Am I A Bad Aunt?

Am I a Bad Aunt?

By billy69boy

My name is Eve. I'm a single, twenty-something woman, pursuing a post graduate degree. I consider myself to be fairly cool, and "with it" when it comes to my relationship with my young niece. Ariel had recently turned 14, and we get along great. She seems comfortable talking with me, and she has confided in me about her adolescent concerns that her mother (my sibling) knows nothing about.

Lately, though, I am worried that we may be getting too close, if you know what I mean, and I don't want to do anything wrong that might hurt her. So, I want to tell you my story, and maybe you can help me decide if I'm the Cool Aunt, or the Sick, Twisted Aunt.

It all started out innocently enough. Ariel is very athletic, but she is rather shy and perhaps a bit immature. She lost her father in a car accident at a young age, and her mother, Madeline, has babied her and protected her ever since. I suspect she is trying to compensate for the sudden death of Ariel's father. Maddie is several years older than me, and she is an accomplished ER nurse who loves her job at the city hospital. She works three twelve hour shifts a week, and is home the other four days. I go to grad school, but I have the summer off between semesters.

When I answered the phone that day, I was surprised how upset Maddie sounded. For a nurse who sees all kinds of trauma, she was neither calm nor collected:

"Ariel broke her arm during her softball game," she blubbered between sobs, "can you come pick her up at the hospital?"

"Of course, Maddie, I'll come right away," I assured her.

By the time I got there, Ariel's arm had already been x-rayed and she wore a cast from her shoulder to her wrist. She and Maddie stood up when they saw me, and they both gave me warm hugs.

"She's going to be okay, but she'll have to wear her cast for the whole summer", Maddie explained, "it's a good thing school lets out on Friday."

"And it's also a good thing my semester ended last week," I added.

"Oh, Eve, do you think you could stay with us on my work days?" Maddie asked, as Ariel stood by nodding her approval. "It'll just be for three days per week, and I'll even pay you", she offered.

"Nonsense," I replied, "I'm happy I can help."

"Oh, thank you so much, Aunt Evie," Ariel chimed in, "I'll try not to be a pain!"

"You'll be no trouble, sweetheart," I assured her, "we'll have fun!"

Maddie looked at her watch, and explained she still had to work the rest of her shift, as she led us to the exit. After some more quick hugs, she turned away, and disappeared down the corridor.

As I drove my young niece home, she told me all about how she and another player were going for the ball, and they crashed into each other. She fell awkwardly on her arm and broke it pretty good.

"Of course, it's my right arm, and I'm right-handed," she noted. "I guess I'm going to have trouble doing a lot of things."

"Don't worry, baby, we'll manage," I offered confidently.

As we entered Maddie's condo, I asked Ariel what she would like to do. She was still sweaty from her softball game, and she was dying to take a shower. Of course, she knew that was out of the question because of her cast, so we opted for a bath instead. I started the water, while Ariel wrestled with the safety cap on her bottle of pain pills. She finally managed to get it open, and took two of them.

As the tub filled, I helped her take off her shoes and socks, and helped her out of her uniform, bra and panties. She settled down into the tub, making sure not to get her cast wet. She laid back, closed her eyes, and let out a long sigh. As I readied her washcloth, I took a long look at her strong body. She carried almost no body fat, just mostly long shapely legs, a young blossoming teenage body, smallish, perky breasts, and short red hair. I couldn't help but notice that she had some red stubble in her pubic area.

She hardly moved a muscle, as I bathed her gently, starting with her face and neck, and slowly working my way down her slim body. I washed her shoulders and her left arm, then up her torso until I reached her breasts. I hesitated for just a couple seconds before cupping each one in the warm washcloth, and squeezing them slightly as I cleaned them. Ariel whispered a quiet groan in response, but she didn't open her eyes.

I moved down her body and diverted towards her legs. I washed each one and massaged her tired feet, which elicited a grateful smile from her, along with a hushed response: "feel's good" she muttered. It was pretty clear that the warm bath water and the pain pills were taking their toll on her. I sensed that she may soon drift off, and I couldn't leave her in the tub. I soaped up the wash rag, and put in in her left hand, as I shook her arm to rouse her.

