Niece Beth Gets What she Asks For

Niece Beth Gets What She Asks For

By billy69boy

(Sequel to “Niece Beth Confesses”)

By the time I got down to the basement, Beth was already fiddling around with a musty old length of thick, rough rope. “Find something you like?” I asked her. “Hmmm, it smells kind of funky, but it’s real scratchy,” my adorable niece replied, in all her naked splendor. She handed me the rope and presented her wrists to me. I spun her around, and bound her wrists behind her back, then threaded the rope down between her ass cheeks, then, back up, splitting her moist pussy lips. I ran it up past her juicy tits, then, tied the rope in a loop around her neck. She squirmed and fidgeted, agitated by her immediate itchiness, and gave me an unpleasant, but silent leer. I was rather amused, because she knew she couldn’t turn back now. This was all her idea, not mine. But I was more than happy to grant her wishes.

I tugged on the rope snuggly, making sure the coarse fibers of the rope were properly embedded in her delicate cracks. Beth gasped, and squinted her eyes at me in anger, but uttered no protestations. I pulled two old padded chairs together in front of the workbench, and motioned for her to kneel, with one leg on each chair. I bent her over and rested her body on the workbench.

At that point, I couldn’t resist taking some “me” time for a few minutes. The sight of her smooth round ass protruding out towards me so invitingly was more than I could deny. I stood behind her and just rubbed her firm ass cheeks, massaging her perfect round bottom with my hands, over her hips, and down underneath to her rope-bound vagina. I traced my fingers up and down the rope burrowing into her most private parts, as she squirmed in discomfort. So beautiful!

I snapped out of my reverie, and got back to the task at hand. I unlocked my “toy box”, and chose a formidable butt plug as my first instrument of pleasure-pain. But first, I lubed it up thoroughly with a thick layer of menthol vapor rub. The aroma was thick in the air, as I pulled the rope aside, and pushed the hard rubber plug into her already well-massaged butt hole. I replaced the rope over the butt plug to hold it in snuggly.

Similarly, I selected a short, fat dildo for her pussy, and inserted it to the hilt, and pulled the rope over top of it. I scooted the chairs back until only Beth’s head rested on the workbench. Her proud tits now danced freely. I reached around and took her nipples between my fingers, and pinched them hard several times, as her body jerked in response. I wrapped each hand over her mounds and squeezed them tightly, then pulled on her nipples. She inhaled deeply, but still remained silent.

“So, I didn’t spank you enough upstairs, you said?” I asked her. She hesitated for a second, and then shook her head “no”. I chuckled to myself, as I reached for my 24 inch wooden ruler. Her eyes got real wide as I approached her, but it was too later: WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I landed three swift blows directly to her exposed ass. She jumped in response, and squealed loudly. Twenty more whacks followed on her ass cheeks and they glowed bright red. I followed up with a series of smacks on her inner thighs and her outer hips.

When I reached under her legs and swatted her rope-bound pussy, she let out a serious shriek, so I eased up there, only slapping her puffy labia gently. She relaxed some, but I then turned my attention to her vulnerably dangling tits, and gave them each a series of quick snaps with the wooden stick. My sexy little niece jumped from the stinging licks on her delicate mounds, as they became hotter and pinker with each new slap.

“Break Time!” I announced to her, as I put my ruler down and untied her, removing the rope from between her legs. I directed her to stand on the chairs, facing away from me, and then I pushed her down into a squatting position. I put her hands in front of her, and bound her wrists together, throwing the other end of the rope over a water pipe above. I hoisted her arms up towards the ceiling, and then tied the rope off. I dug my fingers into her vagina and pulled the dildo out. Not surprisingly, her pussy was sopping wet. I reached for her hot box from behind, pushed several fingers into her opening, and frigged her aroused cunt with gusto. She let out a low moan, but she didn’t resist. I finger-fucked her hard and fast until I could feel her coming to a climax, then I pulled my hand away suddenly, and greeted her orgiastic tremors with several sharp blows of my wooden ruler, directly on her cum-gushing pussy lips.

She let out a scream of surprise as I continued to smack her vagina again and again. She twisted and writhed in her squatting position, but she couldn’t escape my stinging blows. Her hips kept contracting in wave after wave of orgasm, as I turned my efforts toward her helpless tits. I slapped them red on all sides, and directed several stern blows to her erect nipples. She finally hung her head in climatic exhaustion, oblivious to my actions. I let her rest long enough to make a trip over to the freezer, returning with a bucket of ice cubes. The first one went right into her steaming pussy. She gasped, but accepted it without a word. I pushed another one in, then another. Of course, the cubes melted rapidly. I took one in each hand and rubbed them gingerly on her sensitive breasts, and she jerked back in reaction. But, soon she was sighing with the soothing relief the ice provided to her burning body parts.

