Hot Young Thing - Part Five

Standing under a cool shower never felt so good. I lingered for quite a while, just loosening up, and of course, trying to get all my body parts clean, especially the inside parts. The menthol heat finally quieted down, and my ass and pussy felt clean and shiny after a thorough scrubbing.

I figured Uncle Clyde must be pretty happy with me, seeing as how he offered to cook us dinner. He definitely had more pep in his step after I sucked off his big throbbing cock for him. As ordered, I slipped my slinky, red shorty nightgown over my head, and let it flow over my body. Again, as ordered, I left the matching panties in the drawer. After drying my hair, I gathered up my new toys and bounced down the stairs. The shower had renewed me, and I was ready for anything.

Uncle Clyde astonished me by setting out his good china, and on the dining room table, no less. He sat me down elegantly, and went back to the kitchen. He returned with two tall lighted candles, and a bottle of red wine with two glasses. I was impressed. He filled both glasses, handed me one, and clinked his glass against mine. He started to drink his wine, so I did the same. It wasn’t very sweet, but it was good. We ate dinner, and pushed our plates away while we sipped on our second glasses of wine. I was feeling fine, maybe a little giddy, but okay.

Uncle Clyde got up and asked me to help him clear the dining room table, because we were going to need the table soon. I didn’t know what he meant, but I’d help clear the table regardless. Besides, I loved walking around my uncle dressed it a sexy lingerie top and nothing else. It felt very naughty, feeling protected by your clothes, yet relishing the freedom of nakedness.

We sat back down to finish our wine. There was only a little bit left in the bottle, so Uncle Clyde split it with me. When I asked him if he wanted something for dessert, he got that familiar twinkle in his eyes, and he said he would. He told me I could give it to him, and I wouldn’t even have to leave the room. I gave him a puzzled look, as I drained my wine glass. Maybe my thinking was a little fuzzy, and I didn’t catch on right away.

I asked him if he was going to explain my new toys to me, and he said we’d do it right after dessert. So, I asked him what he would like. He leaned back in his chair, and said he’d like me to climb up on the dining room table. That seemed kind of odd, but I went along with him, just to see where he was heading. He positioned me on my knees, with my head on the table, and my ass facing his seat. I waited for his next instructions, but he was silent. He reached up and lifted up the edge of my nightgown, and threw it over my back. My ass and pussy were completely exposed to the grateful expression on his face. He just sat back for a few minutes, fucking me with his eyes. After all we went through today, I was no longer embarrassed to show my uncle anything of mine. I just let him enjoy.

He reached up and began caressing my ass cheeks, rubbing them and squeezing them. He stood up and leaned over my crack and ran his nose up and down it, inhaling deeply with each pass. My body was starting to react to his attention to detail. I jumped a little when he spread my cheeks, and licked my ass crack up and down, and around my hole. I was squirming with pleasure, and he was breathing faster. He slid his hard tongue into my rectum, and gave me a mini-fuck with it. Then, he sat back down in his chair and pulled me back towards him. My pussy was only inches from his face, and soon enough his face was buried in my pussy. He licked and sucked on me for a long time, but that was fine with me. He seemed intent on sucking up all my flowing juices, but apparently I just kept on producing more, and he finally gave up.

He helped me down from the table and told me to get my toys. They were sitting right on one of the dining room chairs, so I didn’t have to go far. He went into the bathroom and brought back a bottle of warming massage lotion. He picked up the large lifelike dildo first. Without saying a word, he licked the bottom of the suction cup and smacked it down on the front of one of the wooden dining room chairs. He dared me to try to remove it, but I couldn’t budge it. I told him I get it now. He said he’d demonstrate more with it later.

Next, he picked up the long pink toy. Why was it so long, I asked. He told me to get back up on the table, only this time lay on my back. He pulled me to him, and pushed my legs back toward my head. He told me to hold my legs back with my hands. He was looking directly at my asshole while he rubbed the toy with oil. He dripped some oil right above my ass hole, and let it ooze down my crack. He took some more oil and rubbed it all over my ass and between my legs, ending at my ass hole. He slipped his finger in and coaxed some of the oil in as well. It was very soothing, having my ass hole massaged without all that menthol heat. I was so relaxed from the wine that I dozed off while Uncle Clyde was working my ass hole with his fingers.

