s****r Love - Strap-on Fantasy

s****r Love – Strap-on Fantasy

By billy69boy

Emma found herself smiling as she drove to the airport to pick up her little s****r Amy. The two girls were very close, despite the disparity in their ages. They really missed each other, and now they were going to spend the entire summer together.

Emma was proud of herself. At 20, she landed a good job, and she could afford her own place in the city. She was finally on her own; free to call her own shots. Funny thing, though, she was only away from her f****y for a few months, and she had bouts of homesickness that she kept to herself. Now she was happily anticipating her younger s****r’s visit.

Finally, she caught a glimpse of Amy walking towards baggage claim. She was surprised how much older Amy looked in just a few months’ time. At 13, she still had her innocent, young girl features, but Emma could see how much shapelier her little s****r was becoming. Her cute round bottom and budding breasts gave her the look of an emerging young adult.

The s****rs embraced, giggled, and shed a few tears. As they drove towards Emma’s apartment, Amy looked admiringly over at her older s****r, whom she adored: “Wow, s*s, you look great! You’re already tanned and everything!” “Why, thank you Amy…and I see that you’re growing up in all the right places!” Emma responded, as Amy blushed and looked down at her lap. “Thanks for noticing, Emma,” she said.

As the days passed, Emma and Amy were inseparable. They went out for lunch, went shopping and swimming, and even had a little wine together at night from time to time. Emma realized that she couldn’t keep her eyes off her little s****r. Amy was just so sweet and innocent, yet it was clear that she was becoming sexually aware of her own body. Emma heard the pullout couch squeaking ever so slightly late at night, and suspected that Amy was masturbating. Emma wasn’t really surprised about it, as she remembered how she was at age 13. She would put anything that was phallic shaped into her horny cunt back when she was that age.

Still, she was dying to know just how sexually active her little s****r was, and she devised a plan. Emma set up a secret video camera in her dining room that contained her desk and her laptop computer as well. She brought up a video on her favorite porn site that portrayed two lesbians pleasuring each other. She placed her hairbrush on the desk, then, she told Amy that she was going to run out to the grocery store real quick.

Emma’s mind raced, as she drove away. It was clear in her mind by now that she longed to fuck her younger s****r with her strap-on…start out doing her precious pussy, then move on to her little ass…mmmmmmmmm! Just the thought of it made Emma’s panties damp…no…wet! She could hardly wait to get home and check her hidden video cam, but she knew she must be patient, and wait for things to develop. Eggs, bacon, bread and milk got thrown into Emma’s cart. She tried to remain calm and collected, but she couldn’t keep herself from thinking about Amy at home.

Emma’s car hadn’t even disappeared down the street before Amy plopped down in front of Emma’s computer. As she watched the two actresses kissing and fondling each other, Amy found her wet spot, and lightly touched herself over top of her pink panties. She spread her legs open as she watched one of the lesbians bury her fingers in the other girl’s crotch. Amy slipped her finger underneath her panties, and swirled her fingertip around on her swollen clit. Her wet finger slid into her glistening cunt, and disappeared inside. She propped her legs up on the armrests of the chair; her legs fully spread wide open.

She reached for the hairbrush on the desk, and buried it into her quivering little pussy, and began to move it in and out feverishly. Her little ass bucked wildly, as she continued to fuck herself furiously with the hairbrush. Amy’s eyes grew wide as she watched one of the porn girls fucking the other girl with a long pink dildo. Her other hand slipped under her tank top and caressed the hard little nipples standing erect on her small mounds. She squeezed and pinched each one, while banging away with the hairbrush. As she reached her climax, her legs shot straight out to her sides, as her innocent body lurched and writhed in waves of orgasmic pleasure.

Amy heard Emma’s car pull in, and she jumped up, grabbed her clothes, and ran into the bathroom, quickly turning on the shower. Emma heard the shower running as she entered her apartment, and smiled as she put the groceries away. She had enough time to check her hidden video camera, and she soon discovered that her fondest wishes had come true.

She sees her precious little s****r shamelessly splayed out in full view of the secret cam, repeatedly burying the hairbrush handle into her tender young snatch. Emma reaches over and runs her finger over the handle of the hairbrush, and sure enough, it is still slick and wet from Amy’s little girl juices. How Emma longs to taste her s****r’s sweet virginal pussy.