I helped her to resume her kneeling position on the chairs. I lowered the rope slightly, until her tits were barely above the workbench. Then, I picked up the thick, rough mat from in front of the door, and placed it on the workbench directly under my beautiful niece’s tits. Her nipples barely grazed the coarse, itchy mat, as her firm boobs swung freely over top of it. I went back to my “toy box”, and selected a longer, beefier dildo. It had a built-in handle so it could be used with authority.

It was at that point that I remembered I needed to relieve myself. So, I pulled her butt plug out, and replaced it with a cold metal speculum. I worked the wheel slowly, and soon her gaping asshole was stretched wide open. “What are you doing back there??” Beth asked me incredulously, having never seen the stainless steel instrument before. I said nothing. I just held her hips tightly, and watched as my strong stream of hot piss flowed into her wide-open anal canal. “EWWW! That’s so gross!” she exclaimed in disbelief, as she could feel the warmth of my urine stream contrasting with the ice cold metal of the speculum. “That is SO disgusting!” All that whining caused me to stop my piss stream temporarily, remove the medical instrument, and push her butt plug sharply back into her piss-filled ass. I turned her face around, f***ed her mouth open, and finished emptying my bladder into her mouth. She struggled a little bit, but finally stopped resisting, and gulped my piss down until I was empty. She coughed and gagged, but she drank every drop of my salty, nasty pee.

Now I was ready to fulfill another one of her wishes: I took the handled rubber dildo, and stood behind her, teasingly pushing on the butt plug that held my urine securely in her ass. I lubed up the large dildo with hot menthol oil, and aimed it between her legs. I began working it into her love tunnel, and she squirmed around a little as she got comfortable with the extra thickness of the hard rubber toy.

Soon, I was thrusting it deeply into her cunt, and developing a rhythm with her body. As she pushed back into my forward strokes, her tits repeatedly brushed up against the sharp bristles of the door mat, causing extra irritating sensations that she both loved and loathed. But she didn’t stop pushing against that dildo, as I banged it into her with great f***e. Before long, she was wiggling and yelping her way to several more orgasms, as she gamely accepted the full length of that wicked toy. She was getting the sternest fuck of her life to date, and she loved every minute of it.

By now, I was out of my mind with lust, and my rock hard man meat needed immediate attention. While still fucking my niece’s hairless young pussy with that hard dildo, I pulled the butt plug out, and watched as all my piss spewed out of her ass and onto the floor with a rush. I didn’t care. I rammed my spastic cock into her ass, and penetrated her bowel in unison with the dildo violating her fresh young pussy. She pulled against the ropes binding her hands together, as she strained to accept the two intruding objects that pierced her openings without mercy. I was able to fuck her sweet ass for several minutes straight, but I could feel myself getting close to cumming, and I pulled out of her steamy ass. I decided to give us both a break, and reposition her. I untied her wrists, and stood her up, removing the chairs away from the workbench.

As she rubbed her sore wrists, I knelt her down on the floor and tied her arms behind her back once again. I stood in front of her, and held her head tightly by wrapping her long hair around one hand, as I aimed my dirty cock at her open mouth. I pulled her face toward my throbbing slimy member, and she gobbled it down her throat with alacrity. Soon, I was holding her head with both hands, thrusting my cock deeper with each stroke. I reached down and slapped her abused breasts several times, but she didn’t miss a beat. Sensing my own orgasm welling up, I pulled out of her mouth, and rubbed my gooey shaft all over her face.

I pushed her face down until it was lying in the puddle of piss that drained from her ass. I rubbed her face in it, and told her to lick it off the floor. As she did so, I stood behind her, and spanked her ass with my bare hand, again and again. I reached under her body with my other hand, and fingered both of her holes at once. Her moans of satisfaction got me stiffer and more aroused.

While I held her face to the wet floor, I straddled her wanton ass, and plunged my greedy cock into her brown hole, once again. I rode her gorgeous ass with a wicked abandon, bouncing up and down on her like a rodeo cowboy, as I held onto her hips for dear life. “That’s the way, Uncle Billy! Give it to me, yeah!” she yelled gleefully. “Fuck my ass! I need a good pounding!” I increased my deep, vigorous strokes with renewed vigor, and reached around and slapped her ass cheeks hard as I rode her to explosive orgasm after orgasm, finally filling her anal canal with gobs of hot semen.