I was hardly aware that he penetrated my ass with the pink toy. He worked it in ever so slowly, then pulled it back out, with my ass hole gaping wide right in his face. He leaned over and traced my rectum hole with his tongue, darting it in and out until it closed again. Then he slipped the dildo in again, and he’d do it all over. Each time, he would thread the dildo further up my rectum, until it felt like he hit a wall, or something. Then I could feel him twist the long toy just so, and push. The toy made it through, and now the pushing was easy again. He kept advancing it, moving back and forth, always going forward a little more each time. Amazingly, there was now only two inches of pink sticking out of my ass hole. Uncle Clyde had penetrated my ass 22 inches deep. You could say I felt full. So, here was another new thing I learned today. But what was the point? He said we’d get to that next. But first he reached his hand down and pushed two fingers into my pussy. He pulled them out, and pinched my swollen clit gently. I jumped, so he knew I was ready for the next demonstration. He helped me down off the table again and directed me over to the wooden chair with the larger dildo still suction-cupped to it. He had me stand on the chair facing toward the back of it, with my hands holding onto the back rest. He positioned my feet so the dildo was standing up right in the center. He didn’t oil the dildo, because he knew I had plenty of natural lube of my own.

He guided me down onto the head of the dildo, and parted my pussy lips, so I could just stoop lower and lower until I took it all. Slowly I worked that fat toy deeper and deeper into my pussy, and I stepped up the pace. Uncle Clyde was behind me, and he took hold of the pink dildo that was still way up in my ass. Getting in tune with my rhythm, he began pulling it out a little, then holding it tight when I stooped down to take more rubber dick up my pussy. Now, my uncle gripped onto the pink shaft and pulled it out six inches, then thrust it firmly back in, all in time with my bouncing. He pulled more of it out, then slammed it home again, and I’m out of my mind, fucking my pussy as hard as I can, and feeling my uncle pull my ass toy out ten inches, and ramming it back up my ass. By now I could feel his fist banging against my ass cheeks with each stroke, while my pussy slapped against the seat of the chair. I held onto the back of the chair for dear life, and I felt like I never wanted it to end.

I kept stroking hard, 20, 30, or 40 more times, who knows, and Uncle Clyde was pulling out a full 14 inches, and still jamming it right back up my ass. When my orgasm came, it was more like an explosion. My body jerked and shuddered against my intruders, and I almost fell off the chair. At last, my pussy spasms subsided and I slid off the dildo. Uncle Clyde helped me get back up on the table, and I laid flat on my back, exhausted but happy. My uncle carefully pulled my pink friend out of my ass, and I was at peace. I suppose that was what is meant by a deep anal fuck.

Then my uncle went on about our bodies being flexible, and how we can take more than we think we can. I only halfway heard him, because he was massaging my pussy while he talked. He gently bent my legs up and pushed them open. He stood up while he explained how elastic our bodies were, and his fingers entered my gaping pussy easily. He started using two fingers, then three, pushing them deeper inside me, and twisting his hand as he did it. He put a fourth finger in, and started kind of fucking me with his hand. He began to dig at the sides of my pussy walls with his finger tips, which finally got my attention. It felt strangely erotic, and I spread my legs farther apart to encourage him. His fingertips raked at my insides, and my ass started bouncing around on the table. Gradually, he pushed his four fingers in deeper, then he slid them back out, only to plunge them back in even deeper. He stood over me and looked me in the eye as he increased his stroke. He was ramming me so hard, that he looked like he was sawing a log in half. My body jerked its way across the table with each new plunge. I pulled my legs back against my chest, and let him pound me with his hand up inside my pussy for as long as he wanted to. My cum flowed all over the table, and down onto the floor. I guess his arm finally got tired, but apparently not his spirit.

He reached out and turned me over on my stomach. My red lingerie was a mess by now, and he took it off over my head. He bent my legs up under my body, and slid me back to the edge of the table. My head rested on the table in front of me, mainly because I couldn’t even lift it at that point. Without telling me, he picked up the huge stiff black toy, and prepared to entertain me a little more. I hardly noticed when he rubbed the head around my pussy, but I became aware soon enough. He began pushing it in, and there was no real resistance coming from my spent pussy. In no time, he buried the black monster to the hilt, with only the black handle showing. He gripped that fancy handle tightly, and long-stroked my surrendered pussy methodically and firmly. He picked up the pace, and he fucked me so soundly and thoroughly, that I felt my ass shuddering yet again. Before I knew it, I was delivering another river of cum amid some more uncontrollable seizures.