"Come on, honey, you're getting drowsy. Now finish up your bath and we'll get you into bed," I told her. Ariel opened up her eyes halfway, looked at the washcloth in her hand, opened her legs, and began washing.

"Oh sorry," she said faintly, still adrift.

"Sorry about what, babe?" I responded.

"Oh, the hair," she explained, "I meant to shave down there last night, but I never got around to it."

"That's okay, Ariel, nothing to be sorry about," I reassured her.

She shook her head: "But now I won't be able to, because I shave with my right hand," she explained. "Would you help me with it?"

I felt a vague twinge between my legs, as her question became clear to me:

"Of course, sweetie, whatever you like," I answered, as she slid onto her side so she could clean her bottom. "Now, let's get you out of that tub and dried off.

With great effort, she stood up as I met her with a towel. I dried her off tenderly and thoroughly. I would be lying if I told you I didn't get some sort of naughty thrill from running her towel over her tits and between her legs. I steadied her long enough to help her with her deodorant. As I walked her to her room, I could see that she was struggling to keep her eyes open. When she saw her bed, she plopped down rather hard, forgetting about her broken arm. "OW!" she yelled, and I leaned down to comfort her.

Are you okay, Honey?" I asked, as I pulled her sheet up over her lithe frame. She didn't even reply. She was already deep into slumber land. I sat next to her and tried to soothe her, playing with her short locks, and massaging her shoulders. She was angelic, with a face that exuded innocence. I guess I never really took note of her innate beauty until now. She was always my little shadow while she was growing up, and I didn't really think about her turning into the attractive young woman I was seeing now.

She sighed dreamingly, as she pulled her arms out from under the sheet, and rested them on top. I surmised that she was still overheated from her warm bath, so I didn't try to cover her up again. I just sat and stared at her exposed breasts. For several long minutes, I didn't move. I just kept watching her chest heave up and down to the rhythm of her breathing. And then, I did something quite naughty: without really thinking it through, I reached over and took each of her breasts in my hands. I was shocked at my impulsiveness, and I could feel myself blush with embarrassment. I took a quick look at the bedroom door, as if I was expecting to see her mother come in any second.

When I glanced at the clock, I realized that Maddie wouldn't be home for several more hours. So, I went back to fondling my precious niece's firm, budding tits. I bent over and put my mouth over one of her nipples, then the other one, sucking gently. Ariel didn't budge, but her nipples became erect despite her being in a deep slumber. I couldn't believe my brazenness, yet I didn't stop there. Remembering Ariel's request for me to help her shave her pubic area, I decided to take a look. I inched the sheet down, until it only covered her legs.

I looked closely at my niece's feminine mound, and stroked the thin layer of red hair that appeared evenly over it. I calculated that it was only one or two day's growth at the most. I thought back to my teen years, and I couldn't recall how old we were when we started trimming our intimate hairline, but I'm sure it wasn't as young as 13, or now 14, since she had just celebrated her birthday a month ago. As my finger traced the line that defined her labia, I quickly pulled back, as Ariel stirred, and opened her legs a bit wider. I figured I had better make it legitimate, if I was to continue my loving m*****ation of my u*********s niece: I went into the bathroom and brought back a damp washcloth, towel, shaving cream, and a razor with a new blade. I went back for a bowl of warm water, which I placed on her night stand.

I got right to work, moistening her mound with the damp washcloth, and then squirting shave cream into my hand. I know I was way too excited, but I thought she might be pleasantly surprised to wake up clean shaven: she did ask me to help her, I rationalized. I carefully smoothed the shaving cream over her red stubble, and I thought I might just burst with excitement. My heart started racing, and I could feel perspiration forming on my upper lip, as I made sure her pale, milky skin was covered in white. And then, I dipped the razor in the bowl of hot water, and began:

With one hand on the razor, and my other hand moving her skin this way and that, I couldn't believe how aroused I became. I lovingly removed her soft pubic hairs as thoroughly as possible, including the area inside her creamy white thighs. I was almost done after only a few minutes. Emboldened, I pulled the sheet completely off her legs, and bent each one back so I could shave the hair around her ass. After rinsing the shaving cream off, I patted her dry with the towel, and took everything back to the bathroom. I found a bottle of lotion in the medicine cabinet, and brought it back to her bedroom. As I poured some lotion into my hand, I admired my handiwork. I talked myself into picturing her happy face when she discovered my secret gift to her.

