Vero's Secret Revenge

Vero's Secret Revenge

By billy69boy

(This story is a sequel to Vero's Secret Desire)

I was up bright and early the next morning. I could hardly wait to be in the company of my nieces, Vero and Mon, for another episode of videotaped depravity and illicit sex. I smiled to myself as I drove to my nieces' house, thinking of all the kinky acts that might happen, as I continued to use my blackmail video as leverage against my sweet young playthings. I loved the fact that my nieces had invited me over for a morning romp, after all that I had put them through the day before.

As I walked up the sidewalk, I peered into the front picture window, and I was delighted to see my sexy nieces already naked on the couch together enjoying a warm embrace, with their lips locked together. Already my lust was boiling, and seeing them all wrapped up in each other's arms got my heart pounding. As I continued to the front door, I took note that the cars in the driveway were gone, so I knew that the girls' parents had already left for work. My nieces were alone, and I figured they couldn't wait to play with their loving Uncle Billy again.

"Good morning, ladies," I greeted them enthusiastically, as I walked into the living room. They were startled at first, but when they saw it was me, they both jumped up from the couch, and scurried over to give me a welcoming group hug. Oh, this is going to be so much fun, I thought, as I felt my erection growing stiffer.

Vero spoke first: "Oh, Uncle Billy, we are so glad you could make it over to be with us this morning," she said in a rather sing-song voice. Oh yes!" Mon chimed in.

"Well, thank you girls, I'm sure we will have a lot of fun together," I responded, as I waved my fully charged smartphone in their faces. They ignored me, but I was happy to receive such a warm welcome. I got to nestle my face up against Vero's substantial breasts, and I grabbed Mon's bare ass cheeks in my hands. They giggled like the sweet nieces they were, and let me do as I wished. I had complete confidence that we were resuming our activities of the day before, and that I was completely in charge. So, I thought nothing of it when Vero whispered into my ear that they wanted me to play a little game with them. When I agreed, Mon produced a black kerchief, and wrapped it around my head, covering my eyes. I laughed, and asked aloud what they were up to. All the while, Vero pulled my hands behind my back, and Vero secured them together with leather restraints. Still, I was not the least worried. After all, it was I who owned the blackmail video of them, so I was still very much in charge.

Or so I mistakenly thought. The first thing that made me reconsider was feeling and hearing the flash of a camera: one of them was taking pictures! Alarm bells began to go off in my head: just what was going on here? Suddenly, I felt hands on my shoulders, pushing me down onto the floor. I was on my knees, and one of the girls grabbed me by my neck, and pushed my face down onto the carpet. I felt a heavy weight on my back, supplied by one of their bodies sitting on top of me. I was helpless to move. I felt panic setting in. I was startled and confused: what was happening? This isn't what I imagined the morning was going to be like.

As I made out the whirring sound of a video camera, I became aware of some kind of grease or other lubricant being rubbed onto my ass and into my ass crack. I felt my hips being gripped up tightly, followed by something stiff pushing against my rectum. Oh my god, it was a strap-on! Ouch! I yelled, as one of the girls plunged it into my ass rather abruptly, and without compassion. They both laughed at my surprised response. It only served to encourage them to be even rougher with me. I had never had anything in my ass before now, and I was unprepared for this intrusion. Nevertheless, they fucked me unmercifully, and I finally realized what was going on: they were making their own blackmail video to counter the one I had made the day before.

Damn, they totally scammed me, I thought. But by now, it was too late. They had me literally by the balls, if they wanted, and I could do little about it. As a last ditch effort, I tried to stand up, but they just pushed me back down, and pressed me to the floor. I was helpless to resist, and they knew it. I got thoroughly fucked in my virgin ass, and the girls had it all on video. Damn!

After several minutes of their anal humiliation, they grew bored, and conjured up more humility for me to endure: they pulled their dildo out of my ass, and pushed me over onto my back with their feet. As I lay on my restrained hands, I heard them whispering to each other, and giggling. One of them sat on my chest, ensuring that I wouldn't get away, while the other one left the room.

Soon after, I heard footsteps coming our way, and more muted laughter. They pried my mouth open and inserted a round plastic tube between my teeth. It turned out to be some sort of funnel. I didn't get it at first, until one of them straddled my shoulders, while the other held the funnel firmly in my mouth. I felt warmth, and I heard a funny sound: one of my nieces was peeing into the funnel, while the other one caught it all on video. I couldn't believe it, but again, I was helpless to resist.

"Swallow, uncle. Swallow it all. Do it now!" I hesitated, and then I felt a hand surrounding my balls and squeezing. Hard! Wow, these girls were playing for keeps! I opened my throat and gulped hot piss down my gullet until the funnel was empty. Then I could feel my niece stand up over me. She apparently had more liquid in her bladder, and proceeded to empty it all over my face. Some managed to get under my blindfold, and it stung my eyes. As I struggled with the discomfort, I could sense movement around me: they switched places. The funnel was again jammed into my mouth, and I could feel it being filled up again. The other niece proceeded to squeeze my balls with one hand, and video the funnel filling with the other hand.

Again, the tip of the funnel became warm, and I knew what was to come next. But before that, my cock received several hard slaps, and I just knew the camera was catching all the action. "Swallow, uncle!" came the command once again. I hesitated, and for my trouble, I received several more slaps to my cock. When I continued to hold out in protest, one of my nieces grabbed my cock and twisted it violently until I screamed out in pain, and thereby opened my throat for the hot girl piss to flow down.

This delighted my two nieces to no end, and I could hear them high fiving each other in triumph. They literally "had me by the balls", and there was nothing I could do about it. Just when I figured my ordeal was over, I was shocked to feel my niece straddle my head, and nestle her wet pussy on top of my mouth. "Eat it!" she exclaimed, and began grinding her wet pussy into my mouth. I had to do it so I wouldn't completely suffocate.

"Ow!" I mumbled, with my mouth full of pussy, as the other niece slapped my semi-erect cock back and forth, filming the whole scene. Next, the one sitting on top of me shifted her position, so her ass was now directly over top of my mouth: "Suck my ass, perverted Uncle!" she commanded. And I did as I was told. The girls were obviously in their glory as they continued to find new ways to humiliate me.

I heard Vero's voice: "I wonder what Grandma Maria might think about this video," she mused, giggling along with her s****r. "Oh, I think she would love it!" added Mon. Their point was well taken. They had beat me at my own game, and I had to concede that they did it fair and square. I didn't see it coming at all, and I was truly impressed with their resourcefulness.

"Okay girls, I give up," I blurted out, "you got me, and I'll admit it!" I confessed. All of a sudden, the anger and vicious attitudes vanished. All I could hear was an uneasy quiet. The one niece got off me, and huddled with her partner in crime. I could hear them whispering back and forth. Finally, they untied my hands and removed my blindfold, and helped me to sit up.

They sat quietly and let me do the talking. I told them I loved them, and that they had made their point. I offered to delete my blackmail video, if they agreed to do the same. They looked at each other, and pretended not to agree. They talked quietly between themselves, as I panicked a little, and then they laughed out loud. Of course they would agree, they said, but first I owed them something: all this fun made them horny, and if I really loved them I would fuck them good and proper.

Who was I to argue?

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Good read
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The girls did have a plan
Sounds like it was delightfully delicious
well Done loved it
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