Niece Beth Confesses

Niece Beth Confesses

By billy69boy

(Sequel to “Creative Nieces Get Punished”)

“Goodbye, dear, we’re going over to the pool now,” my wife yelled down the basement steps to me. “Okay, darling, have a good time, see you later,” I replied. “Beth doesn’t want to go with us. She’s still in bed, is that okay with you?” she asked. “Yes, that will be fine, I’m not going anywhere,” I offered. My two favorite young nieces and their mother were staying with us for a summer weekend visit. I looked out the small basement window just in time to see 13 year old Mary sashay out to the car wearing her little string bikini. She was beginning to grow those luscious bumps and curves that take a man’s breath away.

The car backed out of the driveway, and I was left with my handyman project and thoughts of Beth still asl**p in the guest room. Beth was 15 now, and her luscious curves were already quite evident. I had never seen a more beautiful, delicious round ass on anyone, ever. Her long legs and incredibly blue eyes complimented her firm, jutting breasts. She was a vision to behold, and I had a difficult time concentrating on my work, as I thought about our past clandestine activities together. All that youthful beauty and sexual curiosity to boot…it made me hard just thinking about her.

Not long after the gang left for a day at the pool, I heard the shower turn on. I thought of Beth, wet and naked, waking up and washing her adorable body. I resisted the urge to run up and help her, maybe wash her back, or perhaps lovingly pat her firm body dry with a soft towel. Beth was my favorite niece of all, no doubt, and I was itching for an opportunity to play with her.

When the shower shut off, I made my way up to the kitchen to cook up some breakfast for her. I heard her bop down the steps, and breeze into the kitchen wearing a thin, flimsy summer robe. She held her long, wet hair in both hands, fluffing it out to dry in the hot summer air. “Well, good morning Beth,” I choked out, as I watched her bending over in the fridge, looking for the juice pitcher. She ignored my greeting, and filled her glass in silence. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, which seemed to annoy her even more.

“Not now, Uncle Bill, I’m really not in the mood,” she responded to my silent leering. “That’s okay, sweetheart, how about some chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for breakfast?” I asked. “Your favorite,” I reminded her. “Whatever,” she shot back, as she bounded up the stairs to finish her morning routine. Typical moody teenager, I thought to myself, as I began cooking. Eventually, Beth came back to the kitchen with her dark blonde hair dried and brushed, and her makeup meticulously applied. She was dressed, if you could call it that, in a baby blue half shirt that barely covered the bottom part of her perky breasts. She wore a light blue ribbon in her hair, one of her classic trademark accessories. No bra was necessary, apparently, not that I was complaining. My eyes followed her bare midriff down to the smallest and tightest pair of white denim shorts I had ever seen. I lowered my gaze, and took in her smooth, slender legs to her bare feet. Beth ignored me completely, as she vigorously tapped out a text message on her phone, appearing to get more frustrated with each new response.

I couldn’t immediately speak…not even one word, as she sat down at the table. I loaded two plates with pancakes and sausage, and served them. Beth started eating without acknowledging me, a disgruntled look on her face. I was still so taken by her sensual beauty, that I was lost in my own lustful thoughts. As we ate, I tried not to stare at her almost naked body, but I really showed little restraint.

“Are you okay this morning, Beth?” I asked, as we worked on our breakfast. “You seem to be upset.” “It’s Dean, my boyfriend. I found out he’s been seeing someone else,” she replied, a pained look on her face. “Your boyfriend?” I blurted out at this bit of news. “Don’t tell my mom, please?” she implored with her dreamy blue eyes. “Your secret is safe with me, as you know, but aren’t you a little young to be having a boyfriend?” I asked her. “I don’t think so, Uncle Billy. Dean is 18, but he’s completely ignorant when it comes to sex,” replied my angelic niece, “he doesn’t really get it. He’s all ham-handed, and just into himself. He never lasts long enough for me to even get aroused, much less have an orgasm.”

