther would make us lunch, and we would "play" together for a few hours each afternoon, before I was free to enjoy riding my bike. I'd make sure I always got home in time for dinner with my mom before she had to go out again to her other job. Mom was so thankful that such a nice man took me under his wing. She used to worry about leaving me home alone so much. We had so much fun that summer: Gunther even introduced me to a couple of his retired friends, who came over a lot to play poker. They liked to play with me too. And they were very generous too, just like Gunther.

Now, I'm saving up to buy a car: A red Mustang with chrome bumpers…and two mirrors.

97% (62/2)
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17 days ago
Hot story!
4 months ago
So many memories of my teen years were brought back reading this.
10 months ago
Must admit, when I was in my early teens I used to love the idea of being utterly taken by an experienced older guy - owned, possessed, used. I fucked my tight boycunt with a carrot stolen from the kitchen some nights, shooting my spunk on to the sheets as I got head down, ass up, imagining thick meat opening me up and a muscular, hairy chest on my back and hot breath on my neck. So fucking good. Love this tale, as always, mate - got me hard and shooting my load. :)
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Great story!
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love it
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another excellent story that all young boys should read and try to live by!
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great story! I can relate with some of it,lots of fond memories!
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Daaaaaaaamn! Such a hot story! Where can I get in on this camping trip??? :)
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very image provoking I had a good long masturbating session while i read the whole lot well done and please tell more
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Loved it
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once again, you have wrote another amazing story i cam so hard to this sexy tale
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Very hot story, thanks xxx
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Very arousing story. Many thanks.
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Great Story, some how I had an inkling that there might be a hint of somee your own Real Life experiences... in either case, I got a Raging Hard On form the when Murry and Jason forced Danny to Suck them both Off and it only got better as the story went on!
1 year ago
As always, fantastic story. You do have a way with words, I felt like I was part of the group. Reminds me of my first!!
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Very hot!!!!
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Talent is abound with this author! You have created some characters that make us long for such experiences....lots of fun to read to...
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Fantastic writing. You have a lot of talent my friend.
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A great piece of writing,,so plausable and erotic,,I wish I'd met a Gunther as a kid to break me in so lovingly
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Another great dick stroking story....too bad I don't have a "neighbor" to suck it while i read......nice!
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As usual your stories are written so well that you draw the reader in and he becomes part of the story. It is as if I am that boy enjoying all those sensations that he is enjoying and I can feel those cocks sliding in and out of me. Thanks again.
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Well done! Bravo!
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