Uncle Clyde pulled the black bandit out of me, and laid it on the table. I was so tired, I couldn’t change positions. I laid there on the table with my ass pointing to the ceiling, and I was temporarily paralyzed. Forging ahead as always, he stood up over my ass, and poured some more oil on my hole, working it into my rectum. He grabbed the pink dildo again, and easily worked my ass hole open again. When he pulled it out he was ready with the oil, and he shot a steady stream directly into my gaping hole. It felt like someone was peeing into my ass. He wasted no time, and ass fucked me with two fingers, then three, then four fingers. I was noticing a pattern developing here. I didn’t have the energy to protest, and I let him have his way with me. He jerked his fingers inside my ass, and I could feel my rectum walls expand and contract in response.

He withdrew his fingers, and I felt kind of disappointed because I was getting close to another electrifying orgasm. But he wasn’t finished with me yet. He jumped up on the table with me and he knelt down over top of my head and back and pinned me down. He faced my gaping ass, and picked up the black bruiser, lined it up, and shoved it all the way into my ass on the first stroke. He held it in as deep as it would go, then he twisted it back and forth, making my ass squirm.

Still sitting on my upper body, he took the special grip in both hands, and began to fuck my ass deep and hard, with total abandon. He wrapped both of his hands around the black grip, and he went at his task with renewed purpose, slamming my ass hole vigorously time after time. Sweat poured off my uncle, but he didn’t slow down. It felt so good, having my ass filled up with that stiff black toy. I couldn’t believe I was taking that whole dildo up my ass. It was a shock to me that it even fit in my pussy, much less my tight ass…another learning experience.

When he finally got down off the table, I lay motionless, and totally spent. Uncle Clyde turned me over onto my back. He walked around the table, grabbed me by the shoulders, and dragged me towards him, until my head was just off the edge of the table. Holding my head in one hand, he whipped off his shorts, and guided his now bulging cock to my mouth. When he pressed the head to my lips, my mouth opened up involuntarily, and soon his cock was jamming the back of my throat. It couldn’t go in any farther, or so I thought.

Uncle Clyde held my head firmly between his two hands, and pushed his cock past my tonsils, and slid it down my throat. I was so numb by then, that I didn’t even gag. I just took it. This seemed to delight my uncle, and he took full advantage of the situation. He looked down at my face, and proceeded to slide his throbbing cock all the way down my throat, his balls slapping against my forehead with each stroke. He was so worked up, that he just kept pumping my throat as hard and as deep as he could. It was a frenzied throat fuck, for sure.

His balls welled up, and he was close to orgasm. He drove his cock deep down my throat, and just held it there for a long time. I guess he was trying to delay shooting off his load. After a minute or two, he pumped it in and out of my throat several times, then he stuck it to the hilt and held it in my throat again. Finally, he couldn’t hold it back any longer, and his cock wretched and shuddered, and his cum came pouring out, right down my throat. I didn’t even have to gulp or swallow, his jizz just went down my throat all by itself.

I must have passed out after Uncle Clyde finished thoroughly throat-fucking me. I don’t even remember my uncle cleaning me up and putting me to bed. When I woke up, I knew I had slept right through breakfast time, and maybe even lunch time as well. My body was aching a little, and I was sore between my legs, which I discovered as I stumbled towards the bathroom. I drew a warm bath, and just soaked away my stiffness. I smiled to myself as I went over last night’s escapades in my mind. Uncle Clyde sure knew a lot about erotic stuff, and there was no doubt that he was quite creative. Not to mention, he sure had a way of pleasing a young girl like me. I wondered what he would come up with next ?
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5 months ago
How did he go from one arm in a sling to holding her with both hands?
10 months ago
Along with other reader's comments, I agree the story--the full Five Part series--is very well written, produced and presented. In all, the story is a thrilling, beautiful presentation and displayed thoroughly, precisely and well described. His characters, Uncle Clyde and Niece Debbie, play their roles brilliantly and convincingly.

Niece Debbie is an amazing individual, playing her roles as if she were a very seasoned woman of three times her actual age of thirteen years old. She is without a doubt a person of excellence and demure sensuality! She is awesome; the writer deserves top honors for his gifted Uncle Clyde's ideas of debauchery, appearing to be harmless to Niece Debbie! She holds honor and respect for her uncle's loving and caring treatment of her!! A Magnificant Story!!!!!
1 year ago
Creative escapades indeed!
2 years ago
I give that part five stars! Again, it was great writing. You have a gift for writing porn.
4 years ago
5 years ago
please continue
5 years ago
very hot