Then, she looked directly into my eyes with an angry snarl on her face: “I hate you, Uncle Billy; this is all your fault”, she blurted out. I hadn’t seen this one coming at all. I put my fork down, and turned my chair to face her. “What do you mean by that?” I asked her, “your boyfriend went out with someone else, and it’s my fault?”

She crossed her arms over her waist, and looked away. I could see a few tears welling up in her eyes, and she took a few deep breaths before she regained her composure, and turned her chair to face mine. “The truth is, Dean went out with another girl, because I wouldn’t have sex with him. He told me he has needs, and I wasn’t taking care of them, so he found someone who would.” Big tears rolled down her cheeks, and I felt so bad for her. I moved my chair closer to her, placing my knees on the outside of hers. “Beth, you must feel terrible,” I offered, as I ran my hands lightly and gently up and down her smooth legs.

“Well, I do feel terrible, but not because of stupid Dean,” she stated, her voice trailing off. “He’s so dull and boring in bed, I just couldn’t stand to pretend anymore, so I quit having sex with him at all. He had no clue how to make sex fun,” she offered, looking up to me, as I calmed her down by continuing to massage her legs. As she spoke, I was aware that each new stroke brought my fingertips closer and closer to the hem of her impossibly skimpy white shorts. Soon, I was running my hands up under her shorts, finally touching her lacy little thong.

“He’s only interested in getting himself off: no toys, no wild positions, no rough stuff, no anal sex…he just doesn’t THINK sexy, like you do, Uncle Billy”, she blurted out. Well, I didn’t see this one coming either, and I damn near fell off my chair, but I kept my composure. She instinctively pulled her legs back from between my knees, and assumed the outside position, spreading her legs open in order to better receive my caresses. “So, the reason I feel terrible is because you have spoiled me for anybody else. I don’t really even like you all that much, and you’re sure nothing to look at, at your age. But you are so fucking kinky; I can’t even imagine getting off as well with any other guy. What really upsets me is that I only get to fuck you like four or five times a year, because we live so far away.”

By now, I was running my fingers along the edge of her thong, and moving one finger up and down her already wet slit through the flimsy silk material. Beth had both hands underneath her half-shirt, absent-mindedly fondling her proud titties. “What color is your thong today?” I asked her quietly. “Blue and white, to match my outfit,” she replied. “Do I get to keep it for my collection?” “Of course, Uncle Billy, that’s the idea,” she gushed and smiled. “Are you going to share?” I said, nodding toward her chest, as I fingered her underneath her thong. “Oh sure,” she offered, pulling her thin blue shirt up over her bouncy tits so I could watch her play with her nipples.

I doubt that my cock was ever so hard, nor my head ever so big, as this moment. I unsnapped her snap and pulled the zipper down on her shorts. She cooperated by lifting her butt off the chair, so I could ease them down her curvy hips and ass. “Hop up on the table,” I suggested, as I pushed our breakfast dishes aside. Beth bopped right up, lie down on her back, and spread her legs for me. She resumed playing with her young tits, squeezing them and twisting her nipples until they stood straight up. My hand was now inside her baby blue thong, rubbing circles around her clit with my thumb.

“If you are going to give me your thong as a present, I’d like to prepare it properly for my collection,” I spoke, as I slid the thong down her legs and into my possession. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Well, I want it to smell like you forever,” I hinted, as I began to feed it into her soaked little pussy inch by inch. She squirmed around under my advances, but she didn’t object. “Oh, Uncle Billy, you think of the damnedest things!” I took my time, and watched her thong finally disappear completely into her hot young cunt. By the time I f***ed it in farther with my two fingers, she had her first orgasm. “That’s it, Beth, cum all over your thong for Uncle Billy, that’s just what I’m talking about!” I exclaimed with encouragement, all the while working her clit gently but firmly. “Oh, fuck, Uncle Billy, I fucking HATE you!” she moaned, as she writhed around on the table.