I rubbed a generous amount of cream over her soft, satiny mound and began spreading it around, running my fingers tantalizingly close to her love opening. I spread her legs further and glided my hand inside her thighs, and down between her lean ass cheeks. By now I was trembling with taboo feelings, but I could not bring myself to stop. My index finger traced between her labia, and the rest of my fingers followed, until my four fingers were sliding up and down between her pink pussy lips, and slightly grazing her now protruding clit.

I pulled back suddenly when her head rocked side to side momentarily, but she didn't wake up. Encouraged, I deliberately plunged two fingers into her warm moistness, while my other hand found the damp spot in my shorts. Soon, I was fingering both her innocent pussy and my unworthy cunt in unison. A guilty orgasm had been building up inside me for quite some time now, ever since the bath, and so it wasn't a surprise that my body lurched out of control as I fingered my pussy and pinched my clit vigorously. My body was jolting her bed so hard, that I had to stand up beside her and finish myself off, my legs quivering like crazy. It was one of the most intense orgasms I ever experienced. I wasn't sure if it had to do with my niece's age or her gender. I had never been intimate with another woman of any age, much less a young teenager, so maybe it was a combination of the two things. I now knew what they meant by the phrase "guilty pleasure".

Either way, I was amazed to have cum so hard, even as I felt a tremendous sense of unworthiness from taking advantage of my passed out niece. She would never know, I said to myself, other than the fact that she may notice that I shaved her without her knowledge. I shuddered at the thought of what her reaction might be when she wakes up. I pulled her sheet back up to her waist, and then crashed out on the living room couch, not waking until Maddie came home from work.

"Hi Eve, how's my precious wounded baby doing?" she asked first thing.

"She's doing as well as can be expected," I reported, rubbing my eyes. "She's had a bath and she took a couple pain pills, so she's been out like a light ever since."

"Well, that's good then, the poor thing!" Maddie answered back. "Look, I'm pretty beat, how about if we just order in some pizza for dinner and watch a movie. Can you stay the night? I have to go in early again tomorrow."

"Sure thing, Maddie, I'll be happy to stay with Ariel for a few days. It'll be like an extended Girl's Night," I responded.

By the time the pizza got there, Ariel was stirring. She half stumbled out of her room holding her robe in her hand.

"Can someone help me with this thing?" she asked rather groggily.

"Let me help you, pumpkin, her mom said, as she hurried over to her. "We just got some pizza delivered, are you hungry?" Ariel nodded as she slumped next to me on the couch. As her mother was busy in the kitchen slicing the pie, my niece leaned in close to my ear, and whispered: "thanks!" a sly grin on her face…"for shaving me!"

I hoped she didn't notice my face turning a bright red. She seemed genuinely grateful, and I was more than a little relieved. "You're welcome, sweetie," I responded as calmly as I could.

As we ate our pizza, Ariel was elated to hear that I would be staying with her for a few days, until her mom was off work for the rest of the week. She listed all the fun things we could do together. It helped that today was Friday, and we had the weekend to do what we wanted.

The next morning, Maddie was already off to work when Ariel and I woke up. As we sat in the kitchen drinking our tea, I asked my niece if she wanted me to make some breakfast, but she shook her head 'no', with her pretty face all scrunched up. She complained of a stomach ache, and wondered if it had to do with the late night pepperoni pizza. She put her hand to her forehead, and declared that it felt warm. She leaned towards me, and I felt it too. She might be feverish, I thought, which is not a good sign is for someone who just suffered trauma.