The sound of the shower turning off jolted Emma back to reality. What to do now, Emma thought, her panties soaked through just from watching the secret video footage of her s****r. She knew that she must have her little s****r, no matter how forbidden…

Emma quickly switched to the weather page on her computer, as Amy joined her, wrapped in a towel. “Hi s*s, how was shopping?” Amy asked. “Fine, sweetheart, and how was your shower?” Emma responded. “It was great, just what I needed! I was feeling all hot and sticky,” replied Amy. “That’s good!” said Emma, as she sensed a bit of panic in Amy’s eyes as she stared at the sticky hairbrush on the desk. “What’s the matter, Amy?” “Oh, nothing…can I borrow your hairbrush?” Amy answers. “Sure, honey, but it looks like you’ve already used it,” Emma shot back.

Amy immediately blushed and looked down at the floor, not denying Emma’s accusation. “Were you watching porn while I was out at the store?” Emma asked, pretending to be outraged. “A little, I guess,” Amy admitted, as she shifted her weight back and forth on her feet self-consciously. “I’m sorry, Amy, but I must punish you for what you did,” Emma announced. “But, why? You’re the one who left a porn movie on your computer!” Amy protested. “Well, that’s true, and I’m sorry, but that doesn’t mean you should be looking at it,” explained Emma. “I guess you’re right, s*s, but I was just curious,” Amy pleaded. “Well, now you’ll have to pay for your curiosity. Now, pick up that hairbrush!” Emma commanded, as she whipped the towel from her adorable s****r’s naked young body.

Amy gingerly picked up the brush with just her thumb and one finger, scrunching up her face. “What’s the matter?” Emma asks. “It’s sticky…” “Well, hold it by the bristles…good; now lick the handle clean…no excuses, just do as I say!” Emma barked out. “Now, put it all the way into your mouth and suck it like they sucked that dildo in the porn movie!” Reluctantly, Amy complies, working the handle in and out of her mouth…”Now you know what you taste like down there!”

“Now, give me the brush, and lay down across my lap, young lady!” “B-BUT”…”No buts, just do what you are told, and get what you deserve,” Emma ordered. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! “OW! That STINGS!” Amy shouts in protest…WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!! Three more sharp blows that make her smooth round bottom warm and pink, then three more for good measure, until Amy legs were kicking and flailing away out of control.

“Please stop, Emma! I’ll be good, I promise! I’ll do whatever you say…PLEASE STOP spanking me!” Amy begs. It is music to Emma’s ears. She puts the brush on her desk, and gently caresses Amy’s red rear end. Amy lays still, afraid to experience Emma’s wrath anymore, but also enjoying the soft loving touch of Emma’s noticeably trembling hands.

“So, what did you think of the video that you shouldn’t have been watching?” Emma asks her little s****r. “Well, it looked like they were having fun. But I never saw two girls together before,” Amy offered in reply, as she opened her legs slightly in response to Emma’s delicious ass rubbing. Emma ran her hand down Amy’s leg, and back up the inside of her thigh, as Amy let out the softest moan, as her body wriggled with pleasure. Encouraged, Emma’s hand worked closer and closer to her young s****r’s twitching pussy.

“Emma, do you think we could watch that video together?” Amy asked. “I don’t think so, little one. Mom and dad would kill me if they found out I let you watch porn at your age,” Emma replied. “Come on, s*s, I’ll never tell, and besides, what do you think they would say if they saw us right now?” Amy countered. “Well, I guess you have point there, Amy, and maybe watching the movie together will be like a sex education class for you,” Emma rationalized.

In a flash, Amy ran to the dining room, retrieved the laptop, and set it up on the coffee table in the living room. She cuddled up close to her big s****r, as they watched one of the video girls bury her face in the other girl’s crotch. Emma is shocked to feel her little s****r’s hand between her legs, fumbling with the zipper of her jeans. “Amy, what are you doing?” “I want to try doing to you what that girl’s doing to her friend,” Amy answers, as she unsnaps Emma’s jeans, and both girls pull them down and deposit the pants on the floor, along with Emma’s panties.

Emma is silent, but deep down she is screaming inside at the thought of her baby s****r’s hot mouth clamped onto her raging pussy. Amy pushed Emma back on the couch, as she took her place on the floor in front of her older s****r. “MMMMM! You shave your pussy s*s? It looks so good!” Amy exclaimed, as she moved her head in for a closer look. Her sizzling tongue popped out, and she licked Emma’s aroused pussy for the first time.