I stood up, leaned over top of her, and took her breasts into my mouth, nibbling and sucking and licking them slowly and deliberately. My cock was ready to explode, but I persevered. I worked my way down her naked stomach, kissing and licking as I went. I reached that wonderfully sexy crease in her skin where the hip bone meets the pelvis, and lingered there for awhile, kissing each side softly, and licking with my tongue. I gradually worked my way down her exposed belly, and delighted in her high-pitched yelp when my tongue found her swollen clit. She pulled her legs back to her chest and held them tight against her body, as she reveled in my clit-licking technique. When I added two fingers into her thong-packed vagina, she thrashed around in orgasmic lust, her head jerking from side to side on the table.

“Oh Uncle Billy, I haven’t cum this hard since I was here with you last time!” she exclaimed breathlessly. With that, I grabbed her hips, and I pulled her ass up off the table. I grabbed each ass cheek in my hands and rubbed and kneaded them firmly. I just had to lick and kiss and bite her beautiful ass before my tongue found her little brown knot. “OOOOOH! MMMMMMMMMMM! That feels sooo good, Uncle Billy, that’s it! Tongue-fuck my tight little ass, YES!!” Beth blurted out, as she squeezed her legs tighter against her chest.

I was in my glory. I couldn’t get enough of her gorgeous ass. I kept darting my tongue deeper and deeper into her anus, and couldn’t resist putting a complete lip lock on her, and sucking her ass hard. I reached her clit with my thumb, and worked it vigorously. Beth took it all with enthusiasm, showing no hint of shyness at my advances. I felt like I could explode any second, but I kept my focus on eating her ass for as long as I could. Opportunities like this don’t come around nearly often enough! I could have licked her sweet ass all day, but I finally managed to run my tongue up to her pulsating pussy, licking and biting her engorged clit, until she was cumming again, making my face all shiny with her love juices.

After her spasms subsided, I gently lowered her body back down onto the table, and lay my body on top or hers as she caught her breath. I brought my face to hers, and kissed her mouth passionately, sharing the taste of her love liquid with her. I could feel my screaming cock rub up against her genitals, and she willingly tried to work it into her. But first, I walked around to the other side of the table, and pulled her head over the edge, gripping her hair securely. With no hesitation, Beth opened her mouth and began licking the head of my quivering cock. I’d never felt a mouth so soft and hot in my life. I could have easily pumped her throat full of jizz right then and there, but I held back, just marveling at the sight of my lovely young niece sucking me off without apology.

When I pulled back and began walking to the other side of the table, Beth held her legs close to her body, and was ready for me before I even got into position. “C’mon, Uncle Billy, fuck me good and hard now!” she challenged. “Ram it into me so I know I’m being fucked!” That made me almost cum even before I slid my thick rod into her tight teenage pussy. She wiggled and moaned, as I slid two fingers deep into her hot love box, and retrieved her soaking wet thong, slowly and teasingly. She didn’t seem surprised at all, when I pushed the saturated piece of cloth into her mouth. “Hold this for me, will you?” I asked, as I ran my hard member up and down her juicy slit. She couldn’t speak, but she moaned loudly, and beseeched me to fuck her with her big pleading blue eyes.

Being the caring, yet much hated uncle that I was, I proceeded to do just that. Her tight pussy was so hot; I could have sworn I saw steam escaping from it when I entered her. I held onto each of her ass cheeks, and leaned into the task at hand, stroking slowly at first, but going deeper and faster as I penetrated her to the hilt. What a sweet ride it was. She was so happy to feel like she was finally getting fucked properly, she pushed back towards me with each new thrust. She was quite a sight, abusing her tits, squeezing and pulling on them, and pinching her nipples until they were red. Wow, she was intense!