"Aunt Evie, would you take my temperature?" she asked me coyly.

"Sure, honey," I replied, as I asked her where they kept the thermometer.

"That's okay, I'll get it," she offered, "I just broke my arm, I'm not a complete cripple!" With that, she disappeared into the bathroom, and returned with a handful of articles: she placed a hand towel on the table, and put a bottle of baby oil and the thermometer case on top of the towel. She pulled the top off the case, slid out the thermometer and handed it to me. I looked at her quizzically:

"Honey, this is a rectal thermometer," I announced.

"Oh yes, I know. It's the one mommy uses all the time," she explained, smiling at me. "Momma says it's the most accurate type, and she's a nurse, so she should know." I couldn't argue with her, but I have to admit, I was caught off guard. I must have looked clueless, because Ariel then took it upon herself to direct the proceedings:

"Usually, I lay over my mom's lap, like this," she explained, as she positioned her body across my legs, drawing her bathrobe up and exposing her bare bottom to me. "Then she uses the baby oil to make it easier to slide it in…NO! NO! Not like that!" she admonished me, as I began to pour the oil over the thermometer. "No, first you drip some oil between my…er…cheeks, and rub it around a little until my…butt hole relaxes."

I couldn't believe I was hearing all this from my young niece, but I wasn't complaining. In fact, I was getting downright antsy between my legs. It did make me think about Maddie's motivations, but I was too busy being in the moment to worry about anything else. I spread her cheeks apart gingerly; just enough so that I could apply a few drops of lubrication that my niece required. And then, I calmly slid two fingers into her crack. I swirled them around and around, as I heard Ariel sigh and moan ever so quietly. I couldn't believe how steaming hot her anus was.

"Ah, yes, that's the way, Aunt Evie, just like that," she cooed. I was in no hurry, so I kept tracing my fingers up and down her sphincter. She squirmed a bit, but said nothing, as I spread her cheeks open wide to get a look at her beautiful pink star. By now, her rear end was glistening and covered in oil. Just as I began to wonder if she was going to continue instructing me, what I heard next truly shocked me.

"Now, put more oil on your finger, and stick it inside my bottom," she told me. "Momma says it's best to have it nice and slick in there before you try to put the thermometer in." I oiled up my finger in silence. I reasoned I was here to help my niece out, so it was fine with me if she called the shots. I spread her cheeks wide open, and directed my oily index finger to her forbidden orifice. I made a few tight twirls, and then I slid my finger into her, up to the first knuckle, moving it around tenderly.

"Oh, yes, Auntie Eve, that's the idea, only you have to go deeper," she explained nonchalantly. As I heard this latest instruction, I was about to erupt in a wicked orgasm, but I didn't want to do that with my innocent niece lying across my lap. Regardless, I was determined to comply with all her directions, so I worked my finger deeper and deeper, until my finger was buried to the hilt. As I wiggled it around, Ariel exhaled loudly, and began to match the rhythm of my finger motion with her own buttocks. I tried to keep my eruption under control, but I felt my finger thrusting in and out of her tender ass hole more forcibly, and my legs twitched and strained to keep calm.

"Oh yes! That's how you do it!" she blurted out matter-of-factly. "I'm sure it's slippery enough now for that mean old Mister Thermometer," she said, almost sounding as if she reverted to baby talk. It made me wonder how long Maddie had been playing this little game with her daughter. "Okay, now you can put it in, nice and deep."

The thermometer easily slid into her well lubricated rectum. I loved watching her tender opening flex involuntarily, as the foreign object violated her. I buried it deep in her ass, exposing only the very tip, which I held onto. While we waited for the reading, I found myself rubbing her taut ass cheeks absentmindedly with my other hand, but she didn't object. When the time was up, I slowly removed the thermometer, and held it up to check the numbers.

"Slightly higher than normal," I announced, as I sat up straight in anticipation of her getting off my lap, but she didn't budge.