“Oooooh, Amy, OMG, that feels so good honey!” Emma exclaimed, “That’s it, lick my clit with your little tongue, sweetie! You are so good, baby, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Emma asked, as she slid further down the couch, and pushed her lurching cunt harder into Amy’s face. Amy’s tender, smooth tongue gently flicked at her big s****r’s clit, and lightly traced her slit up and down, and back again to Emma’s throbbing clitoris. She cradled Amy’s face lovingly in her hands, and steered her tongue to the most vulnerable places of her soaked crotch. It took no time at all for Emma to rise her hips off the couch as her first climax with her little s****r enveloped her in wave after wave of ecstasy. Amy instinctively rode her s****r’s bucking cunt with her mouth until Emma’s body slumped down on the sofa, exhausted. Emma stroked her baby s****r’s hair in appreciation, but she didn’t even have time to say thank you before Amy’s attention was fixed to the video.

“Look, Emma, she’s tying her friend to the coffee table! Let’s try that, okay? PLEASE?” she begged. “Okay, clear off the table, I’ll be right back,” Emma told her, as she made her way to her bedroom closet. Emma couldn’t stifle a smile, as she couldn’t believe how smoothly her plan was playing out. She returned to the living room carrying a backpack full of toys and goodies. Amy was already lying on the table, face up and legs bent, staring intently at the lesbian actresses in action.

Emma pulled out a set of leather restraints and a length of rope. She wrapped the wrist pieces around Amy’s thin wrists, lowered her arms down under the table, and clipped them together. She fastened the leg restraints around Amy’s ankles and fastened them together as well. Next, she pushed Amy’s legs back against her body, and tied the rope tightly over her legs and down under the table in several coils, rendering her bound younger s****r helpless and completely immobile.

Emma knelt in front of Amy’s delicate pussy and cupped her vulnerable bottom in her trembling hands, squeezing softly. Her face was so close to her ultimate fantasy, and she moved slowly and deliberately. She had wanted her s****r for so long; she was going to savor every moment. She studied every detail of Amy’s sweet teenage cunt, from her proud clit jutting out, to the first wisps of blonde fuzz growing above it.

“C’mon, Emma! I’m dying here! Could you please lick my pussy?” Amy begged. Emma immediately granted her wish, and began to taste her sweet fresh pussy with her tongue. Amy jumped in shock as Emma went to work, tonguing and sucking her on her quivering crotch, and squeezing her ass with more pressure. When her stiff tongue reached lower, and darted in and around Amy’s tight little brown hole, she shrieked and squirmed in response.

“Emma? That’s my ass you’re licking!” she blurted out, as if Emma hadn’t noticed. Uh oh, Emma thought. They didn’t get that far in the video yet! “Sorry, Amy, should I stop?” she asked. “Hell no, it feels fucking great! I’m about to cum already, s*s!” was Amy’s reply. Emboldened, Emma went about forcing the length of her tongue deeper into Amy’s virginal butt hole. Sure enough, in a few minutes, Amy’s ass was bucking up and down on the table, and her head whipped from side to side, as she screamed out: “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh, Emma, YES! YES! YES!! Oh I’m CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG! Oh keep going, keep fucking me with your tongue, OH MY GOD!!!” Emma lashed both her holes feverishly with her wild tongue, holding onto her s****r’s spastic ass cheeks with a firm grip. She could feel Amy’s body calming down, and she eased up on her. She needed some time to rest her weary, overworked tongue as well. Just as she sat back up, she was startled to hear her young s****r yell out again: “OH MY GOD!! DO YOU SEE THAT THING?? THERE’S NO WAY I COULD TAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!” she proclaimed, her eyes glued to the computer screen.

Emma looked over, and saw the big black strap-on that one of girls was preparing to use on the other. She was disappointed to hear her little s****r dismiss the idea of getting fucked by it, because the strap-on was the high point of her fantasy.
She had to think of something fast, as they both watched the lesbian adjust the straps and get ready to plunge the fat rubber cock into her playmate. “Oh, Amy, what are you talking about? You could take it!” was all she could think to say on such short notice. “No fucking way…look how big that thing is! Geez!” she shot back. Exasperated and desperate, Emma stood up and walked around to the front of the table, and straddled her s****r’s face.

As she lowered her body down, she held Amy’s head straight up, and rested her wet pussy on her s****r’s shocked face. “What do you think about this?? Can you take THIS??” Emma blurted out, as she pressed her crotch tightly against Amy’s surprised mouth. Her anger quickly turned to lust, as she rubbed up and down, forcing her hot pussy and ass hole over her younger s****r’s lips and nose. Emma’s impromptu ride turned into a mission, and she ground her trembling pussy harder and firmer, eliciting some sharp contact with Amy’s exposed teeth. This sent her over the edge, and she bucked her s****r’s face as a strong series of orgasms washed over her, covering Amy’s face with her hot juices.