We had quite the rhythm going, and I don’t think I had ever experienced a fuck session so beautiful and exciting, yet so serious, as this one. So, I wasn’t surprised to hear her groan behind that thong-filled mouth of hers when I pulled my over-stimulated prick out of her burning hot snatch. I bent over between her legs, and licked her clit with my swirling tongue, then made my way down her wet slit until I reached my destination. I spread her ass cheeks open wide, and f***ed my stiff tongue into her willing anus. I wanted to make sure she was well-lubricated before I embarked upon my ultimate quest.

She pulled her thong out of her mouth and blurted: “Oh, yesssss! Tongue-fuck my tight little ass, Uncle Billy, MMMMMMMMMMM! Suck it! YES!! YES!! Now, jam your big fat cock deep into my ass and fuck me right!!” Shocked by her dirty talk, I slapped her ass cheeks several times, as I positioned my cockhead at her inviting, no, demanding back door. Beth reached down, and held her cheeks open wide, and I pushed my heaving cock into her saliva-coated brown hole. She let out a quick squeal as I penetrated her tight nugget, but she soon settled down to my steady and formidable thrusts deep into her vulnerable ass. I was pretty sure that my life couldn’t possibly get any better than this moment. Looking down at my slick meat parting my young niece’s ass cheeks, and watching my grateful cock disappearing into her hot little ass time and time again, was almost more than I could take. She groaned loudly when I pulled out of her ass and slammed into her pussy again, all in one quick motion. I continued to fuck her like that, alternating holes back and forth, and was thrilled to feel the walls of her vagina clench and unclench in shameless orgasm after orgasm, as Beth clearly enjoyed her solid and complete fuck session. As my strokes took on a greater sense of urgency, she uttered those wonderful words that any uncle yearns to hear from his darling niece: “Oh, Uncle Billy, please cum in my mouth, PLEASE??”

Being the considerate and loving uncle that I am, I obliged wholeheartedly. I climbed up on the table, straddling Beth’s body on my knees, and presented my cock in front of her face. She leaned forward and sucked my entire length into her mouth and throat like a vacuum cleaner. A few strokes of her head, and I was pumping my sticky spunk into her mouth, grasping her hair tightly to keep my balance. Beth gulped feverishly, and drank down load after load of my steaming cum, until I was empty, and we were both breathless.

I lay on top of her for several minutes in silence, just holding her in my arms. Finally, she stirred under me, and I slumped down into the chair. Beth sat up and sighed deeply and contentedly, smiling at me like she enjoyed every minute of our secret tryst. Then, something puzzling happened, and I became worried. Her satisfied smile disappeared, and a frown took its place, then a rather pained expression of disappointment came over her face. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” I inquired in a concerned manner, “Didn’t you get what you wanted?”

“Well, Uncle Billy, yes it was great, and I came bunches of times, but…” her voice trailed off…”but what, honey?” I inquired. “It’s just that, well, you hardly spanked me at all, you didn’t have any toys handy, and you didn’t even bother to tie me up or anything!” she complained. My eyebrows rose up, and my eyes got wide, as I tried to process this unexpected information. “Well,” I offered, “for all that we’ll have to go down to the basement.”

Without hesitating, Beth hopped right down off the table and headed toward the basement steps. “Let’s go then!” she ordered, “C’mon!” “I’m right behind you,” I assured her, as I plucked her soaked thong up off the table, and placed it into a sealed plastic bag for later. I considered using the bathroom before following her down the stairs, but I thought perhaps I’d wait awhile.

To be continued as: “Niece Beth Gets What She Asks For”

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Lovely story. Love the need in the poor girl.
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Another great one!
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im so into your story's man beth is a wild one, i keep picturing the whole scene man keep it up, ill be reading more when you trasnfer them love those sexy nieces of yours i have a feeling they are truly whores
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hot storys as always more
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another great story about your encounters with the lovely beth weel done mate keep it up
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Another great story. Waiting to hear what you have in mind for Beth.
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