"Um…now you have to dry me off with the towel," she said, almost whispering. So, I quickly assumed that the fun wasn't over yet. As I wiped her bottom clean of the baby oil, she reacted positively. "That's it, Auntie Eve, thanks," she said, but then added: "Oh, and don't forget to check my…um…vagina to see if any oil leaked down there. Mommy says it's important to make sure there's no oil in there, because it could get germs or an infection."

With that, she stood up, bent over the table, and rested her chest on her good arm, eyes facing down. She spread her legs wide, and waited for me to towel off the oil from her pussy. The sight of her young, well-toned, naked ass peering back at me made my heart skip a beat. I slowly and carefully wiped her down, as I allowed my finger to contact the soft flesh between her legs. When she wiggled her butt ever so slightly, I boldly touched her labia more directly, and she pushed her ass back toward me, saying nothing. I responded by lightly flicking her clit with my thumbnail, and I could see her beginning to swoon. I know I was ready to burst myself, as I kept teasing her clit not so subtly. I wasn't sure what I should do next, but if as on cue, Ariel picked up the thermometer and handed it to me behind her back.

"Maybe you should take my temperature down there too, she suggested, giggling and swinging her hips in anticipation. Her suggestion put me right over the top, and I could feel the dampness pooling in my panties. There was no turning back now, and I placed the thermometer back down on the table. I moved my chair closer to her outspread legs, and sat down. My face was inches from her exposed sex, and I leaned forward and inhaled her sweet scent. I surprised her by sliding two fingers right into her waiting vagina. It was a bold move, but quickly verified:

"OH GOD YES, AUNT EVIE!" she wailed out loud, "GIVE ME YOUR FINGERS! DEEPER! OH MY GOD, YES! FINGERFUCK MY FUCKING PUSSY!" She was now beside herself with wanton lust. She deliberately pushed her ass back towards me, and slapped the table with her good hand. She was losing control, and I had to grab hold of her ass with my other hand in order to steady her. In doing so, my hand slipped, and my thumb popped into her dark passage.


Her body rocked that table, as she lurched around uncontrollably while I stroked both her holes with my fingers and thumb, trying to maximize the intensity of her climax. She was a wild girl, making every last orgasmic thrust count, until she finally collapsed on the table, her legs failing her. I sat back, and took some deep breaths, as I leered at her shiny private parts. I had so many thoughts going through my mind, but the one that stood out was my need to get taken care of too. As I pondered what to say to my obviously well-seasoned niece, she made it easy:

"I'm sorry," she mumbled, still lying prone across the table.

"Sorry for what?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"Well I'm sorry for disrespecting you and calling you Eve, instead of Auntie Eve, or Aunt Evie," she explained. I thought about it for a few seconds.

"Well, how do you plan to make it up to me?" I said softly. She stood up straight, turned around to face me, and looked me square in the eyes.

"I'll do whatever you want," she said, smiling shyly, "but will you promise me that you won't tell my mom about taking my temperature or about…anything else?" Her eyes pleaded with me.

I let another few seconds pass in silence, and I could see her squirm uncomfortably. I told myself I would have to think more about the thermometer game that Ariel and Maddie seem to have been playing for a long time, but for now, I had more immediate concerns.

"Of course, dear, we'll keep all that just between you and me," I replied calmly, even as I secretly rejoiced in making such a sacred pact with my sexy and passionate niece.

I got up out of the chair, grabbed my repentant niece gently by the shoulders, turned her around, and sat her down in the chair. I then peeled off my sopping wet shorts and thong, and sat on the edge of the table facing her. She immediately began staring at my own bald pussy, as I lay down on my back. I pulled my feet up and rested them on the edge of the table.

"You know what to do, sweetheart," I said softly.

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Bravo Paul... for anyone who enjoys written erotica served in a tasteful yet provocative form, then this should be required reading. To present such a unique and complicated genre in manner that sweeps away the shrouds of impropriety while staying true to the characters' development takes true talent. Total respect from a fellow author.
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your a cool aunt and the niece is cool too i iwish i was the cousin lol
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Yes, actually you are a bad aunt....can you please adopt me??:)
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