Both girls were breathing heavily, as Emma dismounted her bound s****r. They watched the strap-on fucking on the video as they caught their breath. “That’s amazing, I can’t believe she’s taking the whole thing like that!” Amy remarked, her eyes wide in disbelief. “I told you it could be done, Amy, see? Nothing to it!” Emma responded. “Well, even so, I’m never doing that!” was Amy’s answer. Emma found herself to be perturbed by her younger s****r’s attitude. “Well, s*s, you’re not exactly in a position to be calling the shots now, are you?” she snapped, as she reached into her backpack and pulled out a handful of dildos. She knelt on the floor again, between Amy’s tied legs, and roughly pushed one into her unsuspecting cunt. “OUCH! THAT HURT!” Amy yelled in protest. “Shut up, Amy! Remember you said you would do anything I ask if I stopped spanking you? Well, it’s time to back your words up with actions!” Emma hissed at her, as she drove the pink intruder deeper into her s****r’s tiny opening.

She was surprised that her violation of her immobile s****r’s vagina was met with deep sighing as opposed to verbal protests. She continued to fuck the helpless little girl with frenzied strokes, as she introduced her thumb into her anal opening. “OH GOD, EMMA! OH, GIVE IT TO ME! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” Amy declared. Encouraged, Emma picked up a thinner dildo, and slid it into Amy’s tiny anal opening, working it in bit by bit, while pumping her cunt with the fatter pink toy. Soon, she was pounding both of her young s****r’s holes in unison. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh, Emma…” was all she could utter, as she tensed up in orgasmic contractions once again. Emma continued to violate her s****r’s sexual passages until her spasms subsided.

“Wow, s*s that was great! I didn’t know you could be so…in charge like that!” Amy offered. “Well, I’m not done yet,” Emma said, as she freed her s****r from her bindings. “Now, go to the bathroom, and report right back here immediately.” While Amy was out of the room, Emma planned her next move. She slipped her black strap-on device over her hips, and adjusted the straps. She put her robe on and tied the belt tightly around her waist, trapping the large rubber shaft flat against her belly.

Amy scampered back into the living room, and Emma was waiting for her with the various bindings in hand. “Now what, s*s?” Amy asked enthusiastically, seeming to have forgotten her earlier protestations. “Kneel down on the floor in front of the table, and bend over,” Emma instructed, as she replaced the wrist restraints. She reached under the table, and clipped Amy’s hands together, forcing her tits flat on the surface, with her head turned towards the computer screen on the sofa.

Emma knelt behind her barely teenaged s****r, and began innocently rubbing her smooth round ass cheeks, as they watched the lesbian lovers continue to enjoy their strap-on session. She gingerly worked two fingers into Amy’s hot pink pussy, massaging her erect clit with her thumb. Amy sighed and her butt stirred in response to this new stimulation. “They sure seem to be enjoying themselves with that thing, but I’m glad you don’t have one of those, just the same,” Amy mused.

Behind her, she was unaware that Emma had slipped out of her robe, and knelt before her unsuspecting s****r, with her thick black rubber strap-on dong dangling precariously close to her younger s****r’s vulnerable pink opening. As Emma eased the head of the fake cock forward, parting her glistening labia, Amy didn’t seem to take much notice, enraptured, as it were, with the steamy video scene she was watching. She squirmed involuntarily, as Emma worked the dildo ever so stealthily into place. Finally, she pushed her hips steadily forward until the massive cock penetrated Amy’s unsuspected love canal, and slipped inside.
“WHOA! WHAT THE FUCK, EMMA?!” Amy exclaimed, as she rapidly became aware of her older s****r’s intentions, but it was too late. Emma had Amy’s small round ass tightly in her grip, and she began moving the larger rubber shaft in and out of her wide-stretched pussy. “GOD ALMIGHTY, EMMA, I TOLD YOU I COULDN”T TAKE THAT THING!” Amy bellowed angrily. “Wrong, Amy, you already ARE taking it! And pretty soon you’re going to be begging me for more!” Emma retorted, as she drove her strap-on deeper into her baby s****r, impaled as she was. “But it’s so big!” Amy howled in protest. “Don’t worry, s*s, your little pussy will stretch open. Just relax, and enjoy the ride,” Emma commanded, as she thrust her hips forward with more authority.