After we were both sated and exhausted, I got up and untied her. I helped her to her feet, gently toweled off her glistening face, and embraced her. She hugged me back, really squeezing me tight, which calmed my fears that I may have gone too far with her. I held her at arm’s length, and looked straight into her sparkling blue eyes: “Do you still hate me?” I asked. She returned my gaze, smiled broadly, and emphatically nodded her head “yes”. Then she hugged me again.

“Shower time!” I announced, “And maybe afterward you’ll let me kiss you all over and make you feel better?” She smiled and nodded in agreement. “Then maybe some gentle licking?” I suggested. She just giggled, turned, and bound up the stairs. “Then, maybe another good solid ass fucking?” I called up after her. I could hardly wait, as I cleaned up the mess we made together, then, I went upstairs to take my own shower.

As I stood under the steamy hot water, I replayed our outrageous escapades in my mind. Beth was just about the hottest young sex fanatic I could ever imagine, and she could hardly be more beautiful. Just looking at her could make my eyes cum, if that were possible. I felt extremely fortunate that she chose me to help satisfy her strong needs. She could have an orgasm, or several orgasms, seemingly at the drop of a hat. She was amazingly sweet, and seemingly insatiable. But, most of all, I loved and adored her completely.

When dark thoughts entered my mind, I could feel my face frowning: Did I get too carried away with her this time? Did I really cause her pain? Was she completely disgusted with me? I couldn’t argue if all three answers were “Yes”, but at the same time, I hoped I was wrong. As I toweled off and busied myself with deodorant and cologne, I heard a faint tapping at my bathroom door. I wrapped my towel around my waist, although I’m not sure why, and opened the door.

There stood Beth, completely naked and unashamed, with a new pink ribbon in her hair, and a big smile on her fresh face: “I’m ready whenever you are, Uncle Billy. I’ll be in the guest room,” she said, then turned around and strode down the hallway, swinging her hips and ass deliberately for my viewing pleasure. As she entered the room, she shook her long hair over her shoulder, and looked back at me with those sparkly, mischievous eyes of hers, and grinned widely in my direction. I just dropped my towel, and followed her like she was the Pied Piper.

I sat beside her on the bed, and ran my fingers through her dark blonde locks. “Gosh, Uncle Billy, I don’t know what it is about you, but you sure know how to make me cum a lot. I had three more orgasms in the shower, just thinking of everything you just did to me,” she explained, as her hand instinctively settled between her legs. “I didn’t go overboard?” I asked. “Well, I am a little sore in places, but the truth is, I really love your weird-assed ways of getting me off. But right now, I’d just like to take it easy, if you don’t mind,” she answered.

“That’s fine, sweetheart,” I offered, as I reached out and began lightly fondling her still-pinkish tits. She inhaled deeply at my touch, and arched her back so her solid young mounds jutted out further. I gently pushed her down on the bed, and she spread open her long thin legs, and increased her fingering motion of her pussy, while I manipulated her nipples. I rolled over on top of her, and planted tender kisses all over her face, neck, and nibbled at her firm young breasts. She let out a deep sigh of contentment, as I worked my way down her taut belly with more kisses and light bites. I lingered at her waist, gently biting my way around her flat stomach, causing her to jump slightly with each nibble.

Soon, I was on my knees in front of her, and she pulled her legs back to her chest, giving me the fullest possible access to her juicy, hairless crotch. I kissed and licked across the top of her pussy, and made my way up and down her inner thighs. I could hear Beth’s breathing get heavier and more rapid with each kiss I delivered around her now-raging vagina. The self-fondling of her breasts increased in intensity, and then suddenly, she squeezed my head between her legs in a vice-grip. “Quit fucking teasing me, Uncle Billy!” she blurted out impatiently.

I can take a hint, if nothing else! I turned my undivided attention to her girl parts, starting with her pleading clit. I licked it in a circle, flicked it rapidly with my stiff tongue, and nibbled it with my bare teeth. Beth’s body jerked involuntarily under my varied manipulations of her exposed sex nerve. When I added two deft fingers into her steamy cunt, she abandoned her titties completely, and locked her fingers into my hair. She held my head tightly against her clit, and ground her pussy into my face with wild abandon. I stepped up the pace, penetrating her love box deeply and rapidly with my two fingers. In no time, I was rewarded with several squirts of her pulsing orgasm.

She finally relaxed her steel grip on my hair, threw her arms up over her head, and let out a long, satisfied sigh. But she wasn’t finished with me, apparently. When I pulled my fingers out of her, and lifted my head up for air, she immediately brought one hand down on top of my head, and pushed my face tight against her wet pussy. “Suck my pussy, Uncle Billy, PLEASE?” she implored.

