I Had a Dream - The Beach

I Had a Dream – The Beach

By billy69boy

I awoke just as the sun was beginning to bring the light of day to our world. I immediately sensed your presence and your warmth, as our naked bodies squeezed against each other in protection from the gentle ocean breeze. I put my face closer to the back of your head, and inhaled deeply. The magical scent of your perfect dark hair and your slender neck filled me with a bliss I had never known.

You squirmed contentedly in my arms as I kissed the back of your neck tenderly. I could feel your hands pull my arms around you tighter, and I felt you breathe deeply, then exhale, and wiggle your flawless body against my nakedness...I was sure I could hear you purring, like a contented cat sitting on a windowsill in the afternoon sun. sl**ping on the deserted beach was so soothing, as I listened to the rhythm of the waves crashing against the beach. I tried not to think too deeply, I just wanted to focus on the beauty of the moment. I knew right then, that no man on earth was happier than I was.

I ran my finger tenderly down your shoulder and arm. Your body shivered slightly, and you pulled your arm in closer to your body. I continued to trace my fingertip down your side, dipping at your thin waist, then up and over your hip, and down your leg: dangerous curves, indeed. My hand covered the side of your beautiful round ass, and I squeezed it gently. You didn’t begin to stir until my erection pushed against the back of your legs, like it had a mind of its own.

The sun kept bringing more daylight, as the seagulls flew overhead, shrieking and crying above us. You weren’t quite awake yet, but I could feel your body pressing back against mine. My probing fingers confirmed that you were already wet, which came as no surprise. It seemed that you were always ready for our lovemaking, even in your sl**p. The throbbing in my loins became more intense with anticipation, and I gently entered you from behind. Moving slowly but deliberately, I pushed deep inside you, stroking back and forth, calmly but firmly.

You let out a soft groan, as you awakened, then shook your head, and whispered “no”. You pulled away from me, separating us, and I was immediately concerned: did I hurt you, or were you not happy that I took advantage of your slumber, or should I have asked your permission first? None of the above: you turned your slender body around to face me, and your big brown eyes peered directly into mine, and you kissed me full on the lips with such a heated passion, it took my breath away.

Still embraced in our lip-lock, you pushed me over on my back, and climbed on top of me, kissing me with such emotion, I could have called it ****, if it wasn’t so consensual. By now, we were both sweating and breathing heavily. I tried to enter you again, but you resisted. Again, self-doubt enveloped me, but only for a few seconds. You crawled up my body, pinned my arms down with your legs, and gripped my hair with both hands. I was totally caught off guard by your aggressiveness, but I loved it! Then, you wiggled yourself up even further, and planted your glistening pussy square onto my mouth. Instinctively, my tongue went right to work, and I figured I was doing okay, as you squealed uncontrollably, and pushed down even harder on my face. Soon, you were grinding and gyrating wildly on top of me, and I expected you to climax any second, but then you just stopped! I couldn’t believe it, but I was beyond questioning your actions.

You got up off your knees, and stood up over me momentarily. As I caught my breath, I watched you straddle my head again, only this time you were on your feet. You lowered yourself back down, squatting over my face, then, deftly landed on my mouth once again. This time you directed my tongue to your swollen clit, which I licked and nibbled at, sending shock waves through your body. Emboldened, you f***ed your wet pussy into my mouth, and my tongue probed deeply, as your body quivered and shook above me. Then, you slid forward slightly, and my tongue found your sweet puckered ass, and I commenced to lick you there, darting the tip of my tongue in and out rapidly. You cried out, and shoved two fingers into your pulsating womanhood, and I delighted in feeling your orgasm well up and make your whole body spasm and shake and spew your love juices all over my grinning face. It lasted a long time, and I was thrilled to have such an up-close-and-personal view of your unashamed sensuality.

As you slid down off my face, and lay on top of me once again, I held you lovingly in my arms as you calmed down and resumed your normal breathing. You kissed me softly, probing my mouth with your tongue, tasting your sweet nectar that covered my face. But, I could no longer ignore the urgent throbbing I felt between my legs. Sensing this, you reached behind your back, squeezed firmly, and penetrated your well-lubricated love opening with my grateful cock.

What a glorious feeling…the best feeling any human being could ever hope to experience. As you sat up and began to ride me with a determined vigor, I marveled at watching you fuck me. Your luscious, tight body bouncing up and down, your long dark hair flowing in the ocean breeze, and your hands fondling your firm breasts, was almost too much beauty to behold all at once. I held onto you as best as I could, squeezing your smooth ass cheeks in my hands, as you continued to increase the pace. By the time we came together, you had pounded an indentation of my back, and your knees, into the sand with your intense movements…not that I was complaining.

Finally spent, you slumped over me, and I wrapped my arms around you. I had no intention of ever letting you go.

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3 years ago
Now that is the true meaning of "Starting your day off right".. Nice story
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
Now thats a wake up call if i ever heard one thanks
4 years ago
What a sweet amazing story!!
Thank you so much.