Soon, she was stroking her s****r smoothly but deeply, and Amy’s wailing turned to soft moaning, then to louder groaning. By now, Emma was burying over half of the shaft deep into Amy’s slick vagina, as she squeezed and slapped her exposed ass cheeks. She delighted in watching that black meat disappear time and again into her hungry orifice. Amy could only hold on for dear life as her depraved s****r continued to smack her legs up against her shuddering bottom.

Amy’s attention was diverted when she looked up at the video just in time to see something that was incredibly amazing to her: the strap-on girl was now fucking her lover in the ass with her toy. “Oh, Emma, look at them! That’s not even possible, what they are doing!” Amy remarked. “Look! You can tell it’s not real!” she added.

Emma said nothing, as she continued to attack her little s****r’s pink pussy with her strap-on, and she could feel a big smile appear on her face. She had fantasized about this moment for longer than she could remember. Now, here she was, slamming that thick, black rubber intruder deep into her precious younger s****r’s delicate vagina. Just the thought of it made her so horny; she didn’t notice that Amy’s knees were lifting up off the floor with each new inward thrust of the strap-on.

“Oh, Emma, you’re going to make me go off again with that thing! I can’t believe it feels so good now, keep fucking me deep and hard like you’re doing!” Amy pleaded. Emma had one more surprise left for the young one, and she went about preparing her for it. She lubed her fingers by rubbing Amy’s clit, and then she deftly inserted one, then another finger into her puckered brown opening, as she continued to fuck her helpless pussy steadily with the black dong.

Amy’s ass began to gyrate wildly when she realized what her older s****r was doing. “OH GOD, EMMA, YOU’RE DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY!!” she exclaimed, “I’M GOING TO CUM ANY SECOND!” Just then, Emma pulled the slippery strap-on out of Amy’s sopping wet pussy, and stood up behind her, and straddled her dainty little bottom. She spread Amy’s ass cheeks wide, and f***ed the black rod into her well-lubed rectum.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! EMMA!!!! GOD, ARE YOU k**DING ME??” Amy shrieked. “THAT THING WON’T FIT IN MY BUTT!” She squirmed around in an effort to avoid any further penetration, but it was no use. Emma was determined to complete her mission, and she worked her strap-on deeper, watching with satisfaction as the black dildo disappeared into Amy’s tiny anus inch by delicious inch. She squeezed her buttocks firmly in her hands, as her tempo quickened, and her strokes became more deliberate. Soon enough, Amy stopped protesting, and fell into her big s****r’s rhythm. She began to push her ass back to meet Emma’s forward thrusts. Her shouts turned into moans, then her sex muscles began twitching and jerking uncontrollably, and she was back to screaming ecstatically, as powerful shocks of orgasm flowed through her like jolts of electricity.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! KEEP GOING, EMMA; KEEP FUCKING MY ASS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” Emma rode her baby s****r like she was a thorobred coming down the back stretch, complete with several swift ass slaps. She reached down and wrapped Amy’s hair around her hand, and pulled her head up off the table, as she slammed into her ass time and again, as Amy’s fragile body finally stopped spasming from her orgasms. Finally, Emma slid the black strap-on out of Amy’s slick asshole, and she slumped to the floor behind her freshly fucked little s****r.

Amy gasped for air, not having enough breath left to comment any further. Just when she thought their s****rly love session was finally over, she could feel something warm and velvety behind her. Emma was running her hot tongue slowly up and down the entire length of her exposed loins, from her sensitive anal rim down to her erect clit, then back up again. She stopped occasionally to drive her stiff tongue into her tired pussy as well as her still gaping anal opening. Amy was too exhausted to resist, so she just knelt there and let her older s****r get her aroused all over again.

It didn’t take long before she felt her muscles contracting again, as she pumped out more love juice all over Emma’s face. When she was done, Emma untied her wrists, and she was free to get up, but she could barely move. Emma had to help her up and roll her over onto her back, then; she laid her on the floor. Emma sat on the coffee table and dug her fingers deep into her own aroused cunt as she watched as her s****r recovered her strength and regain her breathing. She was so ready to experience her own wild orgasms, but it looked like Amy wasn’t up for much more action at the moment. Amy looked over at her masturbating s****r, and offered weakly: “Just you wait, Emma, I’m going to get you back for this!” Emma grinned widely, as she brought herself to a lusty climax with her experienced fingers. She was hoping to hear those words from her spent little s****r.

Emma knelt down and straddled Amy’s face. She hovered over her mouth, barely making contact. Amy reached up with her smooth, velvety tongue, and gently licked her older s****r’s cunt clean. Both girls arrived at the same conclusion simultaneously: This was going to be one wild summer!

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