Being the grateful and eager to please uncle that I was, I endeavored to satisfy her every desire. As I worked her slit up and down with my tongue, she scooted down the bed towards me in order to give me the maximum access to her sweet nectar. I held her delectable ass in both my hands, as I locked my lips on her tender vagina, and tongue-fucked my way to utopia. Beth’s hips bucked wildly, as she experienced rush after rush of pleasure. When I slipped my wet index finger into her ass, she went absolutely berserk, her legs flying around, out of control. I kept sucking her hot cunt, even as she pulled my hair, and she actually slapped my head several times. Her thigh muscles spasmed once again, and she drenched me with her climatic juices.

As she laid back, spent and catching her breath, I dropped my point of attack to her tight smooth ass. She groaned in pleasure as my tongue went to work, twirling around her little brown knot. She had no energy to resist, as my bone-hard tongue pierced her tender opening, and I stuck it in deeper as I spread her cheeks wide with both hands. As my tongue-fucking became more deliberate, her hands found her swollen nipples once again, and she played with them vigorously.

By now, my cock was doing its throbbing dance, eager to join in the fun. “C’mon, Uncle Billy, fuck my ass one more time!” she urged. I lifted my head up and remained kneeling in front of my lovely teenaged niece, and pulled her hips closer toward me. By now, her ass was completely off the side of the bed, and sagged down to meet my hungry love stick perfectly. I wasted no time. I got up on my knees and guided my hard rod to her beckoning asshole, plunging it in smoothly and rather easily. “OOOOHHHH! Uncle Billy! Oh, YES! Your cock feels SOOOOO good in my tight ass!

Encouraged, I held onto her hips, and plunged into her anus; watching intently, as more and more of my slick manhood disappeared deep into her bowel. I pushed up into her over and over, slamming my hips against her defenseless bottom. I squeezed her ass cheeks between my hands as I continued to thrust my entire dick into her ass. Beth found her surging pussy again, and finger-fucked herself vigorously, as pounded her ass with all my might.

“OH GOD UNCLE BILLY! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!” she yelled out loud. I increased my tempo even more, as her body shivered and shook until she exploded again with an intensity I had not seen before. She thrashed around violently underneath me as my thrusting hips bucked up against her teen ass, almost knocking me off my knees. Wow, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing with this 15 year old fireball! When it became apparent that I was getting ready to join her in climax, she stiffened up: “No, Uncle Billy, not in there: I want you to come in my mouth!!” she demanded. (Music to any loving uncle’s ears.) “Now, stand up!” she ordered.

As I got to my feet, Beth sat straight up and grabbed my legs, wrapping her hands behind my thighs. I held onto her head for balance, and she opened her warm, inviting mouth to accept my wet, ass-juice covered cock. She gulped my shaft hungrily until it hit the back of her throat. She held it in position, then she sucked it hard for several moments before she eased off, licked and sucked the head of it, then sucked the shaft back in deeply. As she held it in there again, she completely shocked me with her next move: Instead of easing it back out again, she gulped and swallowed hard. I could feel my cock actually pass by her tonsils, and slide completely down her burning hot throat. My ball sack was literally resting on her chin.

Now, it was my turn to gasp. My darling niece was just full of surprises! She pulled back slowly, and dropped my oozing meat from her mouth, choking and gasping for air. Before I could say anything, she had it back in her mouth, and deliberately swallowed the entire length down her throat again until her nose touched my belly. Only this time, she sat up a little straighter, and only backed off a few inches before she jammed it down her throat again. I held her chin in one hand, and the back of her head in the other, as I matched her rhythm, slamming against her wide open mouth. Soon, she was bobbing her head faster and harder, and I held onto her pretty head, and throat-fucked her with all the energy I had left, my balls slapping under her chin time and time again. Finally, I could hold back no longer. I held her head in place by wrapping my hands around her long hair , and I filled her throat with several spastic pumps of my hot jizz. I kept stroking her throat until I had nothing left to give, and my spent cock finally deflated, and dropped out of her mouth.

Just then we both heard the car pulling into the driveway. Beth jumped up, squeezed me tight, and charged out of the room and into the main bathroom. I heard the shower go on, for the third time that day. My legs were so shaky, I thought I might fall over, but I managed to make my way to the Master bedroom and jump under the covers, pretending to be napping.

I heard Beth’s mother tapping on the bathroom door. “Beth, it’s late in the afternoon, are you just getting up?” “Yeah, mom, I was tired,” Beth yelled back. “Well, keep the music down in there, your Uncle Billy is taking a nap,” she instructed.

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That was soo hot
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Nice age for Beth and Mary.
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hot story
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wow excellent hot sexy sweet naughty kinky & a lil'bit nasty what a dream girl