Young and Willing - Part Two

Young and Willing – Part Two

The shower brought me back to life. As I reflected on all that just happened, I was anxious to find out what would be next. I didn’t have to wait very long. As I was toweling off, I heard the bedroom door open, and Harry walked over and leaned against the open bathroom door, watching me. He came over behind me, took the towel and began to dry off my back. Then he threw the towel into the corner, and told me to bend over and put my hands on the edge of the bathtub.

He knelt down in front of my damp, clean ass, and immediately spread my cheeks and started licking and sucking my hole. My cock shot straight out in seconds. Apparently, I was ready for round two of Harry’s party games. Harry got up and sat me down on the toilet lid, leaning my back against tank. He lifted my legs up and folded them back towards my chest, and told me to hold my legs back with my arms. Fully exposed, he began fondling my balls. He gripped my legs tightly, and worked his tongue from my ass to my balls, and all around my tender inner thighs. Then, he took my throbbing cock deep into his mouth, and my body shook in ecstasy.

I pressed my knees into my chest as I watched his head bobbing up and down on my cock. I was quickly approaching orgasm, when Harry slipped his finger up my sweet wet ass hole, and finger-fucked me at lightning speed. My cock was jerking uncontrollably in his hot mouth, and soon I was pumping his throat with load after load of steamy teen cum.

Harry licked me clean, then stood up and steadied himself, as he watched my feeble attempt to get up off the toilet seat. I could feel that my face was flushed red, but aside from that, I never felt better in my life.

Without a word, Harry led me out of the bathroom, put the blindfold mask back on me, and took me back to the party room. His friends welcomed me back with enthusiasm, and pats on my rear. Harry instructed me to get down on my hands and knees, with my knees tight together. Someone put a cushion under my knees so I didn’t get uncomfortable on the tile floor under me. I felt sticks whacking my bare ass, and my ass cheeks soon felt tingly and red.

One of the men straddled my body, facing my ass, and he spread my ass cheeks nice and wide. Another man scooped out a gob of petroleum jelly and worked his finger around my hole, finally sliding a finger full of jelly up my rectum. I heard someone ask for the speculum, although I didn’t know what he meant. I found out soon enough. I felt a cold metal object being pushed into my ass, and immediately I thought of that the duck-billed instrument that I saw earlier on the table. It didn’t hurt, but I couldn’t imagine why it was in my ass. Then, one of the party friends kept twisting the adjusting wheel, and my rectum spread open a little wider with each turn of the wheel. I could feel air rushing into my exposed ass hole, and I got a rush throughout my body.

Satisfied with their work, they stepped back to admire my gaping asshole. Then I heard Harry call for a bathroom break. This puzzled me. Why did they set me up like this, only to take a break and go to the bathroom? I received my answer right away. I felt one man step over my body, facing my head. He reached down, pulled my head up towards the ceiling, and held it firmly in his two hands.

Harry stood in front of me and instructed me to open my mouth wide and get ready to swallow. I did what he told me, and soon my mouth was being filled with hot piss. Now I got it: they were taking a “bathroom break” all right, and I was their toilet. I kept swallowing furiously, hardly noticing the taste of hot, stale beer flowing down my throat. After what seemed like eternity, his piss stream finally stopped, and I licked Harry’s cock clean.

I barely caught my breath, when I was told to open my mouth again. Another player was standing in front of me, anxious to relieve himself down my throat. As I guzzled his piss, I realized that I was going to be the recipient of all those empty beer bottles. At last, I drained the second man’s bladder, and he dangled his cock in front of my face so I could lick it clean.

I was surprised to hear Harry tell me to fold my arms, and rest my head on the floor, leaving my ass sticking straight up and vulnerable. Soon enough, I felt a raging piss stream pouring past the speculum, and into my anal canal. It was easier than drinking even more piss, I thought, but the hot liquid stung the sides of my raw rectum.

Predictably, the fourth player took his turn, and his strong piss stream filled my ass. I exhaled and relaxed, knowing that everyone had finally relieved themselves in me. But I relaxed too soon. I felt one of the big syringes glide past the metal jaws of the speculum and deep into my ass hole. Only, this time the plunger was drawn back, and the syringe filled up with piss. I was told to get back up on my hands, and once again someone held my head in place. I held my mouth wide open, and the syringe full of ass-piss squirted in and down my throat. This was a different taste altogether, but I didn’t really mind it.

The men emptied the syringe into me, then, went back for more, not once, but five more times. I couldn’t believe all that piss was coming from my ass, and now filling my throat time after time.

I was actually impressed that they had saved up all their beer piss for me. Not one of them went to the actual bathroom, even as I dozed and showered after round one. I felt someone spinning the wheel on the speculum, and I was relieved when it I felt it slide out of my ass. I figured the “bathroom break” was surely over now, and I wondered what Harry would come up with next. Again I turned out to be wrong. Someone suggested that, since they were in the “bathroom”, they should probably get their assholes cleaned as well.

They men took turns bending their asses over in my face, and I didn’t need any further instructions from Harry. I knew what to do. I licked the first man’s ass ring around and around with my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down his spread crack, and plunged my tongue into his twitching hole, tongue-fucking it feverishly. Then I suctioned my lips onto his hole, and tried to suck his insides right out his rectum. By now, his ass was gyrating, and he was moaning, and the other men were calling for him to step aside and give them a chance. He was finally pushed aside, and the next man took his place in front of my face, bending over and spreading his cheeks. I repeated the routine on the other three players, except I added a tongue-lashing to their balls hanging down, exposed to my darting tongue.

After they all had nice, clean ass holes, they went about setting me up again on the swing. Only this time, I was on my back with my legs folded up on my chest. They worked together, wrapping a thick strap over my legs and around my back, securing it tightly. Another player guided my arms down towards the floor, and his partner slipped cuffs around my wrists. Instead of the head strap, they cradled my head in a leather sling, and attached it to the center guide wire. As they took their places in front of their chairs, they spun the swing around slowly, so they could all admire their creation.

Harry proudly and enthusiastically announced that the next game would be called “Fun With Toys”. Let the games continue, I thought.

Look for Part Three, coming soon.
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5 months ago
figured they would piss in your ass. 3 and 4 get to far out for me.
1 year ago
Bloody hell! I keep trying to hold off cumming until the last part... I hope I make it!
2 years ago
cool, just found part two
2 years ago
Hot as Hell!
I want to play!
3 years ago
Grat story i'm so hornythat i'm going to jack off right nowthanks
3 years ago
Boy my ass hurts just thinking about that i've drunk piss before and depending what it was originally the tastes veries thanks
4 years ago
Wow thats one hot party thanks
5 years ago
Graphic description of a fun 4 all party. Thanx.
5 years ago
another fantastic chapter. keep them coming mate
5 years ago
fab,so horny and dirty,makes me wank loads.x